the Giant List
of Classic Game

since 1992
updated April 6, 2024

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This is a project to document the works of video game designers and programmers for early, primarily 8-bit, systems. It focuses on platforms where most games were created by individuals or small teams, including home computers (like the Atari 800 and Apple II), consoles (like the Atari 2600), and arcade coin-ops. It also includes early, non-8-bit, mainframe games. The definition of early ends with–and excludes–the NES and other third generation video game consoles.

Once a person is on the list, all of their games for later systems are included to show their history.

This is a web page, as opposed to a database, to keep the information transparent and encourage browsing. There is also a book of interviews with some of the people included.


The list is sorted by author's last name. Games written are listed chronologically in the following format:

Title, w/coauthors (year, system, publisher)

If this is followed by "from SYSTEM," it indicates a port of a game originally written for SYSTEM. "GAME-like" means it is largely a clone of GAME. When a game was released for multiple platforms, the author's entry includes the original. Ports to other systems are flagged as such and listed separately under the name of the programmer who did the port.

Additional organizational conventions are on the details page.

System Codes

Classic Systems

AP2 Apple II series


800 Atari 400/800/XL/XE

2600 Atari 2600

5200 Atari 5200

7800 Atari 7800

PET Commodore PET

VIC Commodore VIC-20

C64 Commodore 64

C128 Commodore 128

C16 Commodore C16/Plus 4

ZX81 Sinclair ZX81

SPEC ZX Spectrum



COCO Tandy Color Computer 1-3

CC3 Color Computer 3 only

DRAG Dragon 32/64

COIN arcade game

PIN pinball

HAND handheld

ATOM Acorn Atom

BBC BBC A/B/Electron

COL ColecoVision

ASTR Bally Astrocade

EMER Emerson Arcadia 2001

INT Intellivision

FCF Fairchild Channel F

ST2 RCA Studio II

ST3 RCA Studio III

VEC Vectrex

CPC Amstrad CPC

SORC Exidy Sorcerer

MBEE MicroBee

MSX MSX standard

OSI Ohio Scientific Challenger 1P

ORIC Oric-1, Atmos

MZ Sharp MZ-80K/700

TI99 Texas Instruments TI-99/4A

THOM Thomson MO/TO

Other Systems

ARC Acorn Archimedes

MAC Macintosh

ST Atari ST

LNX Lynx

JAG Jaguar

AMI Amiga

NES Nintendo Entertainment System

GB Game Boy [Color]

GBA Game Boy Advance


N64 Nintendo 64

GC GameCube

PC IBM PC compatibles


MS Master System

GEAR Game Gear

GEN Genesis


SAT Saturn

DC Dreamcast

PS/PSx PlayStation 1-3

TG16 TurboGrafx-16

CDI Phillips CD-i

XBOX Microsoft Xbox

360 Xbox 360

CELL Pre-smartphone

iOS iPhone, iPad

AND Android

Publisher Codes

AI Adventure International

ACT Activision

APX Atari Program Exchange

ASIM Automated Simulations (later Epyx)

BROD Broderbund

EA Electronic Arts

GG Gremlin Graphics

MAST Mastertronic

PB Parker Brothers

PD Freeware, public domain, or otherwise publisher-free

self Self-published

TI Texas Instruments

Games may be preceded by the following

[P] Programmer only. Used for ports or when a game was designed by someone else.

[D] Designer only

[G] Group effort. This person had some involvement.

[L] Leader of a group effort. Implies more than management.

[T] Type-in program from a magazine or book

[B] Written in BASIC. There's usually a quality gap between 8-bit BASIC games and those written in other languages.

[N] Non-game software

[U] Unreleased


Aaron, Robert [G] The Lion's Share (1983, AP2, Davka) Philistine Ploy, w/Alan Rosenbaum (1983, AP2, Davka)

Abbott, Mike Teleport, w/Jim Nitchals (1982, AP2, Cavalier) Hard Hat Mack, w/Matt Alexander (1983, AP2, EA) [G] Kings of the Beach (1988, PC, EA)

Abbott, Shaun D. Emerald Isle (1984, SPEC, Level 9)

Abelson, Harold Dazzle Dart, w/Andy diSessa, Nat Goodman (1974?, PD)

Abramowitz, Marc [TB] Red Squares (1989, 800, Antic) Tetris-like

Ace, Eric Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, w/Silas Warner, Frank Svoboda (1984, AP2, Muse)

Ackerman, Mark [P] Galaxian, w/Glen Parker, Tom Calderwood (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Moon Patrol, w/Noellie Alito (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Actor, Lee [N] Advanced Music System (1982, 800, APX) Snake Pit (1984, COIN, Bally Sente) [P] Stocker, w/Dennis Koble, Rich Adam (1984, COIN, Bally Sente) Hat Trick (1984, COIN, Bally Sente) Street Football (1986, COIN, Bally Sente) Don't Go Alone, w/Dennis Koble (1989, PC, Accolade) [P] Hard Drivin', w/Dennis Koble (1990, GEN, Tengen) from COIN [P] Pit-Fighter, w/Dennis Koble (1991, GEN, Tengen) from COIN [P] RoadBlasters, w/Dennis Koble (1991, GEN, Tengen) from COIN PGA Tour Golf, w/Dennis Koble (1991, GEN, EA) [P] Steel Talons, w/Dennis Koble (1992, GEN, Tengen) from COIN PGA Tour Golf II, w/Dennis Koble (1992, GEN, EA) PGA Tour Golf III, w/Dennis Koble (1994, GEN, EA)

Adam, Rich [P] Gravitar, w/Mike Hally (1982, COIN, Atari) [P] Stocker, w/Dennis Koble, Lee Actor (1984, COIN, Bally Sente)

Adams, Alexis [cofounder AI] [B] Pirate Adventure, w/Scott Adams (1978, TRS, Software Exchange) Voodoo Castle (1979, TRS, Software Exchange)

Adams, Barry L. [TB] Encounter in the Near Tholian Sector (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Adams, Bill [G] Kick Man (1981, COIN, Bally Midway) [L] TRON (1982, COIN, Bally Midway) Satan's Hollow (1982, COIN, Bally Midway)

Adams, Colin [T] Gantry (1989, C64, Run) [T] Ketchup Attack (1989, C64, Run)

Adams, Douglas Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, w/Steve Meretzky (1984, many, Infocom) [G] Bureaucracy (1987, many, Infocom)

Adams, Peter Crazitack (1982, 800, Artworx) [P] Blue Max (1983, C64, Synapse) from 800 [P] Survivor (1983, C64, Synapse) from 800 [P] Zaxxon (1984, C64, Synapse) from COIN [P] Beach-Head II (1985, AP2, Access) from C64 [P] Kik-Start (1986, 800, MAST) from C64 Panther (1986, C64, MAST)

Adams, Rick Temple of ROM (1984, COCO, Tandy) [P] Shanghai (1987, CC3, ACT) from ?

Adams, Scott [cofounder AI] [B] 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1978, TRS, Software Exchange) [B] Backgammon (1978, TRS, Software Exchange) [B] Adventureland (1978, TRS, Software Exchange) [B] Pirate Adventure, w/Alexis Adams (1978, TRS, Software Exchange) [TB] Awari (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [B] Mission Impossible (1979, TRS, Software Exchange) The Count (1979, TRS, Software Exchange) Strange Odyssey (1979, TRS, Software Exchange) Mystery Fun House (1979, TRS, Software Exchange) Ghost Town (1980, TRS, AI) Savage Island (1980, AP2, AI) Savage Island Part 2, w/Russ Wetmore (1981, AP2, AI) Golden Voyage, w/William Demas (1981, AP2, AI) Return to Pirate's Isle (1983, TI99, AI) Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (1984, AP2, AI) The Hulk (1984, many, AI) Spiderman (1984, many, AI) Fantastic Four (1984, many, AI) Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, w/Philip Case, Kern McNair (1985, many, AI) Return to Pirate's Island 2 (2000, PC, Clopas)

Adan, Manolito [P] Moonsweeper (1984, TI99, Imagic) from 2600

Adcock, Jerry [P] Shadow Hawk One, w/Glenn Clapp (1981, AP2, Horizon)

Addis, Mabel [D] Sumerian Game, w/William McKay (1964, IBM 7090, PD)

Adelstein, Bruce Castle Keeper (1983, 800, ALA) [P] Lost Tomb (1984, 800, Datasoft) from COIN

Adham, Allen Gunslinger (1986, AP2, Datasoft)

Adkinson, Ted [TB] Halls of the Leprechaun King (1983, 800, ANALOG)

Aero, Rita Brain Game, w/Elliot Weiner (1984, AP2, Millennium)

Ager, Mike [P] Peter Pack Rat (1988, C64, Silverbird) from COIN Psycho Pigs UXB (1988, C64, Jaleco)

Agne, Mel Collision Course (1983, C64, Professional Micro Services)

Aguilar, Esteban V. [TB] Hawkmen of Dindrin (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)

Aguirre, Steve Fatal Run (1989, 2600, Atari)

Ahmad, Shahid [P] Jet Set Willy (1984, C64, Software Projects) from SPEC Faces of Haarne (1984, C64, Software Supersavers) Chimera (1985, SPEC/C64/CPC, Firebird) [P] Nightshade (1985, C64, Firebird) from SPEC [P] Comet Game (1986, 800/C64, Firebird) from SPEC Nihilist (1987, SPEC, Electric Dreams) Pandora, w/David Eastman (1988, AMI/ST/C64, Firebird) SDI (1989, CPC, ACT) from SPEC [G] No Escape (1994, GEN/SNES, Psygnosis)

Ahn, Esteban [P] Technocop (1988, AP2, Gray Matter)

Aichlmayr, Michael Downland (1983, COCO, Tandy)

Aitchison, Guy [TB] Galactic Gloop (1984, 800, Antic)

Akbiyik, Hakan Dooly (1987, C16, Falcon) Helix (1988, C16, Falcon)

Akers, David [P] Bump 'n' Jump, w/Jeff Ratcliff (1983, 2600, M Network) from COIN [P] Star Strike (1983, 2600, M Network) from INT [G] Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (1989, COIN, Atari Games) Klax (1989, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Road Riot 4WD (1991, COIN, Atari Games) [G] California Speed (1998, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Pac-Man World 2 (2002, PS2, Namco) [G] kill.switch (2003, PS2, Namco)

Albanese, James Martian Invaders (1980, SORC, Quality) Jeepers Creepers (1982, 800, Quality)

Albaugh, Mike Drag Race (1977, COIN, Kee) Destroyer (1977, COIN, Atari) [G] Poolshark (1977, COIN, Atari) Ultra Tank (1978, COIN, Kee) [G] Football (1978, COIN, Atari) Captain Seahawk (1978, COIN, Atari) Solar War, w/Dave Theurer (1979, COIN, Atari) [G] Blasteroids (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Space Lords (1992, COIN, Atari Games)

Albino, Victor T. [TB] Volcano (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Albrecht, Grant [TB] Rescue of Blondell (1985, 800, COMPUTE!)

Alcorn, Al Pong (1972, COIN, Atari) Space Race (1973, COIN, Atari) Got'cha (1974, COIN, Atari)

Alderton, Nigel Chuckie Egg (1983, SPEC, A&F) Kong Strikes Back, w/Jonathan Smith (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Mr. Do's Wild Ride-like [P] Commando, w/Keith Burkhill (1985, SPEC, Elite) from COIN [P] Ghosts 'N Goblins (1986, SPEC, Capcom) from COIN

Aldrich, Ron Nightmare Gallery, w/Robert Clardy (1982, AP2, Synergistic) [P] Crisis Mountain (1983, 800, Synergistic) from AP2 [P] Championship Baseball, w/Lloyd Ollman (1986, AP2, ACT) from C64

Alexander, Matt Hard Hat Mack, w/Mike Abbot (1983, AP2, EA)

Alito, Noellie [P] Moon Patrol, w/Mark Ackerman (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Allen, Bill [P] Gauntlet, w/Bob Armour (1985, 800, US Gold) from COIN [P] Deflektor (1988, AMI, GG) from SPEC

Allen, Gary [P] Fortress (1984 C64, SSI) from AP2/800

Allen, James R.H. Mine Madness (1983, VIC, Thorn EMI) Mad Doctor (1985, C64, Creative Sparks)

Allen, John Basketball (1980, TRS, Acorn) Pinball (1980, TRS, Acorn) Astroball (1981, TRS, Acorn) Tenpin (1981, TRS, Acorn)

Allen, Mark [B] Apple Stellar Invaders (1980, AP2, Apple) Space Invaders-like Sabotage (1981, AP2, On-Line) Pest Patrol (1983, AP2, Sierra)

Allred, John [P] Jungle Hunt, w/Mike Feinstein (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Pole Position, w/Douglas Macrae, Betty Tylko (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Alpert, Dave Xyphus, w/Skip Walker (1984, AP2, Penguin)

Altman, Marcus Blagger Goes to Hollywood (1985, C64, Alligata) Shoot Em Up (1985, C64, Alligata)

Alvarez, Fernando Genesis (1983, 800, Datasoft)

Amelio, Joseph Karate (1982, 2600, Ultravision)

Anders, Lee Head-On Collision (1980, SORC, Quality) Head On-like

Andersen, Darin [TB] Dark Castle (1984, COCO, Rainbow)

Anderson, Bob [B] Derelict, w/Rodger Olsen (1982, OSI Aardvark) Haunted House (1983, BBC, Aardvark)

Anderson, Charles [P] Tuesday Morning Quarterback (1980, AP2, ASIM) from TRS

Anderson, Chip [TB] Connection (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Anderson, Dave Hollywood Hijinx, w/Liz Cyr-Jones (1986, many, Infocom)

Anderson, David J. [P] Shark Attack, w/Ian Morrison (1982, SPEC, Romik) from VIC Colour Clash, w/Ian Morrison (1983, SPEC, Romik) Amidar-like Galactic Trooper, w/Ian Morrison (1983, SPEC, Romik) Brain Damage, w/Ian Morrison (1983, SPEC, Silversoft) Deffendar, w/Ian Morrison (1984, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Defender-like [P] Lode Runner, w/Ian Morrison (1984, SPEC, BROD) from AP2 [P] Zaxxon, w/Ian Morrison (1985, SPEC, U.S. Gold) from COIN [P] Tapper, w/Ian Morrison (1985, SPEC, U.S. Gold) from COIN [P] Kung-Fu Master (1985, SPEC, U.S. Gold) from COIN [P] Beach-Head, w/Ian Morrison (1984, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Beach-Head II, w/Ian Morrison (1985, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Raid Over Moscow, w/Ian Morrison (1985, SPEC, U.S. Gold) from C64 [P] World Series Baseball, w/Ian Morrison (1985, SPEC, Imagine) from C64 Super Soccer (1986, SPEC, Imagine) [P] Rambo (1986, SPEC, Ocean) from C64

Anderson, Donovan E. Jr. [TB] Match Mania (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Anderson, Glyn [P] Megamania (1983, 800/5200, ACT) from 2600 [P] Ghostbusters (1984, 800, ACT) from C64 Web Dimension (1985, C64, ACT) [G] Aliens (1986, C64, ACT) [P] Hacker II (1987, ST, ACT) from C64 [G] The Manhole (1989, PC/NEC9801/Fujitsu Towns, ACT) from MAC [G] Mutant League Hockey (1994, GEN, EA) [L] Xperts, w/Paul Taylor (1996, GEN, Sega) [G] Golden Nugget (1996, PC, Virgin)

Anderson, Greg W. Shark Treasure (1982, COCO, Computerware)

Anderson, Jim [B] Sub Command (1980?, AP2, Programma) [B] Laser Turret (1980?, AP2 Programma) [B] Ack-Ack (1980?, AP2, Programma) [B] Assist-It (1980?, AP2, Programma)

Anderson, John [P] The Eliminator (1982, AP2, AI) from TRS [P] Sea Dragon (1982, AP2, AI) from TRS [P] Rear Guard (1982, AP2, AI) from 800 Defense Cruiser (AP2, AI) Rally Speedway (1983, 800, AI) [P] Arex (1983, 800, AI) from TRS

Anderson, Rhett [T] Basketball Sam & Ed, w/David Hensley (1987, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Arcade Volleyball, w/David Hensley (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [P] Arcade Volleyball, w/Randy Thompson (1989, AMI, COMPUTE!'s Amiga) from C64

Andreasen, James Haunted House (1982, 2600, Atari)

Andrew, C.M. Back-Track (1984, COCO, Incentive)

Andrew, Ian [B] Mined-Out (1983, SPEC, Quicksilva)

Andrews, Bob [B] Death Race (1979, AP2, Programma) [B] Sea Wolf, w/Bob Flanagan (1980, AP2, Programma)

Anghelo, Python [RIP 2014] [D] Bubbles (1983, COIN, Williams) [D] Star Rider (1983, COIN, Williams)

Anschuetz, Eric & Robert [all games w/John Weisgerber] [B] Phoenix (1982, 800, PD) [B] Piracy (1982, 800, PD) [B] Alien Assault (1983, 800, PD) [B] Ramses' Revenge (1983, 800, PD) [B] Kooky Klimber (1984, 800, PD) [B] Night Rescue (1984, 800, PD) [TB] Kooky's Quest (1985, 800, Antic) [TB] Overflow (1985, 800, Antic) [B] Robot Dungeon (1985, 800, Antic) [B] Kooky Diver (1986, 800, PD) [B] Space Assailants (1986, 800, PD) [B] Piracy II (1986, 800, PD) [B] Yahtzee (1987, 800, PD) [B] Soko-Ban (1988, 800, PD) Alien Assault 2021 (2021, 800, PD) Kooky Diver 2021 (2021, 800, PD) Kooky Klimber 2021 (2021, 800, PD) Kooky’s Quest 2021 (2021, 800, PD) Night Rescue 1941 (2021, 800, PD) Overflow 2021 (2021, 800, PD) Phoenix 2021 (2021, 800, PD) Piracy 1621 (2021, 800, PD) Piracy 1981 (2021, 800, PD) Ramses’ Revenge 2021 BC (2021, 800, PD) Robot Dungeon 2121 (2021, 800, PD) Sokoban 2021 (2021, 800, PD) Space Assailants 2121 (2021, 800, PD) Yahtzee 2021 (2021, 800, PD)

Ansell, Doug Pyromania (AP2) [P] Roundabout (1983, C64, Datamost) from AP2

Anson-Cartwright, Stephen Baseball (1983, 800, Inhome)

Antiochia, Antonio Transylvania (1982, AP2, Penguin) Crimson Crown (1982, AP2, Penguin)

Antonovich, Michael [TB] Imhotep (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Aplin, Richard Fly Spy (1986, CPC, MAST) Islands of Dr. Destructo (1987, C64, Bulldog) UCM (1988, C64, MAD) [P] Double Dragon (1988, CPC, Virgin) from COIN [P] Double Dragon, w/Gary Vine (1988, AMI, Arcadia) from COIN [P] Double Dragon, w/Gary Vine (1989, ST, Virgin) from COIN [P] Double Dragon II (1989, CPC, Virgin) from COIN [P] Double Dragon II, w/Gary Vine (1989, AMI/ST, Virgin) from COIN [P] Shinobi (1989, CPC, Virgin) from COIN [P] Block Racer (AMI/ST) [P] ESWAT (1990, SPEC, US Gold) from COIN [P] Line Of Fire (1990, AMI/ST, Sega) from COIN [P] Final Fight (1991, AMI/ST, Capcom) from COIN

Appleby, P.D. [TB] Galactic Raiders (1984, SPEC, Sinclair User)

Archer, Michael J. [P] On Court Tennis, w/Scott Orr (1984, C64, ACT) Geoff Capes Strong Man (1986, BBC, Martech) W.A.R. (1986, BBC, Martech) [D] Tarzan (1986, BBC/C64, Martech) Shoot Out (1986, C64, Martech) Nemesis the Warlock (1987, C64, Martech) Slaine the Celtic Barbarian (1987, C64, Martech) [P] Altered Beast (1989, C64, ACT) from COIN [P] Atomic Robokid (1989, C64, ACT) [P] Alien 3 (1993, C64, Acclaim) [P] Road Riot 4WD (1994, LNX, Atari) from COIN

Archer, Rowland [TB] Word Wars (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Archuletta, Michael Hopper, w/John Phillips (1983, TI99, TI) Pengo-like 4A Flyer, w/John Phillips (1986, TI99, Triton)

Arima, Toshio [P] Gyruss (1983, COIN, Konami)

Armour, Bob [P] Gauntlet, w/Bill Allen (1985, 800, US Gold) from COIN Basil the Great Mouse Detective (1987, 800/C64, GG) [P] Deflektor (1989, 800, Atari) from SPEC

Armstrong, Kevin Factactics, w/Dorcas Evans (1984, AP2, Daystar)

Arneson, Dave Malta Strike (1980, AP2/TRS, Discovery)

Arnold, Kenneth W. [B] Ultima, w/Richard Garriott (1981, AP2, California Pacific) [G] Ultima II (1982, AP2, Sierra) [G] Ultima V (1988, C64, Origin)

Arnstein, Robert 8080 Chess (1977, Sol-20, Processor Technology) Flying Saucers (1979, TRS, Tandy) Invasion Force (1979, TRS, Tandy) Pyramid (1979, TRS) Project Nebula (1981, COCO, Tandy) Star Raiders-like Raaka-Tu (1982, COCO, Tandy) Xenos (1982, TRS, Tandy) Bedlam (1982, COCO, Tandy) Androne (1983, COCO, Tandy) Reactoid (1983, COCO, Tandy)

Aron, Dave Alpha Blaster (1983, VIC, LiveWire) Moonrider (1986, MSX, Eaglesoft) Moon Patrol-like Panique (1986, MSX, Eaglesoft) Space Panic-like

Aronoff, Stuart Keyboard Golf (1981, AP2, Avant-Garde) Hi-Res Computer Golf 2 (1983, AP2, Avant-Garde) Beyond Pinball (1986, AP2, Prime-Ware)

Arromdee, Ken [TB] Black Box (1988, 800, Antic)

Artwick, Bruce A2-FS1 Flight Simulator (1980, AP2, Sublogic) Night Mission Pinball (1982, AP2, Sublogic) Flight Simulator 2 (1983, AP2, Sublogic) [D] Jet (1985, PC, Sublogic) [L] UFO, w/Hugo Feugen (1989, PC, Sublogic)

Ashmun, Larry Animated Hangman (1979, TRS, Level IV) Super Invaders (1980, TRS, Soft Sector) Space Invaders-like Alien Defense (1981, TRS, Soft Sector) Defender-like Fortress (1981, TRS, Soft Sector) Space Zap-like Sneak Thief (1982, TRS, Soft Sector) [P] Outhouse, w/John Weaver (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) from TRS [PG] The Games: Winter Edition (1988, PC, Epyx) from C64 [PG] RoboCop (1989, PC, Data East) from COIN

Askew, Graham [TB] Gangsters (1984, 800, Page 6) [TB] Supply Blaster (1985, 800, Page 6) Power Down (1987, 800, MAST)

Asper, Charles Quad (1980, TRS, Acorn)

Aspromonte, Bill Crash Dive (1983, 2600, Fox) Bank Heist (1983, 2600, Fox) [P] Stargate (1984, 2600, Atari) from COIN [G] Pigs in Space (1983, 2600, Atari)

Atack, Jon [B] Lightning Robot (1982, 800, PD) Berzerk-like Meteor Storm (1982, 800, Royal) Quasimodo (1983, 800, Synapse) [G] Trivia Quest (1984, 800, Royal)

Atkin, Larry Chess (1983, AP2, Odesta) Odin, w/Peter Frey (1983, AP2, Odesta)

Austin, Jason Bunny Plus E.T.A. (1983, SPEC, Automata) Pi-In'Ere (1984, SPEC, Automata) Pi-balled (1984, SPEC, Automata) Q*bert-like

Austin, Mike & Nick & Pete Colossal Adventure (1983, many, Level 9) Adventure Quest (1983, many, Level 9) Dungeon Adventure (1984, many, Level 9) Snowball (1984, many, Level 9) Return to Eden (1984, many, Level 9) Worm in Paradise (many, Level 9) Price of Magik (1986, many, Level 9)

Austin, Mike (see also "Austin, Mike & Nick & Pete") Lancelot, w/Pete Austin (1988, many, Mandarin)

Austin, Pete (see also "Austin, Mike & Nick & Pete") Saga of Erik the Viking (1984, many, Level 9) [L] Red Moon (1985, many, Level 9) Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 (1985, many, Mosaic) The Archers (1986, many, Level 9) Knight Orc (1987, many, Rainbird) Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (1987, many, Virgin) Gnome Ranger, w/Peter McBride (1987, many, Level 9) [D] Ingrid's Back (1988, many, Level 9) Lancelot, w/Mike Austin (1988, many, Mandarin) ScapeGhost, w/Sandra Sharkey, Pete Gerrard (1989, many Level 9)

Austin, William A. Sword Point (1983, 800, PMI) [TB] Entrepreneur Jungle (1988, 800, Antic) [TB] Gold Mine and the Princess (1990, 800, Antic)

Averett, Ed Take the Money and Run (1978, O2, Magnavox) Speedway! / Spin-Out! / Crypto-Logic! (1978, O2, Magnavox) Showdown in 2100 A.D.(1979, O2, Magnavox) War of Nerves! (1979, O2, Magnavox) Volleyball! (1979, O2, Magnavox) I've Got Your Number (1979, O2, Magnavox) Invaders from Hyperspace (1979, O2, Magnavox) Hockey! / Soccer! (1979, O2, Magnavox) Dynasty! (1979, O2, Magnavox) Alpine Skiing! (1979, O2, Magnavox) Pocket Billiards! (1980, O2, Magnavox) Pachinko! (1980, O2, Magnavox) Electronic Table Soccer! (1980, O2, Magnavox) Casino Slot Machine! (1980, O2, Magnavox) Blockout! / Breakdown! (1980, O2, Magnavox) Alien Invaders Plus! (1980, O2, Magnavox) UFO! (1981, O2, Magnavox) Monkeyshines! (1981, O2, Magnavox) K.C. Munchkin! (1981, O2, Magnavox) Pac-Man-like Quest for the Rings (1981, O2, Magnavox) Conquest of the World (1981, O2, Magnavox) Pick Axe Pete! (1982, O2, Magnavox) K.C.'s Crazy Chase! (1982, O2, Magnavox) Great Wall St. Fortune Hunt (1982, O2, Magnavox) Freedom Fighters! (1982, O2, Magnavox) Attack of the Timelord! (1982, O2, Magnavox) Power Lords (1983, O2, Magnavox)

Avery, Jack T. Computer Air Combat, w/Charles Merrow (1980, AP2, SSI) Computer Baseball, w/Charles Merrow (1981, AP2, SSI) Fighter Command, w/Charles Merrow (1983, AP2, SSI)

Avis, Julian Dunjunz (1987, BBC, Bug-Byte)

Axworthy, Glenn Midnight Magic (1986, 2600, Atari)


Bachand, Charles [TB] Motorcycle Maze Rider (1981, 800, ANALOG) Race in Space (1981, 800, ANALOG) [T] Harvey Wallbanger, w/Tom Hudson (1982, 800, ANALOG) [T] Planetary Defense, w/Tom Hudson (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Bacher, Eric Pesco (1999, 2600, Ebivision) Pac-Man-like

Bachrach, Mark [B] Spin*A*Fortune (1982, TI99, Sunrise)

Bader, Chris Kangaroy (1985, TI99, T&C Actionware)

Baer, Ralph H. [creator of the Odyssey] many of the original Odyssey games (1972, Odyssey, Magnavox) Simon, w/Howard Morrison (1978, HAND, Milton Bradley) Super Simon (1979, HAND, Milton Bradley) Maniac (1979, HAND, Ideal)

Baggs, Scott C. Dawn Patrol (1985, C64, Mark of the Falcon)

Bagley, Jim [P] Throne Of Fire (1987, SPEC, Melbourne House) [P] Road Runner (1987, SPEC, US Gold) from COIN [P] World Class Leader Board (1987, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Street Sports Basketball (1988, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [P] G.U.T.Z. (1988, SPEC, Ocean) [P] Batman: The Caped Crusader (1988, CPC, Ocean) [P] Red Heat (1989, SPEC/CPC, Ocean) [P] Cabal (1989, SPEC/CPC, Ocean) from COIN [P] Midnight resistance (1990, SPEC/CPC, Ocean) from COIN [P] Hudson Hawk (1991, SPEC/CPC/GB) [P] Ultimate Soccer (GEAR/MS/GEN) [P] Defender/Joust (1995, GB) from COIN; Defender only [P] Revolution X (PC/SAT) from COIN [P] DOOM (1997, SAT, GT) from PC [P] Tommi Makinen Rally (1998, PS, Europress) [P] F.A. Premier League Stars (1999, PS, RA) [P] Boarder Zone (1999, GB, Infogrames) [P] TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX (2000, GB) [P] Tiny Toons (2001, GB) [P] TechDeck Skateboarding (2001, GB) [P] Nancy Drew (2001, GBA) [P] Super Dropzone (2002, GBA, Ignition) [P] Super Dropzone, w/Adrian Scotney (2003, PS, Ignition) [P] Strike Force Hydra (2003, PS) [P] International Karate+ (GBA, Ignition) from C64 [P] Super Dropzone (2002, GBA/PS) [P] World Tennis Stars (2004, GBA/PS, Ignition) Animal Snap (2003, GBA, Nintendo) [P] King Of Fighters (XBOX) from PS2 Jim Bagley's ZX81 Racing (2013, ZX81, PD)

Bagley, Kevin Oil-Rig (1981, AP2, CPU) Human Fly (1982, AP2, CPU) Vortex (1982, AP2, Datamost) [G] Flockland Island Crisis (1982, AP2, Vital) Mabel's Mansion (1984, AP2, Datamost)

Baguley, Jim Bogey Men (1984, C64, Solar) Bizy BeeZZzz (1984, C64, Solar) Jungle Quest (1984, C64, Solar) 3D Quasars (1985, CPC, Solar) Battle Beyond the Stars (1985, CPC, Solar) [P] Deathwake (1985, C64, Quicksilva) [P] Max Headroom (1986, C64, MAST) [P] Storm (1986, C64, MAST) Spore (1987, C64, Bulldog) [P] Jackle & Wide (1987, C64, Bulldog) [P] Battle Chopper (1989, C64, Irem) from COIN Dan Dare III (1990, AMI/ST, MAST) [P] Back to the Future Part III (1991, AMI, Image Works) [G] Addams Family Values (1995, GEN, Ocean) [P] Carmageddon, w/Ben Wilcock (2000, GB, Titus) from PC

Bahr, George Frog Trek (1982, COCO, Olerich) Frogger-like

Bailey, Andrew E. Headache (1984, C64, Firebird) Demons of Topaz (1984, C64, Firebird) [P] Microcosm (1986, C64, Firebird) from BBC [P] Druid (1986, C64, Firebird)

Bailey, Dona Centipede, w/Ed Logg (1980, COIN, Atari)

Baizer, Robert [B] Stunt Cycle, w/Harry Tarnoff (1980, AP2, Programma)

Bak, Steve [RIP 2019] Cuthbert Goes Digging (1983, DRAG, Microdeal) Space Panic-like Cuthbert Goes Walkabout (1984, DRAG, Microdeal) Amidar-like Cuthbert in Space (1984, DRAG, Microdeal) Joust-like Cuthbert in the Tombs (1984, C64, Microdeal) Tutankham-like War Machine (1984, C64, Pocket Money) Hercules (1984, C64, Interdisc) Lands of Havoc (1985, ST, Microdeal) Electronic Pool (1986, ST, Microdeal) Gods & Heroes (1986, C64, Power House) Goldrunner (1987, ST, Microdeal) Jupiter Probe (1987, ST, Microdeal) [P] The Sentinel (1987, AMI/ST, Firebird) from BBC Leathernecks (1988, AMI/ST, Microdeal) Return to Genesis (1988, ST, Microdeal) StarRay (1988, ST, Microdeal)

Baker, John [TB] Bats (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Baker, Philip Ennumereight (1983, 800, APX)

Baker, Scott [TB] Things in the Dark (1984, 800, COMPUTE!)

Baker, Steve A. Gunslinger (AP2) Fighter Pilot (1978, AP2, Softape) Burn-Out (AP2, Softape) Bubbles (AP2, Softape) Planetoids (AP2, Softape) Journey (AP2, Softape) Photar (1981, AP2, Softape) aka Nightcrawler, Centipede-like Gomoku (1980, AP2, Artsci) Reversi (1980, AP2, Artsci) [P] Defender (1982, 800, Atari) from COIN Star Mines (1983, AP2, Softape) [PG] Summer Games (1987, 2600, Epyx) from C64 [PG] Winter Games (1987, 2600, Epyx) from C64 [P] California Games, w/Peter Englebrite (1988, 2600, Epyx) from C64 Sporting News Baseball '89 (1989, AP2, Epyx) Alien Legacy (PC) Colony Quest (PC) Pilgrim Quest, w/Brooke Boering (1991, PC, Decision)

Bakst, Daren Chalice of Mostania (1985, AP2, Coastal)

Balaska, Richard K. Jr. Tunnel Runner (1983, 2600, CBS)

Baldwin, Mark Lewis [TB] Starbase 13 (1982, 800, SoftSide) [P] Star Fleet I (1986, AMI/ST, Interstel) [P] Empire (1987, AP2/AMI/ST/PC), Interstel) Star Fleet II, w/Trevor Sorensen (1989, PC, Interstel) [G] Perfect General (1991, AMI/PC, Quantum Quality) [G] Star Legions (1992, PC, Mindcraft)

Ball, Albert Jumping Jack (1983, SPEC, Imagine) Rapscallion (1984, SPEC, Bug-Byte)

Ball, Anthony [P] Cabal (1990, NES, Milton Bradley) from COIN [P] Mercs (1991, AMI/ST, US Gold) from COIN Bacteria Arcade Edition (iOS/AND, Sinister) Dungeons (iOS/AND, Sinister) Save the Martians (iOS/AND, Sinister) What Rhymes with Martians? (iOS/AND, Sinister) Sinister Slots (AND, Sinister) Calypso Slots (AND, Sinister) Sinister Soccer (AND, Sinister)

Ball, Thomas Falcons, w/Eric Varsanyi (1981, AP2) Phoenix-like Warp Destroyer, w/Eric Varsanyi (1982, AP2, Piccadilly)

Ballard, Clinton [P] Nova Blast (1983, CV, Imagic) from INT

Ballard, Michael [TB] Wall Street (1989, C64, Run)

Balog, Pál Bird Mother (1984, C64, Creative Sparks)

Baltzer, Phil Fun with Numbers (1977, ST2, RCA)

Bana, Bill Hunchback II, w/Tony Pomfret (1983, C64, Ocean)

Banks, Rick [D] BC's Quest for Tires (1983, AP2, Sierra) [D] BC II (1984, C64, Sierra) [D] Dam Busters (1984, C64, US Gold) [G] Desert Fox (1985, C64, US Gold) [D] Killed Until Dead, w/Michael Bate, MaryLou O'Rourke (1986, C64, Accolade)

Barber, Robert Halloween, w/Tim Martin (1983, 2600, Wizard)

Barbour, David [P] Zeppelin (1984, C64, Synapse) from 800 [P] Sport of Kings (1986, C64, MAD) from SPEC [G] Dark Side of the Moon (1998, PC, SouthPeak)

Barger, Jorn [P] Wizard of Wor (AP2) from COIN [P] Berzerk (AP2, Microsoft) from COIN

Barlow, Mark Sky Sweep (1982, TRS, Soft Sector)

Barnes, Lee Frog (1980, MZ, Newbear and Kuma) Fender (1980, MZ, Newbear and Kuma) Camelot (1980, MZ, Newbear and Kuma) Head-On (1980, MZ, Newbear and Kuma) Paqueman (1980, MZ, Newbear and Kuma) Solitaire (1980, MZ, Newbear and Kuma)

Barnes, S. [B] Computer Command (1983, 800, CS Software) [B] Escape from Perilous, w/P. Pettit (1983, 800, English)

Barnes, Tony [TB] Escape from Hell (1988, 800, Antic) Savior (1988, 800, PD) Fort Apocalypse-like [TB] Doomed (1989, 800, Antic) [TB] Shutdown (1989, 800, Antic) [G] Jungle Strike (1993, GEN, EA) [G] Urban Strike (1994, GEN, EA) [G] Nuclear Strike 64 (1999, N64, THQ) from PS [L] Star Trek Deep Space 9: The Fallen (2000, PC/MAC, Simon & Schuster) [L] Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2002, XBOX, EA) [G] X-Files: Resist or Serve (2004, PS2, Videndi) [G] Star Wars: Episode III (2005, XBOX/PS2, LucasArts) [L] Medal of Honor (2010, PC/360/PS3, EA) [L] Battleship (2012, 360/PS3, ACT) [L] Strider (2014, many, Capcom) [G] New World (2021, PC, Amazon)

Barnes, Wherner Escape from Pulsar 7, w/Brian Howarth (1982, BBC, Channel 8) Circus, w/Brian Howarth (1982, BBC) Feasibility Experiment, w/Brian Howarth (1983, BBC)

Barnett, Greg [P] The Hobbit (1982, C64, Melbourne House) from SPEC [P] Sherlock (1984, C64, Melbourne House) from SPEC Way of the Exploding Fist (1985, C64, Melbourne House)

Barnett, Uriah [P] Buzzard Bait (1983, PC, Sirius) from AP2 [P] Turmoil (1983, MSX, ASCII) from 2600 [P] Squish 'em (1984, MSX, ASCII) from C64

Baron, Peter James [P] Salamander (1988, C64, Imagine) from COIN Myth (1989, C64, System 3) Devious Designs (1991, AMI/ST, Image Works) [P] Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six (1992, NES, LJN) [P] Wolverine Adamantium Rage (1994, SNES, LJN) [P] Maximum Roadkill (1995, PC, Take 2) [P] Stratego (1998, PC, Hasbro) [P] Monopoly (N64, Empire) [P] Sheep (2000, PS, Empire)

Baronett, Stanley Jr. Ripper, w/John Winnie (1984, C64, Avalon Hill)

Barshack, Leonard Apple Adventure, w/Peter Schmuckal (1980, AP2, Apple)

Barthelemy, Olivier Pancho (1983, C64, Micro Application) Q*bert-like Star Crash (1984, C64, Supersoft)

Bartlett, Peter J. Enigma, w/Mark Moore (1985, C16, Commodore) Robo Knight (1987, C16, US Gold)

Barton, Andy [T] Exwall (1989, 800, Antic)

Barton, Anthony Vortex Raider (1983, C64, Interceptor) Bandana City (1984, C64, Interceptor)

Bartorillo, Andrew [B] Lost Colony (1981, 800, Acorn) [B] Stock Market (1984, 800, Acorn)

Bash, James Klondike Adventure (1982, 800, SoftSide)

Basham, Bill Dogfight (1980, AP2, Micro Lab)

Bass, Daniel [P] Loco-Motion (1983, INT, Mattel) from COIN Tower of Doom (1984, INT, INTV)

Batchelder, Alan Amaze (1983, SPEC, Bytesize)

Bate, Michael [G] Desert Fox (1985, C64, US Gold) [D] Killed Until Dead, w/MaryLou O'Rourke, Rick Banks (1986, C64, Accolade)

Bates, Bob [D] Sherlock (1988, many, Infocom) [D] Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur (1989, many, Infocom) [D] TIMEQUEST (1991, PC, Legend) [D] Eric The Unready (1993, PC, Legend) [D] Spycraft (1996, PC, ACT) [D] Quandaries (1997, PC, US Dept of Justice) [D] John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles (1998, PC, Mindscape)

Bates, Matthew Cybertron Mission (1984, BBC, Micro Power)

Battenberg, Rex Space Dungeon (1981, COIN, Taito America) Zoo Keeper, w/John Morgan, Mark Blazczyk (1983, COIN, Taito America)

Batty, Michael Earth Shaker (1990, SPEC, Your Sinclair) Boulder Dash-like

Baumrucker, Steven J., MD Dunzhin, w/Randall Masteller (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Warrior of Ras Volume 2, w/Randall Masteller (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Warrior of Ras Volume 3, w/Randall Masteller (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Warrior of RasVolume 4, w/Randall Masteller (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Trivia Arcade, w/Randall Masteller (1984, C64, Screenplay)

Baxter, Michael A. [TB] Cubes in Space (1986, 800, Atari User) Q*bert-like [TB] Dam Trouble (1988, 800, Atari User)

Bayes, John S. [B] Clipper (1983, 800, PDI)

Beale, Andrew Repulsar (1983, SPEC, Softek) Missile Command-like Robon (1983, SPEC, Softek) Berzerk-like Megapede (1983, SPEC, Softek) Centipede-like Microbot, w/Jack Wilkes (1983, SPEC, Softek) Psytraxx, w/Jack Wilkes (1984, SPEC, Edge)

Beck, Stephen Break Dance (1984, C64, Epyx)

Beck, Steve Save the Whales (2002, 2600, self)

Becklund, Tom Thunderbombs (1982, AP2, Penguin) Bouncing Kamungas (1983, AP2, Penguin)

Bedrosian, Gary Lords of Karma (1980, AP2/TRS/PET, Avalon Hill) Empire of the Over-Mind (1981, AP2/TRS, Avalon Hill) Close Assault (1982, 800, Avalon Hill) [P] Empire of the Over-Mind (1986, PC, Avalon Hill)

Beekhuis, Kees [P] Into the Eagles Nest (1988, 800, Atari) from C64 [P] Tanium (1988, 800, Players) from C64

Beh, L.L. [TB] Closeout (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)

Behlen, James W. Mini-Golf (1982, TI99, BeeJay Funware) Mini-Golf II (1983, TI99, BeeJay Funware)

Behling, B.W. [TB] Futurewar! (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Behnke, John Missile Wars (1987, TI99, Asgard) Haunted Mine (1987, TI99, Asgard) Volcano Fortress (1987, TI99, Asgard)

Belka, Edgar Carnival Massacre (1983, 800, Thorn EMI) Desmond's Dungeon (1984, 800, Creative Sparks) Danger Mouse, w/Brian Belson, Kevin Buckner (1984, C64, Creative Sparks) Assault on Port Stanley (1985, CPC, Amsoft)

Bell, Bradley J. Volleyball (1981, 800, SoftSide)

Bell, Ian Free Fall (1983, BBC, Acornsoft) Elite, w/David Braben (1984, BBC, Acornsoft)

Bell, John [founder Crystalware] [B] Galactic Quest (1980, AP2, Crystalware) [B] House of Usher (1980, AP2, Crystalware) [B] Fantasyland 2041 AD (1980, AP2, Crystalware) [B] Beneath the Pyramids (1980, AP2, Crystalware) [B] Clonus, w/Mark Benioff (1981, 800, Crystalware) [B] Sands of Mars (1981, AP2, Crystalware) [B] World War III (1981, AP2, Crystalware) [B] Little Crystal (1981, AP2, Crystalware) [B] Waterloo II, w/Mike Potter (1981, AP2, Crystalware) [B] Clonus II, w/Mark Benioff (1982, 800, Crystalware) [B] Glamis Castle (1982, 800, Crystalware) [B] Haunted Palace (1982, 800, Crystalware) [B] Zardon (1982, 800, Crystalware) Starion (1983, 800, Romox)

Bell, Tim Snooker (1984, SPEC, Visions)

Bellin, Adam Robot Battle (1982, AP2, United Software of America) [P] Bristles (1983, C64, First Star) from 800 [P] Zenji (1984, C64, ACT) from 800 [P] Ghostbusters, with David Crane (1984, C64, ACT) Murder on the Mississippi (1986, C64, ACT) [P] Ghostbusters (1986, PC, ACT) from C64 [G] PGA Tour Golf 486 (1994, PC, EA) [G] PGA Tour 96 (1995, PC, EA) [G] PGA Tour: Laptop (1997, PC, EA) [G] PGA Tour Pro (1997, PC, EA) [G] Tiger Woods 99 (1998, PS, EA) [G] PGA Tour Gold (1998, PC, EA)

Belson, Brian Soccer (1982, 800, Thorn EMI) Danger Mouse, w/Edgar Belka, Kevin Buckner (1984, C64, Creative Sparks)

Ben-Ami, Ofer & Shelly Byte (1983, SPEC, CCS) Close-In (1983, SPEC, Pulsonic) Mission Omega (1983, SPEC, Pulsonic)

Benham, Jason Bengo (1982, VIC, Mr. Micro) Jogger (1982, VIC, Mr. Micro) Digger (1982, VIC, Mr. Micro) Amigo (1982, VIC, Mr. Micro) Caterpillar (1983, ROMIK) Megawarz (1983, C64, Paramount Software) Outback (1983, VIC/C64, Paramount Software) Roomlord (1984, C64, Paramount Software) Guzzler (1984, C64, Interceptor) Bigtop Barney (1984, C64, Interceptor) Legend of Sinbad (1985, C64, Superior) Fair Means/Foul (1986, C64, Superior) Batty (1987, C64, Elite) Pro Boxing Sim (1988, C64, Codemasters) Kwik Snax (1989, C64, Codemasters) [G] Noah's Ark (1991, NES, Konami) [G] Home Alone 2 (1992, SNES, THQ) [G] Toys (1993, SNES, Absolute) [G] Home Improvement (1994, SNES, Absolute)

Beninger, Brian [cofounder Speakeasy] [D] Warlords, w/Randy Pack, Toni Beninger (1978, AP2, Speakeasy) [D] Microtrivia, w/Toni Beninger (1978, AP2, Speakeasy)

Beninger, Toni [cofounder Speakeasy] [P] Warlords, w/Brian Beninger, Randy Pack (1978, AP2, Speakeasy) [P] Microtrivia, w/Brian Beninger (1978, AP2, Speakeasy)

Benioff, Marc Russell [B] Clonus, w/John Bell (1981, 800, Crystalware) [B] Clonus II, w/John Bell (1982, 800, Crystalware) [B] Quest For Power (1981, 800, Crystalware) [B] Forgotten Island (1981, 800, Crystalware) [B] Crypt of the Undead (1982, 800, Epyx) [B] Escape from Vulcan's Isle (1982, 800, Epyx) [B] King Arthur's Heir (1982, 800, Epyx) [B] Gwendolyn (1983, 800, Artworx) Flapper (1983, 800, Romox)

Bennett, Andrew [P] Boulder Dash (1988, BBC, Tynsoft) from 800

Bennett, Tommy [T] Avalanche (1984, 800, ANALOG) Q*bert-like

Benson, Glenn W. [P] Krypton Factor (1987, SPEC, TV Games) from C64 [P] Throne of Fire, w/Chris Pink (1987, CPC, Melbourne House) [P] Return of the Jedi, w/Mike Hiddleston (1988, CPC, Domark) from COIN [P] Dark Sceptre (1988, CPC, Firebird) from SPEC Little Puff in Dragonland, w/Christian Urquhart (1989, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) [P] Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match (1989, ST, Impressions) from ST [P] Snoopy, w/Christian Urquart (1989, SPEC, Edge) from ST

Bentebal, Khaled [D] Soko-Ban, w/Con Gilbert (1984, AP2, Spectrum Holobyte)

Bentley, Forrest [T] Lava Flow (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Bombardment (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Bentley, Kevin Amnesia, w/Thomas M. Disch (1986, AP2, EA)

Benton, Charles "Chuck" Softporn Adventure (1981, AP2, On-Line) Jump Jet (1982, AP2, Avant-Garde) [P] Frogger (1983, C64, PB) from COIN [P] BC's Quest For Tires (1983, 800/C64, Sierra)

Benz, Steve Eggnapper (1984, 800, shareware)

Berden, David [TB] Dragonmaster (1983, VIC, COMPUTE!)

Berez, Joel [G] Zork I (1980, many, Infocom)

Berg, Ronald J. [P] Taipan! (1980, AP2, Avalanche) from TRS

Berger, Adam Temple of Darkness, w/Andrew Berger (800, Aim) Star Sentry, w/Craig Patchett (1982, 800, ANALOG)

Berk, Scott Escape MCP, w/Mike Blackman (1983, C64, Comm*Data)

Berke, Jens [TB] Oil-Panic (1984, 800, Computronic) [TB] Tombstone City (1984, 800, Computronic) Tombstone City-like [TB] Atlantis (1985, 800, Homecomputer) Atlantis-like [TB] Jack the Digger (1986, 800, Homecomputer) Anteater-like

Berker, Paul 3-D Space Battle (AP2, Loch Ness) Adventure in Time (1981, AP2, Phoenix) Birth of the Phoenix (1981, AP2, Phoenix) Queen of Phobos, w/Bill Crawford (1982, AP2, Phoenix)

Berlyn, Michael [founder Sentient] Oo-Topos, w/Muffy Berlyn (1981, AP2, Sentient) Cyborg (1982, Sentient) Gold Rush (Sentient) Congo, w/Harry Wilker (1982, AP2, Sentient) Suspended (1983, many, Infocom) Infidel, w/Patricia Fogleman (1983, many, Infocom) Cutthroats, w/Jerry Wolper (1984, Infocom) [G] Fooblitzky (1985, many, Infocom) [D] Tass Times in Tonetown, w/Muffy Berlyn (1986, Interplay) Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I. (1987, PC, First Row) Altered Destiny (1990, AMI, Accolade) [D] Search for the King, w/Steve Cartwright (1990, PC, Accolade) Snoopy's Game Club, w/Gene Smith (1992, Accolade) [D] Bubsy Bobcat (1993, SNES/GEN, Accolade) [D] Columbo's Mystery Capers, w/Marc Blank (1994, Newton, Starcore) Motile (1994, Newton, Eidetic) [D] Live Action Football (1994, PC, Accolade) [D] All Star Baseball (1995, PC, Accolade)

Berman, Oliver Sacred Stone (AP2)

Bernor, Gerald [TB] Dante's Inferno (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Berns, Eagle I. Coveted Mirror (1983, AP2, Penguin) Pie Man, w/Michael Kosaka (1983, AP2, Penguin) MacMATCH (MAC, Axlon)

Bernstein, Bill [D] Brain Baffler, w/Mark Lesser (1979, HAND, Mattel)

Berry, Danielle [aka Dan Bunten; RIP 1998] Wheeler Dealers (1978, AP2, Speakeasy) Computer Quarterback (1981, AP2, SSI) Cartels & Cutthroats, w/Bill Bunten (1981, AP2, SSI) [G] Cytron Masters (1982, AP2, SSI) [G] M.U.L.E. (1983, 800, EA) [G] Seven Cities of Gold (1984, 800, EA) [G] Heart of Africa (1985, C64, EA) Robot Rascals, w/Alan Watson (1986, C64, EA) [G] Modem Wars (1988, PC, EA) [G] Command HQ (1990, PC, Microprose) [G] Global Conquest (1992, PC, EA) [D] Warsport (1997, PC, TimeSink)

Bertoni, Leonard Alley Oops (1983, C64, Artworx) [P] Bandits (1983, VIC/C64, Sirius) from AP2 [P] Dino Eggs (1983, C64, Micro Fun) from AP2 [P] Final Orbit (1983, C64, Sirius) from Earth Dies Screaming for 2600

Bertram, Anthony [T] Tank Ambush (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Besnard, John Bezwars (1981, AP2, BEZ) Bez-MX (1981, AP2, BEZ) Bezman (1981, AP2, BEZ) Pac-Man-like Bezoff (1982, AP2, BEZ) Bezare (1982, AP2, Southwestern Data) Double Trouble (1983, AP2, BEZ) Pensate (1983, AP2, Penguin) Arcade Boot Camp (1984, AP2, Penguin) Brain Machine (1986, AP2, Softdisk) Anna's Gram (1987, AP2, Softdisk) First Encounter (1987, AP2, Softdisk) Zig Zag Flag Shag (1991, PC, Softdisk) Missing Dots Matrix (1991, PC, Softdisk) Bez Pegs (1994, PC, DesertSoft)

Bethell, John Falklands 82 (1985, C64, PSS) Iwo Jima (1986, C64, PSS)

Betts, Andrew [P] Warhawk (1986, 800, Firebird) from C64 I-ball (1987, C64, Firebird) I-ball 2 (1988, C64, Firebird)

Bever, Ed Decision in the Desert, w/Sid Meier (1985, 800/C64, MicroProse) Conflict In Vietnam, w/Sid Meier (1985, 800/C64, MicroProse) Crusade in Europe, w/Sid Meier (1985, 800/C64, MicroProse) Revolution '76 (1989, GS, Britannica) [D] Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 (1992, PC, SSI)

Bevington, Carl [TB] Hexapawn (1982, TRS, SoftSide)

Biddle, John Bermuda Race, w/Gordon Mattox (1983, AP2, Sams)

Bies, Bill Arthropod (1983, TI99, North Hills) Centipede-like AsTIroids (1983, TI99, North Hills) Asteroids-like Arcturus (1985, TI99, Exceltec) Zaxxon-like

Biess, W.J. Bubbles (1983, AP2, Tellus)

Bigelow, Mark [P] Quasimodo (1984, C64, Synapse) from 800

Biggs, Stephen C. Slamball (1984, C64, Synapse) [P] Firepower, w/Ken Grant (1989, C64, Microillusions) from AMI

Bigham, Dane [P] Lode Runner (1983, C64, BROD) from AP2 Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego? (1985, AP2, BROD)

Bigham, Elrhea [TB] Word Challenge (1981, 800, SoftSide) [B] Adventure on a Boat, w/Paul Bigham (1981, 800, Sublogic) [B] Black Forest, w/Paul Bigham (1982, 800, Sublogic) [B] Ghostly Manor (800, Sublogic) [B] Robby the Robot Catcher (800, Sublogic) [B] Sky Rescue, w/Paul Bigham (1982, 800, Sublogic) [P] Zendar, w/Paul Bigham, Terry Eagan (1982, AP2, Sublogic)

Bigham, Paul [B] Adventure on a Boat, w/Elrhea Bigham (1981, 800, Sublogic) [B] Black Forest, w/Elrhea Bigham (1982, 800, Sublogic) [B] Sky Rescue, w/Elrhea Bigham (1982, 800, Sublogic) [P] Zendar, w/Elrhea Bigham, Terry Eagan (1982, AP2, Sublogic)

Bilbrey, Brett ICBM Attack (1982, ASTR, self) Treasure Cove (1983, ASTR, Esoterica)

Billen, David [T] Zonx (1985, COCO, Rainbow)

Billett, Tina Mrs Mopp (1983, SPEC, Computasolve)

Billings, Joel [founder SSI] [B] Computer Bismarck, w/John Lyon (1980, AP2, SSI) Pursuit of the Graf Spee (1982, SSI)

Billyard, Adam Michael Bellum (1983, 800, APX) Scramble-like Henri (1984, 800, Visions) Mr. Do-like Chop Suey (1983, 800, English) Elektraglide (1984, 800, English) Q-Ball (1985, ST, English)

Binkowski, Ron Fowl Play (1981, TI99, Futura) Getcha! (1981, TI99, Futura) The Hustler (1981, TI99, Futura) London Blitz (1982, TI99, Futura)

Binns, Hugh Subterranea (1988, C64, Hewson)

Birdsey, Ian D. [TB] Flower Power (1985, SPEC, Sinclair User)

Birn, Jeremy [TB] Quatro (1987, 800, Antic)

Bishop, Bob Apple Star Trek (1977, AP1, McPheters, Wolfe & Jones) Bomber (1978, AP2, Softape) Rocket Lander (1978, AP2, Computer Components) Rocket Pilot (1978, AP2, 1001001) Saucer Invasion (1978, AP2, Softape) Space Maze (1978, AP2, Softape) Star Warriors (1978, AP2, Softape) Radar Interceptor (1979, AP2, Powersoft) [T] Li'l Red Bug (1980?, AP2, Creative Computing) Dung Beetles (1982, AP2, Datasoft) [N] Micro Painter (1982, AP2, Datasoft) Money Munchers (1982, AP2, Datamost) Gobblers (1985, AP2, Interactive Arts)

Bishop, David Witch's Brew (1989, TI99, Asgard) Wizard's End (1989, TI99, Asgard)

Bishop, Scott PGA Golf (1980, INT, Mattel)

Bitter, Wendell Hangman (1977, AP2)

Bittrolff, Steve [B] Anthill (1981, 800, APX)

Bixby, Robert [T] Lincoln Green (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Jericho II (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Qewb (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Bjork, Steve Space Balls (1979, TRS, Computer Light & Sound) Galactic Fighter (1979, TRS, Computer Light & Sound) Space Balls II (1980, TRS, Computer Light & Sound) Popcorn (1981, COCO, Tandy) Canyon Climber, w/James Garon (1982, COCO, Tandy) Mega-Bug (1982, COCO, Tandy) Sands of Egypt, w/James Garon (1982, COCO, Tandy) Stellar Life Line (1983, COCO, Tandy) [P] Clowns & Balloons (1983, COCO, Tandy) [P] Zaxxon (1983, COCO, Datasoft) from COIN [P] One-on-One (1983, COCO, EA) from AP2 Ghana Bwana (1984, COCO, Tandy) Desert Rider (1984, COCO, Tandy) [P] Pitfall II (1985, COCO, Tandy) from 2600 Warp Fighter 3-D (1987, COCO, SRB) [P] Super Pitfall (1988, COCO, Tandy) from NES Mine Rescue (1988, COCO, Game Point) Bash (1989, COCO, Game Point) Arkanoid-like [P] Arkanoid (1989, COCO, Tandy) from COIN Snake Pit (1989, CC3, Game Point) Z-89 (1989, CC3, Game Point) Zaxxon-like Marty's Nightmare (1990, CC3, CocoPro) The Rocketeer (1991, SNES, Disney) Captain Planet (1992, GEN, Sega) Bass Masters Classic, w/Bob Polaro (1995, SNES, THQ) Bass Masters Classic Pro, w/Bob Polaro (1996, SNES/GEN, THQ)

Black, Robert [P] Protector II (1983, COCO, Synapse) from 800

Blackman, Mike Escape MCP, w/Scott Berk (1983, C64, Comm*Data)

Blackmer, Bob [TB] Duck Shoot (1985, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Jailbreak (1987, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Scavenger Hunt (1987, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Island Quest (1988, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Tri Words (1988, C128, Ahoy!) [T] Tubular! (1988, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Turbo Ski (1988, C64, Ahoy!)

Blake, Alan Terror-Daktil 4D (1983, SPEC, Melbourne House)

Blake, Andrew W. [TB] Oggs Eggs (1985, 800, CVG)

Blake, Raymond [TB] Card Pairs (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Dodgems (1983, SPEC, Interface) Head On-like

Blakemore, Cleveland M. [T] Gravinauts (1985, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Guardian (1986, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Teleporter (1986, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Archer (1987, C128, Ahoy!) [TB] Lost Dutchman's Mine (1988, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Phantasy (1988, C128, Ahoy!) [TB] Phobia (1988, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Rashgar (1988, C128, Ahoy!) [TB] Snap Snake (1988, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Vee Kloros (1988, C64, Ahoy!) Grimoire (2017, PC, Golden Era)

Blakeway, C. [P] Diamond Mine (1985, 800, Blue Ribbon) from BBC [B] Screwball (1985, 800, Blue Ribbon) Q*bert-like [B] Castle Assault (1986, 800, Blue Ribbon) [B] Nightmare Maze (1986, 800, Blue Ribbon)

Blank, George [B] Pork Barrel (1978, TRS, Software Exchange) [B] X-Wing Fighter (1978, TRS, Software Exchange) [TB] Troll's Gold (1978, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio (1978, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Round the Horn (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Sink 'Um (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Dive Bomb! (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Blank, Marc [cofounder Infocom] [G] Dungeon (1977, DEC PDP-11 and DECSYSTEM-20) [G] Zork I (1980, many, Infocom) Zork II, w/Dave Lebling (1981, many, Infocom) Zork III, w/Dave Lebling (1982, many, Infocom) Deadline, w/Dave Lebling (1982, many, Infocom) Enchanter, w/Dave Lebling (1983, many, Infocom) [G] Fooblitzky (1985, 800, Infocom) Border Zone (1987, many, Infocom) Journey (1989, many, Infocom) Columbo's Mystery Capers, w/Mike Berlyn (1994, Newton, Starcore)

Blauschild, Bob Escape from Rungistan (1982, AP2, Sirius) Critical Mass (1983, AP2, Sirius)

Blazczyk, Mark Zoo Keeper, w/John Morgan, Rex Battenberg (1983, COIN, Taito America)

Blighe, Graham Osprey! (1984, C64, Bourne) Tunnel Vision (1987, C64, Hewson) Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1988, C64, Audiogenic)

Blitz, Stan [B] Bridge 1 (AP2, Softape)

Blumenthal, Lee [TB] Draw Poker, w/Joel Willard (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Blunt, Rob [TB] 3D Maze (1985, C64, Your 64)

Bobbio, Robert [P] Lost Tomb, w/Troy Lyndon, Mark Brodie (1984, C64, Datasoft) from COIN

Bobbitt, Chris [founder Asgard] Balloon Wars (1987, TI99, Asgard) Classic Checkers (1992, TI99, Asgard) Column Attack (1988, TI99, Asgard)

Bobco, Maxine Henhouse (1982, TI99, Funware) Driving Demon (1983, TI99, Funware) Rabbit Trail (1983, TI99, Funware) Lobster Bay (1983, TI99, Funware) St. Nick (1983, TI99, Funware)

Bochardt, Ottmar Zone 6 (1983, COCO, Colorquest) Cyber Tank (1986, COCO, Mark Data)

Boden, Gary [TB] Hidden Maze (1982, PET, COMPUTE!)

Boden, Scott [P] Star Castle, w/Tim Skelly (1980, COIN, Cinematronics) Solar Quest (1981, COIN, Cinematronics) Complex X (1982, COIN, Taito) Trivia Master (1985, COIN, PGD)

Bogart, Judy [P] Robotron: 2084 (1983, 800, Atari) from COIN

Bogenreif, Bill [P] Galaxian (1983, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Jungle Hunt (1983, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN

Bohlke, David J. [B] Time Bomb (1978, TRS, Software Exchange) [TB] Engineer (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Kiddy Slot Game (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Jig Saw (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Safari (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] All Star Baseball (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Collision (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Protour 80 (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [B] Tycoon (1980, TRS, Software Exchange) [TB] Master's Golf (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Maze Search (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Stratoblaster Outpost (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] PR Dogfight (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] World Series (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Double Cannon (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Engineer (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Speedello (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Stud Poker (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Angle Cannon (1981, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Number Battle (1981, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Blocked (1981, 800, ANALOG) Blockade-like [TB] Cannon Duel (1981, 800, ANALOG) Artillery-like [TB] Nightflyer (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] 3-D Maze Escape (1983, 800, Antic) [TB] Androton (1984, 800, ANALOG) Engineer (1986, PC)

Bolley, Henry S. [P] Mail Order Monsters (1986, 800, EA) from C64

Bollt, Erik Trompers (1983, AP2, Avant-Garde)

Bolster, Duane [B] Midas Touch (1981, 800, APX)

Boner, Don & Freda [B] Thunder Road (1980, TRS, Programmer's Guild)

Bonifacio, Robert T. Aztec Challenge (1982, 800, Cosmi) Meltdown (1983, 800, Cosmi) E Factor (1983, 800, Cosmi) Caverns of Khafka (1983, 800, Cosmi) Richard Petty's Talledega (1984, 800, Cosmi) [P] Super Huey (1986, C64, Cosmi) from C64 Delta Man (1987, C64, Cosmi) Shirley Muldowney's Top Fuel Challenge (1987, C64, Cosmi) Navcom Six, w/Paul Norman (1988, C64, Cosmi) Chomp! (1989, C64, Cosmi)

Booth, Roger [P] Q*bert's Qubes (1984, COL/PC, PB) from COIN

Borkowski, Marcin Puszka Pandory (1986, SPEC, self)

Boss, Christopher R. [T] Chopper Pilot (1987, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Bosson, Ralph T.A.C. (1983, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Boswell, Colin [P] Tomahawk (1987, 800/C64, Datasoft) from SPEC F-16 Combat Pilot, w/Paul Margrave, Rod Swift (1989, ST/AMI, Digital Integration)

Botti, John Lost Ark of the Covenant (1984, AP2, Microscan)

Bouchard, Rich [TB] Space Dodge (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Miner, w/Steve Justus (1981, 800/AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Strategy Strike (1981, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Code Master (1981, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Kidnapped!, w/Alan Zett (1981, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Quest (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Miniature Golf (1981, 800, SoftSide) [P] Escape from the Dungeons of the Gods (1982, 800, SoftSide) from TRS

Boulton, G. Groovy Garden (1985, C64, Central)

Bowater, Rupert Java Jim (1984, C64, Creative Sparks)

Bowery, Jim Spasim (1974, PLATO, PD)

Bowkett, Rod Dynamite Dan (1985, SPEC, Mirrorsoft) Dynamite Dan II (1986, SPEC, Mirrorsoft) [P] Fernandez Must Die (1988, AMI/ST, Image Works) from C64

Bownman, Paul [G] Arctic Fox, w/Damon Slye (1985, AMI, EA) from AMI

Boyd, Alan M. [B] Global War (1979, AP2, Muse)

Bozeman, Jim Moon Base Rynin (1983, TI99, CMS Systems)

Braben, David Elite, w/Ian Bell (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Zarch (1988, ARC, Superior) aka Virus Frontier: Elite II (1993, AMI, GameTek) Frontier: First Encounters (1995, PC, GameTek) Darxside (1995, GEN, Sega) Virus 2000 (1998, PC, Grolier)

Braddick, Judy [P] Solar Fox (1983, C64, Commodore) from COIN

Bradfield, Andrew [RIP 2001] Laser Hawk (1986, 800, Red Rat) HawkQuest, w/Harvey Kong Tin (1989, 800, Red Rat)

Bradford, Rex E. Empire Strikes Back (1982, 2600, PB) Jedi Arena (1982, 2600, PB) [P] Pitfall II (1984, AP2, ACT) from 2600 [P] Little Computer People (1986, ST, ACT) from C64 Mean 18 (1986, PC, Accolade) [P] King's Quest, w/Mark Lesser (1989, MS, PB) from PC [G] Bimini Run (1990, GEN, Nuvision) [G] Supercross 2000 (1999, PS/N64, EA)

Bradley, A. Grand Prix Construction Set (1987, BBC, Superior)

Bradley, Brian [T] Dungeonlords (1988, 800, ANALOG) Tutankham-like

Bradley, David W. Parthian Kings (1983, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Bradley, Kathy [P] Fast Eddie (1982, VIC, Sirius) from 2600

Bradley, Pete Pedes & Mutants (1983, VIC, Romik)

Bradley, Phillip [P] Baltic 1985 (1987, AP2, SSI) [P] Norway 1985 (1987, AP2, SSI)

Bradshaw, Stephen Block Buster, w/Alan Griesemer (1981, 800, APX) Rubik's Cube-like

Braine, Lee [P] BurgerTime (1984, C64, Interceptor) from COIN Where's My Bones (1984, C64, Interceptor) Front Line (1984, C64, Interceptor) Caverns of Eriban (1985, C64, Firebird) Spirit of the Stones, w/Ian Gray (1985, C64, Commodore) A Fistful of Bucks, w/Ian Gray (1985, C64, Ocean) [P] Doriath, w/Ian Gray (1985, C64, Rabbit) Web, w/Ian Gray (1986, C64, Orpheus) First Starfighter, w/Ian Gray (1986, C64, Orpheus)

Brandenburg, Bryan Sentinel (1983, C64, Synapse)

Brannon, Charles [TB] Concentration (1981, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Laser Barrage (1982, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Sub Attack (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Air Defense (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) [T] Astro-PANIC! (1984, C64, COMPUTE!)

Brantner, Tony [T] Tenpins (1986, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Knock Out (1987, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Flash Flood (1987, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Wall Crawler (1987, C64, Ahoy!) Crazy Climber-like [T] Steeplechase (1987, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Video Poker (1988, C64, Run) [T] Ram Rod (1990, C64, Run)

Brattel, Simon Invasion of the Body Snatchas!, w/Neil Mottershead (1983, SPEC, Crystal) Defender-like Hall of the Things, w/Martin Horsley, Neil Mottershead (1983, SPEC, Crystal) Warlock of Firetop Mountain, w/Neil Mottershead (1984, SPEC, Crystal) Tank Busters (1984, CPC, Design Design) Dark Star (1985, CPC, Design Design) Forbidden Planet (1986, CPC, Design Design)

Braun, Gary [TB] Boggler (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)

Braunstein, Andrew [TB] Code Master (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Braunton, R. [T] Froggie (1984, ZX81, Your Computer) Frogger-like

Braybrook, Andrew 3D Luna-Attack (1984, C64, Hewson) Gribbly's Day Out (1985, C64, Hewson) Gribbly's Special Day Out (1985, C64, Hewson) Paradroid (1985, C64, Hewson) Alleykat (1986, C64, Hewson) Uridium (1986, C64, Hewson) Paradroid Competition Edition (1986, C64, Hewson) Uridium+ (1987, C64, Hewson) Morpheus (1987, C64, Rainbird) Intensity (1988, C64, Firebird) Rainbow Islands (1989, AMI, Ocean) Heavy Metal Paradroid (1989, C64, Hewson) Uridium 2 (1990, AMI, Renegade) [G] Simulcra (1990, ST/AMI, MicroStyle) Paradroid 90, w/Dominic Robinson (1990, AMI, Hewson) Fire & Ice, w/Phil Williams (1991, AMI, Hewson) [G] Realms (1991, PC, Virgin) [G] Empire Soccer 94 (1994, AMI, Empire) [G] Virocop (1995, AMI, Renegade)

Brecher, Jerry [P] Miner 2049er (1983, VIC, Reston) from 800

Breen, Michael Buzz Bombers (1982, INT, Mattel) [G] Battlehawks 1942 (1988, PC, Lucasfilm)

Brennan, Kieran Bitmania (1983, C64, Virgin)

Brennand, Mark Log Run (1983, VIC, Terminal)

Brewer, Chris [G] M.A.C.H. III, w/Fred Darmstadt, Dave Pfeiffer (1983, COIN, Mylstar)

Brewer, Walter Galaxy (1983, C64, Avalon Hill)

Brewster, Derek Velnor's Lair (1983, SPEC, Quicksilva) Kentilla (1984, SPEC, Micromega) Haunted Hedges (1984, SPEC, Micromega) Starclash (1984, SPEC, Micromega) Codename MAT (1984, SPEC, Micromega) Codename MAT II (1985, SPEC, Micromega) Jasper (1984, SPEC, Micromega) Con-Quest (1986, SPEC, MAD) Speed King 2 (1987, SPEC, MAST) [P] Universal Warrior (1995, PC, Merit) from AMI [P] Bud Tucker in Double Trouble (1996, PC, TopWare)

Brierley, John [TB] Bomber (1982, 800, CVG) Hyperblast (1983, 800, English) Xenon Raid (1983, 800, English)

Briggs, Amy Plundered Hearts (1987, many, Infocom) Quarterstaff, w/Scott Schmitz, Ken Updike (1988, MAC, Infocom)

Bright, Walter Empire (1978, PDP-10) [N] Zortech C++ (1988, PC, Zortech)

Brinson, Jerry [P] Artillery Duel (1983, VIC, Bally) from ASTR

Brioso, David [P] Axe of Rage (1988, MSX, Palace) [P] Hypsys (1989, SPEC, Dro Soft)

Brisbourne, Richard Galactic Patrol (1983, SPEC, CRL) Omega Run (1983, SPEC, CRL)

Bristow, Steve Tank, w/Lyle Rains (1974, COIN, Kee)

Britto, Arthur II Crypt of Medea, w/Allan Lamb (1984, AP2, Sir-Tech) Rescue Raiders, w/Greg Hale (1984, AP2, Sir-Tech) [P] Strategic Conquest (1986, AP2, PBI) from MAC Armor Alley, w/Greg Hale (1991, MAC/PC, Three-Sixty)

Broadhurst, David Metranaut (1986, C64, Bubble Bus)

Brock, Ernie [P] Type Attack, w/Jim Hauser (1982, 800, Sirius)

Brocklehurst, S. Roller Coaster (1985, SPEC, Elite)

Brockschmidt, Kraig [T] Autobahn (1987, COCO, Spectrogram)

Brodersen, Bob Galactic Glider, w/Craig Warner (1987, AP2, Keypunch)

Brodie, Mark [P] Lost Tomb, w/Troy Lyndon, Robert Bobbio (1984, C64, Datasoft) from COIN

Brofman, Harvey Dunkey Munkey (1982, COCO, Intellectronics) Donkey Kong-Like Starfire (1982, COCO, Intellectronics) Defender-like

Brooker, Clive One Man and His Droid (1985, SPEC, MAST) One Man and His Droid II (2001, SPEC, PD)

Brooks, John Las Vegas Roulette (1980, INT, Mattel) Space Armada, w/Chris Hawley (1981, INT, Mattel) Space Invaders-like [P] Tomahawk (1987, AP2, Datasoft) from SPEC

Brors, Keith [P] Eagles (1983, AP2, SSI) from 800 Wizard's Crown, w/Paul Murray (1986, C64, SSI) [G] Pool of Radiance (1988, C64, SSI) Rebel Charge at Chickamauga, w/David Landrey, Chuck Kroegel (1987, AP2, SSI) [G] Curse of the Azure Bonds (1989, AP2, SSI)

Broumley, Stephen [TB] Manic Mover (1988, 800, Atari User) [T] Gunpowder Charlie (1988, 800, Atari User) Bomb Jack-like

Broussard, Michael [TB] Kalah (1989, C64, Run)

Brown, Austin R. [TB] Reverse (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Brown, David [P] Robotron: 2084 (1986, 7800, Atari) from COIN

Brown, Donald Eamon (1980, AP2, PD) Wall Street (1981, AP2, CE Software) Sword Thrust (1981, AP2, CE Software) Sword Thrust 2 (1981, AP2, CE Software) Sword Thrust 3 (1981, AP2, CE Software)

Brown, Edward Reversi Deluxe (1989, 800, Antic)

Brown, Richard W. Chain Reaction (1983, C64, Euro-Byte)

Brown, Steve Rimrunner (1988, C64, Palace)

Brown, Sydney H. [TB] Computer Cube (1983, 800, Page 6) Rubik's Cube-like [TB] Diamond Mine (1984, 800, Page 6) The Pit-like [TB] Grubs (1984, 800, Page 6) [TB] Depth Charge (1985, 800, Page 6) Depthcharge-like

Brown, Trevor [P] Feud (1987, 800, Bulldog)

Brown, Wendell Beauty & the Beast (1982, INT, Imagic) Nova Blast (1983, INT, Imagic) [P] Star Wars (1984, CV, PB) from COIN

Brownlee, Brian Nominoes Jigsaw Puzzle, w/Charles Minns (1980, AP2, Dynacomp)

Broyden, Chris [TB] Dotty (1984, BBC, CVG)

Bruette, Jeff [P] Wizard of Wor (1983, C64, Commodore) from COIN

Bryant, Martin Colossus Chess (1983, 800, English)

Brzuszek, Joe [TB] Monster Match (1990, 800, Antic)

Buckland, Patrick [P] Submarine Commander (1983, AP2, Thorn EMI) from 800

Buckley, John Jeep Command (1986, C64, Bug-Byte) [P] Iron Horse (1987, C64, Konami) from COIN [P] Molecule Man (1986, C64, MAST) from SPEC Rapid Fire (1987, C64, MAST)

Buckner, Kevin [P] River Rescue (1983, 800, Thorn EMI) from VIC [P] Java Jim (1984, 800, Creative Sparks) Danger Mouse, w/Edgar Belka, Kevin Buckner (1984, C64, Creative Sparks) Knights of the Sky, w/Andrew Parton, Mark Langerak (1992, ST/AMI, MicroProse)

Budge, Bill Penny Arcade (1979, AP2, Apple) Trilogy of Games (1980, AP2, California Pacific) Space Album (1980, AP2, California Pacific) [N] 3-D Game Tool (1981, AP2, California Pacific) Tranquility Base (1981, AP2, Stoneware) Lunar Lander-like Raster Blaster (1981, AP2, BudgeCo) Pinball Construction Set (1982, AP2, BudgeCo) [N] MousePaint (1984, AP2, Apple) Virtual Pinball (1994, GEN, EA) [G] Bladeforce (1995, 3DO, Studio 3DO)

Bueche, Chuck "Chuckles" [cofounder Origin] Pacific Coast Freeway (1982, AP2, California Pacific) Lunar Leeper (1982, AP2, Sierra) Laff Pak (1982, AP2, Sierra) Jawbreaker II (1982, AP2/800, Sierra) [P] Ultima II (1982, 800, Sierra) from AP2 [P] Ultima III (1983, 800/C64, Origin) from AP2 Caverns of Callisto (1983, AP2/800, Origin) Autoduel (1985, AP2, Origin) [P] Ultima IV (1986, C64, Origin) from AP2 2400 A.D. (1988, AP2, Origin) [P] Omega (1988, C64, Origin) [G] Cyberia 2 (1998, PC, Xatrix) [L] Vertical Reality (1997, COIN, Sega Gameworks)

Buehler, David Typo Attack (1982, 800, APX) Impact (1983, 800, APX) Wyzle! (1983, 800, APX)

Buhidar, Mike Jr. [TB] Chopper Flight, w/Kevin Woram (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Buiter, Karl EOS: Earth Orbit Stations (1987, AP2, EA) Sentinel Worlds I (1988, PC, EA) [L] Hard Nova (1990, PC, EA) [G] Spellcraft (1992, PC, ASCII) [G] Shadows of Yserbius (1993, PC, Sierra) [L] Forced Alliance (1997, PC, Ripcord) [L] Schwa Pyramid (PC, Worldplay) [G] Elmo's Alphabet Adventure / Number Journey (1999, PS/N64, NewKidCo) [G] Sesame Street Sports (2001, PS, NewKidCo) [G] Sex and The City: Big Trouble (2009, CELL, MMJ Games)

Bulawa, Walt [TB] Helicopter Round-up (1985, 800, Antic) [TB] Walter Dines Out (1985, 800, COMPUTE!)

Buller, Martin It's the Wooluf! (1984, SPEC, Crystal)

Bullok, Dan [T] Demon Birds (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Bullough, Stewart [TB] Frank the Fruit Fiend (1986, 800, Atari User)

Bumgarner, Richard [B] Stone of Sisyphus (1980, AP2, AI)

Bunch, David Electrician (1984, 800, Synapse) [L] Breakers (1985, AP2, Synapse) [P] Brimstone, w/Bill Darrah, William Mataga (1985, AP2, Synapse) Skate or Die!, w/Stephen Landrum (1987, C64, EA)

Bunker, Marvin [TB] Caves of Ice (1983, AP2, COMPUTE!)

Bunn, Paul Shoot the Rapids (1985, C64, New Generation)

Bunten, Bill Cartels & Cutthroats, w/Bill Bunten (1981, AP2, SSI) [G] Cytron Masters (1982, AP2, SSI) [G] M.U.L.E. (1983, 800, EA) [G] Seven Cities of Gold (1984, 800, EA) [G] Heart of Africa (1985, C64, EA)

Burch, Ted [TB] Cliff-Hanger (1989, C64, Commodore Magazine)

Burck, James Galaxy (1983, TI99, Avalon Hill)

Burdett, Greg [TB] Tag (1983, 800, Antic) Blockade-like

Burek, Mike Jellyfish, w/Tim Wilson (1981, AP2, Sirius)

Burger, Paul [TB] Jumping Jack (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)

Burgess, Natalie ThunderJaws, w/Rusty Dawe (1990, COIN, Atari Games)

Burgess, Phillip [TB] Supereversion (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Burke, Thomas J. Bat Cage (1982, ZX81, Timex)

Burkhill, Keith [P] Commando, w/Nigel Alderton (1985, SPEC, Elite) from COIN [P] Ghosts 'n Goblins (1986, SPEC, Elite) from COIN [P] Space Harrier (1987, SPEC, Elite) from COIN

Burlew, Tom Stellar Trek (1980, AP2, Rainbow)

Burley, Kevin Astron IX (1982, 800, Cosmi)

Burnett, Bob Laser Command (1983, VIC, DES-Soft) Missile Command-like

Burns, S. Duellin' Droid (1984, 800, English) Robotron-like

Burnstein, Neil Q*bert's Qubes (1983, COIN, Mylstar)

Buro, Michael Collect (1982, AP2)

Burt, Jon C.I.A. Adventure (1982, TI99, Futura) TI Runner, w/Scott Emery (1984, TI99, EB Software)

Bushnell, Nolan [founder Atari] Computer Space, w/Ted Dabney (1971, COIN, Nutting) [D] Breakout (1976, COIN, Atari) prototype by Steve Wozniak

Butherus, Martin Lantern of D'Gamma (1985, AP2, Milliken)

Butler, Chris Croaker (1983, BBC, Micro Power) Frogger-like Fruity Freddy (1983, BBC, Softspot) Transistor's Revenge (1983, BBC, Softspot) Tarzan (1984, BBC, Alligata) Hyper Circuit (1985, C64, Alligata) Z (1985, C64, Rino) [P] Commando (1985, C64, Elite) from COIN [P] Ghosts 'n Goblins (1986, C64, Elite) from COIN [P] Space Harrier (1987, C64, Elite) from COIN [P] 720 (1987, C64, US Gold) from COIN [P] Thunderblade (1988, C64, US Gold) from COIN [P] Powerdrift (1989, C64, ACT) from COIN Battleships (1990, C64, Elite) Ninja Spirit (1990, C64, ACT) Turbocharge (1991, C64, System 3) Arnie (1992, C64, Zeppelin)

Butler, David H. [TB] Basic Burger (1985, 800, ANALOG) BurgerTime-like [T] Tournament Checkers (1990, 800, Antic)

Butler, Jim [P] Turtles! (1981, O2, NAP) from COIN P.T. Barnum's Acrobats! (1982, O2, NAP) Circus-like

Butler, Stephan L. [P] Pipe Dream, w/Akila Redmer (1990, AP2, Lucasfilm) from PC

Butler, Toby Alien Intruders (1984, BBC, Micro User) Space Invaders-like Snapman (1984, BBC, Micro User) Pac-Man-like Hell-Hole (1984, BBC, Alligata) The Pit-like Video's Revenge (1985, BBC, Alligata)

Butrovich, John [P] Moon Shuttle (1983, C64, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Conan (1984, C64, Datasoft) from AP2

Buxton, Luke [B] Treasure Quest (1980, TRS, AI)

Bye, Stephen Classic Punter (1989, SPEC, GTI) Classic Trainer (1989, SPEC, GTI) Classic Trainer II (1990, SPEC, GTI)

Byström, Mats Eggard (1984, 800, ScandSoft)


Caballero, M.D. Batty Builders (1983, 800, English) Firefleet (1983, 800, English)

Caballero, Manuel Imhotep (1985, C64, Ultimate)

Cage, Gary [TB] Melody Dice (1981, AP2/800/TRS, SoftSide)

Cain, John F. Troopa Truck (1983, C64, Rabbit) Moon Patrol-like [P] Paratroopers (1983, SPEC, Rabbit) from VIC [P] Pakacuda (1983, SPEC, Rabbit) from C64 Potty Painter in the Jungle (1983, C64, Rabbit) Amidar-like Death Star (1984, SPEC, Rabbit) Moonlight Madness (1986, SPEC, Bubble Bus)

Cain, Steven Spaced Out, w/John Gibson (1987, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) [D] Badlands Pete, w/John Gibson (1990, ST, ARC)

Calabrese, Joe Jigsaw (1982, AP2, Micro Lab) High Rise (1982, AP2, Micro Lab) from AP2

Calderwood, Tom [P] Galaxian, w/Mark Ackerman, Glen Parker (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Caldwell, Mark [P] King's Bounty (1990, AP2, New World)

Calfree, Robert [P] Roadwar 2000, w/Jeff Johnson (1986, AP2, SSI)

Callahan, Michael Alpha Beam with Ernie (1983, 2600, Atari)

Campbell, Ben [T] Minesweeper (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Campbell, Bob [P] Hard Hat Mack (1983, C64, EA) from AP2

Campbell, John Gulp! (1982, ZX81, Mindware) Gulp 2 (1982, ZX81, Micromega)

Campion, Mark C. [B] Rails West (1983, 800/AP2, SSI) [D] Medieval Lords (1991, PC, SSI)

Campos, Manuel Spectar (1980, COIN, Exidy)

Canaday, Steve Omar (1985, 800, Antic)

Canfil, Art Taipan! (1980, TRS, Avalanche)

Canter, John Pushy Pig (1983, 800, Arkin) Pengo-like

Cantwell, Edward C. Highrollers (1987, TI99, self)

Capener, Chris Funky Fish (1982, EMER, Emerson) [P] Jumpman Jr. (1984, COL, Epyx) from C64

Capewell, Gary Alien Command (1982, SPEC, Jega) Spec Man (1982, SPEC, Jega) Pac-Man-like Barmy Burgers, w/Gary Sewell (1983, SPEC, Blaby) BurgerTime-like Chopper Rescue (1983, SPEC, Blaby) Confusion (1983, SPEC, Blaby) Do-Do (1983, SPEC, Blaby) Pengo-like Gold Digger (1983, SPEC, Blaby) Mr. Do-like Gotcha (1983, SPEC, Blaby) Highrise Harry (1983, SPEC, Blaby) Killer Kong (1983, SPEC, Blaby) Donkey Kong-like Shuttle (1983, SPEC, Blaby) Casey Jones (1984, SPEC, Blaby)

Caprilli, Fred Elevator Repairman (1985, 800, ANALOG) Spy's Demise-like

Carbonaro, Greg Number Crunch (1982, AP2, Unique) People Pong (1982, AP2, Unique) Ape Escape, w/Mike Riedel (1982, VIC, Spectravideo) Cave-In (1983, VIC, Spectravision) [D] Gandalf the Sorcerer (1984, C64, Tymac) [D] Flyerfox, w/Charles Teufert (1984, C64, Tymac)

Carbone, Thomas R. Universe, w/William Leslie (1983, 800, Omnitrend) [P] Universe II, w/William Leslie, Kevin Zerber (1986, AP2, Omnitrend) Breach (1987, PC/MAC/AMI/ST, Omnitrend) Paladin, w/William Leslie (1988, AMI/ST, Omnitrend) [P] Universe 3, w/William Leslie (1989, PC, Omnitrend) Breach 2 (1990, PC/AMI/ST, Impressions) [G] Rules of Engagement (1991, PC/AMI, Mindcraft) [G] Paladin II (1993, PC, Impressions) [G] Rules of Engagement 2 (1993, PC/AMI, Impressions) [G] Breach 3 (1995, PC, Impressions)

Card, Orson Scott [TB] Gypsy Starship (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Carey, Glynn Survivors (1986, SPEC, Atlantis)

Carlson, Craig [P] $100,000 Pyramid (1987, AP2, Box Office)

Carlson, Paul W. Fortress of Zorlac (1982, ZX81, Softsync) Galactic Gunner (1983, ZX81, Timex)

Carlston, Donal [B] Tank Command (1980, AP2, BROD)

Carlston, Doug [cofounder Broderbund] [B] Galactic Empire (1979, TRS, Software Exchange) [B] Galactic Trader (1979, TRS, Software Exchange) Galactic Revolution (1980, TRS, BROD) Tawala's Last Redoubt (1981, AP2, BROD) Arcade Machine, w/Chris Jochumson (1982, AP2, BROD) Labyrinth, w/Scott Schram (1982, AP2, BROD)

Carmack, John Shadowforge (1989, AP2, Night Owl) Wraith (1990, AP2, Night Owl) Tennis (1990, AP2, Softdisk) [G] Dark Designs (1990, AP2/PC, Softdisk) Catacomb (1990, AP2/PC, Softdisk) [G] Catacomb II (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Slordax (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: Keen Must Die! (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Shadow Knights (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Hovertank One (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Rescue Rover! (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Keen Dreams (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Rescue Rover II (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: The Armageddon Machine (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Catacomb 3-D (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Wolfenstein 3-D (1992, PC, Apogee) [G] Spear of Destiny (1992, PC, Apogee) [G] DOOM (1993, PC, id) [G] DOOM II (1994, PC, id) [G] Quake (1996, PC, id) [G] Quake II (1997, PC, id) [G] Quake III: Arena (2000, PC, id) [G] DOOM 3 (2004, PC, id) [G] RAGE (2011, PC/360/PS3, id)

Carnell, Roy [cofounder Carnell Software] Alien Intruder (ZX81, Carnell) Wumpus Adventure (ZX81, Carnell) Volcanic Dungeon, w/Stuart Galloway (1983, ZX81, Carnell) Black Crystal (ZX81, Carnell) Wrath of Magra (1985, SPEC, Carnell) Sinbad and the Golden Ship, w/Stuart Galloway (1986, SPEC, MAST)

Caroli, Bengt [RIP 1988] Blood'n Guts (1986, C64, American Action) Soldier One (1986, C64, American Action) Captured (1986, C64, American Action) [P] 1943: One Year After (1987, C64, American Action)

Carpenter, Loren [G] Rescue on Fractalus! (1985, 800, Lucasfilm)

Carpenter, Ray G.I. Joe, w/Jeff Johanningman (1985, AP2, Epyx)

Carpenter, Scott Great Race (1981, TRS, 80-US)

Carpet, Art Cribbage II (AP2, Datamost)

Carr, Richard Survivor (1982, 800, Synapse) Air Support (1984, 800, Synapse)

Carstens, Eddie [TB] Bumblbee (1986, 800, Antic)

Carston, Mike [TB] Starfighter (1987, C64, Ahoy!)

Carter, Bob Fire and Ice (1984, AP2, Datasoft)

Carter, Dene [D] Druid (1986, C64, Firebird) [D] Druid II (1987, C64, Firebird) Cloud Kingdoms (1990, C64, Electralyte) [D] Warlock: The Avenger (1991, AMI/ST, Millennium) [G] Dungeon Keeper (1997, PC, EA) [G] Fable (2004, XBOX, EA)

Carter, John Pushy Pig (1983, 800, Arkin) Pengo-like

Carter, Roy Ad Astra, w/Greg Follis (1984, SPEC, Gargoyle) Tir Na Nog, w/Greg Follis (1984, SPEC, Gargoyle) Marsport, w/Greg Follis (1985, SPEC, Gargoyle) Dun Darach, w/Greg Follis (1985, SPEC, Gargoyle) Sweevo's World, w/Greg Follis (1986, SPEC, Gargoyle) Scooby-Doo, w/Greg Follis (1986, SPEC, Elite) Heavy on the Magick, w/Greg Follis (1986, SPEC, Gargoyle) Hydrofool, w/Greg Follis (1987, SPEC, FTL)

Carter, Ted Galactic Barrier (1983, TI99, Funware) Shanghai (1983, TI99, Funware)

Cartt, David [P] Jungle Hunt (1983, COL, Atarisoft)

Cartwright, Steve Barnstorming (1982, 2600, ACT) Megamania (1982, 2600, ACT) Seaquest (1982, 2600, ACT) Frostbite (1983, 2600, ACT) Plaque Attack (1983, 2600, ACT) Hacker (1985, C64, ACT) [G] Aliens (1986, C64, ACT) Hacker II (1987, C64, ACT) Fast Break (1988, C64, Accolade) [D] Search for the King, w/Michael Berlyn (1990, PC, Accolade)

Caruthers, Doug Space Trader (1983, VIC, D.E.S.-Soft)

Carver, Bruce [founder Access] [N] Spritemaster (1982, C64, self) Neutral Zone (1983, C64, Access) Beach-Head (1983, C64, Access) Raid Over Moscow (1984, C64, Access) Beach-Head II, w/Roger Carver (1985, C64, Access) Leader Board, w/Roger Carver (1986, C64, Access) Leader Board Executive Class, w/Roger Carver (1986, C64, Access) World Class Leader Board, w/Roger Carver (1987, C64, Access) Echelon, w/Roger Carver (1988, C64/AMI, Access)

Carver, Roger Beach-Head II, w/Bruce Carver (1985, C64, Access) Leader Board, w/Bruce Carver (1986, C64, Access) Leader Board Executive Class, w/Bruce Carver (1986, C64, Access) Echelon, w/Bruce Carver (1988, C64/AMI, Access)

Case, Phillip [editor of SoftSide, 1980-82] [B] Galaxy Combat (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [B] International Bridge Contractors (1979, TRS, SoftSide) Star Scout (1980, TRS, AI) Venture (1981, TRS, Horizons) [P] Arex (1983, C64, AI) from TRS [P] Airline (1983, C64, AI) from 800 Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, w/Scott Adams, Kern McNair (1985, many, AI)

Case, William Phillip, Jr. [TB] Earth-Port II (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Applebowler (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Miner (1981, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] International Bridge Contractors (1981, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Sonic Torpedoes (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Galaxy Combat (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Casey, Brian [T] Jewel Grab (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Cashen, Michael Castles of Darkness (1981, AP2, Logical Choice)

Casper, Al P. Equestrian (1983, 800, APX)

Cassady, Bob Nightwalker (1982, TRS, AI)

Cassim, Glenn G. Sun Star (1987, 800, CRL) aka Solar Star

Castagna, Will [P] Chalice of Mostania (1985, AP2, Coastal

Casten, J.D. [TB] Risky Rescue (1984, 800, Antic) [TB] Escape from Epsilon (1984, 800, Antic) [TB] Advent X-5 (1984, 800, Antic) [TB] Biffdrop (1984, 800, Antic) [TB] Box-In (1985, 800, Antic) [B] Nemesis (1985, 800, Antic) [B] Crazy Harold's Adroit Adventure (1986, 800, Antic) [TB] Rebound (1987, 800, Antic) [B] Maximillian B. (1987, 800, Antic)

Caswell, Dennis Phaser Patrol (1982, 2600, Starpath) Escape from the Mindmaster (1982, 2600, Starpath) Party Mix (1983, 2600, Starpath) Impossible Mission (1984, C64, Epyx) Pitstop II, w/Stephen Landrum (1984, C64, Epyx) [G] Ultimate Air Combat (1992, NES, Activision) [G] Battle Bugs (1994, PC, Sierra)

Catalano, James [TB] Sorcerer's Apprentice (1988, 800, Antic) [TB] Saucerian Shootdown (1989, 800, Antic)

Catsburg, Thomas [TB] Canyon Cruiser (1983, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Cauldwell, Jonathan Gloop (1984, SPEC, self) Egghead (1989, SPEC, Crash) Egghead 2 (1990, SPEC, Crash) Shove Off! (1990, SPEC) Sokoban-like Pipework (1991, SPEC, Your Sinclair) Haunted House (1991, SPEC, Your Sinclair) Super Fruit Machine (1991, SPEC, Sinclair User) Megablast (1992, SPEC, Your Sinclair) Squamble (1983, SPEC, Your Sinclair) Egghead 3 (2003, SPEC, Cronosoft) Dead or Alive (2003, SPEC, Cronosoft)

Cavalier-Smith, Neal [TB] Duel Cabbageway (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Ghost Chase, w/Graham White (1983, SPEC, Interface)

Cavanagh, Damien Tazz (1984, C64, Bubble Bus) Robotron-like [P] Hustler (1985, C16, Bubble Bus) from C64

Cavin, Steven [B] Minotaur (1981, 800, APX)

Cavina, Piero Oystron (1997, 2600, XYPE)

Cawley, Martin [TB] Martian Explorer (1982, 800, CVG) Cave Runner (1983, 800, English) Breath of the Dragon (1985, 800, English)

Cecco, Rafaelle Cop-Out (1986, SPEC/CPC, Mikro-Gen) Equinox (1986, SPEC/CPC, Mikro-Gen) Exolon (1987, SPEC/CPC, Hewson) Solomon's Key (1987, SPEC, US Gold) Draughts Genius (1989, SPEC, Rack-It) Cybernoid (1988, SPEC/CPC, Hewson) Cybernoid II (1988, SPEC, Hewson) Stormlord (1989, SPEC/CPC, Hewson) License to Kill (1989, SPEC, Domark) Deliverance (1990, SPEC/CPC, Hewson) [P] Time Machine (1990, CPC, ACT) from ST/AMI First Samurai (1991, ST/AMI, Vivid)

Cecere, Frank [P] Gandalf the Sorcerer, w/Greg Carbonaro (1984, C64, Tymac)

Cermak, Dan Colonial Conquest (1985, C64/800, SSI) Storm Across Europe (1989, C64, SSI)

Cerny, Mark Major Havoc, w/Owen Rubin (1984, COIN, Atari) Marble Madness, w/Bob Flanagan (1984, COIN, Atari Games) Shooting Gallery (1987, MS, Sega) Missile Defense 3-D (1987, MS, Sega) [G] Crash 'n Burn (1993, 3DO, Crystal Dynamics) [G] Total Eclipse (1994, 3DO, Crystal Dynamics)

Cestaro, Art V. III [TB] Volcano (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Dino Battle (1982, 800, ANALOG) Dino Wars-like [TB] Lunar Lander (1983, 800, Electronic Fun) Leap Frog! (1983, 800, Rantom) Kazoo (1984, 800, Southbay) Q*bert-like

Chahi, Éric Doggy (1984, ORIC, Loriciel) Infernal Runner (1985, C64, Loriciel) Another World (1991, AMI/ST, Delphine) [G] Heart of Darkness (1998, PC, Interplay) [L] From Dust (2011, PC, Ubisoft)

Challis, Andrew Frogger 64 (1983, C64, Interceptor) Frogger-like Caverns of Sillahc (1984, C64, Interceptor) Wallie Goes to Rhymeland (1984, C64, Interceptor) Wheelin' Wallie (1984, C64, Interceptor) Snap Jack-like Trollie Wallie (1984, C64, Interceptor) Micro Painter (1986, C64, Players) Amidar-like Into the Eagle's Nest (1987, C64, Pandora)

Chambless, B.J. Rail Runner (1982, COCO, Computerware) Frogger-like Storm (1982, COCO, Computerware) Tempest-like Blochead (1983, COCO, Computerware) Q*bert-like Junior's Revenge (1983, COCO, Computerware) Donkey Kong Jr.-like Escape 2012 (1985, COCO, Computerware)

Chan, Princeton [TB] Crazy Eights (1985, 800, Antic)

Chance, Christopher Adventure Master (1984, AP2, CBS)

Chandler, Graeme Cave Escape (MBEE) Mystery of the Pyramid (MBEE) Ring of Targon (MBEE) Rescue the Prince of Targon (MBEE)

Chaney, Kirk Knicker-Bockers (1988, 800, TDC)

Chang, Gray Dog Daze (1981, 800, APX) Claim Jumper (1982, 800, Synapse) Dog Daze Deluxe (1983, 800, APX) Bumpomov's Dogs (1983, 800, APX)

Chapel, Lee [T] Prospector (1988, COCO, Rainbow)

Chaplin, Willy Gammon Gambler (PET/AP2, Personal)

Chapman, Armarello [TB] Des Bells (1986, 800, Atari User) Hunchback-like

Chapman, Steven T. Quo Vadis (1984, C64, Edge)

Chappell, Bob [TB] Nightmare Park (1980, PET)

Chappell, Julian Super Scramble (1982, ZX81, Software Farm) Asteroids (1982, ZX81, Software Farm) Asteroids-like Gobblers (1982, ZX81, Software Farm) Pac-Man-like Forty Niner (1983, ZX81, Software Farm) Rocket Man (1984, ZX81, Software Farm) Z-Xtricator (1984, ZX81, Software Farm) [P] Beamrider (1984, SPEC, ACT) from INT Booster (1985, ZX81, Software Farm)

Chappell, Oliver [TB] Knockout Whist (1987, 800, Atari User)

Charleville, Marcus Anter-Planter, w/Richard Dagsköld (1984, C64, Romik) Turtle Jump, w/Richard Dagsköld (1984, C64, Romik) Seaworld, w/Richard Dagsköld (1984, C64, Supersoft) Gogo the Ghost, w/Richard Dagsköld (1984, C64, Firebird) The Prince (1986, C64, Firebird)

Chasin, Mark [B] Asteroid Miners (1982, 800, MMG) Final Flight! (1983, 800, MMG)

Chauvet, Max [TB] Grand Prix (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Chaytor, John Felix in the Factory (1982, BBC, Micro Power) Felix and the Fruit Monsters (1983, BBC, Micro Power)

Cheezem, Robert L. Stone Sling (1981, O2, Philips) aka Smithereens!

Cheser, Al Matchboxes (1982, 800, BROD)

Cheshire, Stuart Joust (1986, BBC, Aardvark) Joust-like; aka Skirmish

Chin, Bill [T] RADs (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Choi, Andrew Invaders (Interton VC 4000) Shootout (Interton VC 4000) Space Attack (1982, EMER) Crazy Gobbler (1983, EMER) Pac-Man-like

Christensen, Cory Sphinx (1983, C64, DES-Soft)

Christensen, Greg Caverns of Mars, w/Richard Watts (1981, 800, APX) Phobos (1982, 800, APX) Mars Mission II (1984?, 800, Antic) Scramble-like Battle Chess II (1990, PC, Interplay) [G] Bard's Tale Construction Set (1991, PC, Interplay) [P] Mario Teaches Typing (1992, PC, Interplay) [G] Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1992, PC, Interplay) [G] Battle Chess 4000 (1992, PC, Interplay)

Christiansen, Bob Fastgammon (1981, 800, Quality) [P] Beneath Apple Manor Special Edition (1983, 800, Quality) from AP2

Christiansen, Kevin [P] Wrath of Denethenor, w/Christopher Crim (1986, AP2, Sierra)

Christopherson, Leo [B] Android Nim (1978, TRS, 80-US) [B] Snake Eggs (1978, TRS, 80-US) [B] Dancing Demon (1979, TRS, Tandy) [B] Bee Wary (1980, TRS, 80-US) [B] Lifetwo (1980, TRS, 80-US) [B] Cubes (TRS, 80-US) [B] Duel-N-Droids (1980, TRS, Acorn) [B] Voyage of the Valkyrie (1981, TRS, Advanced Operating Systems) [B] Klendathu (1982, COCO, Tandy) [B] In the Hall of the Mountain King (1983, TRS, Tandy)

Chung, Jack [T] Sky Warrior (1984, 800, ROM) [T] Depth Warrior (1984, 800, ROM)

Chung, Winchell Gulf Strike (1984, 800, Avalon Hill)

Churcher, Tony Quincy (1984, SPEC, Severn)

Churnside, Ed [B] Dragon Quest (1983, 800, APX) [B] African Safari (1986, 800, Antic)

Clague, Larry Pulsar, w/Mike Hendricks (1980, COIN, Sega/Gremlin) Eliminator, w/Mike Hendricks (1983, COIN, Sega/Gremlin) [P] Centipede (1983, COL, Atari) from COIN [P] Dig Dug (1983, COL, Atari) from COIN [G] Summer Games II (1985, C64, Epyx) Fencing (1984, C64, Epyx) [G] World Series Baseball (1994, GEN, Sega)

Clapp, Glenn D. [P] Shadow Hawk One, w/Jerry Adcock (1981, AP2, Horizon)

Clapson, Daniel [B] Winston in the Caves (1986, 800, Atari User)

Clardy, Robert [founder Synergistic] Dungeon Campaign (1978, AP2, Synergistic) Wilderness Campaign (1979, AP2, Synergistic) Odyssey (1980, AP2, Synergistic) Sorcerors's Challenge / Doom Cavern (1980, AP2, Synergistic) Microbe (1982, AP2, Synergistic) Apventure [sic] to Atlantis (1982, AP2, Synergistic) [D] Nightmare Gallery, w/Ron Aldrich (1982, AP2, Synergistic) Microscopic Mission (1986, AP2/PC, ACT) [D] Space Ranger (1987, AMI/COIN, Virgin) [P] Aaargh! (1988, GS, Virgin) [D] War in Middle Earth (1988, many, Virgin) [D] Spirit of Excalibur (1990, many, Virgin) [D] New York Warriors (PC, 1990, Virgin) [D] Vengeance of Excalibur (1991, many, Virgin) [D] Conan the Cimmerian (1991, AMI/ST/PC, Virgin) [D] Warriors of Legend (1993, PC, Virgin) [D] Super Battleship (1993, SNES/GEN, Software Toolworks) [D] Beverly Hillbillies (1993, PC, Intracorp) [D] Homey 'D' Clown (1993, PC, Intracorp) [D] Carrier Aces (1994, SNES, GameTek) [D] Air Cavalry (1995, SNES, GameTek) [D] Thexder (1996, PC, Sierra) [D] Birthright (1997, PC, Sierra)

Clark, David W. Missile Defense (1981, AP2, On-Line) Missile Command-like Colorpede (1982, COCO, Intracolor) Centipede-like Robotack (1983, COCO, Intracolor) Robotron-like Candy Co. (1984, COCO, Intracolor) Willy's Warehouse (1984, COCO, Intracolor)

Clark, Dennis [P] Bump 'n' Jump, w/Joe Jacobs (1983, INT, Mattel) from COIN

Clark, Matt Star Clones, w/Dave Green (1981, AP2, Creative Computing)

Clark, Richard Bumping Buggies (1984, C64, Bubble Bus) Bump 'n' Jump-like Cave Fighter (1984, C64, Bubble Bus) Aqua Racer (1985, C64, Bubble Bus) Wizard's Lair (1985, C64, Bubble Bus) SkateRock (1986, C64, Bubble Bus) Trizons (1986, C16, Bubble Bus) Gun Law (1987, C16, MAST)

Clark, Steve Robot Panic (1982, VIC, HES)

Clark, Terry [TB] Imhotep (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Clarke, Anthony J. OricMan (1983, ORIC, PSS) Hopper (1983, ORIC, PSS) Light Cycle (1983, ORIC, PSS) Xargon Wars (1984, C16, GG) Tycoon Tex (1984, C16, GG) Dork's Dilemma (1984, C16, GG) Frak 64! (1984, C64, State Soft) [P] Monty on the Run, w/Jason Perkins (1985, C64, GG) from SPEC Thing on a Spring (1985, C64, GG)

Clarke, C. [T] Rocks! (1985, SPEC, Spectrum User)

Clarke, David Nobby the Aardvark (1983, C64, Thalamus)

Clawges, Ted [B] Devil's Caverns, w/C.W. Engel (1979, 800, Hayden) [B] Alien Hell (1981, 800, Syncro) [B] Drac is Back (1981, 800, Syncro) [B] Mar Tesoro (1981, 800, Syncro) [B] Maze of Death (1981, 800, Syncro) [B] Astron IV (1982, 800, Syncro)

Clay, Richard Magic Mushrooms, w/Neil Raine, Tim Dobson (1985, BBC, Acornsoft)

Claypool, Gavin Tennis (1980, INT, Mattel)

Cleaver, Thomas G. Galactic Empires (1979, AP2, Powersoft) Final Conflict (1982, AP2, Hayden)

Clesius, Jeff Commbat (1982, AP2, AI)

Cleveland, Dean Tile Breaker (1985, TI99, Exceltec) Breakout-like; aka Breakthrough

Clifton, Marc-Thomas Spills & Fills (1983, VIC, Creative) Trashman (1983, C64, Creative) Pac-Man-like

Cline, Tom [TB] Baker Solitaire (1989, 800, Antic)

Closs, James Subterranean Nightmare (1986, SPEC, Americana) Skateboard Joust (1988, SPEC, Silverbird)

Closs, Tim I, Ball (1987, SPEC, Firebird) I, Ball II (1987, SPEC, Firebird)

Clough, Scott Fun House Maze, w/Lon Koenig, Paul Elseth (1984, AP2, Sunburst)

Coates, Ken Icewar (1980, AP2) Doughboy (1984, C64, Synapse)

Cobb, Simon [P] Lazy Jones (1984, SPEC, Terminal) from C64

Cochran, David W. Galactic Taipan (1983, COCO, Ark Royal)

Cockram, David A. [B] Quest for Eternity (1984, 800, Argus Press) [B] Cloak of Death (1984, 800, Argus Press)

Cockroft, Bob [TB] Titan Lander (1983, 800, ROM) [TB] Midway (1984, 800, ROM)

Cohen, Ava-Robin [P] Jr. Pac-Man (1986, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Cohen, Frank [TB] Shooting Stars (1982, 800, COMPUTE!) [P] Sands of Egypt (1982, 800, Datsoft) from COCO Clowns & Balloons (1982, 800, Datasoft) Cohen's Towers, w/Alan Sinder (1983, 800, Datamost) [P] M*A*S*H (1983, 800, Fox) from 2600 Scrolls of Abadon (1984, 800/64, Access) Ghost Chaser (1984, 800, Artworx) Ollie's Follies (1984, 800/C64, American Eagle) Scooter (1985, 800, Americana) Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz (1985, 800/C64, Americana) [P] Monkeys and Balloons (1988, ST, ST-Log) from 800

Cohn, Ted Floppy, w/Greg Hale (AP2) Flappy-like

Colbert, Robert Okie Dokie (1996, 2600, self)

Cole, Chris Sword of Kadash (1984, AP2, Penguin)

Cole, Dave C. [P] Galactic Revolution, w/Tony Newman (1980, AP2, BROD)

Coleman, Scott [P] Necromancer, w/Steve Coleman (1983, C64, Synapse) from 800 [P] Rainbow Walker (1983, 800, Synapse) from 800

Coleman, Steve [P] Necromancer, w/Scott Coleman (1983, C64, Synapse) from 800 [P] The Eliminator (1983, 800, AI) from TRS Pharaoh's Curse (1983, 800, Synapse) Rainbow Walker (1983, 800, Synapse) [P] Raid Over Moscow (1986, 800, Access) from C64 Ninja (1986, 800, MAST) Aaargh! (1987, COIN, Arcadia) Street Fighting Man (1989, PC, MAST) [G] Super Battleship (1993, SNES/GEN, Mindscape) [P] Carrier Aces (1995, SNES, Cybersoft) [G] Air Cavalry (1995, SNES, Cybersoft)

Coletta, Paul Time Tunnels (1984, AP2, Reston) Where's Waldo?, w/Randy Linden (1991, NES, THQ) Home Alone, w/Randy Linden (1991, NES, THQ)

Colgate, Gil [P] Balance of Power (1987, AP2, Mindscape) from MAC [P] Xenophobe (1990, LNX, Atari)

Colley Steve, Maze War, w/Greg Thompson (1974, Imlac PSD-1, PD)

Collier, Dave [P] Rambo: First Blood Part II, w/Tony Pomfret (1985, C64, Ocean) Roland's Rat Race, w/Tony Pomfret (1985, C64, Ocean) [P] Hypersports (1985, C64, Imagine) from COIN [P] Yie Ar Kung-Fu (1986, C64, Ocean) from COIN [P] Terra Cresta (1986, C64, Ocean) from COIN [P] Green Beret (1986, C64, Ocean) [P] Combat School (1987, C64, Ocean) [P] Dragon Ninja (1988, C64, Imagine) Daley's Olympic Challenge (1988, C64, Ocean)

Collins, Anthony Tomb of Xeiops (1983, C64, Romik)

Collins, Steven Herobotix (1987, C64, Hewson) [P] Badlands (1990, C64, Domark) from COIN

Collinson, Ian Mega Force (1984, BBC, Tynesoft) [T] Chopper Command (1985, Dragon 32, CVG) Zenon (1988, BBC, Impact) Breakthrough (1988, BBC, Audiogenic) Perplexity (1990, BBC, Superior)

Colmer, Graeme Backgammon, w/Rodney Sharples (1982, MBEE, Mytek) Emu Joust, w/Rodney Sharples (1983, MBEE, Mytek) Joust-like

Colvin, Mike [TB] Stellar Defense (1983, 800, Antic)

Comeau, Mark [TB] Munch'In Climb'In (1984, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Spy Plane (1984, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Spy Plane II (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Cominio, John Stratos (1982, TRS, AI) Missile Command-like

Commander, Jake Cosmic Patrol (1980, TRS, Instant)

Comstock, Dave [G] E.T. Phone Home (1983, 800, Atari)

Condo, F.J. Jr. [TB] Rubi-Cube (1982, AP2, SoftSide)

Connell, Bob Captain Beeble (1983, 800, Inhome)

Connelley, Jim [cofounder ASIM] [B] Starfleet Orion, w/Jon Freeman (1978, PET, ASIM) [B] Invasion Orion, w/Jon Freeman (1979, PET, ASIM) [B] Temple of Apshai, w/Jon Freeman, Jeff Johnson (1979, PET/TRS, ASIM) [B] Datestones of Ryn, w/Jon Freeman, Jeff Johnson (1979, TRS, ASIM) [B] Morloc's Tower, w/Jon Freeman, Jeff Johnson (1979, TRS, ASIM) [B] Rescue at Rigel, w/Jon Freeman (1980, TRS, ASIM) [GB] Hellfire Warrior (1980, TRS, ASIM) [B] Star Warrior, w/Jon Freeman (1981, TRS/800, ASIM) Richochet (1981, TRS, ASIM) Crush, Crumble & Chomp!, w/Jon Freeman (1981, TRS, ASIM) [L] Dragonriders of Pern (1983, 800/C64, Epyx)

Contos, Mike [P] Lawkeeper (1984, 800, BROD) from AP2

Cook, Bruce M. Pinball, w/Charles Roslund (1983, COCO, Anteco)

Cook, Jonathan [TB] Burn Rubber (1984, C64, COMPUTE!)

Cook, Robert B. Gumball (1983, AP2, BROD) [P] Karateka (1985, 800/C64, BROD) from AP2 [TB] Knock 31 (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Bomb Squad (1990, C64, Run) [L] D/Generation (1991, PC, Mindscape)

Cook, Stuart A. Circus Circus (1985, C64, Firebird) Hoodoo Voodoo (1986, C64, Bug-Byte) AirWolf II (1987, C64, Hit Pak) Chopper Commander (1988, C64, Zeppelin)

Cook, Vance [P] World Class Leader Board (1987, AP2, Access) from C64

Cooke, Mike Checkout (1984, BBC, Virgin)

Cooke, Pete A Whole New Ballgame (SPEC, Crash) Invincible Island (1983, SPEC, Richard Shepherd) Urban Upstart (1984, SPEC, Richard Shepherd) Inferno (1984, SPEC, Richard Shepherd) Chopper Chase (1984, SPEC, Spectrum Computing) 20 Tons, w/Chris Newcombe (1985, SPEC, 64 Tape Computing) Ski Star 2000 (1985, SPEC, Richard Shepherd) Juggernaut (1985, SPEC, CRL) Tau Ceti (1985, SPEC, CRL) Room 10 (1986, SPEC, CRL) Academy (1987, SPEC, CRL) Micronaut One (1987, SPEC, Nexus) Brainstorm (1988, SPEC, Firebird) Earthlight (1988, SPEC, Firebird) Zolyx (1988, SPEC, Firebird) [P] Stunt Track Racer (1989, SPEC, MicroStyle) from AMI Tower of Babel (1990, ST/AMI/ARC, Rainbow) [G] World Circuit (1992, AMI, MicroProse) [G] Grand Prix II (1995, PC, MicroProse) [G] Grand Prix 3 (2000, PC, Hasbro)

Cooney, Andrew Las Vegas Lady (1983, SPEC, Mogul) [P] Mushroom Alley (1984, SPEC, Mogul) from C64

Cooper, Dave Match Wits (1983, AP2, CBS)

Cope, John [TB] Convoy, w/Bill Morris (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Titan, w/Bill Morris (1981, 800, SoftSide)

Copeland, Ian [P] Draconus (1988, 800, Cognito) from C64 [P] Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts (1988, 800, Zeppelin) [P] Star Wars (1988, 800, Domark) from COIN [P] Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge (1988, 800, Zeppelin) [P?] Ninja Commando (1989, 800, Zeppelin) [P] Fantastic Soccer (1989, 800, Zeppelin) [P] Mountain Bike Racer (1989, 800, Zeppelin) [P] Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (1989, 800, Cognito) [P] Blinky's Scary Scholl (1990, 800/ST/C64, Zeppelin) [P] Edd The Duck! (1990, C64, Impulze) [P] Mountain Bike Racer (1990, C64, Zeppelin) [P] World Soccer (1990, 800, Zeppelin) [P] Titanic Blinky (1991, ST, Zeppelin)

Copeland, Maureen [P] Transmuter (1987, 800, Codemasters) from SPEC

Cornhill, Barry G. Black Planet (1983, SPEC, Phipps) Bull Run (1984, SPEC, Phipps) Gorgon (1983, SPEC, Phipps) Rabbit Shoot (1983, SPEC, Phipps) Moons of Tantalus (1984, SPEC, Phipps)

Corr, Frank Jr. Labyrinth, w/William Denman (1980 TRS, Med) Rat's Revenge (1980, TRS, Med) Deathmaze 5000 (1980, TRS, Med) Asylum, w/William Denman (1981, TRS, Screenplay)

Corsiglia, Jeff [D] Towering Inferno, w/Paul Newell (1982, 2600, U.S. Games)

Cotton, Brian Tank Atak (1982, VIC, Supersoft) [P] Tank Atak (1983, C64, Supersoft) from VIC Forestland (1983, C64, Supersoft) Goblin Towers (1983, C64, Supersoft) Kaktus (1983, VIC/C64, Supersoft)

Cotton, Eric [P] Omega Race, w/Andy Finkel (1982, VIC, Commodore) from COIN [P] Gorf, w/Andy Finkel (1982, VIC, Commodore) from COIN

Coulson, Michael J. [TB] Lunar Patrol (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Coupe, Chris Cataball (1987, C64, Elite) Storm Warrior (1988, C64, Elite) Crack Down (1990, C64, US Gold) from COIN Liverpool (1993, C64, Grandslam) from CPC

Courcey, Kevin M. Lazermaze (1982, 800, Avant-Garde)

Course, Steve [P] Skramble (1984, MSX, LiveWire) from C64 [P] Oh Shit! (1984, MSX, Aackosoft) from SPEC Boom! (1985, MSX, Aackosoft) Galaxian-like [P] Hopper (1986, MSX, Aackosoft) from SPEC Scentipede (1986, MSX, Aackosoft) Centipede-like Kick It! (1986, MSX, Aackosoft) Time Curb (1987, MSX, Aackosoft) Time Pilot-like Life in the Fast Lane (1987, MSX, Methodic) Booty (1988, MSX, Premium III)

Cox, Alan Seas of Blood, w/Mike Woodroffe (1986, many, Adventure Soft) Blizzard Pass (1986, SPEC, Adventure Soft) [G] Personal Nightmare (1989, AMI/ST/PC, Tynesoft)

Cox, Donnel Forbidden Quest, w/William Pryor (1984, AP2, Pryority)

Cox, Jeff G. [B] Surprise Attack! (AP2, Mindcraft)

Cozier, Bernard [TB] Dimension Wizards (1988, 800, Antic)

Crafferty, Jay H. Galaxy Rocks (1981, AP2, Amber) Robot Tank Invasion (1981, AP2, Amber)

Craig, Douglas Brian [P] Donkey Kong, w/Howard Scheer (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Moon Patrol (1984, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN

Craig, Rob Crack'ed (1987, ST, Atari) as Robert Neve [P] Rampage (1988, C64, ACT) from COIN

Crammond, Geoff J. Aviator (1983, BBC, Acornsoft) Revs (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) The Sentinel (1986, BBC, Firebird) Revs Plus (1987, C64, Firebird) Stunt Car Racer (1989, AMI/ST, Firebird) [L] World Circuit (1992, AMI, MicroProse) [L] Grand Prix II (1995, PC, MicroProse) [L] Grand Prix 3 (2000, PC, Hasbro) [L] Grand Prix 4 (2002, PC, Infogrames)

Crandall, David Doodle Bug (1982, COCO, Computerware) Lady Bug-like Pack Maze (1982, COCO, DSL) Pac-Man-like El Bandito (1983, COCO, Mark Data) Nerble Force (1983, COCO, Computerware) Defender-like Trickashay (1983?, COCO, AHL Computing) Orbitron (1983?, COCO, AHL Computing) Fangman (1984, COCO, Tom Mix) Vox Chess (1985, COCO, Computerware) Caterpillar (2001, COCO, self) Eye-Spy (2001, COCO, self) Gobbler (2001, COCO, self)

Crandall, Steve [P] Millipede (1984, 800, Atari) from COIN

Crane, David [P] Canyon Bomber (1978, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Outlaw (1978, 2600, Atari) from COIN Slot Machine (1979, 2600, Atari) [N] Atari 8-bit OS, w/Alan Miller, Larry Kaplan (1979, 800, Atari) Outlaw/Howitzer (1979, 800, APX) Fishing Derby (1980, 2600, ACT) Dragster (1981, 2600, ACT) Laser Blast (1981, 2600, ACT) Freeway (1981, 2600, ACT) Grand Prix (1982, 2600, ACT) Pitfall (1982, 2600, ACT) Activision Decathlon (1983, 2600, ACT) Pitfall II (1984, 2600, ACT) [L] Ghostbusters, with Adam Bellin (1984, C64, ACT) [D] Ghostbusters, with Dan Kitchen (1985, 2600, ACT) Little Computer People (1985, C64, ACT) Transformers (1986, C64, ACT) Skateboardin' (1987, 2600, Absolute) Super Skateboardin' (1988, 7800, Absolute) A Boy And His Blob (1989, NES, Absolute) Rescue of Princess Blobette (1990, GB, Absolute) Amazing Tennis (1992, SNES, Absolute) [G] Toys (1993, SNES, Absolute) [G] Home Improvement (1994, SNES, Absolute)

Crane, John Chopper Strike (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) Chambers (1984, COCO, Tom Mix)

Crane, M.P. Damper (1983, ZX81, Quicksilva) Amidar-like Glooper (1983, ZX81, Quicksilva) Pac-Man-like

Cranford, Michael Maze Master (1983, C64, HES) [P] Donkey Kong (1984, AP2, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Super Zaxxon, w/Larry Holland (1984, AP2/C64, HES) from COIN [G] Borrowed Time (1985, C64, Interplay) [L] Bard's Tale (1986, C64, EA) Bard's Tale II (1986, C64, EA) Centauri Alliance (1990, C64, BROD) [G] Darkseed (1992, PC, Cyberdreams)

Craske, Spencer [TB] Alien Asylum (1985, 800, Antic) [B] Environment-X (800, PD) [G] NHL All-Star Hockey (1995, SAT, Sega) [G] Perfect Weapon (1996, PS, ASC) [G] Fox Basketball 2000 (PS, Radical) [G] NHL Hitz 2002 (2001, PS2, Midway) [G] NHL Hitz 2003 (2002, PS2, Midway) [G] Need For Speed: Underground (2003, PS2, EA)

Craven, Paul Screaming Wings (1986, 800, Red Rat)

Crawford, Bill Queen of Phobos, w/Paul Berker (1982, AP2, Phoenix)

Crawford, Chris [B] Tanktics (1978, PET, self) [B] Legionnaire (1979, PET, self) Wizard (1980, 2600, Atari) not released until 2005 [B] SCRAM (1981, 800, Atari) [B] Tanktics (1981, 800, Avalon Hill) [B] Energy Czar (1981, 800, Atari) Eastern Front (1981, 800, APX) Legionnaire (1982, 800, Avalon Hill) Excalibur, w/Larry Summers, Valerie Atkinson (1983, 800, APX) Balance of Power (1985, MAC, Mindscape) Patton vs. Rommel (1986, MAC, EA) Trust & Betrayal (1987, MAC, Mindscape) Balance of Power II (1988, MAC, Mindscape) Global Dilemma (1990, MAC, Mindscape) Balance of the Planet (1990, MAC, self) Patton Strikes Back (1991, MAC, BROD) [N] Storytron (2009, self) storytelling system

Creehan, Dean [P] Sammy Lightfoot (1983, C64, Sierra) from AP2

Cresswell, Alan P. 3D Stock Car Championship (1988, SPEC, Firebird)

Crick, Michael Frogmaster (1966) Frogmaster (1982, 800, APX) [P] Frog Master (1983, VIC/C64, Commodore) from 800 Word Feud (1983, C64/COL, Xonox) HES Games (1984, C64, HES) Break Street (1984, C64, Creative) Gold Medal Games (1986, C64, CelerySoft) CompuTrainer (1987, C64/NES, RacerMate) WordHai (1987, PC, IBM) Dudes with an Attitude (1990, NES, American Video) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1990, NES, Taito) WordZap (1991, GB, Jaleco) Gomoku (1994, PC, Microsoft) Pentode (1994, PC, Sierra)

Cridland, B. 3D Maze (1982, BBC, IJK) Invaders (1982, BBC, IJK) Space Invaders-like Leapfrog (1983, BBC, IJK) Frogger-like

Crim, Christopher Wrath of Denethenor, w/Kevin Christiansen (1986, AP2/C64, Sierra)

Crimi, Fred [P] Moonsweeper (1983, VIC, Imagic) from 2600 Grand Slam Baseball (1984, PCJR, Imagic)

Crockford, Douglas Galahad and the Holy Grail (1982, 800, APX) Hollywood Medieval (1982?, 800, PD) Jane's Program (1982?, 800, PD) Burgers! (1983, 800, APX)

Croft, Dave Phantom (1987, 800, Tynesoft)

Cross, D.G. Dominoes (1983, Z81, Phipps)

Cross, Demetrius Acid Trip (1982, AP2, PD)

Cross, Hubert [T] Final Defense (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Apple Willie (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Cross, Mark [B] Blitzkrieg (1979, AP2, Programma) [B] Star Dodger (AP2, Programma) [TB] Bouncing Ball Catcher (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Fifteen Game (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Famous Sayings Hangman (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [B?] Aquarium (1981, AP2, Cross) [TB] Shark (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [B?] Applewars (AP2, PD) [B?] Fast Breakout (AP2, PD)

Crossman, Craig [B] Ricochette (AP2, Programma)

Croudy, John [P] Druid (1987, 800, Firebird) from C64 [P] Silkworm in Vertical, w/Ronald Pieket (1991, ST/AMI, Storm) [P] Saint Dragon (1990, ST/AMI, Storm)

Crow, Stephen Laser Snaker (1984, SPEC, Poppy Soft) Factory Breakout (1984, SPEC, Poppy Soft) Wizard's Lair (1985, SPEC, Bubble Bus) Starquake (1985, SPEC, Bubble Bus) Firelord (1986, SPEC, Hewson) [G] Overlord (1992, NES, Virgin)

Crowley, Paul [P] Q*bert (1983, VIC, PB) from COIN [P] Gyruss (1984, COL, PB) from COIN [P] James Bond: 007 (1984, COL, PB) from COIN [P] Up 'n Down (1984, COL, Sega) from COIN

Crowther, Antony Bat Attack (1983, C64, Alligata) Blagger (1983, C64, Alligata) Balloon Rescue (1983, C64, Alligata) Haunted House (1983, C64, Alligata) Damsel in Distress (1983, C64, Alligata) Bug Blaster (1983, C64, Alligata) Centipede-like Brands (1983, C64, Alligata) [T] Baby Monty (1984, C64, Personal Computer Games) Killer Watt (1984, C64, Alligata) Loco (1984, C64, Alligata) Gryphon (1984, C64, Quicksilva) Son of Blagger (1984, C64, Alligata) Wanted: Monty Mole (1984, C64, GG) [P] Potty Pigeon (1984, C64, GG) from SPEC Suicide Express (1985, C64, GG) Trap (1985, C64, Alligata) Black Thunder (1985, C64, Quicksilva) William Wobbler (1985, C64, Wizard) [T] R1-D1 Unit Attack (1986, C64, Your Commodore) Killer Ring (1987, C64, Byte Engineers) Kettle (1987, C64, Alligata) Challenge of the Gobots (1987, C64, Ariolasoft) Centurions (1987, C64, Image Works) Zig-Zag (1987, C64, Image Works) Fernandez Must Die (1988, C64, Image Works) Bombuzal (1988, C64, Image Works) Captive (1990, AMI, Mindscape) [G] Knightmare (1991, AMI/ST, Mindscape) Captain Planet (1991, AMI/ST, Mindscape) Liberation (1994, AMI/ST/CD32, Mindscape) [G] Realms of the Haunting (1997, PC, GG) [G] N20 (1997, PS, GG) [L] Wacky Races (2000, DC, Infogrames)

Crowther, Will Colossal Cave Adventure (1976, PDP-10, PD)

Crummack, David Powerama, w/Craig Galley (1986, C64, Hewson)

Culbertson, Dave [B] Mad Marble Maze (1980, 800, CE Software) [B] Tractor Beam (1980, 800, CE Software)

Cullen, Chris P. Hopper (1981, ZX81, PSS) Frogger-like Crazy Kong (1982, ZX81, PSS) Donkey Kong-like Ghost Hunt (1982, ZX81, PSS) Pac-Man-like Maze Death Race (1982, ZX81, PSS) Rally-X-like [P] Crazy Kong (1983, SPEC, PSS) from ZX81 [P] Maze Death Race (1983, SPEC, PSS) from ZX81 Les Flics (1984, SPEC, PSS) Maddeningly Hall (1989, ARC, Minerva)

Cumming, John [P] Firelord (1986, C64, Hewson) from SPEC [G] Zynaps, w/Dominic Robinson (1987, SPEC/C64, Hewson) Soldier of Fortune (1988, C64, Firebird) Bushido, w/Steve Turner, Gary Foreman (1989, C64, Firebird) [G] Death Duel (1992, GEN, RazorSoft)

Cummins, Jaime Andromeda (1982, 800, Gebelli)

Curtis, I. Black Hole (1983, C64, Abraxas)

Curtis, Stephen N. Arena! (1983, SPEC, K-Tel) Battle of the Toothpaste Tubes (1983, SPEC, K-Tel) Morris Meets the Bikers (1983, SPEC, Automata) Plummet (1984, SPEC, Interceptor) Tiler (1984, SPEC, Interceptor) Chopper Squad (1985, CPC, Interceptor) Nonterraqueous, w/Ed Hickman (1985, SPEC/CPC, MAST) Soul of a Robot (1985, SPEC/CPC, MAST) [P] Five-a-Side Soccer (1986, CPC, MAST) from C64 Into Oblivion (1986, CPC, MAST) Terra Cognita (1986, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) Jackle and Wide (1987, SPEC/CPC, MAST) [P] Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge (1987, SPEC/CPC, Virgin)

Curtiss, Bob [P] Solar Fox (1983, 2600, CBS) from COIN

Cutler, Ben Combat Zone (1982, 800, Quality)

Cutler, Scott [G] Zork I (1980, many, Infocom)

Cutter, John [P] On Track Racing, w/Scott Orr, Ed Ringler (1985, C64, Gamestar) [G] GBA Championship Basketball (1986, AP2, ACT)

Cygert, Henryk Kult (1992, 800, ASF) Krucjata (1993, 800, ASF) Miecze Valdgira II (1993, 800, ASF)

Cyr-Jones, Liz Hollywood Hijinx, w/Dave Anderson (1986, many, Infocom)

Cyranka, Oliver [B] Fighting (1984, 800, PD) [TB] Agent 0 8 15 (1985, 800, Homecomputer) [TB] Jumping Ghost (1985, 800, Computronic) [T] Expedition (1986, 800, Computronic)

Czarnecki, Thomas Komet Kaze (1983, COCO, ColorQuest) Warehouse Mutants (1984, COCO, Tom Mix)


Dabney, Ted Computer Space, w/Nolan Bushnell (1971, COIN, Nutting)

Daglow, Don Baseball (1971, PDP-10, PD) Utopia (1981, INT, Mattel) [D] World Series Major League Baseball, w/Eddie Dombrower (1983, INT, Mattel) [D] Earl Weaver Baseball, w/Eddie Dombrower (1987, PC, EA) [D] Neverwinter Nights (1991, PC, SSI) [D] Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991, PC, SSI)

Dagsköld, Richard Anter-Planter, w/Marcus Charleville (1984, C64, Romik) Turtle Jump, w/Marcus Charleville (1984, C64, Romik) Seaworld, w/Marcus Charleville (1984, C64, Supersoft) Gogo the Ghost, w/Marcus Charleville (1984, C64, Firebird)

Dahlgren, Glen Darkmoor Hold (1985, COCO, Prickly Pear) Hall of the King (1985, COCO, Prickly Pear) Hall of the King II (1986, COCO, Prickly Pear) Dragonblade (1986, COCO, Prickly Pear) Hall of the King III (1987, COCO, Prickly Pear) Kung-Fu Dude (1987, COCO, Sundog) Warrior King (1988, CC3, Sundog)

Dahlman, Troy Buzzard Bait, w/Robert Lech (1983, COCO, Tom Mix) Joust-like

Dalton, John [T] Spy Defense (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Damon, Roger Operation Whirlwind (1982, 800, BROD) Field of Fire (1984, 800?, SSI) Panzer Grenadier (1985, 800?, SSI) Wargame Construction Set (1986, 800, SSI) NAM, w/Jeff Johnson (1986, 800, SSI) Reel Fish'n (1987, ST, Interstel) Dragon Force (1988, ST, Interstel)

Daniel, Chris [B] Time Warp (1982, 800, English) [B] The Search (1983, 800, Red Rat) Venus Voyager 2 (1983, 800, English)

Daniel, Noel [TB] Podman (1984, 800, Atari Computing) Q*bert-like [G] Sidewinder (1986, 800, Futureware) Thunderfox (1987, 800, Atari UK)

Daoust, John [TB] Darts (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Skunk (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

Daring, Dave [B] Reign of the Red Dragon (1982, TRS, AI)

Darling, David & Richard [cofounders Codemasters] BMX Stunts (1984, C64, Jetsoft) BMX Racers (1984, C64, MAST) Dark Star (1984, C64, MAST) Space Walk (1984, C64, MAST) Magic Carpet (1984, C64, MAST) BMX Trials (1985, C64, MAST) [P] Spellbound (1986, C64, MAST) from SPEC Master of Magic (1986, C64, MAST) BMX Simulator (1986, C64, Codemasters) The Last V8 (1986, C64, Codemasters)

Darmstadt, Fred [G] M.A.C.H. III, w/Chris Brewer, Dave Pfeiffer (1983, COIN, Mylstar)

Darnell, John Kane (1986, C64, MAST) [P] Match Day II (1987, C64, Ocean) Kane 2 (1988, C64, MAST) Star Paws (1988, C64, Software Projects)

Daroui, Hamid A-maz-ing (1981, VIC, Audiogenic) Pac-Man-like [P] Fax, w/Dave Lundberg (1983, C64, Epyx) from COIN

Darrah, Bill [D] Essex, w/William Mataga (1985, 800/AP2/C64, Synapse) [P] Brimstone, w/David Bunch, William Mataga (1985, AP2, Synapse)

Darrah, Ray [TB] Destructive Forces (1983, AP2, Core)

David, Gabor [G] Arctic Shipwreck (1983, C64, F451) [G] Save Me Brave Knight (1983, C64, F451) SOS Terrorists, w/Ferenc Szatmari (1983, C64, F451) Spitfire '40, w/Imre Kovats, Marton Saghegyi (1985, C64, F451)

Davidson, Gavin [TB] Tyrants of Torment (1988, 800 New Atari User) [TB] Mean Motor (1989, 800, New Atari User) [TB] Radical Rupert (1990, 800, New Atari User)

Davie, Andrew Qb (1984, 800, PD) Mugsy's Revenge (1986, C64, Melbourne House) Asterix and the Magic Cauldron, w/David Pentecost (1987, C64, Melbourne House) Bad Street Brawler, w/David Pentecost (1987, C64, Mindscape) [P] Super Pac-Man (1988, C64, Namco) from COIN [P] Jr. Pac-Man (1988, C64, Namco) from COIN Three Stooges (1989, NES, ACT) Hunt for Red October (1990, NES, Hi-Tech) Bigfoot Systems (1990, NES, Acclaim) MechWarrior (1993, SNES, ACT) WCW Superbrawl Wrestling (1994, SNES) Mechwarrior/Battletech (SNES) Qb (2001, 2600, PD)

Davies, Charles Flight Simulation (1983, ZX81, Sinclair)

Davies, John Outrider (1983, ZX81, Computer Rentals)

Davies, Martyn Atlas Assignment (1984, SPEC, Virgin)

Davies, Steven [TB] Space Maze (1986, 800, Atari User)

Davis, Bob Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, w/Ken Williams (1981, AP2, On-Line)

Davis, H.T. [TB] Air Raiders (1983, SPEC, ZX Computing)

Davis, James "Jim" [B] Laser Racers (1983, 800, Silicon Valley) [B] Laser Racers II (1983, 800, Silicon Valley) [B] Nazz (1983, 800, Silicon Valley) [B] Sea Falcon IV (800, PD) Chopper Raid (1985, 800, Completely Grounded) Nightmare Manor (1988, 800, Completely Grounded) Hyperblast (800, PD) Scrids (800, PD) Scrids II (800, PD) Spaceway (800, PD)

Davis, Mike Cops 'n' Robbers (1985, VIC, Atlantis) [P] Cops 'n' Robbers (1986, C64, Atlantis) from VIC

Davis, Warren Q*bert (1982, COIN, Gottlieb) Us vs. Them (1984, COIN, Mylstar) [G] Joust 2 (1986, COIN, Williams) Exterminator (1989, COIN, Premier) [G] Terminator 2 (1991, COIN, Midway) [G] Revolution X (1994, COIN, Midway)

Dawe, Russell "Rusty" [L] Cloak & Dagger (1983, COIN, Atari) Paperboy, w/John Salwitz (1984, COIN, Atari Games) [G] APB (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Vindicators (1988, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Toobin' (1988, COIN, Atari Games) [L] ThunderJaws, w/Natalie Burgess (1990, COIN, Atari Games)

Dawson, Marc B.C. Bill (1984, C64, Imagine) Stairways (1985, C64, Thor) Robin of the Wood (1985, C64, Odin) Hypaball (1986, C64, Odin) Scary Monsters (1986, C64, Odin) Mission A.D. (1986, C64, Odin) [P] Army Moves (1988, ST/AMI, Ocean) Astaroth (1989, ST/AMI, Hewson) [P] Flibo's Quest, w/Mark McCubbin, Steve Wetherill (1990, ST/AMI, EA) from C64 [G] Projectyle (1990, ST/AMI, EA)

Day, Jim [B] Leap Frog (1980?, AP2, Programma)

Day, Sylvia Gopher (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) [P] Mouse Trap (1982, COL, Coleco) from COIN

de Graaf, Bruce Fire Fly (1983, 2600, Mythicon) Sorcerer (1983, 2600, Mythicon) Star Fox (1983, 2600, Mythicon)

de St. Germain, Howard Pool 1.5, w/Don Hoffman, Dave Morock (1981, AP2/800, IDSI) Pool 400 (1982, 800, IDSI) Trick Shot (1983, AP2, IDSI) Speedway Blast (1983, 800, IDSI)

Dearden, John [TB] Isolation (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Deaux, Thomas [TB] Pinball II (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

Debro, Dennis [TB] Mow Down (1989, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Nuclear Reactor (1990, 800, Antic) [P] Climber 5 (2004, 2600, AtariAge)

Decker, D.A. Jr. New World (AP2, Gryphon)

Decker, George [T] Discs of Daedalus (1986, C64, Ahoy!)

Decuir, Joe [one of the chip designers for the 2600/800/AMI] [G] Combat (1977, 2600, Atari) Video Olympics (1977, 2600, Atari)

DeFrisco, Steve Tropical Trouble (1982, INT, Imagic) Wing War, co-designed by Alan Smith (1984, 800, Imagic) [G] I, Damiano (1984, AP2, Imagic) [P] Sherlock Holmes II (1986, AP2, Imagic) Secret Quest (1989, 2600, Atari) MotoRodeo (1990, 2600, Atari) [P] Klax (1990, 2600, Atari) from COIN Styxx and Bones, w/Nolan Bushnell (1990, MAC, VENT) Baseball Heroes (1991, LNX, Atari) Prize Fighter, w/Kevin Welsh, Mark Klein (1994, SCD, Sega) Slam City, w/Kevin Welsh (1994, SCD, Sega) [G] Citizen X (2002, SCD, OlderGames) [G] Red Faction: Guerrilla (2009, 360/PS3/PC, THQ)

DeGroff, Penny [TB] I Remember (1988, C64, Run)

Deighan, Daniel [TB] Lunar Lander Construction Set (1986, 800, Antic)

DeKoven, Bernie Alien Garden, w/Jaron Lanier, Robert Leyland (1982, 800, Epyx)

Delaney, John M. [TB] Battleship (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Delegal, Darin L. [TB] Starlanes (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Delinski, Joseph [B] Survival (1983, 800, Task Force) [B] War of the Worlds (1984, 800, Task Force)

Delman, Howard "Howie" Super Bug (1977, COIN, Atari) Canyon Bomber (1977, COIN, Atari) Fire Truck (1977, COIN, Atari) [G] Lunar Lander (1979, COIN, Atari) Atari Soccer (1979, COIN, Atari)

Delp, George [TB] TRS-Man (1982, TRS, SoftSide)

Delsignore, Ken Data Fall (1984, COCO, T&D) Avalanche-like

Delves, Michael [P] Glider Rider (1986, C64, Quicksilva) from SPEC [P] Motos (1987, C64, MAST) from COIN

DeMar, Larry [G] Defender (1981, COIN, Williams) Stargate, w/Eugene Jarvis (1981, COIN, Williams) Robotron: 2084, w/Eugene Jarvis (1982, COIN, Williams) Blaster, w/Eugene Jarvis (1983, COIN, Williams) [P] Addams Family (1992, PIN, Williams)

Demas, William Frog (1980, TRS, AI) Frogs-like Golden Voyage, w/Scott Adams (1981, TRS, AI) Timequest (1981, TRS) Forbidden City (1981, TRS, Fantastic) Forbidden Planet (1981, TRS, Fantastic) Panik (1982, TRS, Fantastic) Futuria (1985, MAC, Unicorn)

DeMeo, Alex Great American Cross-Country Road Race (1985, 800, ACT) Pete Rose Pennant Fever (1988. 2600, Absolute) [P] Pete Rose Pennant Fever (1989, 7800, Absolute) from 2600 [G] Ghostbusters II (1990, NES, ACT) [G] Home Alone (1991, SNES, THQ) [G] Ghoul School (1992, NES, Electro Brain) Race America, w/Frank Covitz (1992, NES, Absolute) Super Battletank, w/Garry Kitchen (1992, SNES, ACT) [G] Toys (1993, SNES, Absolute)

Denbrook, Patty [B] Fortress, w/Jim Templeman (1983, AP2/800, SSI)

Denham, Clark Destruct (1987, C64, Power House) Jet Ace (1987, C64, Power House)

Denman, William F. Jr. Labyrinth, w/Frank Corr (1980 TRS, Med) Asylum, w/Frank Corr (1981, TRS, Screenplay) Asylum II (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Sentinel, w/Simon Smith (1982, 800, MED) Pogo Joe, w/Oliver Steele (1983, C64, Screenplay) Q*bert-like [P] Asylum, w/Michael Haire (1985, 800/C64, Screenplay) Asylum II from TRS Acrojet, w/Edward Hill (1985, C64, MicroProse) Prowler (1986, C64, MAST)

Dentt, David Ninja Golf, w/David Sullivan (1989, 7800, Atari) [L] World Series Baseball '95 (1995, GEN, Sega)

Depew, Bill [B] Apple 21 (1978, AP2, Softape) Cypher Bowl (1981, 800, Artsci)

Derby, Terrence [B] Cave Crisis (1987, 800, Panda Soft) [B] City Defender (1987, 800, Panda Soft) Missile Command-like

Dereli, Hugh [T] Manic Climber (1984, SPEC, Your Computer)

DeSharone, Dale [aka Dale Disharoon; RIP 2008] [P] Battle for Normandy (1982, 800, SSI) from AP2 Adventure Creator (1984, 800, Spinnaker) [P] Below the Root (1984, AP2, Windham) [G] Laser Lords (1992, CDI, Philips)

Dettling, J. Ray Bermuda Triangle (1982, 2600, Data Age) Journey Escpe (1982, 2600, Data Age) Frankenstein's Monster (1983, 2600, Data Age)

Devine, Graeme Firebirds (1983, SPEC, Softek) [P] Pole Position (1984, SPEC, Atarisoft) from COIN Xcel (1985, SPEC, ACT) [P] Ballblazer (1986, SPEC, ACT) from 800

Devine, Robert R. Storm Warning (1984, AP2, Microsparc)

Devos, Dan [TB] Bicycle (1983, 800, ANALOG)

Dewdney, A.S. [TB] Blitz (1985, 800, Page 6)

Dewdney, Nigel Scuba Dive (1983, C64, Durell) Shades (1985, C64, Durell)

Dewey, Kevin [TB] To The Top (1985, VIC, Ahoy!) [TB] Hop Around (1985, VIC/64, Ahoy!) [TB] Speedy (1985, VIC, Ahoy!)

DeWitz, Harold Cranston Manor, w/Ken Williams, Larry Ledden (1981, AP2, On-Line)

Dibble, Ken [B] Draw Poker (1982, TI99, Counterpoint) [P] Spy's Demise, w/Mark Sumner (1982, TI99, CSI Design) from AP2 Mini-Pede (1985, TI99) Centipede-like

Dicker, Sam [G] Defender (1981, COIN, Williams) [G] Sinistar (1983, COIN, Williams)

Dickerson, Robert Dragon Game (1982, TI99, Futura) Viral Vendetta (1982, TI99, Futura)

Dickinson, Andrew Heart Break (1988, 800, Atari UK)

DiDomenico, Tom [P] Blue Print (1983, 2600, CBS)

Dies, Dave Color Car Action (1984, COCO, Novasoft) Bump 'n' Jump-like Pumpman (1984, COCO, Saguaro) Dig Dug-like Gold Runner (1984, COCO, Tom Mix) Lode Runner-like Fighter Pilot (1983, COCO, Saguaro) 1942-like Karate (1985, COCO, Diecom) Karate Champ-like Knock Out (1985, COCO, Diecom) Punch Out-like Gold Runner II (1986, COCO, Novasoft) Lode Runner-like Bouncing Boulders, w/Roland Knight (1986, COCO, Diecom) Boulder Dash-like Gates of Delirium, w/Dave Shewchun, Roland Knight (1987, COCO, Diecom) Ultima-like Iron Forest (1988, CC3, Diecom) Medieval Madness (1988-9, CC3, Diecom) Sinistaar (1989, CC3, Sundog) Sinistar-like [P] Robotron: 2084 (1991, Lynx, Shadowsoft) from COIN [P] Centipede (1999, Game.com, Tiger) from COIN [P] Triple Play 2001 (2000, GB, EA)

Dietz, Bob [P] Mind Mirror, w/Peter Van Den Beemt (1985, AP2, EA)

Din, Clarence [TB] Freeze Factory (1985, VIC, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Dinc, Melvut "Mev" [P] Prodigy (1986, CPC, Electric Dreams) Big Trouble in Little China (1987, CPC, Electric Dreams) [P] Knightmare (1987, CPC, ACT) [P] Enduro Racer (1987, CPC, ACT) [P] Last Ninja 2 (1988, CPC, System 3) [G] Time Machine (1990, CPC, ACT) [G] Hammerfist (1990, CPC, ACT) [G] Last Ninja (1987, SPEC, ACT) from C64

Disch, Thomas M. Amnesia, w/Kevin Bentley (1986, AP2/C64/PC, EA)

diSessa, Andy Dazzle Dart, w/Harold Abelson, Nat Goodman (1974?, PD)

Ditton, Richard & Elaine Journey (1983, COIN, Bally Midway)

Dixon, Kevin [TB] Spheroids (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Dobson, Tim Monsters (1982, BBC, Acornsoft) Space Panic-like Maze (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Magic Mushrooms, w/Richard Clay, Neil Raine (1985, BBC, Acornsoft)

Dollahite, Garth TI Invaders (1982, TI99, TI) Space Invaders-like [P] Vanguard, w/Jim Dramis, Paul Urbanus (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Pole Position, w/Paul Urbanus (1984, TI99, Atarisoft) Barrage (1983, TI99, Sofmachine) Missile Command-like

Dollard, Walter J. Egyptian Graphical Adventure (1983, TI99, Dollard) Medieval Graphical Adventure (1983, TI99, Dollard) Sundial Island I & II (1983, TI99, Dollard)

Dombrower, Eddie World Series Major League Baseball, w/Don Daglow (1983, INT, Mattel) Earl Weaver Baseball, w/Don Daglow (1987, PC, EA) [L] Earl Weaver Baseball II (1991, PC, EA)

Dominick, Gary [TB] Piazza Hotel (1982, 800, SoftSide)

Dompier, Steve Target (1976, Sol-20, Processor Technology) Anti-Aircraft-like

Domrow, Gary S. [T] Super Pong (1986, 800, ANALOG)

Dondzila, John [TB] Colorbot (1984, VIC, COMPUTE!) Vector Vaders (1995, VEC, self) Space Invaders-like Star Fortress (1997, COL, self) Star Castle-like AMOK! (1998, O2, self) Berzerk-like Space Invasion (1998, COL, self) Space Invaders-like

Donner, Robert [P] Risk, w/Gary Gouriluk (1989, AP2, Virgin) [P] Clue Master Detective, w/Gary Gouriluk (1988, AP2, Virgin) Minesweeper, w/Curt Johnson (1990-1, PC, Microsoft)

Donofrio, Kristina [P] Mystic Marathon, w/Gen Graham (1984, COIN, Williams) [G] Joust 2 (1986, COIN, Williams)

Donoghue, David Gears, w/Bob Kimball (1985, AP2, Sunburst)

Dorey, Daniel J. [B] Crypts of Terror (1981, 800, Inhome) Radius! (1982, 800, Pyramid) Bugrunner (1985, 800, Isis)

Dorfman, Len Karmic Caverns (1983, 800, PMI) Nordic Ski (1983, 800, PD) Erg (1984, 800, D-Mind) PAX Chess (1996, PC, PD)

Dorrell, Chris Oracle's Cave (1981, ZX81, Doric) [P] Oracle's Cave (1984, SPEC, Doric) from ZX81 Runes of Zendos (1984, SPEC, Dorcas)

Dos Santos, L. Gravitor (1983, COCO, Prickly Pear) Gravitar-like

Dougherty, Brian [G] Space Spartans (1982, INT, Mattel) Swords & Serpents (1983, INT, Imagic)

Dougherty, Charles W. Questron (1984, C64, SSI) [D] Questron II (1985, C64, SSI) Legacy of the Ancients (1987, C64, EA) Legend of Blacksilver (1988, C64, Epyx)

Dougherty, John C. [P] Questron (1984, 800, SSI) from C64 [D] Questron II (1985, C64, SSI) Legacy of the Ancients (1987, C64, EA) Legend of Blacksilver (1988, C64, Epyx)

Douglass, Bruce P. Regilian Worm (1982, TRS, Softsmith)

Dow, John T. [B] Dow-4 Gazelle (1981, TI99, Dow)

Dowell, Thomas Dreadnaughts (1984, C64?, Avalon Hill)

Downend, Chris Dominos, w/Dennis Koble (1977, COIN, Atari) Basketball (1979, COIN, Atari)

Doyle, Bob Wildfire (1976, HAND, PB)

Dragin, Douglas D. [P] Donkey Kong (1983, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Mountain King (1983, C64, Beyond) from 800

Dramis, Jim Car Wars (1981, TI99, TI) Head On-like Munch Man (1982, TI99, TI) Pac-Man-like Parsec, w/Paul Urbanus (1982, TI99, TI) [P] Vanguard, w/Paul Urbanus, Garth Dollahite (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Jungle Hunt, w/Paul Urbanus (1984, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN Spot-Shot (TI99, Sofmachine)

Drennan, Allen [TB] Bombs Away (1986, COCO, Rainbow) Artillery-like

Drewery, Ken Duo Deck Solitaire, w/Judith Emge (1991, CC3, Eversoft)

Dreyer, E.F. [D] Mountain King (1982, 800, CBS)

Dreyer, Keith K-Razy Shoot-Out, w/Torre Meeder (1981, 800, K-Byte) Berzerk-like Boulders and Bombs, w/Torre Meeder (1983, 800, CBS)

Drummond, D.L. [TB] Fast Lander (1984, SPEC, Your Computer)

Drury, Mike [B] Gridiron Glory, w/Bob Graves (1982, 800, APX)

Dubicki, Susan Beach Landing, w/Richard Hefter (1984, AP2, Weekly Reader)

Dubman, Jonathan Quasar (1983, AP2, Aristotle)

Dubnoff, Dr. Jerry [TB] SuperNim (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Dudar, Joseph A. Gruds in Space, w/Chuck Sommerville (1983, AP2, Sirius)

Duddle, Greg Exorcist (1984, C64, Commodore) Harbour Attack (1984, C64, Commodore) [P] Sabre Wulf (1985, C64, Ultimate) from SPEC Willow Pattern (1985, C64, Firebird) Shark (1986, C64, Firebird)

Dudley, Gerald O. Computer Football Strategy (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Dudzik, Cliff [P] Target Command (1983, C64/PET/VIC, Computermat)

Dudzik, Nick Paratroopers (1982, VIC, ComputerMat)

Duerig, Jean & Al [TB] Halloween (1986, COCO, Rainbow)

Duffy, Al [P] Air Rescue I (1984, C64, MicroProse) from 800 [P] NATO Commander (1984, C64, MicroProse) from 800

Duisman, George Bridge Challenger (1980, AP2/PET/TRS, BITS)

Dukes, Al Bomb Fusion (1989, C64, MAST)

Dulstone, Rob Creepy Cave (1987, BBC, Atlantis) Anarchy Zone (1988, BBC, Atlantis)

Duncan, Michael Xenion (1988, CC3, Diecom)

Duncan, Rob Starblade (1987, 800, ACT Europe)

Duncan, Tim [TBP] Rhino (1982, VIC, VIC Computing) rewrite of PET game [TB] MotherHen (1982, VIC, VIC Computing)

Dunczewski, Wolfgang Hells Bells (1984, C64, Input 64)

Dunk, Robert [TB] Bullion (1984, C64, Your Computer)

Dunlevy, Bill Clash (1983, TRS, Computer Shack) Joust-like Cashman, w/Doug Frayer (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) Jumpman-like Greymoon (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) Time Bandit, w/Harry Lafnear (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) [P] Time Bandit, w/Harry Lafnear (1985, ST, MichTron) from COCO

Dunn, Brian Deep Water Danger (AP2) Eagle Eggs (AP2) Flap & Smack (AP2) Jouster (1983, AP2) Joust-like Quibble's Revenge (1983, AP2) Return of the Galaxians (1983, AP2)

Dunn, John Superman (1979, 2600, Atari)

Dunn, Steve Space Relief (1986, C64, Top Ten) Thunderhawk (1986, C64, US Gold) Zone Z (1987, C64, Starlight) Call Me Psycho (1988, C64, Pirate) Better Dead than Alien (1988, C64, Elektra) [P] Galaxia 7 (1988, C64, Power House)

Dunning, Paul [TB] Lunar Landing (1983, 800, Virgin Books) Lunar Lander-like [TB] Ski Run (1983, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Race (1983, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Frog Jump (1985, 800, Atari User) Frogger-like

Durran, Dave [P] Fathom (1983, INT, Imagic) from 2600

Dwight, Jeffrey Aldaron (1984, COCO, Jade)

Dyer, Landon Myriapede (1982, 800, PD) Centipede-like [P] Donkey Kong (1982, 800, Atari) from COIN [N] MadMac Assembler (1987?, ST, Atari)

Dyer, Rick [D] Dragon's Lair (1983, COIN, Cinematronics) [D] Thayer's Quest (1984, COIN, RDI) [D] Kingdom (1995, 3DO/CDI, Interplay) [D] Kingdom II (1996, PC/CDI, Interplay)

Dyte, Jon Moon Buggy (1983, SPEC, Visions) Moon Patrol-like

Dziabczenko, Alick Retro Ball (1982, C64, HES) [P] Protector (1983, VIC, HES) from 800 [P] Pharaoh's Curse (1983, VIC, HES) from 800 [G] Toy Shop (1986, C64/PC, BROD) [G] Dominus (1984, PC, US Gold)


Eagan, Terry [D] Zendar, w/Elrhea Bigham, Paul Bigham (1982, AP2, Sublogic)

Earle, Lee [B] SR-71 (1983, COCO, Tom Mix) Buzzworm (1984, COCO, Novasoft) Nibbler-like Coco Crosswords (1985, COCO, Novasoft)

Easter, Mark W. A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar, w/Greg Zumwalt (1987, CC3, Tandy)

Easterbrook, Stuart Ace of Aces (1986, C64, Accolade)

Eastman, Gordon [P] Star Maze, w/Robert Woodhead (1982, AP2, Sir-Tech) [P] Star Maze (1983, 800, Sir-Tech) from AP2 C'est La Vie (1983, AP2, AI)

Eastman, Stewart [B] Slag (1980, TRS, AI)

Edelman, Brad Smooth Max (1979, AP2, Tri-Soft)

Edelstein, Paul Allen Wayout (1982, 800, Sirius) Capture the Flag (1983, 800, Sirius) [G] Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (1992, PC, Interplay) [G] Star Trek: Judgement Rights (1993, PC, Interplay) [G] NHL 2K2 (2002, DC, Sega) [G] NHL 2K3 (2002, GC/XBOX/PS, Sega)

Edmond, Patrick Cannibal (1982, VIC, Yorkshire Microcomputers) Cataclysm (1983, VIC/C64, Audiogenic)

Edmunds, William [TB] Computer Space (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

Edson, Dave [ATS = Aardvark Technical Services] Space Invasion (1978, OSI, ATS) Space Invaders-like Collide (1979, OSI, ATS) Head On-like Kamikaze (1980, OSI, ATS) Missile Command-like Monster Maze (1980, OSI, ATS) Pac-Man-like Thief (OSI, ATS) Rip-Off-like Venturer (OSI, ATS) Venture-like Targa (OSI, ATS) Targ-like Caterpillar (1982, COCO, ATS) Centipede-like Planet Raider (1982, COCO, ATS) Defender-like Catch'Em (1982, COCO, ATS) Avalanche-like [P] Venturer (1982, COCO, Aardvark-80) from OSI Tube Frenzy (1983, COCO, ATS) Tutankham (1983, COCO, ATS) clone of the coin-op Mirror Maze (1990, PC, shareware) [P] Tetris for Windows Entertainment Pack (1990, PC, Microsoft)

Edwards, Kevin Atomic Protector (1983, BBC, Optima) Galaforce (1986, BBC, Superior) Crazee Rider (1987, BBC, Superior) [P] Silver Surfer (1990, NES, Arcadia) Magic Johnson's Fast Break (1990, NES, Tradewest) Wolverine, w/Craig Houston (1991, NES, LJN) [G] Spider-Man/X-Men (1992, SNES, LJN) [P] Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball (1994, SNES, Nintendo) [G] Incoming (1998, PC, Xicat)

Edwards, Mike Attack at EP-CYG-4 (1982, 800, Bram) Zombies (1983, 800, Bram) aka Realm of Impossibility

Edwards, Sam The Antagonists, w/Hal Renko, Hermie Hermens (1985, C64, Addison-Wesley)

Effemey, Ralph [B] Caves of Rigel (1984, 800, Silicon Joy)

Eggers, Bryan 13 Ghosts, w/Larry Payne (1984, TRS, Tandy)

Ehninger, Charles [founder Futura] 'Chutes and Sharks (1981, TI99, Futura) All*Star Baseball (1981, TI99, Futura) All*Star Bowling (1981, TI99, Futura) Galactic War (1981, TI99, Futura) Wall Street (1981, TI99, Futura)

Ehrengruber, Fabio [B] Tari Trek (1980, 800, Quality)

Eidson, William Pterodactyl (AP2)

Eisenstein, James [P] Galaxian (1983, COL, Atarisoft) from COIN

Eishaugle, Chris Handy Dandy (1983, AP2, Gentry) Formula 1 Racer (1983, AP2, Gentry) [P] Pooyan (1984, AP2, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Bubble Bobble (1988, AP2, Novalogic) from COIN

Eisler, Dave Monster Smash! (1983, AP2, Datamost)

Elder, Scott [founder Nufekop] VikMan (1981, VIC, Nufekop) Escape (1981, VIC, Nufekop) Search (1981, VIC, Nufekop) Quirk (1981, VIC, Nufekop) Bomber (1981, VIC, Nufekop) Invasion (1981, VIC, Nufekop) Rescue from Nufon (1981, VIC, Nufekop) Dodgecars (1982, VIC, Nufekop) Defender on Tri (1982, VIC, Nufekop) Collide (1982, VIC, Nufekop) The Catch (1982, VIC, Nufekop) Anti-Matter Splatter (1982, VIC, Nufekop) RaceFun (1982, VIC, Nufekop) Krazy Kong (1982, VIC, Nufekop) 3-D Man (1982, VIC, Nufekop) 3-D 64 Man (1983, C64, Nufekop) Cavern Construction kit, w/Mike White (1983, C64, Nufekop) Carnival Fun (1985, C64, BCI Software) One-On-One Games (1986, C64, BCI Software) Stunt Cycle (1986, C64, BCI Software) Alien Panic (1987, C64, Free Spirit) SuperBike (1987, C64, Free Spirit) A Spy Tale (1987, C64, Viking) Pebbles (1988, C64, Free Spirit) Mini-Golf (1988, C64, UpTime) Monster Power (1988, C64, Free Spirit) RaceCraze (1988, Viking) [T] Rally Racer (1988, C64, COMPUTE!) Tombs of Doom (1989, C64, UpTime) Super Bike II (1989, C64, LoadStar) Kings Ransom (1989, C64, LoadStar) Smasheroids (1989, C64, LoadStar) [T] Grand Prix Challenge (1989, C64, Run) Wheels (1990, C64, Softdisk) Type Racer (1990, C64, Softdisk) Drop Poker (1990, C64, Softdisk)

Eldridge, Jon Paul [D] Tusari, w/Eric Piper (1991, C64, Shockwave)

Ellingham, Les [TB] Secret Code (1982, 800, Page 6) Mastermind-like [TB] Dodger, w/Phil Griffin (1983, 800, Page 6) [TB] Bugs (1984, 800, Page 6) [TB] Crash (1996, 800, New Atari User)

Elliot, David Alien Destroyers (1982, BBC, Micro Power) Space Invaders-like Asteroid Storm (1982, BBC, Micro Power) Asteroids-like Eldorado Gold (1982, BBC, Micro Power) Timetrek (1982, BBC, Micro Power) Moon Raider (1983, BBC, Micro Power) Scramble-like Swoop (1983, BBC, Micro Power) Galaxian-like

Elliott, Jeremy [PG] Summer Games (1987, 2600, Epyx) from C64 [PG] Winter Games (1987, 2600, Epyx) from C64

Ellis, Frank [P] Dragonfire, w/Matthew Sarconi (1984, COCO, Imagic) from 2600

Ellis, Martin Munch Mania (1984, C64, MAST) Pac-Man-like Phantom of the Asteroid (1985, C64, MAST)

Elliss, H.G. Joss Medieval Joust (1983, VIC, Thorn EMI) Wing Commander (1984, VIC, Creative Sparks) Brian Jacks Superstars, w/Gary Yorke (1985, C64, Firebird)

Elseth, Paul Fun House Maze, w/Scott Clough, Lon Koenig (1984, AP2, Sunburst)

Elward, Steve Back to Reality (1986, C64, MAST)

Emerson, Joe The Holy Grail (1984, AP2, Hayden) Inca (1985, AP2, Hayden)

Emerson, John G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike (1983, 2600, PB)

Emge, Judith A. Armchair Admiral (1987, CC3, Eversoft) Battleship-like Duo Deck Solitaire, w/Ken Drewery (1991, CC3, Eversoft)

Endo, Masanobu Xevious (1982, COIN, Namco)

Enge, Keith Dawn Patrol (1982, AP2, TSR)

Engel, C. William [B] Stimulating Simulations (AP2/PET/TRS, Personal) [B] Devil's Caverns, w/Ted Clawges (1979, 800, Hayden)

Engel, Douglas [T] Rocks! (1987, 800, ANALOG) Lunar Rescue-like

Engelbrite, Peter [PG] Summer Games (1987, 2600, Epyx) from C64 [PG] Winter Games (1987, 2600, Epyx) from C64 [P] California Games, w/Steve Baker (1988, 2600, Epyx) from C64 [G] The Games: Summer Edition (1988, C64, Epyx) Gates of Zendocon (1989, LNX, Atari) Todd's Adventures in Slime World (1990, LNX, Atari)

Engels, Emil [TB] Meteor Storm (1982, 800, COMPUTE!)

Engelstein, Geoffrey M. StarBlaster, w/Mark Kriegsman (1981, AP2, Piccadilly) Panic Button, w/Mark Kriegsman (1989, AP2, Softdisk)

Englehart, Steve [G] E.T. Phone Home (1983, 800, Atari)

English, Ed [P] Frogger (1982, 2600, PB) from COIN [P] Mr. Do! (1983, 2600, Coleco) from COIN [P] Roc'n Rope (1983, 2600, Coleco) from COIN

Engman, Dave [P] Tutankham, w/Dawn Stockbridge (1983, 2600, PB) from COIN

Enns, Rich B. [T] Cosmic Glob (1986, 800, ANALOG)

Epelboim, Yakov Pushky (1982, 800, APX) Devilator (1983, 800, Zebra)

Erdling, Elroy N. Blood Quest (AP2, Questware)

Erendson, Kerry Alien Sidestep (1983, VIC, OEM)

Erickson, Brent Trek for Riches (1978, TRS, Imagination Unlimited) Soldier of Fortune (1979, AP2, Imagination Unlimited) Spartacus (1980, AP2, Imagination Unlimited) TACC (1982, AP2, Imagination Unlimited) [P] Beach-Head (1985, AP2, Access) from C64 [P] Beach-Head II (1985, AP2, Access) from C64 [P] Raid Over Moscow (1985, AP2, Access) from C64 [G] Leader Board (1985, C64/AMI/ST, Access) [G] Tenth Frame (1986, C64/PC/ST, Access) [G] World Class Leader Board (1986, ST, Access) from C64 [G] Mean Streets (1987, C64, Access) [G] Crime Wave (1989, PC/AMI/ST, Access) [G] Countdown (1990, PC, Access) [G] Martian Memorandum (1991, PC, Access) [G] Links (1991, PC/AMI, Access) [G] Amazon (1992, PC, Access) [P] Links Pro (1992, PC, Access) [G] Noctropolis (1993, PC, EA) [G] Fred Couples Golf (1994, 32X, EA) [G] PBA Bowling (1995, PC, Bethesda) [G] SkyNet (1996, PC, Bethesda) [G] Daggerfall (1996, PC, Bethesda) [G] XCar (1996, PC, Bethesda) [G] Burnout (1997, PC, Bethesda) [G] Burnout: Player's Choice (1998, PC, Bethesda) [G] Redguard (1998, PC, Bethesda) [G] NIRA Drag Racing (1999, PC, Bethesda) [G] IHRA Drag Racing (2000, PC, Bethesda) [G] Monsters, Inc. (2001, PS2, Bethesda)

Erickson, John [TB] Nuclear Reactor Simulator, w/Chris Latham (1983, COCO, Rainbow)

Erskine, Robert [B] Battle of Britain (1982, SPEC, Microgame)

Ertl, Bernard [TB] Lumberjack (1983, 800, ANALOG) Frogger-like

Erwin, Stan Go (1982, AP2, Hayden) War (1982, 800, AI)

Escudero, Al Deathlord, w/David Wong (1987, AP2, EA) [G] Twilight Lands (PC, ICE Online)

Estcourt, Mervin J. Luna Crabs (1983, SPEC, Micromega) Deathchase (1983, SPEC, Micromega) Full Throttle (1984, SPEC, ABC Soft) Speed King (1985, C64, Digital Integration)

Ettinger, Steve Hover Force (1986, INT, INTV)

Evans, Dave Word Flyer (1983, 800, EA)

Evans, Dorcas Factactics, w/Kevin Armstrong (1984, AP2, Daystar)

Evans, Douglas Golden Gloves (1982, 800, Artworx)

Evans, Eugene Arcadia (1982, VIC, Imagine) Frantic (1983, VIC, Imagine) Wacky Waiters (1983, VIC, Imagine) Catcha Snatcha (1983, VIC, Imagine) [P] Arcadia 64 (1983, C64, Imagine)

Evans, Frank Sharp Shot (1982, INT, Mattel)

Evans, Malcom E. [founder New Generation] 3D Defender (1981, ZX81, JK Greye) 3D Monster Maze (1982, ZX81, JK Greye) Escape (1982, SPEC, New Generation) 3D Tunnel (1983, SPEC, New Generation) Corridors of Genon (1983, SPEC, New Generation) Knot in 3D (1983, SPEC, New Generation) Trashman (1984, SPEC, New Generation) Travel with Trashman (1984, SPEC, New Generation) Jonah Barrington's Squash (1985, SPEC, New Generation)

Evans, Robert [B] Moon Defense (1987, CC3, PD)

Evans, Stephen Crawler (1983, SPEC, CRL) Glug Glug (1984, C64, CRL)

Evans, Steve [P] Blagger (1984, CPC, Alligata) from C64 Eagle Empire (1984, C64, Alligata) Phoenix-like Guardian (1984, C64, Alligata) Defender-like Panic Planet (1984, C64, Alligata) Space Panic-like Rocket Roger (1984, C64, Alligata) Who Dares Wins (1985, C64, Alligata) Who Dares Wins II (1985, C64/SPEC/CPC, Alligata) Z (1986, CPC, Alligata) Microball (1987, C64/SPEC/CPC, Alternative) Guardian II (1990, CPC, Hi-Tec) Defender-like

Ewens, Louis [P] Arcade Machine (1982, 800, BROD) from AP2 Whistler's Brother (1984, 800, BROD)

Ezcan, Kemal Fire (1986, 800, Zong) Atomic Gnom (1989, 800, Zong) Daredevil (1989, 800, Zong) Drag (1989, 800, KE-Soft) Boulder Dash-like Dredis (1989, 800, KE-Soft) Tetris-like Pungo (1989, 800, KE-Soft) Pengo-like Castle Mania (1990, 800, Zong) Zador (1990, 800, KE-Soft) Zador II (1992, 800, KE-Soft) Xmas House (1992, 800 Zong)


Faber, Steven Epidemic! (1982, AP2, SSI)

Faden, Glenn [B] Microsailing (1982, 800, APX)

Faller, Colin [TB] Train Crazy (1986, 800, Page 6)

Falstein, Noah [G] Sinistar (1983, COIN, Williams) [L] Koronis Rift (1985, 800/C64, Lucasfilm) [L] PHM Pegasus (1987, C64, EA) [L] Strike Fleet (1988, C64, EA) [G] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (1989, PC, Lucasfilm) [G] Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992, PC, LucasArts) [D] Hungry Red Planet (2002, PC, Health Media Lab) [G] SpaceStationSim (2005, PC, Vision)

Fargo, Brian [cofounder Interplay] Demon's Forge (1981, AP2, Sabre) [G] Bard's Tale III (1988, C64, EA) [G] Total Recall (1990, NES, Acclaim) [G] Track Meet (1991, GB, Interplay)

Farmer, David MU Outpost (1982, TI99, Counterpoint) Ribbit (1983, TI99, CSI Design) Bubble Badness (1984, TI99, IG Development)

Farnen, Ken Citadel Warrior, w/Jon Mayers (1983, 800, English) Moon Alert, w/Jon Mayers (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Moon Patrol-like

Farquhar, Paul D. [TB] Sleuth (1986, VIC, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Farrell, Eugene Hard Cheese, w/Paul Johnson (1983, SPEC, dk'tronics) Mr. Do-like

Farren, Michael [P] Temple of Apshai (1979, AP2, ASIM) from TRS [P] Datestones of Ryn (1979, AP2, ASIM) from TRS [P] Morloc's Tower (1979, AP2, ASIM) from TRS [P] Rescue at Rigel (1980, AP2, ASIM) from TRS [P] Star Warrior (1981, AP2, ASIM) from TRS [P] Hellfire Warrior (1981, AP2, ASIM) from TRS [P] Crush, Crumble & Chomp (1981, AP2, ASIM) from TRS PlatterMania (1982, 800, Epyx) Gateway to Apshai (1983, 800, Epyx) [P] Storm Across Europe (1989, PC, SSI)

Farson, Peter [P] Defender (1983, INT, Atarisoft) from COIN Wilderness, w/Wesley Huntress, Charles Kohlhase (1986, AP2, Electric Transit)

Fasoulas, Stavros Sanxion (1986, C64, Thalamus) Delta (1987, C64, Thalamus) Quedex (1987, C64, Thalamus)

Favaro, Peter Alter Ego (1985, C64, ACT)

Favor, Greg Reversi (1982, INT, Mattel)

Fawkes, S. Pengy (1984, SPEC, Fawkes) Pengo-like

Feather, Clive Black Box (1984, BBC, Acornsoft)

Feddersen, L. [P] Heavy Barrel (1987, AP2, Quicksilver) from COIN [P] Bad Dudes (1988, AP2, Quicksilver) from COIN [P] Platoon (1988, AP2, Quicksilver) from ?

Federmeyer, Ed Edtris 2600 (1995, 2600, self) Tetris-like

Fedor, John [TB] Knock! (1988, C64, Run) [TB] Pivot Point (1988, C64, Commodore Magazine) [T] Sack Race (1988, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Break-Away (1989, C64, Run) [T] Flag Hunt (1989, C64, Ahoy!) [T] Tag (1989, C64, Run)

Feinstein, Mike [P] Phoenix, w/John Mracek (1982, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Jungle Hunt, w/John Allred (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Battlezone, w/Brad Rice (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Joust, w/Kevin Osborn (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [G] Desert Falcon (1987, 7800, Atari)

Feitelberg, David Lost Colony (1981, TRS, Acorn)

Fenton, Jamie Faye [aka Jay Fenton] Fireball (1976, PIN, Bally) home pinball game Amazing Maze w/Jeff Frederiksen, Dave Nutting (1976, COIN, Midway) Checkmate (1976, COIN, Midway) [N] Bally BASIC (1977, ASTR, Bally) 280 ZZZAP (1977, COIN, Midway) Gorf (1981, COIN, Bally Midway) Adventures of Robby Roto!, w/Dave Nutting (1981, COIN, Bally Midway) [P] Pitstop (1983, C64, Epyx) from 800 [P] Beamrider (1984, C64, ACT) from INT

Ferguson, Chris Laser Course (1983, AP2, General Masters)

Ferguson, Doug [TB] Juggler (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)

Fernandez, Gustavo Star Dance (1981, AP2, United Software of America)

Fernlund, Arne Space Action (1983, C64, Handic) Space Trap (1984, C64, Handic)

Ferrari, Jim King Tut (1985, C64, MAST)

Ferris, Tim [P] Canyon Climber (1982, 800, Datasoft) from COCO Atom Smasher (1982, 800, CCP) Cosmic Tunnels (1983, 800, Datamost) [P] Mr. Do! (1984, 800, Datasoft) from COIN

Ferro, David [P] Great Maine to California Race (1983, 800, Hayden) from 800

Fidler, Miroslav Planet of Shades, w/František Fuka (1986, SPEC, Cybexlab) Jet-Story, w/František Fuka (1988, SPEC, Cybexlab) Belegost, w/František Fuka (1988, SPEC, Cybexlab)

Field, John ICBM Strike (1981, AP2, Computer Consultants of Iowa) Missile Command-like Axis Assassin (1983, AP2, EA) Tempest-like Last Gladiator (1983, AP2, EA)

Fife, Rich [P] Carl Lewis Olympic Decathlon (1989, AP2, Softie)

Figge, David Perseus and the Phantom Riders (1984, COCO, Tandy) Joust-like

Figgins, Robert & Trevor Bobby Bearing (1986, SPEC, Edge)

Files, Alvin Pyramid of Doom (1979, TRS, Software Exchange)

Files, Bryan [T] Bagdad (1984, VIC, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Filiberti, Peter Night Raiders (1983, 800, Datamost)

Finkel, Andy [P] Mission Impossible Adventure (1981, VIC, Commodore) [P] Sargon II Chess (1981, VIC, Commodore) [P] Omega Race, w/Eric Cotton (1982, VIC, Commodore) from COIN [P] Gorf, w/Eric Cotton (1982, VIC, Commodore) from COIN [P] Lazarian (1983, C64, Commodore) from COIN Dragons Den (1983, C64, Commodore) [P] International Tennis (1985, C64, Commodore)

Finney, Hal [RIP 2014] Space Battle (1979, INT, Mattel) Star Strike, w/Brett Stuts (1981, INT, Mattel) [P] Armor Ambush (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT [P] Astroblast (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT [P] Dark Cavern (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT [P] Space Attack, w/Bruce Pedersen (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT Adventures of TRON, w/Glenn Hightower (1983, 2600, M Network)

Finzel, Peter Cavelord (1984, 800, Ariolasoft) Schreckenstein (1985, 800, Ariolasoft)

Fish, Mike The Factory (1983, AP2, Sunburst)

Fisher, Bill Space Hawk (1981, INT, Mattel)

Fisher, Justin & Amanda Quadrant 6112 (1982, AP2, Sensible)

Fisher, Nigel Crazy-Kong (1983, C64, Supersoft) Donkey Kong-like Burger Chase (1984, C64, Supersoft) BurgerTime-like

Fisher, William C. "Bill" Space Hawk (1981, INT, Mattel) [G] Space Spartans (1982, INT, Mattel) [G] B-17 Bomber (1982, INT, Mattel)

Fitzgerald, Brian Taxman (1981, AP2, HAL Labs) Pac-Man like Sheila (1982, AP2, HAL Labs) Super Taxman 2 (1982, HAL Labs) Pac-Man like [P] Pac-Man (1983, AP2, Atarisoft) from COIN Stellar Triumph (1983, C64, HAL Labs)

Fitzgerald, Mike [cofounder A&F] [P] Chuckie Egg (1983, BBC, A&F) from SPEC

Fitzgerald, Rod [TB] ICBM (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Fitzhugh, Karl Periscope Up! (1988, 800, Atlantis)

Fitzpatrick, John A. Motor Mania (1983, C64, UMI) Alice in Videoland (1984, C64, Audiogenic) On-Field Football (1984, C64, Gamestar) [P] Destiny (1985, C64, Software Investments Plus) from AP2

Flanagan, Bob [B] Speedway (1978, AP2, Programma) [B] Sea Wolf, w/Bob Andrews (1980, AP2, Programma) Thief (1981, AP2, Datamost) Berzerk-like Guardian (1982, AP2, Datamost) Spectre, w/Scott Miller (1983, AP2, Datamost) Pandora's Box (1982, AP2, Datamost) Space Ark (1983, AP2, Datamost) Marble Madness, w/Mark Cerny (1984, COIN, Atari Games) [P] Gauntlet, w/Ed Logg (1985, COIN, Atari Games) [P] Gauntlet II, w/Ed Logg (1986, COIN, Atari Games) Xybots, w/Ed Logg (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1988, NES, Tengen) [L] Skull & Crossbones (1989, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Space Lords (1992, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Vapor TRX (1998, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Hydro Thunder (1999, PS, Midway) [G] TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX (2000, PS, THQ) [G] Dr. Muto (2002, PS2/XBOX/GC, Midway) [G] Sims Bustin' Out (2003, PS2/XBOX/GC, EA) [L] Urbz (2004, PS2/XBOX/GC, EA) [L] Sims 2 (2005, PS2/XBOX/GC, EA) [G] Sims 3 (2009, PC, EA) [L] SimAnimals (2008, WII, EA) [L] SimAnimals Africa (2009, WII, EA) [G] Sims 3 (2010, PS3/360, EA) [G] Sims 3 Pets (2011, PS3/360, EA)

Fleishman, Charles U-Boat Command (1982, AP2, Synergistic)

Fleishmann, Mike Klondike Solitaire (1985, 800, Antic)

Fletcher, Ed Gridiron!, w/Christopher Weaver (1986, C64/AMI/ST, Bethesda) [G] Wayne Gretzky Hockey (1988, AMI/ST, Bethesda) [G] Night Hawk: F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0 (1991, PC, MicroProse) [P] 688 Attack Sub (1991, GEN, EA) from PC

Flitman, Stephen Stellar Adventure (1980, TRS, Software Innovations)

Flockhart, Ian [TB] Greedy Gunther (1987, 800, Atari User)

Floeter, Al Skybombers (1980, AP2, Instant)

Florance, David [T] Schnip (1987, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Flynn, Kevin Avenger (1982, ZX81, Abacus) Protector (1982, ZX81, Abacus) Defender-like Games Pack 1 (1982, ZX81, Abacus) Fireflash (1983, SPEC, Abacus) Proteus / Android Pit Rescue (1984, SPEC, Abacus)

Fogel, David Baker Street Detective (1985, AP2, Artworx)

Fokos, Peter Alien Blitz, w/Thomas Giguere (1981, VIC, UMI) Spiders of Mars (1982, VIC, UMI) Alien Ambush (1982, 800, Micro D) Cloudburst (1982, 800, DANA) Super Huey, w/Paul Norman (1985, C64, Cosmi) [P] Last Ninja (1988, PC, ACT) from C64 [G] Unnatural Selection (1993, PC, Maxis)

Follin, Mike [P] The Sentinel (1987, SPEC, Firebird) from BBC

Follis, Greg Ad Astra, w/Roy Carter (1984, SPEC, Gargoyle) Tir Na Nog, w/Roy Carter (1984, SPEC, Gargoyle) Marsport, w/Roy Carter (1985, SPEC, Gargoyle) Dun Darach, w/Roy Carter (1985, SPEC, Gargoyle) Sweevo's World, w/Roy Carter (1986, SPEC, Gargoyle) Scooby-Doo, w/Roy Carter (1986, SPEC, Elite) Heavy on the Magick, w/Roy Carter (1986, SPEC, Gargoyle) Hydrofool, w/Roy Carter (1987, SPEC, FTL)

Foote, Gary A. [P] Yahtzee (1978, AP2, Apple)

Ford, Alex [P] Reversal (1983, C64, Hayden) from AP2

Ford, Jay M. [P] Cat-Nap, w/Steve Gross (1982, 800, Zimag) Nineball (1982, 800, Zimag) Moon Beam Arcade (1983, 800, Zimag) [P] Ardy the Aardvark (1983, C64/800, Datamost) from AP2 [P] Cosmic Tunnels (1984, C64, Datamost) from 800 [P] Super Bunny (1984, C64, Datamost) from 800

Ford, Paul [B] Blackjack (1984, 800, P.F.) [B] Fruit Salad (1985, 800, P.F.) Mastermind-like [B] Fruit Pickin' (1985, 800, P.F.)

Foreman, Gary J. Bushido, w/John Cumming, Steve Turner (1989, C64, Firebird)

Forster, Carl D. Cubic Tic-Tac-Toe (1985, AP2, Silver Bullet)

Forsythe, Charles Dragon-Quest Adventure (1980, TRS, Programmer's Guild) [P] Space Intruders (COCO, AI) from TRS

Fortier, Ron J. [P] Zaxxon (1983, 800, Datasoft) from COIN Bruce Lee, w/Kelly Day (1984, 800, Datasoft) [P] Conan (1984, 800, Datasoft) from AP2 Monkey Business (1986, ST, Other Valley) Donkey Kong-like

Forward, Dave 180! (1986, 800, MAST)

Foti, Markus Pengon (1983, COCO, Spectral) Pengo-like

Foulkes, Warren Quake Minus One, w/Mike Singleton (1985, C64, Beyond)

Fox, David [L] Rescue on Fractalus! (1985, 800, Lucasfilm) [G] Labyrinth (1986, AP2/C64, Lucasfilm) [G] Maniac Mansion (1986, C64, Lucasfilm) [L] Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988, C64, Lucasfilm) [G] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (1989, PC, Lucasfilm) [L] Mirage (LucasArts) "location-based entertainment project" [L] Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1994, SCD, Rocket Science) [G] Thimbleweed Park (2017, PC, Terrible Toybox)

Fox, Dennis [T] Shooting Stars (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Fox, Michael Brad Blast the Galactic Barbarians (1983, SPEC, Express) Polaris (1983, SPEC, CCS) Galactic Abductors (1983, SPEC, Anirog) Moon Buggy (1983, SPEC, Anirog) Moon Patrol-like Xeno II (1983, SPEC, Anirog) Bongo (1984, SPEC, Anirog) Spyship SOS (1984, SPEC, Dynamic) Muggins the Spaceman (1987, SPEC, Firebird)

Fox, Randy [TB] White Lightning (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Foy, Peter Caveman (1984, BBC, Kansas City)

Fraleigh, John [T] Bombs Away! (1988, C64, Ahoy!)

Francis, Jeff [P] Triad (1982, AP2, COCO) from AP2

Francis, Simon Power (1985, CPC, Durell) Space Hawks (1985, CPC, Durell)

Franco, Val [P] Blue Thunder (1984, C64, Richard Wilcox) from SPEC Megahawk (1984, C64, Big G) Zylogon (1984, C64, Big G) [G] Midwinter II (1991, ST/AMI, Microplay)

Franklin, Ken Milestones (AP2, Creative Computing) Milles Bornes-like

Franklin, Kevin Draconus (1988, 800, Cognito) [P] Ball Blasta (1988, C64, Cognito) [P] Zybex (1988, C64, Zeppelin) Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge (1988, C64, Zeppelin)

Frayer, Doug Cashman, w/Bill Dunlevy (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) Jumpman-like

Fraysse, John [TB] Marathon (1983, COCO, Rainbow) [TB] Rainbow Roach (1983, COCO, Rainbow)

Frazier, Chris A. [P] Battle Trek, w/Greg Omi (1982, 800, Voyager) from TRS

Frederiksen, Dave Dungeon of Death (1983, COCO Aardvark)

Frederiksen, Jeff Amazing Maze w/Jay Fenton, Dave Nutting (1976, COIN, Midway)

Freebury, Marc [TB] Alien Trap (1983, 800, Home Computing Weekly) [TB] Sub Attack (1983, 800, Home Computing Weekly) [TB] Light Cycles (1983, 800, Home Computing Weekly) Blockade-like [TB] Orion Miner (1984, 800, Home Computing Weekly) [TB] Snake Attack (1984, 800, Atari Computing) Blockade-like

Freeman, Eric M. Weakon (1983, 800, APX) Bootleg (1983, 800, APX)

Freeman, Jon [cofounder ASIM] [D] Starfleet Orion, w/Jim Connelley (1978, PET, ASIM) [D] Invasion Orion, w/Jim Connelley (1979, PET, ASIM) [D] Temple of Apshai, w/Jim Connelley, Jeff Johnson (1979, PET/TRS, ASIM) [D] Datestones of Ryn, w/Jim Connelley, Jeff Johnson (1979, TRS, ASIM) [D] Morloc's Tower, w/Jim Connelley, Jeff Johnson (1979, TRS, ASIM) [D] Rescue at Rigel, w/Jim Connelley (1980, TRS, ASIM) [G] Hellfire Warrior (1980, TRS, ASIM) [D] Star Warrior, w/Jim Connelley (1981, TRS, ASIM) [D] Sorcerer of Siva (1981, TRS, ASIM) [D] Keys of Acheron, w/Paul Reiche (1981, TRS, ASIM) [G] Upper Reaches of Apshai (1981, TRS, ASIM) [D] Crush, Crumble & Chomp!, w/Jim Connelley (1981, TRS, ASIM) [D] Tax Dodge, w/Anne Westfall (1982, 800, Island Graphics) [D] Murder on the Zinderneuf, w/Paul Reiche, Robert Leyland (1983, 800, EA) [D] Archon, w/Anne Westfall, Paul Reiche (1983, 800, EA) [D] Archon II, w/Anne Westfall, Paul Reiche (1984, 800, EA) [D] Swords of Twilight, w/Anne Westfall (1989, AMI, EA) [D] Archon Ultra, w/Anne Westfall (1994, PC, EA) [D] Simplex, w/Anne Westfall (online, GameTV) [D] Eureka, w/Anne Westfall (online, GameTV) [D] Reflection, w/Anne Westfall (online, GameTV) [D] Stop & Go, w/Anne Westfall (online, GameTV) [D] Grab, w/Anne Westfall (online, GameTV) [D] Heartless, w/Anne Westfall (online, GameTV)

Freeman, Kyle G. [P] Force 7 (1987, AP2, Datasoft) from C64 Dark Lord (1987, AP2, Datasoft) Renegade (1989, AP2, Novalogic)

Fregger, Brad Portal, w/Rob Swigart (1986, C64, ACT)

French, Andy [P] Dictator (1983, C64, dk'tronics) from SPEC [P] Maziacs (1984, C64, dk'tronics) from SPEC

Freund, Chris X-Wing Fighter II (1979, TRS, SoftSide) Invasion from Outer Space (1980, TRS, Software Exchange) [TB] Ship Destroyer (1981, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Drag Race (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Bomber (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Deep Six (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Frey, Peter Odin, w/Larry Atkin (1983, AP2, Odesta)

Friele, Robert [P] Aliens, w/Michael Ornsby (AP2, ACT) from C64

Fries, Ed Space Combat (1982, 800, PD) Spacewar!-like Princess and the Frog (1982, 800, Romox) Frogger-like Anteater (1982, 800, Romox) Dig Dug-like Sea Chase (1983, 800, Romox) Halo 2600 (2010, 2600, AtariAge)

Frost, Jean From Russia with Luck (1983, SPEC, Jabberwocky)

Frumin, Ralph [D] Neptune's Daughters, w/Mark Taylor (1983, C64, English)

Frumker, Bruce [B] Memory Match (1981, 800, APX)

Frye, Tod R. [P] Tanktics (1981, AP2, Avalon Hill) from 800 [P] Asteroids (1981, 800, Atari) from COIN [P] Pac-Man (1982, 2600, Atari) from COIN [D] Swordquest Earthworld (1982, 2600, Atari) Swordquest Fireworld (1982, 2600, Atari) Swordquest Waterworld (1983, 2600, Atari) [PG] Summer Games (1987, 2600, Epyx) from C64 [PG] Winter Games (1987, 2600, Epyx) from C64 [G] BattleTanx (1998, N64, 3DO)

Fudge, Don Death Race '82 (1982, AP2, Avant-Garde) Zero Gravity Pinball (1982, AP2, Avant-Garde) [P] Dave Winfield's Batter Up! (1985, AP2, Avant-Garde)

Fujishima, Satoshi "Pac" [D] Swing, w/Masamitsu Niitani (1985, MSX, Pony) [D] C-So! (1985, MSX, Pony) Final Justice (1985, MSX, Pony) Guardic (1986, MSX, Compile) Gulkave (1986, MSX, Compile) Golvellius (1987, MSX, Compile) Blaster Burn (1990, MSX, Compile)

Fujiwara, Shigeki Moon Cresta (1980, COIN, Nichibutsu) Crazy Climber (1980, COIN, Nichibutsu)

Fuka, František Boxing (1985, SPEC, Fuxoft) Bowling 2000 (1985, SPEC, Fuxoft) Poklad 2 (1985, SPEC, Fuxoft) Indiana Jones a Chrám zkázy (1985, SPEC, Fuxoft) Kaboom! (1986, SPEC, Fuxoft) Kaboom-like Planet of Shades, w/Miroslav Fidler (1986, SPEC, Cybexlab) Indiana Jones 2 (1987, SPEC, Fuxoft) F.I.R.E. (1988, SPEC, Fuxoft) Jet Story, w/Miroslav Fídler (1988, SPEC, Cybexlab) Belegost, w/Miroslav Fidler (1988, SPEC, Cybexlab) Indiana Jones 2 (1990, SPEC, Fuxoft) Tetris 2 (1990, SPEC, Fuxoft) Shanghai (1990, SAM, Fuxoft) Shanghai-like [G] Atomix (1990, SPEC, Scorpion) Atomix-like [G] Atomix II (1991, SPEC/SAM, Scorpion) Atomix-like

Fuller, Scott Crystal Castles, w/Franz Lanzinger (1983, COIN, Atari)

Fullerton, Ralph & Becky [TB] Dr. Livingston, w/Karen & Carl Russell (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Fulop, Rob [P] Space Invaders (1980, 800, Atari) from COIN [P] Night Driver (1980, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Missile Command (1981, 2600, Atari) from COIN Demon Attack (1982, 2600, Imagic) Cosmic Ark (1982, 2600, Imagic) [U] Cubicolor (1982, 2600, Imagic) Fathom (1983, 2600, Imagic) [L] Night Trap (1992, SCD, Sega) [L] Sewer Shark (1992, SCD, Sega) Third Degree (CDI) Ballz (1994, GEN, Accolade) Rabbit Jack (online, AOL)

Fults, Douglas A. White Water! (1983, INT, Imagic)

Fultz, Stephen D. [TB] Worm of Bemer (1984, 800, COMPUTE!)

Funk, Stefan [TB] Water-Way (1984, 800, CPU) Frogger-like [TB] Galaxians (1984, 800, CPU)

Furry, Dennis Genesis (1983, AP2, Datasoft)


Gabbard, John Keys of the Wizard (1982, COCO, Spectral)

Gagnon, Claude R. Lunchtime (1986, COCO, Novasoft) BurgerTime-like

Gaines, Irwin Mines of Minos (1982, 2600, CommaVid) Room of Doom (1982, 2600, CommaVid) Cakewalk (1983, 2600, CommaVid)

Gale, T.L. [P] Countdown to Shutdown, w/Ivan Manley (1985, AP2, ACT) from C64

Gallagher, Dan Cosmic Camouflage (1988, BBC, Superior) Asteroids-like

Galley, Graig Powerama, w/David Crummack (1986, C64, Hewson)

Galley, Stu The Witness (1983, many, Infocom) Seastalker, w/Jim Lawrence (1984, many, Infocom) Moonmist, w/Jim Lawrence (1986, many, Infocom)

Gallon, M.W. 3-D Breakout (1988, C64, Commodore Disk User)

Galloway, Stuart A. Volcanic Dungeon, w/Roy Carnell (1983, ZX81, Carnell) Sinbad and the Golden Ship, w/Roy Carnell (1986, SPEC, MAST)

Galus, Michael & John Inferno (1986, COCO, MPI) Final Frontier (1986, COCO, Ark Royal) Iron Cross (1986, COCO, Computerware)

Gamon, D. 3D Time Trek (1983, C64, Anirog)

Gamon, Jef Kong 64 (1983, C64, Anirog) Donkey Kong-like Frogrun 64 (1984, C64, Anirog) Frogger-like P.C. Fuzz (1984, C64, Anirog) Astral Attack (1984, C64, Anirog) Zodiac (1984, C64, Anirog) Shamus-like Mean City (1987, C64, Quicksilva) [P] Hunt for Red October (1986, C64, Grandslam)

Gantzke, Witek The Convicts (1990, 800, Domain)

Gaponoff, Mark Survival of the Fittest (1982, 800, ISDI)

Garcia, Curtis Quimbee (1982, TI99, Dynamic Data)

Garcia, John [P] Zaxxon (1983, AP2, Datasoft) from COIN

Gardner, Jim Blind Panic (1988, SPEC, Your Sinclair)

Gardner, John D. Battlestation w/John Williams (1983, TI99, Mirage) Chopper Ace w/John Williams (1983, TI99, Mirage) Mean Streets w/John Williams (1982, TI99, Alpha) Quadrant Command w/John Williams (1982, TI99, Alpha)

Gardner, Karl Chambers of Zorp, w/Tom Konchan (1983, 800, APX)

Gardner, Ken [TB] Space Rescue (1984, VIC, Run)

Gardner, Lynn Oliver's Twist, w/Mickey Schmitt (1989, TI99, Asgard) Zoom Flume (1989, TI99, Asgard)

Gari, Ray Roundabout (1983, AP2, Datamost) Neon (1983, AP2, Datamost)

Garner, Edward [TB] Black Box (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Garon, James 5-Speed Racer (1978, TRS, Advanced Graphics) [B?] Pentominoes (1979, TRS, Programma) [TB] Nim (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Tank (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Spelling Bee (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Isolate (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Meteor Storm, w/Mark Pelczarski (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Solitare (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Shooting Gallery (1981, COCO, Datasoft) [TB] Maze Sweep (1982, TRS, SoftSide) Canyon Climber, w/Steve Bjork (1982, COCO, Tandy) Sands of Egypt, w/Steve Bjork (1982, COCO, Tandy) [P] Moon Shuttle, w/Gerry Humphrey (1982, COCO, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Pooyan, w/Gerry Humphrey (1983, COCO, Datasoft) from COIN Dallas Quest (1984, COCO, Datasoft) Zorro (1985, 800, Datasoft)

Garriott, Richard [cofounder Origin] [B] Akalabeth (1979, AP2, California Pacific) [B] Ultima, w/Kenneth Arnold (1981, AP2, California Pacific) [L] Ultima II (1982, AP2, Sierra) Ultima III (1983, AP2, Origin) [L] Ultima IV (1985, AP2, Origin) [L] Ultima V (1988, C64, Origin) [L] Ultima VI (1990, PC, Origin)

Garris, Wayne Broadsides (1983, AP2, SSI)

Garrison, Lewis E. Pyramids (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Gaston, Pete [P] Joust, w/Allen Wells, Steven Szymanski (1983, 800, Atari) from COIN

Gaucher, Joe [P] Gorf, w/Alex Leavens (1982, 2600, CBS) from COIN [P] Crazy Climber, w/Alex Leavens (1982, 2600, Atari) from COIN Real Sports Basketball (1983, 2600, Atari) James Bond 007 (1983, 2600, PB) [P] Popeye (1983, 2600, PB) from COIN

Gault, Don Steve Garvey vs. Jose Canseco in Grand Slam Baseball (1987, C64, Cosmi)

Gay, Elliot [P] Son of Blagger (1984, SPEC, Alligata) from C64 Show Jumping (1986, SPEC, Alligata)

Gazzard, Sue Lords of Time (1983, SPEC, Level 9)

Gebelli, Nasir [founder Gebelli] Star Cruiser (1980, AP2, Sirius) Galaxian-like Phantoms Five (1980, AP2, Sirius) Cyber Strike (1980, AP2, Sirius) Both Barrels (1980, AP2, Sirius) Space Eggs (1981, AP2, Sirius) Gorgon (1981, AP2, Sirius) Defender-like Pulsar II (1981, AP2, Sirius) Autobahn (1981, AP2, Sirius) Firebird (1981, AP2, Gebelli) Horizon V (1982, AP2, Gebelli) Zenith (1982, AP2, Gebelli) Neptune (1982, AP2, Gebelli) Mouser (1983, PCJR, IBM) ScubaVenture (1983, PCJR, IBM) Rad Racer (1987, NES, Squaresoft) 3D World Runner (NES, Squaresoft) Final Fantasy I (1987, NES, Squaresoft) [G] Final Fantasy II (1988, NES, Squaresoft) [G] Final Fantasy III (1990, NES, Squaresoft) [G] Secret of Mana (1993, SNES, Squaresoft)

Geczy, George [TB] Exterminate (1981, TRS, SoftSide) Supreme Ruler (1982, TRS, JMG) Supreme Ruler Plus (1982, TRS, JMG)

Geer, Lewis Plasmania, w/David Lubar (1983, AP2, Sirius)

Geisler, Dan [P] Tetris 2 (AP2, Spectrum Holobyte) [G] Road Rash (1992, GEN, EA) [G] Road Rash 2 (1993, GEN, EA) [G] Road Rash 3 (1995, GEN, EA)

Gelberg, Larry [P] Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! (1984, 800/5200, PB)

Genoar, Gene In the Chips (1983, VIC/C64, Creative)

George, Greg Situation Critical, w/Alex Stern, Peter Rokitski (1982, AP2, Prism)

Gerrard, Pete ScapeGhost, w/Sandra Sharkey, Pete Austin (1989, Level 9)

Gertz, Udo Bongo (1986, C16, Kingsoft) Ghost Town (1986, C16, Kingsoft) Tom Thumb (1986, C16, Kingsoft) Summer Events (1987, C16, Kingsoft) Winter Events (1986, C16, Kingsoft)

Gessert, Armin Great Giana Sisters (1987, C64, Rainbow Arts)

Getreu, Dave [P] Centipede (1982, 800, Atari) from COIN [G] E.T. Phone Home (1983, 800, Atari)

Gibbons, John Fourth Encounter (1983, VIC, Thorn EMI) Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (1984, C64, Martech) [G] Fourth Protocol (1985, C64, Bantam) [G] MicroProse Soccer (1988, ST/AMI, MicroProse) [P] Cloud Kingdoms, w/Wing Lai (1989, C64, Millennium) from ST/AMI [P] Druid the Avenger, w/Wing Lai (1990, C64, Millennium) from ST/AMI

Gibke, Chuck Air Raid! (1982, 800, APX)

Gibson, John Molar Maul (1983, SPEC, Imagine) Stonkers (1983, SPEC, Imagine) Zzoom (1983, SPEC, Imagine) Stonkers, w/David Lawson (1984, SPEC, Imagine) Gift from the Gods (1984, SPEC, Ocean) [P] Cosmic Wartoad (1985, SPEC, Ocean) [P] Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1986, SPEC, Ocean) [P] Galivan (1986, SPEC/CPC, Ocean) from COIN Spaced Out, w/Steven Cain (1987, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) [P] Airborne Ranger (1988, SPEC/CPC, MicroProse) [P] Badlands Pete, Steven Cain (1990, ST, ARC) [P] Awesome (1993, FM Towns, Psygnosis) [G] Microcosm (1993, FM Towns, Psygnosis) [G] Sentient (1998, PS, Psygnosis) [G] Star Trek: Invasion (2000, PS, ACT)

Gibson, Roy [P] Jumping Jack (1983, 800, Imagine) from SPEC Highlander (1986, CPC/SPEC, Ocean) [P] NOMAD (1986, SPEC/CPC, US Gold) [G] Leader Board (1986, SPEC/CPC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Leader Board Tournament, w/Ian Weatherburn (1987, SPEC/CPC, US Gold) from C64 Silent Service II, w/Arnold Hendrick (1990, PC, MicroProse)

Gibson, Tony Bozo's Night Out (1984, C64, Taskset) Ghetto Blaster, w/Mark Harrison (1985, C64, Virgin)

Giesking, Steve Electron (1983, COCO, Spectral) Tron-like Planet Invasion (1983, COCO, Spectral) Defender-like Space Wreck (1984, COCO, Spectral)

Giguere, Thomas A. Alien Blitz, w/Peter Fokos (1981, VIC, UMI) Outworld (1982, VIC/AP2, UMI)

Gilbert, Con [P] Soko-Ban, w/Khaled Bentebal (1984, AP2, Spectrum Holobyte)

Gilbert, Michael C. Peggammon (1986, 800, Artworx)

Gilbert, Ron [G] Koronis Rift (1985, 800/C64, Lucasfilm) [G] PHM Pegasus (1987, C64, EA) [G] Maniac Mansion (1987, C64, Lucasfilm) [G] Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988, C64, Lucasfilm) [G] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (1989, PC, Lucasfilm) [L] Secret of Monkey Island (1990, PC, LucasArts) [L] Monkey Island 2 (1991, PC, LucasArts) [L] Thimbleweed Park (2017, PC, Terrible Toybox)

Gilbert, Tim [P] Two Tigers, w/Ron Haliburton (1984, COIN, Bally Midway)

Gill, Paul AlStrad (1986, CPC, Rhinosoft) Die, You Vicious Fish (1987, CPC, Rhinosoft) Grand Prix Tennis (1987, C64, MAST) Droids (1988, C64, MAST) Speedboat Assassin (1988, C64, Melbourne House) Bob's Full House (1988, C64, Domark) Dynasty Wars (1990, C64, US Gold) Italy 1990 (1990, C64, US Gold) Strider 2 (1991, LNX, US Gold) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game (1993, NES, Ubi Soft) World Cup USA '94 (1994, SNES, US Gold)

Gilliland, Ken Doom Games I (1988, TI99, Asgard) Doom Games III (1989, TI99, Asgard) TI Casino (1991, TI99, Notung) TI Casino Supplement (1992, TI99, Notung) TI Casino Solitaire (1996, TI99, Notung)

Gilman, Terry Armored Patrol, w/Wayne Westmoreland (1981, TRS, AI) Battlezone-like Eliminator, w/Wayne Westmoreland (1981, TRS, AI) Defender-like Sea Dragon, w/Wayne Westmoreland (1982, TRS, AI) [P] Rear Guard, w/Wayne Westmoreland (1982, TRS, AI) from 800 [P] Zaxxon, w/Wayne Westmoreland (1983, TRS, Tandy) from COIN

Gines, James Wampyr's Tomb (1983, 800, PMI)

Ginsburg, Ilan Saracen (1987, AP2, Datasoft)

Ginzburg, Steve [TB] Beam Me Up! (1989, 800, Antic)

Giwer, Matt [TB] Blockhead (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) Circus-like [TB] Chutes (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Diamond Drop (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) Avalanche-like [TB] Moving Maze (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Starshot (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)

Glaister, Andrew Invaders (1981, ZX81, Silversoft) Space Invaders-like AlienDropOut (1981, ZX81, Silversoft) Muncher (1981, ZX81, Silversoft) Pac-Man-like Meteor (1981, ZX81, Silversoft) Orbiter (1982, SPEC, Silversoft) Meteroids (1982, SPEC, Softek) Asteroids-like Defender (1982, SPEC) Defender-like Ostron (1983, SPEC, Softek) Joust-like Warlords (1984, SPEC, Century) Tachyon Command (1984, SPEC, Century) Scuba Attack (1984, SPEC, Century) Empire (1986, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) Legend (1986, SPEC, Century) Skyline Attack w/Jez San, Fouad Katan (1986, C64, Century) Comet Game (1987, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) Fourth Protocol (1987, SPEC, Century) Jailbreak (1987, SPEC, Marjacq) Salamander (1988, SPEC/CPC, Marjacq) Space Invaders/Chess/Checkers/Backgammon (1994, HP95/HP100, Sparcom) [G] Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (1994, PC, ACT) [P] Earthworm Jim (1995, PC, ACT) from GEN [P] Fatal Fury (1995, PC, Softbank) from COIN [LP] Samurai Spirits (1996, PC, Softbank) [P] Gex (1996, PC, Microsoft) from 3DO [LP] Zero Divide (1997, PC, Softbank) [P] Toshinden II (1997, PC, Softbank) from COIN [P] Mechcommander (1998, PC, Fasa)

Glass, Michael Maze (1977, FCF, Fairchild) Spitfire (1977, FCF, Fairchild)

Glass, Tom Oil Barons (1983, AP2, Epyx)

Glaze, Peter J. Snakman (1983, VIC, Microdigital) Pac-Man-like

Gleckler, Arthur Weerd! (1983, TRS, Big Five)

Glen, Steve Back-40, w/Bill Miller (1979, TRS, AI)

Glover, Randy Jumpman (1983, 800, Epyx) Jumpman Junior (1983, 800, Epyx) Lunar Outpost, w/John Marvin (1984, C64, Epyx) [G] Summer Games (1984, C64, Epyx)

Gluck, Joel [B] Attank! (1981, 800, APX) [B] Babel (1981, 800, APX) [B] Pushover (1982, 800, APX) [D] Dandy, w/John Palevich (1983, 800, APX) [TB] Bounce (1984, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Four-Letter Words (1984, 800, ANALOG) [T] More Fun with Bounce (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Goacher, Tony [B] Attack Force (1982, 800) Anti Matter (1982, 800) Cavos (1982, 800) Emulator (1984, 800, T&G) Super Rover (1984, 800, T&G) Freaky Factory (1986, 800, Red Rat) War Copter (1986, 800, Red Rat) Mad Jax (1989, 800, Byte Back)

Godwin, Stevem Slippery Sid (1983, SPEC, Silversoft)

Godwin, William Everest Explorer, w/Don Knowlton (1980, TRS, Acorn)

Goebel, Ron Ringquest, w/Dallas Snell, Joel Rea (1983, AP2, Penguin)

Goldman, Connie [D] Thunder Castle, w/Connie Goldman (1983, INT, Mattel)

Goles, Ed Journey Into Darkness (1986, AP2, Earthware)

Golini, John Devil's Dare (1983, 800, Jay Gee)

Gollop, Julian [D] Time Lords (1983, BBC, Redshift) [D] Islandia (1984, BBC, Redshift) Nebula (1984, SPEC, Redshift) Rebelstar Raiders (1984, SPEC, Redshift) Chaos (1984, SPEC, Games Workshop) Rebelstar (1986, SPEC, Firebird) Rebelstar II (1988, SPEC, Silverbird) Laser Squad (1988, SPEC, Blade) Lords of Chaos (1990, SPEC, Blade) X-Com: UFO Defense, w/Nick Gollop (1994, PC, MicroProse) [L] X-Com: Apocalypse (1997, PC, MicroProse) [D] Magic & Mayhem, w/Ian Terry (1998, PC, Virgin)

Gomez, George [G] TRON (1982, COIN, Bally Midway) [D] Spy Hunter (1983, COIN, Bally Midway) [D] Corvette (1994, PIN, Midway) [D] Johnny Mnemonic (1995, PIN, Williams) [D] NBA Fastbreak (1997, PIN, Williams) [D] Monster Bash (1998, PIN, Williams) [D] Lord of the Rings (2003, PIN, Stern) [D] The Sopranos (2005, PIN, Stern)

Gong, Stan [P] Sands of Mars (1981, PET, Crystalware) from AP2

Goode, Peter [TB] Space City (1983, 800, Phoenix) Lunder Lander-like

Goodley, Ross [P] Blagger (1983, BBC, Alligata) from C64 Meltdown (1986, CPC, Alligata) [P] Kettle (1986, CPC, Alligata) from C64 Killer Ring (1987, CPC, Ariolasoft) Centurions (1987, CPC, Ariolasoft) Challenge of the Gobots (1987, CPC, Ariolasoft)

Goodman, Chris & John [cofounders Hardwood] Smasher (1983, 800, APX) Twirlybird (1984, 800, Hardwood)

Goodman, Marc Asteroid (1980, AP2, AI) aka Planetoids; Asteroids-like Space Warrior (1981, AP2, BROD) The Bilestoad (1982, AP2, Datamost)

Goodman, Nat Dazzle Dart, w/Andy diSessa, Harold Abelson (1974?, PD)

Goodwin, Charles Infernal Combustion (1984, SPEC, Strange Loop) Strangeloop (1984, SPEC, Virgin Games)

Goodwin, Simon S.S. Achilles, w/David Muncer (1983, 800, Beyond) Killa Cycle, w/David Muncer (1987, 800, Micro Value) Blockade-like

Goodyer, Keith [P] Dynamite Dan II (1986, CPC, Mirrorsoft) from SPEC [P] R-Type (1988, CPC, Electric Dreams) from COIN Slug (1988, CPC, Alternative) Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons (1989, C64, Psyclapse) Australian Rules Football (1989, C64, Alternative) [P] F-16 Combat Pilot (1991, CPC, Digital Integration) from ? Hideous! (1992, C64, Alternative)

Gore, Richard Duck Gallery (1990, 800, PD) [TB] Bomb Hunter (1992, 800, New Atari User) Devil's Domain (1992, 800, New Atari User) Alien Blast (1993, 800, Dean Garraghty)

Gorlin, Dan Choplifter! (1982, AP2, BROD) Airheart (1987, AP2, BROD) Typhoon Thompson (1988, ST/AMI, BROD) [P] Prince of Persia (1990, AMI, BROD) from AP2 [G] Banzai Bug (1990, PC, Grolier)

Goss, Stephen Computer Acquire (1980, AP2, Avalon Hill) [P] Jagdstaffel (1980, AP2, Discovery) [P] RAF (1980, AP2, Discovery) [P] Winged Samurai, w/David Wesley (1980, AP2, Discovery) [P] Computer Baseball Strategy, w/Ross Maker (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill) Flying Tigers, w/David Wesely (1983, AP2, Discovery) Station 5 (1984, AP2, Micro Fun) Fix It (1985, AP2, Random House)

Goss, Steve Plastron (1990, 800, Harlequin)

Gossen, Trouba [D] Gemstone Warrior, w/Peter Lount (1984, AP2, Paradigm) [D] Gemstone Healer, w/Peter Lount (1986, AP2, Paradigm)

Gould, Tony Arena (1988, C64, Cult)

Goulet, Jean [TB] Wireball (1986, 800, Antic)

Gouriluk, Gary [P] Clue Master Detective, w/Robert Donner (1989, AP2, Virgin) [P] Risk, w/Robert Donner (1989, AP2, Virgin)

Graham, Don [B] Retreat (AP2, Programma)

Graham, Ken [P] Mystic Marathon, w/Christine Donofrio (1984, COIN, Williams)

Graham, William J. [B] 747 Landing Simulator (1981, 800, APX)

Granchelli, Paul Buzzword (1986, 800, Buzzword)

Granger, Arlan Rip Cord (1979, COIN, Exidy)

Granger, Chris G. [B] Underground (1981, TI99, DigiLog) [B] TI Checkers (1981, TI99, DigiLog) [B] Cracker (1982, TI99, DigiLog) Adventure on Zeyos (1984, PCJR, Hermit) Runes (1985, PCJR, Hermit) Robo-Smash (1985, PCJR, Hermit) Nuke! (1985, PCJR, Hermit) PC Badlands (1988, PC, BoutTime) Championship Pool (1989, PC, BoutTime) [G] X-Men (1992, GEN, Sega) [G] Menacer (1992, GEN, Sega) [G] Joe Montana's Football III (1992, GEN, Sega) [G] DarkSeed (1993, PC, Cyberdreams) [G] CyberRace (1993, PC, Cyberdreams) [G] Simone! (1994, PC, Image) [G] Brainiac (1994, PC, Image) [G] I Have No Mouth but I Must Scream (1995, PC, Cyberdreams) [G] 3-D Baseball (1996, SAT/PS, Crystal Dynamics) [L] Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (1998, PS, Crystal Dynamics) [G] Small Soldiers (1998, PS, Dreamworks) [G] Metal of Honor (1999, PS, Dreamworks)

Granros, Donn Old Dark Caves (1985, TI99, Asgard) Legends (1987, TI99, Asgard) Legends II (1989, TI99, Asgard)

Grant, Ken Exterminator (1982, C64, Bubble Bus) Centipede-like Tiger Tanks (1983, C64, Nufekop) Slapshot (1984, C64, Advantage*Artworx) Battle Through Time (1984, C64, Anirog) Moon Patrol-like International Hockey (1985, C64, Advantage*Artworx) Five A Side (1985, C64, Anirog) Bump Set Spike! (1986, C64, MAST) Pacos Pete (1986, C64, Americana) Force 7 (1987, C64, Datasoft) [P] Firepower, w/Stephen Biggs (1989, C64, Microillusions) from AMI Alien Brigade (1990, 7800, Atari)

Grau, Edward Poker Tourney (1982, 800, Artworx)

Graves, Bob [B] Gridiron Glory, w/Mike Drury (1982, 800, APX)

Gray, Alan Cyclops (1983, COCO, Romik) Pac-Man-like

Gray, Chris Boulder Dash, w/Peter Liepa (1984, 800, First Star) Whirlinurd (1985, 800/C64, US Gold) Infiltrator (1986, C64, Mindscape) Infiltrator II (1987, C64?, Mindscape) [D] Road Raider (1988, C64, Mindscape) [D] Technocop (1988, AP2, Gray Matter) [D] Fiendish Freddy's Big Top o'Fun (1989, AMI, Mindscape)

Gray, Fred Giants Revenge (1984, C64, Thor)

Gray, Ian Crazy Kong (1983, C64, Interceptor) Donkey Kong-like Defender 64 (1983, C64, Interceptor) Defender-like Scramble 64 (1983, C64, Interceptor) Scramble-like Panic 64 (1983, C64, Interceptor) Space Panic-like Cuddly Cuburt (1983, C64, Interceptor) Q*bert-like Star Trek (1983, C64, Interceptor) Siren City (1983, C64, Interceptor) Heroes of Karn (1983, C64, Interceptor) China Miner (1984, C64, Interceptor) Spriteman 64 (1984, C64, Interceptor) Pac-Man-like Tales of the Arabian Nights (1984, C64, Interceptor) Get off my Garden! (1984, C64, Interceptor) Aquanaut (1984, C64, Interceptor) Quango (1984, C64, Interceptor) Boulder Dash-like Empire of Karn (1985, C64, Interceptor) Fiona Rides Out (1985, C64, Interceptor) [P] Doriath, w/Lee Braine (1985, C64, Rabbit) A Fistful of Bucks, w/Lee Braine (1985, C64, Ocean) Spirit of the Stones, w/Lee Braine (1985, C64, Commodore) Web, w/Lee Braine (1986, C64, Orpheus) First Starfighter, w/Lee Braine (1986, C64, Orpheus) [P] Spooked (1989, C64, Players) from SPEC [P] Slightly Magic (1991, C64, Codemasters) from SPEC [P] Murray Mouse (1992, C64, Codemasters) from SPEC [P] Wild West Seymour (1992, C64, Codemasters) from CPC

Gray, Jeff Abyssal Zone (1984, AP2, Salty)

Gray, John R. [P] Eagles, w/Larry Joba (1983, C64, SSI) from 800 Fifty Mission Crush (1984, C64, SSI) B-24, w/Peter Schmitt (1987, C64, SSI) First Over Germany (1988, C64, SSI)

Gray, Justin Aquatron (1983, 800, Sierra)

Gray, Norm Pick-A-Dilly Pair (1983, AP2, Actioncraft)

Greathouse, Butch Warlock's Revenge (1983, 800, Synergistic)

Green, A. Froggy, w/J. Couto (1982, TI99, Extended) Frogger-like

Green, Dave Star Clones, w/Matt Clark (1981, AP2, Creative Computing)

Green, John Vagan Attack (1984, SPEC, Atlantis)

Green, Kevin T. [P] Nonterraqueous (1985, C64, MAST) from SPEC Space Hunter (1985, C64, MAST) Captain Zzap (1986, C64, MAST) Kromazone (1988, C64, MAST) Night Racer (1988, C64, MAST) [P] International Speedway (1988, C64, Silverbird) from CPC

Green, Stephen [P] 1942 (1986, C64, Elite) from COIN

Green, Stewart Alien (1985, SPEC, PSS) Astrocade (1985, SPEC, PSS) Mega-Mazing (1985, SPEC, PSS) Invadas (1985, SPEC, PSS) Space Fright (1985, SPEC, PSS) Luna Buggy (1985, SPEC, PSS) Annals of Rome (1986, SPEC, PSS) Pegasus Bridge (1986, SPEC/CPC, PSS) Invasion Force (1987, SPEC/CPC, PSS) Dark Blades PBM (1989, ST, Standard) Skullball (1989, PC/ST, Active) Europa (1990, PC, Active) Pogotron (1990, SPEC, Cascade) Loopz (1990, SPEC, Audiogenic) Super League Manager (1991, SPEC/CPC, Audio Genie) [P] Xenon II (1993, MS, Mirrorsoft) Charge of the Light Brigade (1993, PC, Impressions) Hand of St. James (1993, PC/ST, Millennium) Robocod (1993, GB/NES, Millennium) Pinkie (1993, many, Millennium)

Greenberg, Andrew Wizardry, w/Robert Woodhead (1981, AP2, Sir-Tech) Wizardry II, w/Robert Woodhead (1982, AP2, Sir-Tech) Wizardry III, w/Robert Woodhead (1983, AP2, Sir-Tech) Wizardy IV, w/Robert Woodhead, Roe Adams (1987, AP2, Sir-Tech) Wizardry V, w/Robert Woodhead, David Bradley (1988, AP2, Sir-Tech) [G] Star Saga I [G] Star Saga II

Greene, Andy [P] Time Lords (1983, BBC, Redshift) [P] Islandia (1984, BBC, Redshift)

Greene, Michael No Escape! (1983, 2600, Imagic) [P] Star Wars (1984, C64, PB)

Greenfield, Mike [TB] Laser Beam (1985, 800, COMPUTE!)

Greenshields, Mark Hades Nebula (1987, C64, Paranoid)

Greenway, George A. [B] Stockmarket (1982, 800, ASP) [B] The Valley (1982, 800, ASP) [P] Bismark (1983, 800, ASP) [B] Cells and Serpents (1983, 800, ASP) [B] Conquering Everest (1983, 800, ASP) [B] Gallery of Death (1983, 800, ASP) [B] Planetfall (1983, 800, ASP) [B] White Barrows (1983, 800, ASP) [B] Tari Trap (1983, 800, Atari Computing) [B] Elephant's Graveyard (1984, 800, Atari Computing)

Greenway, Jeff [B] Sharkie! (1983, 800, PD) [TB] Centurion (1984, 800, Antic)

Gregg, Stuart [P] XOR (1987, BBC, Logotron)

Gregory, Brent [P] Tank Arkade (1982, TRS, Avalon Hill) from PET/800/VIC

Greiner, Ken [TB] Warrior 3000 (1985, 800, Antic)

Grey, Robert Hexpert (1983, C64, Anirog) Q*bert-like

Griesemer, Alan Block Buster, w/Stephen Bradshaw (1981, 800, APX) Rubik's Cube-like

Griffin, David [TB] Maze Muncher (1982, BBC, Your Computer) Pac-Man-like

Griffin, Phil [TB] Dodger, w/Les Ellingham (1983, 800, Page 6)

Griffiths, Jonathan Snapper (1982, BBC, Acornsoft) Pac-Man-like Rocket Raid (1992, BBC, Acornsoft) Scramble-like JCB Digger (1983, BBC, Acornsoft) The Horse Lord (1985, BBC, Century) Conqueror (1988, ARC, Superior) Campaign (1992, PC/AMI/ST, Empire) [L] Campaign II (1992, AMI, Empire)

Griffiths, Paul Moon Flight (1983, COCO, CLOAD) Lunar Lander-like EZ-Ski (1984, COCO, Chromasette) Air Attack (1988, COCO, T&D) Scramble-like

Griggs, Ted Supermartian (1984, AP2, Computer Easy)

Grigsby, Gary Guadalcanal Campaign (1982, AP2, SSI) Bomb Alley (1982, AP2, SSI) North Atlantic '86 (1982, AP2, SSI) Carrier Force (1983, AP2, SSI) War in Russia (1984, AP2, SSI) Reforger '88 (1984, AP2, SSI) Objective: Kursk (1984, AP2, SSI) U.S.A.A.F. (1985, AP2, SSI) Mech Brigade (1985, AP2, SSI) Kampfgruppe (1985, AP2, SSI) Warship (1986, C64?, SSI) Battle Group (1986, C64?, SSI) Battle Cruiser (1987, C64?, SSI) Typhoon of Steel (1988, C64/AP2, SSI) Panzer Strike! (1988, C64, SSI) Western Front (1991, PC, SSI) Carrier Strike (1992, PC, SSI) Gary Grigsby's Pacific War (1992, PC, SSI) War in Russia (1993, PC, SSI) [L] Steel Panthers, w/(1995, PC, SSI)

Grimm, Leslie Robot Odyssey, w/Mike Wallace (1984, AP2, Learning Company)

Grimm, Steven [T] Blast! (1986, 800, ANALOG)

Griner, Tom Guardian (1981, VIC, Systems Formulate) Meteors (1981, VIC, Systems Formulate) Astroblitz (1982, VIC, Creative) Videomania (1982, VIC, Creative) Black Hole (1982, VIC, Creative) Terraguard (1982, VIC, Creative) Predator (1982, VIC, HES) Mosquito Infestation (1982, VIC, HES) Satellite Patrol (1982, VIC, HES) Maze (1983, VIC, HES) [P] Shamus (1983, VIC, HES) from 800 [P] Choplifter (1983, VIC, Creative) from AP2 Astroblitz Deluxe (1983, C64, Creative) [P] Robotron: 2084 (1983, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Stargate (1985, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN

Grini, Henning Jon [TB] Mad Jumper (1984, SPEC, Sinclair Programs)

Grodin, Larry Torpedo Terror (1981, AP2, Continental)

Groll, Stephen D. [TB] Alpha Run (1983, 800, Antic) [TB] Microids (1983, 800, Antic) [TB] The Gantlet (1984, 800, Antic)

Gronbech, Soren Crackers Revenge (1985, C64) The Vikings (1986, C64, Kele Line) Sword of Sodan (1988, AMI, Discovery) Datastorm (1989, AMI, Visionary)

Gross, Arnold [TB] Robot Builder (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Gross, Steve [D] Cat-Nap, w/Jay Ford (1982, 800, Zimag)

Groth, Roy Lying Chimps (1981, TRS, 80-US)

Grotjan, Jim Spiderquake (1983, 800, Gentry) Frogger-like

Groves, Glen H. TI Toad (1983, TI99, Software Specialties) Frogger-like Burger Builder (1983, TI99, Software Specialties) BurgerTime-like Micro Pinball (1983, TI99, Software Specialties) Midnite Mason (1983, TI99, Software Specialties) Lode Runner-like

Grumbles, Robert Doom Valley, w/Nick Magnus (AP2, Superior)

Guber, Sol [TB] Word Square (1983, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Number Maze (1984, 800, Hi-Res) [TB] Color the Shapes (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Gunther, John [TB] Worm Squirm (1983, 800, Antic)

Gustaffson, Roland Cosmic Balance II (1986, AP2, SSI)

Guy, Charles [P] Crazy Painter (1983, COCO, Cornsoft) from TRS [P] Jet (1986, AP2, Sublogic)

Guy, Rudy A. [B] Connection (1988, AP2, Mindcraft)


Habibi, Mehdi Jailbreak (1983, TI99, "Bit, Byte, Bit")

Haehn, Lou Racer (AP2, Softape)

Haffner, Lance 3-in-1 Baseball (1984, AP2, Lance Haffner) Full Count Baseball (AP2, Lance Haffner)

Haft, Russ TRON Maze-A-Tron (1982, INT, Mattel)

Hagani, James A. [TB] Slot Machine (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Hague, James [T] Bonk (1985, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Rockslide! (1986, 800, Antic) [T] Electroids (1986, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Uncle Henry's Nuclear Waste Dump (1986, 800, Antic) [TB] Current Events (1987, 800, Antic) [TB] E-Racer (1988, 800, Antic) [G] King Arthur & the Knights of Justice (1995, SNES, Enix) [G] Need for Speed (1996, SAT, EA) from PC Bumbler (1996, MAC, Dadgum) Bumbler Bee-Luxe (1997, MAC, Dadgum) [G] Summoner (2000, PS2, THQ) [G] Summoner 2 (2002, PS2, THQ) [L] Red Faction: Guerrilla (2009, 360/PS3/PC, THQ) [G] Red Faction: Armageddon (2011, 360/PS3/PC, THQ) DaisyPop (2014, iOS, self)

Hahn, Mark [P] Pengo (1984, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Haigh-Hutchinson, Mark [RIP 2008] [P] Android One (1985, CPC, Vortex) from SPEC [P] Highway Encounter (1985, CPC, Vortex) from SPEC [P] Alien Highway (1986, SPEC/CPC, Vortex) from SPEC [P] Revolution (1986, CPC, US Gold) from SPEC [P] Paperboy (CPC, Elite) from COIN Overlander (1988, SPEC/CPC, Elite) [P] ThunderBlade (1988, CPC, US Gold) from COIN Human Killing Machine (1989, C64, US Gold) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game (1989, SPEC, US Gold) [G] Italy 1990 (CPC, US Gold) [P] Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1993, GEN, Konami) from SNES [G] Metroid Prime (2002, GC, Nintendo) [G] Metroid Prime 2 (2004, GC, Nintendo) [G] Metroid Prime 3 (2007, GC, Nintendo)

Haight, Bev R. Night Falls (1982, AP2, Omega)

Haines, Eric [T] Trap (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Circuits (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Haire, Michael O. [P] Asylum, w/William Denman (1985, 800/C64, Screenplay) Asylum II from TRS

Hale, Greg [RIP 2000] Floppy, w/Ted Cohn (AP2) Flappy-like Rescue Raiders, w/Arthur Britto (1984, AP2, Sir-Tech) Cavern Cobra (1987, GS, PBI) Leprechaun (1987, MAC, Shodan) Armor Alley, w/Arthur Britto (1989, MAC/PC, Three-Sixty)

Hales, Steve Slime (1982, 800, Synapse) Fort Apocalypse (1982, 800, Synapse) Suicide Mission (1982, 2600, Starpath) Dimension X (1984, 800, Synapse) [L] Mindwheel, w/Robert Pinsky (1985, Synapse)

Halfhill, Tom R. [T] Cut-Off! (1984, C64, COMPUTE!) Blockade-like [TB] Nessie (1985, 800, COMPUTE!)

Haliburton, Ron [D] Omega Race (1981, COIN, Bally Midway) [D] Two Tigers, w/Tim Gilbert (1984, COIN, Bally Midway)

Hall, Darren Space Fortress (1983, VIC, Romik) Space Escort (1983, VIC, Romik)

Hall, Gordon Force One (1987, C64, Firebird) Roadburner (1989, C64, Players Premier)

Hall, John Mine Storm (1982, VEC, GCE)

Hall, Mike [TB] Trailin' Tail (1983, COCO, Rainbow)

Hall, Robert C. III [TB] Lone Star Corral (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Entrapment (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Hall, Tom [P] Seven Keys (1987, AP2, Softdisk) Aztec Temple (1988, AP2, Softdisk) Ed's Superspy Course (1988, AP2, Softdisk) [P] Anagram Challenge (1988, AP2, Softdisk) [P] Loose Change (1988, AP2, Softdisk) Changemaker (1988, AP2, Softdisk) Walk Into the Dot (1988, AP2, Softdisk) The Silver Cow (1988, AP2, Softdisk) Recollect Trek (1988, AP2, Softdisk) Recollect the Beatles (1988, AP2, Softdisk) Amusement Park (1989, AP2, Softdisk) Word Castle (1989, AP2, Softdisk) In Search of the Golden Cheese (1989, AP2, Softdisk) Duck Boop (1989, AP2, Softdisk) Alfredo's Stupendous Surprise, w/John Romero (1989, AP2, Softdisk) [P] Magic Boxes (1989, AP2, Softdisk) Pun's Peak (1990, AP2, Softdisk) Ark Shadows (1990, AP2, Softdisk) Legend of the Star Axe (1990, GS, Softdisk GS) [G] Catacomb (1990, AP2, PC, Softdisk) [G] Catacomb GS (1990, GS, Softdisk GS) [G] Double Dangerous Dave (1990, A2, Softdisk) [G] Catacomb II (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Slordax (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Shadow Knights (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Rescue Rover! (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Keen Dreams (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Rescue Rover II (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Hovertank One (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Catacomb 3-D (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: Keen Must Die! (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: The Armageddon Machine (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Wolfenstein 3-D (1992, PC, id) [G] Spear of Destiny (1992, PC, id) [G] DOOM (1993, PC, id) [G] Duke Nukem II (1993, PC, Apogee) [G] Rise of the Triad (1994, PC, Apogee) [G] Extreme Rise of the Triad (1995, PC, Apogee) [G] Terminal Velocity (1995, PC, 3D Realms) [D] Anachronox (2001, PC, Eidos) [D] Hyperspace Delivery Boy! (2001, PC, Monkeystone)

Hall, Trevor City Defence (1982, BBC, Bug-Byte) Missile Command-like Dog Fight (1982, BBC, Bug-Byte) Galaxy Wars (1982, BBC, Bug-Byte) Space Invaders (1982, BBC, Bug-Byte) Space Invaders-like Oblivion (1983, BBC, Bug-Byte) Sea Lord (1983, BBC, Bug-Byte) Twin Kingdom Valley (1983, BBC, Bug-Byte)

Halloran, Phil Microx (1992, 800, LK Avalon)

Hally, Mike [D] Gravitar, w/Rich Adam (1982, COIN, Atari) [L] Star Wars (1983, COIN, Atari) [L] Empire Strikes Back (1985, COIN, Atari Games) [L] Road Runner (1986, COIN, Atari Games) [G] APB (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Blasteroids (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [D] Skull & Crossbones (1989, COIN, Atari Games) [D] Area 51 (1995, COIN, Atari Games) [D] Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (2001, COIN, Midway)

Halsall, Bill [T] Double Agents (800, New Atari User) [T] Mouse Party (800) [T] Skirmish (800, New Atari User) [T] Hot Rod Raider (1985, 800, New Atari User) [T] Headbanger (1987, 800) [T] Ace Dribbler & The Roadhogs (1990, 800, New Atari User) [T] Green Fingers (1990, 800, New Atari User) [T] Olde Gold (1990, 800, New Atari User) [T] Bat Pack (1991, 800, New Atari User) [T] Indian Gold (1992, 800, New Atari User) [T] Jurassic Gold (1996, 800, New Atari User)

Halse, A.W. Stock Car (1984, BBC, Micro Power)

Hamilton, Bob The Pyramid (1983, SPEC, Fantasy) Doomsday Castle (1983, SPEC, Fantasy) The Black Hole (1983, SPEC, Quest) Beaky and the Egg Snatchers (1984, SPEC, Fantasy) Backpackers Guide to the Universe Part 1 (1983, SPEC, Fantasy)

Hamilton, Dan Wiggle Worm (1984, COCO, Chromasette) Centipede-like

Hamilton, Stephen Jungle Drums (1987, C64, Eurogold)

Hamlin, Denslo [TB] Slalom (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Hamlin, Thomas III [TB] Mad Scientist (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Hammer, Cary A.I. (1987, AP2, Scholastic)

Hammond, Eric Night Flight (AP2) [P] Marauder, w/Rorke Weigandt (1982, AP2, Sierra) Maze Craze Construction Set (1983, AP2, Data Trek) One-on-One (1983, AP2, EA) Battle Cruiser (1984, AP2, Sweet Micro) [P] Kings of the Beach (1989, C64, EA) from PC

Hammond, Greg Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension, w/Murray Krehbiel (1984, AP2, Data Trek)

Hammons, Roger Break the Bank, w/Don Harris (1983, AP2, Gentry)

Hampton, Dave [P] Q*bert (1982, 2600, PB) from COIN

Hanawa, Steve Tranquilizer Gun (1980, COIN, Sega) Space Trek (1980, COIN, Sega) Space Odyssey (1981, COIN, Sega) Turbo (1981, COIN, Sega) Monster Bash (1982, COIN, Sega) Sinbad Mystery (1983, COIN, Sega)

Hancock, Hunter [P] Sneakers (1981, 800, Sirius) from AP2 Cyclod (1982, AP2, Sirius)

Handley, Carlton [P] Wanderer (1986, C64, Pyramide Soft) [P] APB (1989, C64, Domark) from COIN [P] Skull & Crossbones (1991, C64, Domark) from COIN [P] Rugby: The World Cup (1991, C64, Domark) from AMI/ST [P] Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94 (1994, GEAR, US Gold)

Hanley, John [TB] Roto-Wrench (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Hanson, Tim [T] White Water (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Hardy, Robert [P] Spy's Demise (1983, 800, Penguin) from AP2 [P] Spy Strikes Back (1983, 800, Penguin) from AP2 [P] Thunderbombs (1983, 800, Penguin) from AP2 [P] Pensate (1983, 800, Penguin) from AP2 [P] Pensate (1984, C64/MAC, Penguin) from AP2

Hardy, Simon Critical Mass (1984, SPEC, Durell)

Hare, Douglas IO (1988, C64, Firebird) [P] Exterminator, w/Gary Liddon (1990, C64, Audiogenic) from COIN [G] Itchy and Scratchy (1994, SNES, Acclaim)

Hargreaves, Roger Hi Bouncer (1984, C64, Mirrorsoft)

Harleman, Thomase [TB] Missile Evasion (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Harnish, Roger Strip Poker (1982, AP2, Artworx) Strip Poker II (1988, GS, Artworx)

Haroutunian, Arti Microworld (1980, TRS, Med) Kid Grid (1982, 800, Tronix) Amidar-like [P] Kid Grid (1983, C64, Tronix) from 800 Juice! (1983, 800/C64, Tronix) [P] S.D.I. (1987, PC, Cinemaware) from AMI [P] Skate or Die (1988, PC, EA) from C64 [P] Pac-Mania (1991, GEN, Tengen) from COIN [P] Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball (1992, GEN, Flying Edge) [P] Monopoly (1992, GEN, PB) from NES [G] WWF Royal Rumble (1993, GEN, Acclaim) [G] Tecmo Super Baseball (1994, GEN, Tecmo) [G] WWF Raw (1995, GEN, Acclaim)

Harper, David W. Armageddon (1983, SPEC, Fashionsoft) The Drive-In (1984, SPEC, Fantasy) Menace (1985, SPEC, Fashionsoft) Riddler's Den (1985, SPEC, Electric Dreams) Toadrunner (1986, SPEC, Ariolasoft) Dusk Over Elfinton (1987, SPEC, Skyslip)

Harper, Matt Wizard's Den (1987, COCO, Novasoft)

Harper, Roy [TB] Meteor Storm (1980, TRS/800, SoftSide)

Harris, Don Break the Bank, w/Roger Hammons (1983, AP2, Gentry)

Harris, J.L. 3D Dotty (1988, BBC, Blue Ribbon)

Harris, John [B] Bomb Blaster (1980, 800) Chase (1980, 800) [B] Battle Warp (1980, 800, West Coast) Jawbreaker (1981, 800, On-Line) Pac-Man-like Mouskattack (1982, 800, Sierra) [P] Frogger (1982, 800, Sierra) Jawbreaker (1983, 2600, Tiger) [P] Hansel & Gretel (1984, 800, Blythe Valley) [P] Briar Rose (1984, 800, Blythe Valley)

Harris, John [B] Can't Quit (1983, 800, APX)

Harris, Robert S. "RoSHA" [P] Hustle, w/Karl Schmitz (1981, TI99, TI) from COIN [P] Blasto, w/Elaine Henshon (1981, TI99, TI) from COIN Nimble Numbers Ned (1982, O2, NAP) Killer Bees! (1983, O2, NAP) War Room (1983, COL, Probe 2000)

Harris, Thorne D. III Quest for the Holy Grail, w/Mark Hattier (AP2, Superior)

Harrison, Mark Ghetto Blaster, w/Tony Gibson (1985, C64, Virgin)

Harrison, Richard [P] Slinky (1983, TI99, Cosmi) from 800

Harter, David SPAD X111 Mk. 2 (1987, TI99, Not-Polyoptics)

Harter, Steve [T] Crossroads (1987, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Crossroads II (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Battling Boas (1991, C64, Run)

Hartford, Steve Star Trader (1984, COCO, Computerware) Sam Sleuth (1984, COCO, Computerware) Franchise! (1985, COCO, Computerware) Maui Vice (1986, COCO, Tom Mix)

Hartley, Chuck [TB] Magic Cave (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Hartley, Martyn Call Me Psycho, w/Paul Scriven (1987, SPEC, Pirate) Dyna Star (1988, SPEC, Pirate) Hit Squad (1988, SPEC, Codemasters)

Hartman, Alan [TB] Bombardment (1981, 800, SoftSide)

Hartnell, Tim [RIP 1991] [TB] Corner Checkers (1982, SPEC, ZX Computing) [TB] Road Runner (1982, SPEC, ZX Computing) [TB] Duck Shoot (1983, SPEC, ZX Computing) [TB] Revenge of Castle Dread (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Stellar Probe (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Engulf (1983, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Magician's Maze (1984, SPEC, Interface)

Harvey, Greg Supermaze (1982, ZX81, Timex)

Harvey, Keith Wild Ride (1985, C64, Interceptor) Elektrix (1986, C64, Players) Swamp Fever (1987, C64, Players)

Harvey, Neil [TB] International Bounty Hunter (1990, C128, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Harvey, Will Lancaster (1983, AP2, Silicon Valley) [N] Music Construction Set (1984, AP2, EA) [P] Marble Madness (1986, C64, EA) from COIN Zany Golf, w/Jim Nitchals (1988, GS, EA) [G] The Immortal (1990, GS, EA)

Haslam, Derek Gateway to Karos (1983, BBC, Acornsoft)

Hassett, Greg [B] Journey to the Center of the Earth (1978, TRS, Mad Hatter) [B] House of the Seven Gables (1978, TRS, Mad Hatter) [B] King Tut's Tomb (1979, TRS, Mad Hatter) [B] Sorcerer's Castle (1979, TRS, Mad Hatter) [B] Enchanted Island (1979, TRS, Mad Hatter) [B] Voyage to Atlantis (1980, TRS, Mad Hatter) [B] Devil's Palace (1980, TRS, Mad Hatter) [B] World's Edge (1980, TRS, Mad Hatter) Mystery Mansion (1980, TRS, Mad Hatter) Search for the Sasquatch (TRS) Fasteroids (1981, TRS, Adventure World) aka Planetoids; Asteroids-like [P] Enchanted Island Plus (1982, TRS, Mad Hatter)

Hata, M. Super Invader (1979, AP2, California Pacific) Space Invaders-like

Hattier, Mark Quest for the Holy Grail, w/Thorne Harris (AP2, Superior)

Hauck, Lane Head-On (1979, COIN, Sega/Gremlin)

Hauser, Jim [D] Type Attack, w/Ernie Brock (1982, 800, Sirius)

Hausman, Frank [P] Centipede, w/Sean Hennessy (1982, 5200, Atari) from COIN

Hausman, Robert Jr. [TB] No-Mis (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Hawkins, Darryl Dion [T] Micro City (1986, C64, Ahoy!)

Hawkins, P.T. Steeple Jack (1983, 800, English)

Hawkins, Randy [TB] Concentration II (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Gambler (1982, AP2/800/TRS, SoftSide)

Hawkins, William [P] Rip-Off (1982, VEC, Milton Bradley) from COIN Cosmic Chasm (1982, VEC, Milton Bradley) [P] Star Castle (1983, VEC, Milton Bradley) from COIN Bedlam (1983, VEC, Milton Bradley) Web Wars (1983, VEC, Milton Bradley)

Hawks, Chris Wizard's Tomb (1983, COCO, Skyline) Domination (1987, CC3, Hawksoft) Risk-like

Hawley, Chris Horse Racing (1980, INT, Mattel) Space Armada, w/John Brooks (1981, INT, Mattel) Space Invaders-like

Hawley, Steve Suicide! (1981, AP2, Piccadilly)

Hayenga, Keith Foosball (1981, AP2, Sirius)

Hays, Steven [P] Robotron: 2084 (1983, AP2, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Ms. Pac-Man (1984, AP2, Atarisoft) from COIN

Hays, Tim [TB] Trench (1980, 800, SoftSide) [B] 3-D Red Baron Dogfight (1980, 800, Sebree's) [B] Balloon Pop & Pylon Racer (1981, 800, Sebree's) [B] Trip to Jupiter (1981, 800, Sebree's)

Hayward, Iain Cyber Rats (1982, SPEC, Silversoft) Ground Attack (1982, SPEC, Silversoft)

Heath, Charlie [P] Reactor (1982, 2600, PB) from COIN [G] Bimini Run (1990, GEN, Nuvision)

Heath, David At the Gates of Moscow (1985, 800, SGP)

Heaven, Peter Turf-Form (1988, 800, Blue Ribbon)

Hedley, Michael Cannibals (1983, 800, Calisto) Space Panic-like [P] Neptune's Daughters (1984, 800, English) from C64 WitchSwitch (1984, C64, English) Mediator (1985, 800, English) [G] Winter Olympiad '88 (1988, 800, Tynesoft)

Hefter, Richard Chivalry, w/Steve & Janie Worthington (1983, AP2, Weekly Reader) Beach Landing, w/Susan Dubicki (1984, AP2, Weekly Reader) Fat City, w/Steve Worthington (1983, AP2, Weekly Reader) Old Ironsides, w/Jack Rice (1983, AP2, Weekly Reader) Run for It, w/Steve Worthington (1983, AP2, Weekly Reader)

Heimarck, Todd [TB] Tetracrystals of Veluria (1984, VIC, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Campaign Manager (1984, C64, COMPUTE!)

Heineman, Bill [cofounder Interplay] Mindshadow (1985, C64, ACT) [G] Borrowed Time (1985, C64, ACT) [P] Racing Destruction Set (1986, 800, EA) from C64 [G] Tass Times in Tonetown (1986, C64, Interplay) [G] Bard's Tale (1986, C64, EA) [G] Bard's Tale III (1988, C64, EA) [P] Dragon Wars (1989, AP2, Interplay) [G] Track Meet (1991, GB, Interplay) [G] RPM Racing (1992, SNES, Interplay) [P] Out of This World (1992, GS/SNES, Interplay) from AMI/ST [P] Out of This World (1994, 3DO, Interplay) from AMI/ST [P] Ultima I (1994, GS, Vitesse) from AP2 [G] Kingdom: The Far Reaches (1995, 3DO/CDI, Interplay) [P] Wolfenstein 3D (1995, 3DO/MAC, Interplay) from PC [P] Killing Time (1996, MAC, Logicware) from 3DO [P] Wolfenstein 3D (1998, GS, id) from PC AstroRock 2000 (1998, PC/MAC, Logicware) [P] Bugdom (2001, PC, Global Star) from MAC

Hellesen, Joe [P] Deluxe Invaders (1981, 800, Roklan) Space Invaders-like [P] Wizard of Wor (1981, 800, Roklan) from COIN [P] Wizard of Wor, w/Joe Wagner (1982, 2600, CBS) from COIN [P] Pac-Man (1982, 800, Atari) from COIN [P] Gyruss (1984, C64, PB) from COIN [P] Joust (1985, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Dream Zone (1986 ST, Baudville) [G] Joust 2 (1986, COIN, Williams) [L] Jordan vs. Bird One on One (1988, C64, EA) [PG] Red Storm Rising (1989, PC, MicroProse) from C64 [P] M1 Tank Platoon (1990, ST, MicroProse) from PC [G] Night Hawk: F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0 (1991, PC, MicroProse) [P] Dracula Unleashed, w/Fred Allen (1993, SCD, Sega) [L] Phantom 2040, w/Patrick Costello (1995, GEN, Hearst) [P] Beavis & Butthead Little Thingies, w/Fred Allen (1996, PC, Viacom) [G] Septerra Core (1999, PC, Valkyrie) [P] Axis and Allies: Iron Blitz (1999, PC, Hasbro)

Hellon, Malcom [P] Spy vs Spy, w/Anthony Taglione (1985, SPEC, First Star) from C64 [P] Lords of Midnight, w/Anthony Taglione (1985, C64, Mindscape) from SPEC

Henderson, Bob [P] Space Shuttle (1984, 800/5200, ACT) from 2600

Henderson, Bruce [B] Super Starwars (AP2, Programma)

Hendren, Bob [D] Moon Mine, w/John Phillips (1983, TI99, TI)

Hendricks, Mike Pulsar, w/Larry Clague (1981, COIN, Sega/Gremlin) [G] Eliminator, w/Larry Clague & Steve Hostetler (1981, COIN, Sega/Gremlin) Tac/Scan, w/Brian Millar (1982, COIN, Sega)

Henkel, Guido Hellowoon (1984, C64, Ariolasoft) [P] Hellowoon (1984, AMI/ST, Ariolasoft) from C64 Ooze (1987, C64/AMI/ST/PC, Ariolasoft) [P] Exxolon (1988, AMI, Hewson) Ooze: Creepy Nights (1989, C64/AMI/ST/PC, Linel) [P] Kaiser (1989, AMI, Linel) [G] Lords Of Doom (1990, AMI/ST/PC, Starbyte) [G] Spirit Of Adventure (1991, AMI/ST/PC, Starbyte) Drachen Von Laas, w/Hans-Jürgen Brändle (1992, AMI/ST/PC, Attic) [G] The Oath (1992, AMI, Attic) [G] Das Schwarze Auge: Die Schicksalsklinge (1992, AMI/ST/PC, Attic) [G] Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny (1995, PC, Sir-Tech) [P] Fears (1996, AMI, Attic) [G] Realms of Arkania: Star Trail (1995, PC, Sir-Tech) [P] Der Druidenzirkel (1996, PC, Attic) [G] Jagged Alliance II (1996, PC, Sir-Tech) [G] Made In Germany (1996, PC, Attic) [G] Realms of Arkania: Shadows Over Riva (1997, PC, Sir-Tech) [G] Herrscher Der Meere (1997, PC, Attic) [G] Fallout 2 (1997, PC, Interplay) [G] Planescape: Torment (1999, PC, Interplay) Black Jack Pro (2002, Pocket PC, G3) Video Poker Pro (2002, Pocket PC, G3)

Hennessy, Paul Counter Attack (1982, ZX81, Woodside)

Hennessy, W. Sean [P] Centipede, w/Frank Hausman (1982, 5200, Atari) from COIN RealSports Tennis (1983, 5200, Atari) [P] Pengo (1983, 5200/800, Atari) from COIN [G] MouseTraks (1984, Mac, Axlon) [P] SoulFire, w/Phil Sorger (1994, SCD, Sega)

Henshon, Elaine [P] Yahtzee (1979, TI99, TI) [P] Stratego (1979, TI99, TI) [P] Connect Four (1979, TI99, TI) [P] Blasto, w/Robert Harris (1981, TI99, TI) from COIN

Hensley, David Jr. [T] Basketball Sam & Ed, w/Rhett Anderson (1987, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Arcade Volleyball, w/Rhett Anderson (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Herlihy, Felix and Greg Vaults of Zurich (1981, 800, Artworx)

Hermens, Hermie The Antagonists, w/Hal Renko, Sam Edwards (1985, C64, Addison-Wesley)

Hernandez, Nelson G. Sr. President Elect (1981, AP2, SSI) President Elect '88 Edition (1988, AP2, SSI)

Herrera, Fernando [B] Time Bomb (1981, 800, Swifty) [B] Space Chase (1981, 800, APX) Astro Chase (1983, 800, First Star) Bristles (1983, 800, First Star) [G] Rockford (1985, AMI/COIN, Arcadia) Superman, w/Jim Nangano (1985, C64, First Star)

Hess, Philip & Bob Death in the Carribean (1983, AP2, Micro Fun)

Hester, Dean Collision Course (1982, 800, Zimag)

Hewitt, Dan [P] Xevious (1984, AP2, Mindscape) from COIN

Hewson, Mark [TB] Grid (1984, 800, Page 6)

Hickman, Ed Apple Jam (1984, SPEC, dk'tronics) Zig-Zag (1984, SPEC, dk'tronics) Nonterraqueous, w/Stephen Curtis (1985, SPEC/CPC, MAST) [P] One Man and His Droid (1985, CPC, MAST) from SPEC [P] High Frontier (1987, SPEC, ACT) from C64

Hiddleston, Mike [P] Return of the Jedi, w/Glenn Benson (1988, CPC, Domark) from COIN

Higby, Kathy [B] Ouranos! (1980, PET, CURSOR)

Hightower, Glenn Adventures of TRON, w/Hal Finney (1983, 2600, M Network)

Higinbotham, Willy Tennis for Two (1958)

Hilger, Jim [TB] Volleyball (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

Hill, Alan [TB] Shoot Out (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Hill, Earle [TB] Marble Magic (1989, 800, ANALOG)

Hill, Edward N. Jr. [P] Pogo Joe (1983, 800, Screenplay) from C64 Acrojet, w/William Denman (1985, C64, MicroProse) Kennedy Approach (1985, 800, MicroProse) from C64 [PG] Crusade in Europe (1986, PC, MicroProse) from C64 [PG] Conflict in Vietnam (1986, PC, MicroProse) from C64 NetWars (1993, PC, Novell)

Hille, David Combat Leader (1983, 800, SSI) Batallion Commander (1985, 800 SSI)

Hillen, Steve [T] Deathzone (1986, 800, ANALOG) Nightmare Reflections (1985, 800)

Hilty, James C. [TB] Moondog (1987, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Batter Up! (1987, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] Jupiter Jump (1987, C64, Commodore Magazine)

Hind, Steve [T] Water Ski School (1986, 800, Page 6)

Hindorff, Bill Radar Rat Race (1981, VIC, Commodore) Rally-X-like Cosmic Cruncher (1982, VIC, Commodore) [P] Gorf (1982, VIC, Commodore) from COIN [P] Blue Print (1983, C64, Commodore) from COIN [P] Super Sunday (1983, C64, Avalon Hill) from AP2 [P] Fortress of the Witch King (1984, C64, Avalon Hill) from 800 Guderian (1986, 800/AP2/C64, Avalon Hill) [P] Gulf Strike (AP2/C64, Avalon Hill) from 800 [P] Blue Powder Grey Smoke (MAC, Garde) [P] Super Sprint (NES, Tengen) from COIN

Hinkle, Steve Galaxy, w/Dave Johnston (1983, 800, Avalon Hill)

Hinsley, Chris Cruise Attack (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Laserwarp (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Deffendar (1984, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Defender-like Paradroids (1984, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Pyjamarama (1984, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Automania (1984, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Everyone's a Wally (1985, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Equinox (1986, SPEC, Mikro-Gen)

Hinxman, Anton Sting 64 (1984, C64, Quicksilva)

Hirono, Takayuki [P] C-So! (1985, MSX, Pony) Zanac EX, w/Masamitsu Niitani (1986, MSX, Pony) Zanac A.I., w/Masamitsu Niitani (1986, MSX, Pony)

Hiscott, Greg [P] Juno First (1983, 800, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Juno First (1984, C64, Datasoft) from COIN

Hitchens, Dan [P] Berzerk (1982, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Swordquest Earthworld (1982, 2600, Atari) [P] Gravitar (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Mario Bros. (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [TB] The Lair (1984, 800, Your Computer)

Hitchens, David [TB] Blockbreaker (1986, 800, Page 6) Breakout-like [TB] Ballbender! (1988, 800, Page 6) [TB] Dilemma (1990, 800, New Atari User)

Hobbs, Ed R. Seafox (1982, AP2/800, BROD) Triad (1982, AP2, AI) Syzygy (1983, AP2) Castles of Dr. Creep (1984, C64, BROD)

Hochbrueckner, Walter Conquering Worlds (1983, AP2, Datamost) [P] Sky Travel (1988, AP2, Deletron) from ?

Hochwitz, Todd At the Gates of Moscow (1985, AP2, SGP)

Hodapp, Ed Deadly Duck (1982, 2600/VIC, Sirius)

Hoddie, J. Peter Fishy Business (1983, TI99, Optimus) J. Freddy Frog (1983, TI99, Optimus) Klimbing Kong (1983, TI99, Optimus) Nuclear Rain (1983, TI99, Optimus) Space Battle: 2101 (1983, TI99, Optimus)

Hodgson, Paul [PG] Dragon's Lair (1984, SPEC, Software Projects) from COIN Uchi Mata, w/Andy Walker (1986, C64, Martech)

Hodkin, Peter City Fighter (1984, C64, MAST) The Chess Game (1985, C64, Microclassic)

Hoffberg, Robert Connect Four (1979, Microvision, Milton Bradley) Cosmic Hunter (1981, Microvision, Milton Bradley)

Hoffman, Bruce X. Talisman (1987, AP2, Penguin)

Hoffman, Don Pool 1.5, w/Dave Morock, Howard de St. Germain (1981, AP2, IDSI)

Hoffman, William Laser Battle (1982, TI99, Futura)

Hofstede, Geert Space Snake (1982, VIC, Commodore)

Hogarth, Les Se-Kaa of Assiah, w/Clive Wilson (1984, C64, MAST)

Hogg, Tom [G] Poolshark (1977, COIN, Atari)

Hogue, Bill [cofounder Big Five] Attack Force, w/Jeff Konyu (1980, TRS, Big Five) Cosmic Fighter, w/Jeff Konyu (1980, TRS, Big Five) Galaxy Invasion, w/Jeff Konyu (1980, TRS, Big Five) Galaxian-like Galaxy Invasion Plus, w/Jeff Konyu (1980, TRS, Big Five) Galaxian-like Super Nova, w/Jeff Konyu (1980, TRS, Big Five) Asteroids-like Robot Attack, w/Jeff Konyu (1981, TRS, Big Five) Meteor Mission II, w/Jeff Konyu (1982, TRS, Big Five) Lunar Rescue-like Defense Command, w/Jeff Konyu (1982, TRS, Big Five) Missile Command-like Miner 2049er (1982, 800, Big Five) Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (1985, 800, Big Five)

Holder, Wayne Sundog, w/Bruce Webster (1984, AP2, FTL) [G] Dungeon Master (1987, ST, FTL)

Holland, Jim [B] Golf Master (1983, 800, Joyland)

Holland, Lawrence "Larry" [P] Super Zaxxon, w/Michael Cranford (1984, AP2/C64, HES) from COIN [P] Spike's Peak (1984, C64, HES) from 2600 Project Space Station (1985, C64, HES) [P] PHM Pegasus (1987, AP2, EA) from C64 [P] Strike Fleet (1988, C64, EA) [L] Battlehawks 1942 (1988, AMI/PC, Lucasfilm) [L] Their Finest Hour (1989, AMI/PC, Lucasfilm) [L] Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (1991, PC, Lucasfilm) [L] X-Wing (1993, PC, LucasArts) [L] TIE Fighter (1994, PC, LucasArts) [L] X-Wing Alliance (1999, PC, LucasArts) Oceanis (2010, PC, Shockwave)

Holle, Dav Sherwood Forest, w/Dale Johnson (1981, AP2, Phoenix) [P] Ultima I (1986, C64, Origin) from AP2

Hollingworth, Shaun Potty Pigeon (1984, SPEC, GG)

Hollis, Andy MIG Alley Ace (1983, 800?, MicroProse) Kennedy Approach (1985, C64, MicroProse) [L] Gunship (1986, PC, MicroProse)

Hollis, John QS Asteroids (1981, ZX81, Quicksilva) Asteroids-like Space Intruders (1982, SPEC, Quicksilva) Space Invaders-like Meteor Storm (1982, SPEC, Quicksilva) Asteroids-like Time-Gate (1983, SPEC, Quicksilva) Aquaplane (1983, SPEC, Quicksilva) [N] Game Designer (SPEC, Quicksilva)

Hollis, Ken [P] Jenny of the Prairie (1984, AP2, Rhiannon)

Holman, M. Lost Island (1982, ZX81, JRS)

Holmes, Ian Pipeline, w/William Reeve (1988, BBC, Superior)

Holmes, Paul Grand National, w/Andy Williams (1985, SPEC, Elite)

Homer, Kevin M. [P] Leader Board (1986, 800, Access) from C64

Hood, Bill [B] Five Card Draw Poker (1981, PET/800, Avalon Hill) [B] Shootout at the OK Galaxy (1982, VIC, Avalon Hill) [B] Tank Arkade (1982, PET/800/VIC, Avalon Hill) [B] Road Race / Bowler (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill) [B] Bomber Attack (1982, PET/800, Avalon Hill) Flying Ace (1982, 800, Avalon Hill) Moon Patrol (1982, 800, Avalon Hill) Shuttle Orbiter (1983, 2600, Avalon Hill)

Hooper, Bill Match Racer (1981, 800, Gebelli) Embargo (1982, 800, Gebelli) [P] Track Attack (1982, 800, BROD) from AP2

Hoover, Rick Might & Magic (1983, AP2, Sanctum)

Hope, Paul [RIP 2011] Chariot Race (1983, VIC, Micro-Antics)

Hopkins, Greg [TB] Pyramid (1984, C64, Your Commodore) Q*bert-like [TB] Window-Cleaner (1984, C64, Personal Computer World)

Hopkins, Rod R. Airliner (1982, SPEC, Protek) Hunter Killer (1983, SPEC, Protek)

Hoppe, Jay Color Golf III (1982, COCO, Tom Mix)

Hoque, Amin [P] Trailblazer (1986, 800, GG) from C64

Horai, Makato A.E., w/Jun Wada (1982, AP2, BROD)

Horan, John G. Maxi Golf (1984, 800, AI)

Horn, Bob [P] Princess and the Frog (1983, VIC, Romox) from 800

Horn, Dan [P] Treasure Quest (1980, 800, AI) from TRS

Horn, J. Fighter Pilot (1983, 800, Interceptor)

Horne, David 1K ZX Chess (1982, ZX81, Sinclair)

Hörnell, Karl Fruity (1986, C64, Players) Fungus (1986, C64, Players) Melonmania (1986, C64, Players) Ronald Rubberduck (1986, C64, Players) Toadforce (1986, C64, Players) Velocipede (1986, C64, Players) Velocipede II (1986, C64, Players) Clean-Up Time (1986, C64, Players) Clean Up Service (1987, C64, Players)

Horowitz, Mike [P] Ms. Pac-Man, w/Josh Littlefield (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Horseman, Chris [B] Skiing (1982, 800, Centaursoft) TT Racer (1982, 800, Centaursoft) [D] Final Legacy, w/Dan Oliver (1984, 800, Atari)

Horsley, Martin Rommel's Revenge (1983, SPEC, Crystal) Battlezone-like Hall of the Things, w/Neil Mottershead, Simon Brattel (1983, SPEC, Crystal)

Hoshizaki, Julie [P] Lock 'n' Chase, w/Mike Winans (1982, INT, Mattel) from COIN [P] Thin Ice (1986, INT, INTV) Disco No. 1-like

Hoskins, D.J. Hellforce (1983, BBC, Acornsoft)

Host, Robert F. [TB] Heavenly Gates (1985, 800, COMPUTE!)

Houck, Brad Logger, w/Duane Houck (1982, C64, Comm*Data) Frogger-like Centropods, w/Duane Houck (1983, C64, Comm*Data) Centpede-like A PACaLIPS Now, w/Duane Houck (1985, C64, Green Valley) Pac-Man-like

Houck, Duane Logger, w/Brad Houck (1982, C64, Comm*Data) Frogger-like Pakacuda (1982, C64, Rabbit) Pac-Man-like Supercuda (1983, C64, Rabbit) Pac-Man-like Centropods, w/Brad Houck (1983, C64, Comm*Data) Centpede-like A PACaLIPS Now, w/Brad Houck (1985, C64, Green Valley) Pac-Man-like

Householder, Matt Krull, w/Chris Krubel (1983, COIN, Gottlieb) [D] World Games (1986, many, Epyx) [G] 3DO Games: Decathlon (1996, PC, 3DO)

Howard, Jerry [P] Slinky (1983, VIC, Cosmi) from 800

Howard, Mike [P] Moria (1984, SPEC, Severn) from ORIC

Howarth, Brian Golden Baton (1981, TRS, Molimerx) Time Machine (1981, TRS, Molimerx) Arrow of Death, part 1 (1981, TRS, Molimerx) Arrow of Death, part 2 (1982, TRS, Molimerx) Escape from Pulsar 7, w/Wherner Barnes (1982, BBC, Channel 8) Circus, w/Whener Barnes (1982, BBC) Feasibility Experiment (1983, BBC) Wizard of Akyrz, w/Cliff J. Ogden (1983, BBC) Perseus and Andromeda (1983, BBC) Ten Little Indians (1983, BBC) Waxworks, w/Cliff J. Ogden (1983, BBC) Gremlins (1984, many, Adventure Soft) Robin of Sherwood, w/Mike Woodroffe (1985, many, Adventure Soft) Super Gran, w/Mike Woodroffe (1985, C64, Tynesoft) Lone Survivor (1985, C16, Tynesoft)

Howarth, Les [B] Bomb Hunter (1982, 800, Channel 8) [B] Murder at Awesome Hall (1982, 800, Channel 8) PIGS in Space (800, PD)

Howells, Leigh [TB] Sub Search (1985, SPEC, Sinclair Programs)

Howerton, Ed Tic-Tac-Toe (1980, AP2, Progressive)

Howie, Les Fall Gelb (1983, AP2, Simulations Canada) Battle of the Atlantic (1984, AP2, Simulations Canada)

Hoyt, Michael [TB] Capture (1988, C64, Ahoy!) [TB] V'Lurian Mines (1988, C128, Ahoy!)

Hrycenko, Vladimir [D] Kool-Aid Man, w/Mark Kennedy (1983, INT, Mattel)

Hubbard, Matthew Submarine Commander (1982, 2600, Sears) Dolphin (1983, 2600, ACT) Zenji (1984, 800/5200, ACT) Double Dunk (1989, 2600, Atari) [G] Defenders of Dynatron City (1992, NES, JVC) [G] Road Rash II (1992, GEN, EA)

Hubble, A. The Frog (1983, COCO, Tom Mix) Frogger-like King Tut (1983, COCO, Tom Mix)

Huber, Walt Super Stud Poker (1983, 800, Lotsa Bytes) Star Lords (1984, 800, Lotsa Bytes) Blue Team Bridge (1985, 800, Antic)

Hubers, H.A. Bonzo (1982, VIC, Audiogenic)

Huddy, Richard [P] Bristles (1984, SPEC, State Soft) from 800 Wrath of the Killer Pigs (1985, SPEC, Krypton Force)

Hudson, Tom [T] Harvey Wallbanger, w/Charles Bachand (1982, 800, ANALOG) Buried Bucks (1982, 800, ANALOG) aka Chopper Hunt [T] Fill 'er Up (1983, 800, ANALOG) Qix-like [T] Livewire! (1983, 800, ANALOG) Tempest-like [T] Retrofire! (1983, 800, ANALOG) [T] Planetary Defense, w/Charles Bachand (1984, 800, ANALOG) [T] Fire Bug, w/Kyle Peacock (1984, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Adventure at Vandenburg AFB (1985, 800, ANALOG) [N] CAD-3D (1986, ST, Antic) Planetary Defense 2012 (2012, 800, PD)

Huebner, Ken Cycle Knight (1986, 800, Artworx) [TB] Memory Tiles (1989, C64, Run)

Huether, Jim Flag Capture (1978, 2600, Atari) Hunt & Score (1978, 2600, Atari) Sky Diver (1979, 2600, Atari) Steeplechase (1980, 2600, Sears) from COIN RealSports Football (1982, 5200, Atari) RealSports Volleyball, w/Bob Polaro (1982, 2600, Atari)

Huey, Jimmy Quackers, w/Thomas Kim (1982, VIC, Interesting) Galactix Blitz (1982, VIC, Tronix) Glaxian-like Swarm (1982, VIC, Tronix) Sidewinder (1982, VIC, Tronix) Scorpion (1983, VIC, Tronix) Vindicator (1983, AP2, HAL Labs) [P] Pac-Man (1983, VIC) from COIN Trolls and Tribulations (1984, C64, Creative) [P] Winter Games (1986, PC, Epyx) from C64 [PG] World Games (1986, PC, Epyx) from C64 [PG] Summer Games II (1986, PC, Epyx) from C64 [P] International Karate (1986, PC, Epyx) from C64 [P] Death Sword (1987, AP2/PC, Epyx) from C64 [P] Dr. Doom's Revenge (1989, AMI, Paragon) from ST [P] Sharkey's 3D Pool (1989, ST, MicroProse) from PC [P] Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer (1989, C64, MicroProse) from PC [G] RollerbladeRacer (1992, NES, Hitech) [P] Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (1993, SNES, Hitech) from GEN Baby's Day Out (1994, GEN, Hitech) [P] Xtreme Sports (2000, GB, Infogrames) [P] Shantae (2002, GB, Capcom)

Huff, David [TB] Tank, w/Douglas Huff (1985, 800, COMPUTE!) [T] Krazy Katerpillars (1987, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Dragon Chase (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Huff, Robinson [P] Alternate Reality: The Dungeon (1987, AP2, Datasoft) from C64

Hughes, Chuck [P] Batter Up! (1985, C64, Avant-Garde)

Hughes, Colin Stranded, w/D. Woodhouse (1984, 800, English) [P] Jet-Boot Jack (1984, CPC, English) from 800 [P] Screaming Wings (1986, AMI/ST, Red Rat) from 800

Hughes, Paul [P] MagMax (1987, C64, Imagine) from COIN

Hughes, Steve Bedlam (1983, SPEC, AMA) Crazy Bugs! (1983, SPEC, AMA) Micro Mouse Goes Debugging (1983, SPEC, Lothlorien) Scarper! (1984, C64, Lothlorien) Choc A Bloc Charlie (1984, C64, Lothlorien) Two Gun Turtle (1984, SPEC, Lothlorien [P] Castles & Kings, w/Johan Van Imschoot (1989, AP2, Entrex)

Hughey, Mike R. [B] Alcatraz II (1981-2, COCO, Spectral) Grabber (1983, COCO, Tom Mix) Draconian (1984, COCO, Tom Mix)

Hugon, Jaques [P] Track & Field, w/Seth Lipkin (1984, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Hui, Sam Cross City (1986, AP2, Computing Age) City Connection-like

Hulme, Philip Road Frog (1983, ORIC, Ocean) Frogger-like

Hume, Colin Computer War (1983, 800, Thorn EMI)

Humphery, Joe [TB] Battlefield (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

Humphrey, Gerry [P] Moon Shuttle, w/James Garon (1982, COCO, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Pooyan, w/James Garon (1983, COCO, Datasoft) from COIN

Hunt, Chris Sultan's Maze (1983, DRAG, Gem) [P] Sultan's Maze (1984, CPC, Amsoft) from DRAG Alex Higgins' World Pool (1985, CPC, Amsoft) Alex Higgins' World Snooker (1985, CPC, Amsoft) Roland Goes Digging (1985, CPC, Amsoft) Space Panic-like Spannerman (1985, CPC, Amsoft)

Hunt, John Millionaire (1984, SPEC, Incentive)

Hunt, Kevin VanAllen [P] Lunar Leeper (1983, 800, Sierra) from AP2

Hunt, Simon Diamonds (1983, 800, English) Dan Strikes Back (1984, 800, English)

Hunt, Steven Planet Attack (1987, 800, Red Rat) River Rally (1987, 800, Red Rat)

Hunter, Jerry [TB] Pearl Harbor (1983, TI99, Electronic Fun)

Huntington, Tim Krazy Kopter (1983, 800, English) Adventures of Robin Hood (1984, 800, English) Fire Chief (1985, 800, English) Despatch Rider (1986, 800, MAST)

Huntress, Wesley Wilderness, w/Charles Kohlhase, Peter Farson (1986, AP2, Electric Transit)

Hurd, James [P] Rear Guard (1982, COCO, AI) from 800 Dungeons, Dragons, & Other Perils (1984, 800, XLent)

Hurd, Jonathan [L] Food Fight (1983, COIN, Atari)

Hurlburt, Jeff SuperQuest (1983, AP2, SoftSide)

Hurley, Kenneth [P] Rampage (1987, AP2, ACT) from COIN [P] Sword of Kadash (1986, ST, Dynamix) from AP2? Chuck Yeager's Air Combat Simulator, w/Brent Iverson (PC, EA) [P] Wing Commander III, w/Steve Coallier (PS, EA) from PC

Husak, Charles A. [T] Little Runner (1984, COCO, Rainbow)

Husch, David Mars Cars (1982, AP2, Datamost)

Huskey, Scott Flip Out (1982, AP2, Sirius)

Hutcherson, Larry W. Sr. Mouse Trap (1981, COIN, Exidy) Teeter Torture (1982, COIN, Exidy) Pepper II (1982, COIN, Exidy) Hard Hat (1982, COIN, Exidy) Fax, w/Vic Tolomei (1983, COIN, Exidy) [G] Crossbow (1983, COIN, Exidy) Cheyenne (1984, COIN, Exidy) Combat (1985, COIN, Exidy) Crackshot (1985, COIN, Exidy) Chiller, w/Vic Tolomei, Ken Nicholson (1986, COIN, Exidy) Clay Pigeon (1986, COIN, Exidy) Top Secret (1986, COIN, Exidy) Hit 'N Miss (1987, COIN, Exidy) Showdown (1988, COIN, Exidy) Who Dunnit (1988, COIN, Exidy)

Hutchinson, Mike [P] Arkanoid (1987, 800, Ocean) from COIN

Hutchinston, Paul The Covenant (1985, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) [P] Druid (1986, CPC, Firebird) from C64 Gothik (1987, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) Enlightenment (1987, CPC, Firebird) Spider-Man (1990, MS, Sega)

Huxter, Sean [B] Boxxy (1985, C64, PD) Q*bert-like [B] Piracy (1985, C64, PD)

Hyatt, Jason [P] Pharaoh's Curse (1983, C64, Synapse) from 800


Iaria, Peter Trivia Savant, w/Anthony Tribelli (1984, AP2, HAL Labs)

Ibbotson, Denis Bugs (1984, BBC, Virgin Games) Jungle Jive (1984, BBC, Virgin Games)

Ida, Ken Snoggle, w/Jun Wada (1981, AP2, BROD)

Iden, Chris [P] Wizard and the Princess (1980, 800, On-Line) from AP2 [P] Mission: Asteroid (1980, 800, On-Line) from AP2 [P] Crossfire (1981, 800, On-Line) from AP2 [P] Softporn Adventure (1981, 800, On-Line) from AP2 [P] Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (1981, 800, On-Line) from AP2

Illowsky, Dan County Fair (1981, AP2, Datamost) Carnival-like Space Cadette (1982, AP2, Datamost) Snack Attack (1982, AP2, Datamost) Pac-Man like Snack Attack II, w/Michael Abrash (1982, PC, Funtastic) Master Miner (1983, PC, Funtastic)

Ilyin, Nick [G] Crossbow (1983, COIN, Exidy)

Imabayashi, Hiroyuki Sokoban (1982, PC-8800, Thinking Rabbit)

Inchiosa, Mario Whomper Stomper, w/Mike Wall (1984, 800, AI)

Indictor, Mark Spinball (1982, VEC, Milton Bradley)

Inns, Trevor [P] Brian Bloodaxe (1985, C64, Edge) from SPEC [P] Fairlight (1986, C64, Edge) from SPEC [P] Bobby Bearing (1986, C64/CPC, Edge) from SPEC

Ippisch, Hans [P] Bad Cat (1987, C64, Rainbow Arts) Aidon (1989, C64, CP Verlag) [P] Ugh! (1992, C64, Play Byte) from AMI

Irani, Grant [P] Floyd of the Jungle (1983, C64, MicroProse) from 800 [P] Solo Flight (1983, C64, MicroProse) from 800 [P] F-15 Strike Eagle (1985, C64, MicroProse) from 800

Irish, Ray Fusebox (1989, 800, Antic)

Irvin, Peter Starship Command (1983, BBC, Acornsoft) Exile, w/Jeremy Smith (1988, BBC, Audiogenic)

Irving, Kevin Zappy Zooks (1983, C64, Romik) Pac-Man-like

Isaac, Paul C. [P] Times of Lore (1988, AP2, Origin)

Ishikawa, Hideki Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (1982, COIN, Sega)

Isokawa, Yutaka [TB] Pitman (1985, MZ, Oh!MZ)

Ison, Brian Daylight Robbery, w/Roy York (1988, 800, Atlantis) Pothole Pete, w/Roy York (1988, 800, Atlantis) Spooky Castle, w/Roy York (1988. 800, Atlantis) Zoltan Escape, w/Roy York (1989, 800, B.Ware)

Ittner, David J. Astro Attacker (1982, SORC, Global)

Iverson, Brent [B] Nibbler (1982, AP2, Microsparc) [B] Quasar II (AP2, Mindcraft)

Ivey, Howell [D] Clean Sweep (1973-5, COIN, Ramtek [D] Death Race (1976, COIN, Exidy) Car Polo (1977, COIN, Exidy) [D] Robot Bowl, w/Edward Valeau (1977, COIN, Exidy) [D] Circus, w/Edward Valeau (1977, COIN, Exidy) [D] Venture (1981, COIN, Exidy)

Ivins, Michael A. [TB] Triple Threat Dice (1982, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Color Slot Machine (1982, 800, ANALOG)

Iwata, Satoru Car Race ][ (1980, PET, PD) Star Battle (1981, VIC, HAL) Galaxian-like Super Billiards (1983, MSX, HAL) [P] Pinball, w/Satoshi Matsuoka (1984, NES, Nintendo) [P] F1 Race, w/Yasunari Soejima (1984, NES, Nintendo) [P] Balloon Fight (1985, NES, Nintendo)

Iwatani, Toru [D] Gee Bee (1978, COIN, Namco) [D] Bomb Bee (1979, COIN, Namco) [D] Cutie Q (1979, COIN, Namco) [D] Pac-Man (1980, COIN, Namco) [D] Super Pac-Man (1982, COIN, Namco) [D] Pole Position (1982, COIN, Namco) [D] Libble Rabble (1983, COIN, Namco)


Jackiw, Nick Rescue! (1981, PET, Code Works) Lunar Rescue-like Clone (1982, PET, Code Works)

Jackson, J.R. [TB] Shunting (1984, SPEC, Newtech)

Jacob, Jim Death Trap (1983, 2600, Avalon Hill) Out of Control (1983, 2600, Avalon Hill)

Jacobs, Joe [P] Bump 'n' Jump, w/Dennis Clark (1983, INT, Mattel) from COIN

Jacobson, Jim Mission Escape! (1982, AP2, CE Software)

Jacoby, Arthur P. Bankroll (1982, TI99, Not-Polyoptics)

Jaeger, Jay R. Space War (1983, 800, APX) Spacewar!-like

Jaeger, Robert Chomper (1981, 800, MMG) Pinhead (1983, 800, Utopia) Kick Man-like Montezuma's Revenge (1983, 800, PB) Montezuma's Return (1998, PC, Utopia)

Jakobsen, Michael Citadel (1985, BBC, Superior)

James, Brandon Attack on Windscale (1983, C64, Phoenix) Quest for the Garden of Eden (1983, C64, Phoenix) Jack Charlton's Match Fishing (1985, C64, Alligata)

James, Chris Darts (1981, 800, Thorn EMI) [P] Orc Attack (1984, C64, Thorn EMI) from 800 Tank Commander (1985, 800, Creative Sparks)

Jameson, John K. Cavern Fighter (1984, SPEC, Bug-Byte)

Jameson, N. Parky and the Submarine (1985, C64, Cheetahsoft) Percy (1986, C64, K'Soft)

Jamison, Bob Lemonade Stand (1973, mainframe, MECC)

Jamshidi, Behzad [T] Turtle Rescue (1987, C64, Ahoy!) [T] The Unexpected (1990, C64, Run)

Jangeborg, Bo Shoot 'em Down (SPEC, PD) Fairlight (1985, SPEC, Edge) Fairlight II (1986 SPEC, Edge)

Janhke, William [P] Crystal Castles, w/Paul Metz (1988, 800, Atari) from COIN

Jarvis, Eugene P. [P] The Atarians, w/Fred Yates (1977, PIN, Atari) Time 2000 (1977, PIN, Atari) [P] Airborne Avenger (1978, PIN, Atari) [P] Space Riders (1978, PIN, Atari) [P] Superman (1979, PIN, Atari) [P] Lazer Ball (1979, PIN, Williams) [P] Firepower (1980, PIN, Williams) [L] Defender (1981, COIN, Williams) Stargate, w/Larry DeMar (1981, COIN, Williams) Robotron: 2084, w/Larry DeMar (1982, COIN, Williams) Blaster, w/Larry DeMar (1983, COIN, Williams) [L] F-14 Tomcat, w/Ed Boon (1986, PIN, Williams) [D] NARC (1989, COIN, Williams) High Impact Football, w/Ed Boon, John Newcomer (1991, COIN, Williams) [D] Cruis'n USA (1994, COIN, Midway) [L] Cruis'n world (1996, COIN, Midway)

Jay, Rita Arena 3000 (1984, 800, Microdeal) Mr. Dig (1984, 800, Microdeal) Mr. Do-like Pengon (1984, 800, Microdeal) Pengo-like [P] Danger Ranger (1984, 800, Microdeal) [P] Cuthbert Goes Walkabout (1984, 800, Microdeal) from DRAG [P] Do Run-Run (1984, C64, Microdeal) from COIN

Jay, Simon The Helm (1985, C64, Firebird)

Jeffrey, Dwayne [P] Crime Stopper, w/Tom Luhrs (1984, C64, Hayden) from AP2

Jeffries, Paul Cybertanks (1984, SPEC, Star Dreams)

Jeffs, Ron Harrier Attack (1983, ORIC, Durell) Combat Lynx (1984, C64, Durell) Critical Mass (1984, C64, Durell) [P] Power (1985, C64, Durell) from CPC Sigma 7 (1986, C64, Durell)

Jengo, James Crypts of Plumbous (1982, 800, Cosmi)

Jennings, Peter R. Microchess (1976, KIM-1, Personal) Microchess 2.0 (1978, AP2, Personal)

Jensen, Garth [TB] Micro-80 Pinball Machine (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Jentzsch, Thomas Thrust (2000, 2600, XYPE) C64 Thrust-like

Jephcott, Christopher [TB] Flight of the Swan (1985, 800, Page 6)

Jervis, Andy Deliverance (1987, C64, CRL) I-Alien (1987, C64, CRL) To Hell and Back (1988, C64, CRL)

Jesdale, Natalie Great Maine to California Race (1983, AP2, Hayden)

Jessee, Jeff [B] Artillery (1979, PET, Creative Computing) Artillery-like [B] Deflection (1980, 800, AI) [B] Mountain Shoot (1980, 800, AI) Artillery-like [B] Simon Says (1980, 800, AI) [B] Lunar Lander (1981, 800, AI)

Jetson, Joe Save New York (1983, C64, Creative)

Jew, Matthew Battleship Commander, w/Erik Kilk (1980, AP2, Quality)

Ji-Wen Tsao Shark! Shark! (1983, INT, Mattel)

Jimick, Joseph [TB] Missile Bombers (1990, 800, Antic)

Joba, Larry [P] Eagles, w/John Gray (1983, C64, SSI) from 800

Jobate, Peter Whirlybird (1984, C64, CRL)

Jobling, Brian Mouse Trap (1987, 800, TDC) [P] Who Dares Wins II (1987, 800, Tynesoft) from C64 Speed Ace (1987, 800, Zeppelin) [P] Zybex (1988, 800, Zeppelin) [G] Winter Challenge (1988, C64, Thunder Mountain)

Jochumson, Chris Space Quarks (1981, AP2, BROD) Track Attack (1982, AP2, BROD) Arcade Machine, w/Doug Carlston (1982, AP2, BROD) [N] Graphics Magician, w/David Lubar, Mark Pelczarski (1984, AP2, Penguin)

Joerges, Jasdan Kinetik (1987, SPEC, Firebird)

Johannigman, Jeff [B] Snark Hunt (1982, 800, APX) [B] Rabbotz! (1982, 800, APX) [P] Mask of the Sun (1984, 800, BROD) from AP2 [P] Serpent's Star (1984, 800, BROD) from AP2 [D] G.I. Joe, w/Ray Carpenter (1985, AP2, Epyx) [D] This Means War! (1995, PC, MicroProse)

Johns, Graham Blockade Runner (1983, SPEC, Thorn EMI) Delta Wing (1984, SPEC, Creative Sparks)

Johnson, A.D. Ghost Gobbler (1984, SPEC, Orwin) Pac-Man-like

Johnson, Al Arena of Octos (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Johnson, Cliff Labyrinth of Crete, w/Allen Pinero (1982, AP2, AI) Fool's Errand (1987, MAC, Miles) At the Carnival (1989, MAC, Miles) 3 in Three (1989, MAC, Cinemaware) [D] Hanna Barbara's Cartoon Carnival (1993, CDI, Philips) [D] Merlin's Apprentice (1995, CDI/MAC/PC, Philips) [D] Labyrinth of Crete (1995, CDI/MAC/PC, Philips) [D] Of Light and Darkness (1998, PC, Interplay)

Johnson, D.W. Menagerie (1983, VIC, Commodore) Frogger-like

Johnson, Dale Mad Venture, w/Christine Johnson (1981, AP2, Micro Lab) Palace in Thunderland, w/Ken Rose (1981, AP2, Micro Fun) Sherwood Forest, w/Dave Holle (1981, AP2, Phoenix) Masquerade (1983, AP2, Phoenix) Fraktured Faebles (1985, AP2, American Eagle)

Johnson, Dave [B] Lookahead (1981, 800, APX) [P] Demon Attack (1982, 800, Imagic) from 2600 [P] Demon Attack (1983, O2, Imagic) from 2600 [P] Atlantis (1983, 800, Imagic) from 2600 Quick Step (1983, 2600, Imagic) Injured Engine (1984, C64, Imagic)

Johnson, Douglas [TB] Foosball (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Johnson, Greg [D] Starflight (1985, PC, EA) [D] Caveman Ugh-Lympics (1988, C64, EA) [D] Starflight II (1989, PC, EA) [D] ToeJam & Earl (1991, GEN, Sega) [G] Star Control II (1992, PC, Accolade) [D] Panic on Funkotron (1993, GEN, Sega) [L] ToeJam & Earl III (2002, XBOX, Sega) [G] Doki-Doki Universe (2013, PS3, Sony)

Johnson, Jeff A. [B] Temple of Apshai, w/Jon Freeman, Jim Connelley (1979, PET/TRS, ASIM) [B] Datestones of Ryn, w/Jon Freeman, Jim Connelley (1979, TRS, ASIM) [B] Morloc's Tower, w/Jon Freeman, Jim Connelley (1979, TRS, ASIM) [GB] Hellfire Warrior (1980, TRS, ASIM) Six-Gun Shootout (1985, 800, SSI) NAM, w/Roger Damon (1986, 800, SSI) Roadwar 2000, w/Robert Calfree (1986, AP2, SSI) [D] Roadwar 2000 Europa (1987, AP2, SSI)

Johnson, Lloyd [TB] Paint Duel (1981, HP 80, Creative Computing) [B] Berserker Raids (1983, AP2, Baen) [P] Berserker Raids (1984, PC, Baen) from AP2 Wizard War (1986, PC, Baen)

Johnson, Paul Centi-Bug (1983, SPEC, dk'tronics) Centipede-like Hard Cheese, w/Eugene Farrell (1983, SPEC, dk'tronics) Mr. Do-like

Johnson, Paul B. [TB] Super Barricade (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Sleuth (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Ricochet (1980, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Ladder Maze (1983, 800, CVG)

Johnson, Peter [P] Q*bert (1983, BBC, Superior) from COIN Ladder Maze (1983, BBC, Superior) Spitfire Command (1983, BBC, Superior) Star Battle (1983, BBC, Superior) Spacewar!-like Airlift (1984, BBC, Air Lift) Choplifter-like Overdrive (1984, BBC, Superior) Star Warp (1984, BBC, Superior) Wallaby (1984, BBC, Superior) Kangaroo-like Deathstar (1985, BBC, Superior) Sinistar-like [P] Mikie (1985, BBC, Imagine) from COIN [P] Yie Ar Kung-Fu (1985, BBC, Imagine) from COIN [P] Crystal Castles (1985, BBC, US Gold) from COIN [P] Impossible Mission (1986, BBC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Yie Ar Kung-Fu II (1986, BBC, Imagine) from ? [P] Arkanoid (1987, BBC, Imagine) from COIN

Johnson, Richard [TB] Dodger (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Johnson, Rob [P] John Madden Football (1989, C64, EA) from AP2

Johnson, Roger L. ASW Tactics II (1983, TI99, DEJ Software)

Johnson, Tom 3-D Maze (1982, TI99, American) Bomb Squad (1982, TI99, American) Wizard's Dominion (1982, TI99, American) Entrapment (1983, TI99, American)

Johnston, Dave Galaxy, w/Steve Hinkle (1983, 800, Avalon Hill)

Johnston, Derek Zone X (1985, 800, GG)

Johnstone, Nigel P. Engineer Humpty (1984, C64, Artic) Humpty Dumpty Meets Fuzzy Wuzzles (1984, C64, Artic) Humpty in the Garden (1984, C64, Artic) Spooks (1985, C64, MAST) The Captive (1985, C64, MAST)

Joiner, David "Talin" Guardian (1983, COCO, Quasar Animations) Discovery (1985, AMI, MicroIllusions) Faery Tale Adventure (1986, AMI, MicroIllusions) Inherit the Earth (1994, PC, New World)

Jones, Colin [P] Race Against Time (1988, C64, Codemasters) from PC Zoomerang (1991, C64, Atlantis)

Jones, Gwyll Savage Pond (1983, 800, Starcade) Up, Up, & Away! (1983, 800, Pulsare)

Jones, Jason Modem Surround (1988, AP2, Applied Engineering)

Jones, Jeremy A. [P] Deadly Duck (1982, VIC, Sirius) from 2600 [P] Turmoil (1982, VIC, Sirius) from 2600 [P] Turmoil (1983, C64, Sirius) from 2600

Jones, John George Go to Hell (1985, SPEC, Triple Six) Soft & Cuddly (1987, SPEC, Power House)

Jones, Kelly Drelbs (1983, 800, Synapse) [N] Relax, w/Bill Williams (1984, 800, Synapse) [D] Vyper, w/Dan Browning (1984, Mindset, Synapse)

Jones, Marc [TB] Dracman (1984, SPEC, Your Computer)

Jones, Mark C. 3D Bat Attack (1984, SPEC, Cheetahsoft)

Jones, Martin [TB] Jungle Job, w/Andrew Sweetland (1983, SPEC, Interface)

Jones, Michael Snow 'em Down (1987, C64, Reptilia) Scout (1988, C64, MAST) Star Ball (1988, C64, Softek) Arkanoid-like Subway Vigilante (1989, C64, Players Premier)

Jones, Nick Galaliens (ORIC, Tansoft) Galaxian-like Equinox (1985, C64, Mikro-Gen) Frostbyte (1986, C64, Mikro-Gen) Exolon (1986, C64, Hewson) [P] Cybernoid (1988, C64, Hewson) from SPEC Vixen (1988, C64, Martech) Classic Axiens (1988, CPC/SPEC, Bubble Bus) Classic Muncher (1988, CPC/SPEC, Bubble Bus) Pac-Man-like Beyond the Ice Palace (1988, C64, Elite) [P] Cybernoid II (1989, C64, Hewson) from SPEC Stormlord (1989, Hewson) Dan Dare 3 (1990, C64, Virgin) Supremacy (1990, C64, Virgin) [P] Smash T.V. (1991, C64, Virgin) from COIN Mr. Wino (CPC/SPEC, Firebird) [P] Family Feud (GEN, Gametek) [G] Alien 3 (SNES, Acclaim) [G] Earthworm Jim (SNES, Shiny) [G] Earthworm Jim 2 (SNES, Shiny)

Jones, Peter Hampstead, w/Trevor Lever (1984, SPEC, Melbourne House) Terrormolinos, w/Trevor Lever (1985, SPEC, Melbourne House) Dodgy Geezers, w/Trevor Lever (1986, SPEC, Melbourne House)

Jongens, Randy Pathfinder (1982, 800, Gebelli)

Jordan, Ken [P] Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (1983, AP2/800, Sega) from COIN [P] Tapper (1984, 800, Sega) from COIN [PG] Alternate Reality: The City (1986, C64, Datasoft) from 800 Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, w/Philip Price, Dan Pinal (1987, C64, Datasoft)

Jukic, Mak Hooper (1984, C64, Calisto) Amidar-like [P] Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (1985, AP2, AI) from ? [P] Fantastic Four (1985, AP2, AI) from ?

Jung, Robert [TB] A-Rogue (1987, 800, Antic) Rogue-like

Justus, Steve [TB] Baseball, w/Steve MacLeay (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Mini Golf (1981, AP2, SoftSide)


Kacneski, Chet [TB] Towers of Hanoi (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Kaestner, Ray [P] BurgerTime (1982, INT, Mattel) from COIN The Power of He-Man, w/Rick Koenig (1983, INT, Mattel) Diner (1987, INT, INTV)

Kafoure, Paul [TB] TRS-80 Pinball (1978, TRS, CLOAD)

Kahn, Martin [P] David's Midnight Magic (1983, C64, BROD) from AP2

Kahn, Steven [TB] Horse Race (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Kalagher, Dick Sea Bandit (1983, 800, Gentry)

Kalinowski, Pawel Bank! Bang! (1992, 800, Mirage) Bank Panic-like

Kalish, Ken Escape (1981, COCO, Color) Starship Chameleon (1982, COCO, Computerware) Invaders Revenge (1982, COCO, Med) Phantom Slayer (1982, COCO, Med) El Diablero (1982, COCO, Computerware) Trapfall (1983, DRAG, Microdeal) Pitfall-like Danger Ranger (1983, COCO, Screenplay) Monkey Kong (1983, COCO, Med) Donkey Kong-like Devil's Assault (1983, COCO, Tom Mix) Demon Attack-like Dungeon Raid (1983, DRAG, Microdeal) River Raid-like Athletyx (1984, DRAG, Microdeal)

Kalkut, Kevin Laser Bounce (1982, AP2, Hayden)

Kaluzniacki, Andy Repton, w/Dan Thompson (1983, AP2, Sirius) Repton (2009, iOS, self)

Kaminski, Peter Frog Bog, w/Tom Soulanille (1982, INT, Mattel) Frogs-like [P] Frogger, w/Tom Soulanille (1983, INT, Mattel) from COIN [P] River Raid (1983, INT, ACT) from 2600 Adventure of the Year, w/Russell Lieblich (1984, C64, ACT) Master of the Lamps (1985, C64, ACT) [G] Aliens (1986, C64, ACT) [G] Rocket Ranger (1988, AMI, Cinemaware)

Kampschafer, David Planetary Guide (1982, AP2, Synergistic)

Kanevsky, Paul [P] Panic Button (1983, COCO, First Star) from VIC?

Kaplan, Julio Backgammon, w/Jerry Lawson (1977, 2600, Atari)

Kaplan, Larry Air-Sea Battle (1977, 2600, Atari) [G] Combat (1977, 2600, Atari) Street Racer (1977, 2600, Atari) Brain Games (1978, 2600, Atari) Bowling (1979, 2600, Atari) [P] Super Breakout (1979, 800, Atari) from COIN [N] Atari 8-bit OS, w/David Crane, Alan Miller (1979, 800, Atari) Bridge (1981, 2600, ACT) Kaboom! (1981, 2600, ACT) Avalanche-like

Kaplan, Richard [B] Star Voyager (AP2, Programma)

Karam, David To Preserve Quandic (1984, COCO, Prickly Pear)

Karg, Fred [T] Boom and Bust (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [T] Cats 'N' Dogs (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [TB] The Challenge (1988, C64, Commodore Magazine) [TB] Sheerluck (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [TB] Think Tank (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Karp, David [TB] Buzz-zap (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Katan, Fouad, Skyline Attack, w/Andrew Glaister, Jez San (1986, C64, Century)

Kato, Gary [P] Demon Attack (1982, INT, Imagic) from 2600

Kaufman, Dave [B] Star Trader (1974, HP 2000F, PD)

Kavanagh, John Quest for the Maltese Chicken, w/Pat McCormack (1986, 800, Futureware) [P] Green Beret (1986, 800, Imagine) aka Rush'n Attack [P] The Living Daylights (1987, 800, Domark) from ? [P] Football Manager (ST/AMI, Addictive Games) [P] ATF (1988, ST/AMI, Digital Integration)

Kean, Greg Bouncer (1982, TI99, Kean) Heist (1983, TI99, Kean) Lode Runner-like Kong (1983, TI99, Kean) Donkey Kong-like Romeo (1983, TI99, Kean) Void (1983, TI99, Kean) Sneaky Snake (1984, TI99, Kean)

Kearney, Jim Star Blaster (1981, COCO, Micro Works) Asteroids-like

Kearns, Steven Space Rocks (1980?, TRS, Acorn) Asteroids-like

Keating, Roger Computer Conflict (1980, AP2, SSI) Southern Command (1981, AP2, SSI) Operation Apocalypse (1981, AP2, SSI) RDF 1985 (1982, AP2, SSI) [D] Baltic 1985 (1987, AP2, SSI) [D] Norway 1985 (1987, AP2, SSI)

Keating, Roger & Ian Trout Reach for the Stars (1983, AP2, SSG) Germany 1985 (1983, AP2, SSI) Carriers At War (1984, AP2, SSI) Europe Ablaze, w/Eric Baker (1985, AP2, SSG) Battlefront (1987, AP2, SSG) Russia: The Great War in the East (1987, AP2, SSG) [L] Battles in Normandy (1987, AP2, SSG) [L] Rommel (1988, AP2, SSG) [L] Halls of Montezuma (1988, AP2?, SSG) [L] Decisive Battles of the American Civil War Vols. 1-3 (1988, AP2/C64, EA) MacArthur's War: Battles for Korea (1988, AP2/C64, EA) Panzer Battles (1989, SSG) Carriers at War II (1993, PC, SSI) Carriers at War Construction Kit (1993, PC, SSI)

Keel, Alan Snake Bite (1984, VIC, Firebird)

Keener, Bob Rags to Riches (1985, C64, Melody Hall)

Keeton, Brett N. [B] Color Space Traders, w/Tom Keeton (1981, COCO, Spectral) Color Panic, w/Tom Keeton (1983, COCO, Spectral) Space Panic-like Lunar-Rover Patrol, w/Tom Keeton (1983, COCO, Spectral) Moon Patrol-like Galagon (1984, COCO, Spectral) Galaga-like Balakon Raider (1986, C64, Interstel)

Keeton, Tom D. [B] Color Space Traders, w/Brett Keeton (1981, COCO, Spectral) [B] Cosmic Superbowl (1982, COCO, Spectral) Galax Attack (1982, COCO, Spectral) Galaxian-like Color Panic, w/Brett Keeton (1983, COCO, Spectral) Space Panic-like Lunar-Rover Patrol, w/Brett Keeton (1983, COCO, Spectral) Moon Patrol-like

Kelbrick, Gary Quann Tula, w/Mike Smith (1985, SPEC, 8th Day) Faerie, w/Mike Smith (1985, SPEC, 8th Day)

Kelleher, Michael [TB] Amazing Mazes (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Keller, Phil [B] Across the Rubicon (1982, COCO, Ark Royal) [B] Kamikaze (1983, COCO, Ark Royal) [B] Company Commander (1984, COCO, Ark Royal) Barbarossa (1985, COCO, Ark Royal) Battle Hymn (1986, COCO, Ark Royal) Fire One (1987, CC3, Ark Royal)

Kellet, Stephen R. Diagon (1984, C64, Micro Mart) ZIP (1985, C64, Bug-Byte) Aardvark (1986, C64, Bug-Byte) Anteater-like

Kellner, Charlie Apple Bowl, w/Eric Larson (1978, AP2, Apple) [P] Lemonade Stand (1979, AP2, MECC) from mainframe [G] Rescue on Fractalus! (1985, 800, Lucasfilm) [L] Eidolon (1985, 800/C64, Lucasfilm) [P] Sewer Shark (1992, SCD, Sony)

Kelly, Joe [P] Twerps (1981, 800, Sirius) from AP2

Kelly, Mark W.J. [P] Mr. Heli (1989, C64, Firebird) from COIN

Kelly, Tony Aqua (1984, C64, MAST) Spectipede (1984, C64, MAST) Centipede-like Big Mac (1985, C64, MAST) Fearless Fred and the Factory of Doom (1986, C64, Americana) Video Meanies (1986, C64, MAST) Rollaround (1988, C64, MAST)

Kemmetmueller, Robert [B] Walk the Plank (1982, TI99, self) [B] Springer (1982, TI99, self) [B] Jouster (1982, TI99, self) [TB] Taco Man (1983, TI99, 99'er) Pac-Man-like Ninja (1986, PC, shareware) Snakepit (1986, PC, shareware) Fenix (1986, PC, shareware) Viper (1986, PC, shareware)

Kemp, Will [P] River Rescue, w/Jeremy Smith (1982, VIC, Thorn EMI)

Kempster, Michael [TB] Bertie (1985, 800, Page 6) Q*bert-like [TB] Super Clown (1985, 800, CVG)

Kendall, Jason Wizard's Pet (1987, C64, MAST) Star Slayer (1987, C64, Unicon) Oops! (1988, C64, Big Apple)

Kendall, Neil Lethal (1987, C64, Alternative)

Kennedy, Doug Space Intruders (1980, TRS, AI) Space Invaders-like

Kennedy, Mark Kool-Aid Man, w/Vladimir Hrycenko (1983, INT, Mattel) Scooby-Doo's Maze Chase (1983, INT, Mattel) [P] Centipede (1983, INT, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Dig Dug (1987, INT, INTV) from COIN

Kennedy, Martin Baldor's Castle (1983, VIC, Arfon)

Kenney, Kevin A-Maze-Ing (1981, TI99, TI) Hunt the Wumpus (1981, TI99, TI) Tunnels of Doom (1982, TI99, TI)

Kerchledge, Bruce Dnieper River Line (1982, TRS, Avalon Hill)

Kerckhoff, Peter [TB] Sneaky Snake (1987, COCO, Rainbow)

Kerry, Chris Monty is Innocent (1985, SPEC, GG) Way of the Tiger, w/Jason Perkins (1986, C64, GG) Mask II, w/Jason Perkins (1987, C64, GG) [G] Thing Bounces Back (1987, C64, GG) [G] Coil Cop (1987, C64, Epyx) [G] Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1986, C64, GG)

Key, Gordon J. Hunky Egg (1985, BBC) Pendragon (BBC) Pengo-like Clogger (1988, BBC, Impact) Haunted House (ARC, Fourth Dimension) Virtual Golf (ARC, Fourth Dimension) Holed Out (1989, ARC, Fourth Dimension) E-Type (1989, ARC, Fourth Dimension) Apocalypse (1990, ARC, Fourth Dimension) Powerband (1990, ARC, Fourth Dimension) Break 147 (1991, ARC, Fourth Dimension) Superpool (1991, ARC, Fourth Dimension) Black Angel (1992, ARC, Fourth Dimension) E-Type 2 (1994, ARC, Fourth Dimension)

Keyser, Earl Frogs (1978, AP2)

Keyser, Greg Montezumas Dungeons (1984, COCO, T&D)

Kidd, Michael A. Country Club Golf (1983, TI99, User-Happy)

Kieller, Kevin Jack Attack, w/John Traynor (1983, C64, Commodore)

Kilgus, Robert Quasar Commander (1980, COCO, Tandy) Dino Wars (1980, COCO, Tandy) Skiing (1981, COCO, Tandy) Color Cubes (1981, COCO, Tandy) Rubik's Cube-like

Kilk, Erik Battleship Commander, w/Matthew Jew (1980, AP2, Quality)

Killworth, Peter [P] Quondam (BBC, Acornsoft) Countdown to Doom (1982, BBC, Acornsoft) Philosopher's Quest, w/Jonathan Mestel (1983, BBC, Topologika) Castle of Riddles (1983, BBC, Acornsoft) [G] Acheton (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Giant Killer (1987, many, Topologika) Return to Doom (1988, many, Topologika) Last Days of Doom (1990, many, Topologika)

Kim, Thomas Hopper (1982, VIC, Rabbit) Frogger-like Quackers, w/Jimmy Huey (1982, VIC, Interesting) Deadly Skies (1983, VIC, Tronix) Carnival-like

Kimball, Bob Gears, w/David Donoghue (1985, AP2, Sunburst)

Kimball, Ken [P] Computer Title Bout (1984, 800, Avalon Hill) from AP2

Kincaid, Dave Color Bowl Football (1983, COCO, Computerware)

Kindl, Paul K. Space Shuttle (1982, 800, Swifty)

King, Allen Stuart Maniac Miner (1983, 800, Gentry)

King, Chris Hyperchase (1982, VEC, Milton Bradley) [P] Berzerk (1982, VEC, Milton Bradley) from COIN

King, William Chomp (1981, SORC, Global) Pac-Man-like [P] Chomp (1983, MBEE, Super) from SORC

Kingsbury, Brad [P] Tycoon (1983, 800, Blue Chip) from AP2 [P] Millionaire (1984, C64, Blue Chip) from AP2

Kingsley, Chris Armor Battle (1979, INT, Mattel)

Kingston, Dr. Charles Survival Adventure (AP2, United Software of America)

Kinsting, John Chicken Shift (1984, COIN, Bally Sente) Goalie Ghost, w/Ed Rotberg, Owen Rubin (1984, COIN, Bally Sente) Toggle (1985, COIN, Bally Sente) Stompin' (1986, COIN, Bally Sente)

Kipp, Richard [TB] Killer Cars (1982, TRS, SoftSide)

Kirk, Harris [TB] Concentration (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Kirk, Neil [TB] VIC Rally 20 (1984, VIC, Your Computer)

Kirsch, Peter [TB] Kidnapped! (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Dominoes (1981, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Numbagels (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Curse of the Pharaoh (1982, 800, SoftSide) Kismet II (1982, 800, SoftSide)

Kitchen, Dan Crystal Caverns (1982, AP2, Hayden) [P] Donkey Kong, w/Garry Kitchen (1982, 2600, Coleco) from COIN Crackpots (1983, 2600, ACT) Crime Stopper, w/Barry Marx (1983, AP2, Hayden) [P] Kung-Fu Master (1984, 2600, ACT) from COIN [P] Ghostbusters, with David Crane (1985, 2600, ACT) [P] Crossbow (1988, 2600, Atari) from COIN Tomcat (1988, 2600, Absolute) [P] Tomcat (1989, 7800, Absolute) from 2600 [P] Double Dragon (1989, 2600, ACT) from COIN [L] Ghostbusters II (1990, NES, ACT) [G] Super Battletank 2 (1994, SNES, ACT) [G] Home Improvement (1994, SNES, Absolute)

Kitchen, Garry [P] Bank Shot (1980, HAND, PB) Bellhop, w/John Van Ryzin (1982, AP2, Hayden) Air Raid (1982, 2600, Men-A-Vision) [P] Donkey Kong, w/Dan Kitchen (1982, 2600, Coleco) from COIN Space Jockey (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) Sneak 'n Peek (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) Keystone Kapers (1983, 2600, ACT) Pressure Cooker (1983, 2600, ACT) [N] Designer's Pencil (1984, C64, ACT) GameMaker (1985, C64, ACT) Super Battletank, w/Alex DeMeo (1992, SNES, ACT) [G] Ghoul School (1992, NES, Electro Brain)

Kitchen, Steve [P] Carnival (1982, 2600, Coleco) from COIN Space Shuttle (1983, 2600, ACT)

Kitchens, Jack [TB] Escape from Wizard's Keep (1983, TI99, 99'er)

Kiyohara, Keith Dungeons of Daggorath, w/Douglas Morgan, Phil Landmeier (1982, COCO, Tandy)

Klein, Mark Subterranea (1983, 2600, Imagic) Touchdown Football (1984, PCJR, Imagic) [TB] Lumpies of Lotus IV, w/John Klein (1986, PCJR, COMPUTE!) Damiano (1985, PC, Bantam) Mouse Trap Hotel (1990, GB, Electrobrain) Bart Simpson: Escape from Camp Deadly (1991, GB, Acclaim) [D] Prize Fighter, w/Steve DeFrisco, Kevin Welsh (1993, SCD, Digital Pictures)

Klinger, Paul [TB] Moving Maze (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Knauss, Greg Illinois Smith (1987, 800, PD) Upward (1988, 800, ANALOG) Cloud Hopper (1988, 800, ANALOG) Frog (1988, 800, Antic) Frogs-like Killer Chess (1988, 800, Antic) Reardoor (1988, 800, Antic) Trial by Fire (1989, 800, ANALOG) Bugs! (1989, ST, STart) Anteater-like TurtleGrooves (1989, ST, ST-Log) Experiment #42 (1989, ST, ST-Log)

Knechtel, Paul [TB] Oil Baron (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Knight, David [TB] Dicer (1988, 800 Atari User) Yahtzee-like

Knight, Roland Bugs II, w/Dave Shewchun (1984, COCO, Four Star) Bouncing Boulders, w/Dave Dies (1986, COCO, Diecom) Boulder Dash-like Gates of Delirium, w/Dave Dies, Dave Shewchun (1987, COCO, Diecom) Ultima-like

Knight, Russell Loco, w/Anthony Wilson (1986, 800, Alligata) [P] Rampage, w/Anthony Wilson (1987, 800, ACT Europe) from COIN Tiger Attack (1988, 800, Atari UK) Space Rider (1990, 800, Hi-Tec) Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure (1990, 800, Hi-Tech) Yogi Bear & Friends (1990, 800, Hi-Tec) Yogi's Great Escape (1990, 800, Hi-Tec) Speed Zone (1989, 800, MAST) Sidewinder II, w/Anthony Wilson (1989, 800, AST)

Knight, Steve [TB] Three Card Brag (1988, 800, Atari User)

Knock, F. Pengi (1984, BBC, Visions) Pengo-like

Knoef, Gerrit Blow It (1986, C64, Input 64) Bouncing Ball (1987, C64, Input 64) Happy Hacker (1987, C64, Input 64)

Knopman, Ricky [TB] Darts (1981, 800, ANALOG)

Knopp, Allan [TB] Camelot, w/Justin Knopp (1985, 800, Page 6) [TB] Kanga (1985, 800, Page 6) [TB] Flying Hight (1986, 800, Page 6) [TB] X-Y-Zap (1987, 800, Page 6)

Knopp, Eric Oribtron (1981, AP2, Sirius) Copts [sic] and Robbers, w/Allen Merrell (1981, AP2, Sirius) Russki Duck, w/Allen Merrell (1982, AP2, Gebelli) Lazersilk (1982, AP2, Gebelli) Candy Factory (1982, AP2, Gebelli) [P] Space Dungeon, w/Allen Merrell (1984, 5200, Atari) from COIN [G] Pool of Radiance (1988 AP2, SSI) [G] The Games: Winter Edition (1988, C64, Epyx) Skate or Die 2 (1989, NES, EA) Tour De Thrash (1989, GB, EA) [P] PGA Tour Golf (1991, SNES, EA) from GEN [G] Total Eclipse (1993, 3DO, Crystal Dynamics) [G] Crash 'N Burn (1993, 3DO, Crystal Dynamics)

Knowlton, Don Everest Explorer, w/William Godwin (1980, TRS, Acorn)

Kobayashi, A.Y. Nightstrike (1983, 800, TG Software)

Koberstein, Michael Shrooms (1983, VIC, DES-Soft)

Koble, Dennis Sprint 2, w/Lyle Rains (1976, COIN, Kee) Sprint 4, w/Lyle Rains (1977, COIN, Kee) Dominos, w/Chris Downend (1977, COIN, Atari) [P] Touch Me (1977, HAND, Atari) from COIN Avalanche (1978, COIN, Atari) [P] Avalanche (1980, 800, APX) from COIN [B] Chinese Puzzle (1981, 800, APX) [B] Sultan's Palace (1981, 800, APX) Trick Shot (1982, 2600, Imagic) Atlantis (1982, 2600, Imagic) Shootin' Gallery (1983, 2600, Imagic) Solar Storm (1983, 2600, Imagic) [L] Stocker, w/Lee Actor, Rich Adam (1984, COIN, Bally Sente) Night Stocker (1986, COIN, Bally Sente) Don't Go Alone, w/Lee Actor (1989, PC, Accolade) [P] Hard Drivin', w/Lee Actor (1990, GEN, Tengen) from COIN [P] Pit-Fighter, w/Lee Actor (1991, GEN, Tengen) from COIN [P] RoadBlasters, w/Lee Actor (1991, GEN, Tengen) from COIN PGA Tour Golf, w/Lee Actor (1991, Gen, EA) [P] Steel Talons, w/Lee Actor (1992, GEN, Tengen) from COIN PGA Tour Golf II, w/Lee Actor (1992, GEN, EA) [G] Sonic Spinball (1993, GEN, Sega) PGA Tour Golf III, w/Lee Actor (1994, GEN, EA) [G] Xena (1999, PS, EA)

Koch, Nat [TB] Slither (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Koehler, Dale Star Ball (1983, AP2, Baen)

Koenig, Joseph Gates of the Incas, w/Pierre Vella-Zarb (1983, 800, IIT)

Koenig, Lon Fun House Maze, w/Scott Clough, Paul Elseth (1984, AP2, Sunburst)

Koenig, Mark [TB] Tanks-a-Lot (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Koenig, Rick Motocross, w/Rick Levine (1983, INT, Mattel) The Power of He-Man, w/Ray Kaestner (1983, INT, Mattel) [G] Racing Destruction Set (1985, C64, EA) Ferrari Formula I

Kohlhase, Charles Wilderness, w/Peter Farson, Wesley Huntress (1986, AP2, Electric Transit)

Kohut, Paul [T] Slither, w/Steven Pearson (1987, 800, ANALOG) Nibbler-like

Kolbe, Barry [T] Clash of Kings, w/Bryan Schappel (1985, 800, ANALOG) [T] ROBOX Incident, w/Bryan Schappel (1987, 800, ANALOG) [T] Capital!, w/Bryan Schappel (1988, 800, ANALOG) [T] Snowplow, w/Bryan Schappel (1988, 800, ANALOG) [T] Secret Agent (1989, 800, ANALOG) [T] Krazy Mazes (1989, 800, ANALOG)

Konatkowski, Tomasz Battle Ships, w/Arkadiusz Lukszo (1989, 800, Gizmo Magic)

Konchan, Tom Chambers of Zorp, w/Karl Gardner (1983, 800, APX)

Kong Tin, Harvey [D] HawkQuest, w/Andrew Bradfield (1989, 800, Red Rat)

Konopa, John [B] Starship Duel (1982, 800, PDI) Moonbase Io (1982, 800, PDI) Swamp Chomp (1982, 800, PDI) Frogger-like

Konyu, Jeff [cofounder Big Five] Attack Force, w/Bill Hogue (1980, TRS, Big Five) Cosmic Fighter, w/Bill Hogue (1980, TRS, Big Five) Galaxy Invasion, w/Bill Hogue (1980, TRS, Big Five) Galaxian-like Galaxy Invasion Plus, w/Bill Hogue (1980, TRS, Big Five) Galaxian-like Super Nova, w/Bill Hogue (1980, TRS, Big Five) Asteroids-like Robot Attack, w/Bill Hogue (1981, TRS, Big Five) Meteor Mission 2, w/Bill Hogue (1982, TRS, Big Five) Defense Command, w/Bill Hogue (1982, TRS, Big Five) Missile Command-like

Koopman, Philip Battleship (1980, AP2, Eagle) Hide and Sink (1983, AP2, Mirror Images)

Korman, Mark At the Gates of Moscow (1985, AP2, SGP)

Kosak, Corey [P] Labyrinth (1982, 800, BROD) from AP2

Kosaka, Michael [D] Destroyer (1986, C64, Epyx)

Kothe, Ralf Herbert (1988, 800, AMC-Verlag) Herbert II (1989, 800, AMC-Verlag) Jinks, w/Ranier Kothe (1991, 800, AMC-Verlag)

Kothe, Ranier Tales of Dragons and Cavemen (1986, 800, AMC) Jinks, w/Ralf Kothe (1991, 800, AMC-Verlag)

Kotleba, Steve [P] Tutankham (1983, VIC, PB) from COIN

Kovats, Imre [G] Arctic Shipwreck (1983, C64, F451) [G] Save Me Brave Knight (1983, C64, F451) Spitfire '40, w/Gabor David, Marton Saghegyi (1985, C64, F451)

Kozik, Vance Slinky (1983, 800, Cosmi) Q*bert-like [P] Forbidden Forest (1983, C64, Cosmi) from C64 Menace Beach (1990, NES, Color Dreams) [G] Bible Adventures (1991, NES, Wisdom Tree) [G] Spiritual Warfare (1992, NES, Wisdom Tree) Joshua & the Battle of Jericho, w/Jim Treadway (1992, NES, Wisdom Tree) [G] Sunday Funday (1995, NES, Wisdom Tree)

Kramer, Cees 3D Tic Tac Toe (1984, C64, Radarsoft) Snoopy (1984, C64, Radarsoft) Traffix (1985, C64, Radarsoft) All Risks (1986, C64, Radarsoft) Caves of Oberon (1986, C64, Radarsoft) RADX-8 (1987, MSX, Radarsoft) [G] Zenith (1997, CDI, Radarsoft)

Kranish, Steve [P] Frogger, w/Dawn Stockbridge (1983, 800/5200, PB) from COIN

Krebs, Ron Berserk (1981, COCO, Mark Data) Berzerk-like Calixto Island, w/Mona Krebs (1981, COCO, Mark Data) Cave Hunter (1981, COCO, Mark Data) Astro Blast (1982, COCO, Mark Data) Astro Fighter-like Tut's Tomb, w/Robert Shaw (1984, COCO, Mark Data) Tutankham-like

Krehbiel, Murray Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension, w/Greg Hammond (1984, AP2, Data Trek)

Krenek, Steve Napoleon at Waterloo, w/Dave Simmons (1985, 800, Krentek) Rome and the Barbarians (1986, 800, Krentek) Napoleon in Russia (1987, 800, Krentek) Napoleon vs. The Evil Monarchies (1989, PC, General Quarters)

Kress, Jack Crime and Punishment, w/Graeme Newman (1984, AP2, Mindscape)

Kriegsman, Mark StarBlaster, w/Geoffrey Engelstein (1981, AP2, Piccadilly) Panic Button, w/Geoffrey Engelstein (1989, AP2, Softdisk)

Krischan, Thomas M. [B] Valley of the Kings (1982, 800, Dynacomp)

Kristofferson, Lee [B] System 15000 (1984, C64, Craig)

Krocckel, John [P] Last Ninja (1989, AP2, ACT) from C64

Kroegel, Chuck [B] Battle of Shiloh, w/David Landrey (1981, TRS/AP2, SSI) [B] Tigers in the Snow, w/David Landrey, Skip Walker (1982, TRS/AP2, SSI) Knights of the Desert, w/David Landrey (1983, AP2, SSI) Breakthrough in the Ardennes, w/David Landrey (1983, AP2, SSI) [P] Battle for Normandy, w/Chuck Kroegel (1984, AP2, SSI) Battle of Antietam, w/David Landrey (1985, AP2, SSI) Operation Market Garden, w/David Landrey (1986, AP2, SSI) Gettysburg, w/David Landrey (1986, AP2, SSI) Shiloh, w/David Landrey, Brian Hermundstad (1987, AP2, SSI) Rebel Charge at Chickamauga, w/David Landrey, Keith Brors (1987, AP2, SSI) Battles of Napoleon, w/David Landrey (1988, AP2, SSI)

Kropinak, Steven Arena of Octos (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

Krotts, Bob Madam Rosa's Massage Parlor (1982, TRS, Softcore) Naked Nightmare (1982, TRS, Softcore) Sewers of Moscow (1982, TRS, Softcore) Super Hero Misadventure (1982, TRS, Softcore) Wet T-Shirt Contest (1982, TRS, Softcore)

Krubel, Chris Krull, w/Matt Householder (1983, COIN, Gottlieb)

Krueger, Michael [TB] Zurk, w/John Settles (1985, 800, Antic)

Kugler, Paul Ring Destroyer, w/Steve Meyers (1982, TI99, Republic)

Kukura, Bob [G] Desert Falcon (1987, 7800, Atari)

Kula, J. Siege in Afrika (1984, AP2, Simulations Canada)

Kunze, K. Lunar Lander (1985, C64, S+S)

Kupchanko, LLoyd [TB] Boxer (1983, TRS, 80 Micro)

Kure, Eiji [P] Black Onyx, w/Henck Rogers (1984, MSX, Bullet-Proof)

Kurtz, Sigfried Kirel (1986, SPEC, Addictive)

Kurtz, Ted Spitfire Simulator (1982, AP2) Airplane Simulator (1983, AP2)

Kusimak, Gene [P] Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (1987, AP2, EA) from PC

Kutcher, John F. Jr. Rescue Squad (1983, C64, Muse) Space Taxi (1984, C64, Muse)

Kuzyk, Mark Stun Trap (1983, 800, Affine)

Kweder, Frank [TB] Gemini (1991, 800, Antic)

Kwok, Lucius [TB] Head 'Em Off (1991, 800, Antic)


La Croix, Walter D. Beach Blanket Volleyball (1985, C64, Advantage*Artworx)

Labaw, Ken Draw Poker (1981, AP2, Softape)

Lacey, Andrew Roller Kong (1985, C16, Melbourne House) Donkey Kong-like

Lackie, Brent [TB] Enchanted Journey (1985, VIC, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Lafnear, Harry Time Bandit, w/Bill Dunlevy (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) [P] Time Bandit, w/Bill Dunlevy (1985, ST, MichTron) from COCO

Lafore, Robert Two Heads of the Coin (1980, TRS, AI) Six Micro Stories (1980, TRS, AI) Local Call for Death (1980, TRS, AI) His Majesty's Ship Impetuous (1980, TRS, AI) Dragons of Hong Kong (1981, TRS, AI) [P] Centipede (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) [P] Dig Dug (1984, TI99, Atarisoft)

LaFortune, Eric Rock Runner (1990, TI99, Asgard)

Lagerquist, David [TB] Jungle (1979, TRS, CLOAD)

Lagrone, Tracy Stealth, w/Richard Sansom (1985, 800, BROD)

Lai, Wing [P] Cloud Kingdoms, w/John Gibbons (1989, C64, Millennium) from ST/AMI [P] Druid the Avenger, w/John Gibbons (1990, C64, Millennium) from ST/AMI

Laity, Al Mothership (1983, C64, Artic)

Lam, Wayne Panic Button (1983, VIC, First Star)

Lamb, Allan Crypt of Medea, w/Arthur Britto (1984, AP2, Sir-Tech)

Lamb, Mike Winged Warlords (1983, SPEC, CDS) Joust-like Pool (1983, SPEC, CDS) Steve Davis Snooker (1984, SPEC, CDS)

Lamb, Scott [B] Space Cowboy (1983, 800, Avalon Hill) [B] Jupiter Mission 1999 (1983, 800, Avalon Hill) [B] Quest of the Space Beagle (1984, 800, Avalon Hill) TeleGames (1987, AMI, Software Terminal) TeleWar (1987, AMI, Software Terminal) TeleWar II (1987, AMI, Software Terminal) TeleEpic (1988, AMI, Software Terminal) All Dogs Go to Heaven (1990, AMI, Merit) Operation Com*Bat (1990, AMI, Merit) Medieval Warriors (1991, AMI, Merit) Classic Board Games (1991, CDTV, Merit) Operation Combat II (1993, AMI, Merit)

Lambert, Nick QS Defender (1981, ZX81, Quicksilva)

Lamont, Rick Le Mans (1982, COCO, Spectral) Space Race, w/Daron Stinnett (1982, COCO, Spectral) Omega Race-like Lancer (1983, COCO, Spectral) Joust-like

Lampke, Steve Intercept, w/Ed Lee (1982, TI99, Cactus Eaters) [P] Black Hole, w/Ed Lee (1987, TI99, DataBioTics) from VIC

Lancaster, Chris Crazy Balloon (1983, C64, Software Projects) [P] Manic Miner (1983, C64, Software Projects) from SPEC

Landmeier, Phil [D] Dungeons of Daggorath, w/Keith Kiyohara and Douglas Morgan (1982, COCO, Tandy)

Landowski, James [P] Centipede (1982, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Dig Dug (1982, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Cannonball Blitz (1982, TI99) from AP2

Landrey, David [B] Battle of Shiloh, w/Chuck Kroegel (1981, TRS/AP2, SSI) [B] Tigers in the Snow, w/Chuck Kroegel, Skip Walker (1982, TRS/AP2, SSI) Knights of the Desert, w/David Landrey (1983, AP2, SSI) Breakthrough in the Ardennes, w/Chuck Kroegel (1983, AP2, SSI) [D] Battle for Normandy, w/Chuck Kroegel (1984, AP2, SSI) Battle of Antietam, w/Chuck Kroegel (1985, AP2, SSI) Operation Market Garden, w/Chuck Kroegel (1986, AP2, SSI) Gettysburg, w/Chuck Kroegel (1986, AP2, SSI) Shiloh, w/Chuck Kroegel, Brian Hermundstad (1987, AP2, SSI) Rebel Charge at Chickamauga, w/Chuck Kroegel, Keith Brors (1987, AP2, SSI) Battles of Napoleon, w/Chuck Kroegel (1988, AP2, SSI)

Landrum, Stephen H. Viper (1982, AP2, RDA Systems) Communist Mutants from Space (1982, 2600 Supercharger, Starpath) [P] Frogger (1982, 2600 Supercharger, Starpath) from COIN Dragon Stomper (1982, 2600 Supercharger, Starpath) Sword of Saros, w/Jon Leupp (1983, 2600 Supercharger, Starpath) Pitstop II, w/Dennis Caswell (1984, C64, Epyx) [G] Summer Games (1984, C64, Epyx) [G] Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985, 800, Epyx) [G] Super Cycle (1985, C64, Epyx) [P] Temple of Apshai Trilogy (1985, AP2, Epyx) from 800 Super Cycle (1986, C64, Epyx) Skate or Die!, w/David Bunch (1987, C64, EA) Blue Lightning (1989, LNX, Atari)

Lane, Jim Bolo (1982, AP2, Synergistic)

Lange, Thorsten Cave Climber (1985, C64, Input 64) Roc'n Rope-like

Langert, Max [TB] Thief (1985, 800, Antic)

Langston, Scott [T] Troll War (1986, 800, ANALOG) [T] Troll War II (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Lanier, Jaron Alien Garden, w/Bernie DeKoven, Robert Leyland (1982, 800, Epyx) Moon Dust (1983, C64, Creative)

Lanigan, Tom [P] Lode Runner (1985, BBC, Software Projects)

Lanzinger, Franz X. Crystal Castles, w/Scott Fuller (1983, COIN, Atari)

Lapkoff, Jeff A. [T] Space Gallery (1985, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Larimer, Neil [B] Rear Guard, w/Sparky Starks (1981, 800, AI) Stratos (1982, 800, AI) Missile Command-like

Larsen, Geoff [founder Larsoft] Rising of Salandra (1984, BBC, Larsoft) Wychwood (1987, BBC, Larsoft) Nine Dancers (1987, BBC, Larsoft) Puppet Man (1987, BBC, Larsoft) Hex (1988, BBC, Larsoft)

Larson, Eric Apple Bowl, w/Charlie Kellner (1978, AP2, Apple)

Lashower, Steven [T] Labyrinths (1988, 800, ANALOG)

Later, Duane Fly Wars (1981, AP2, Sirius) Rainbow Zone (AP2, High-Powered)

Latham, Chris Donkey King (1982, COCO, Tom Mix) Donkey Kong-like [TB] Nuclear Reactor Simulator, w/John Erickson (1983, COCO, Rainbow) Sailor Man (1984, COCO, Tom Mix) Popeye-like

Lathbury, John Blue Print, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1982, COIN, Bally Midway) [P] Tranz Am, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) [P] Pssst, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) [P] Lunar JetMan, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) [P] JetPac, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) Dingo, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1983, COIN, Jaleco) [P] Cookie, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) [P] Atic Atac, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1984, SPEC, Ultimate) [P] Underwurlde, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1984, SPEC, Ultimate) [P] Sabre Wulf, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1984, SPEC, Ultimate) [P] Knight Lore, w/Chris & Tim Stamper (1984, SPEC, Ultimate)

Latino, Ligia [T] Royal Rescue (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Laufer, Gabor & Alexander Intellectual Decathlon (1984, AP2, Muse)

Lavdas, Mike [B] Atlantic City Games (1982, TI99, Jerseyware)

Lavinsky, Joshua Time Trek (1978, TRS, Personal) Space Warp (1980, TRS, Tandy)

Lawford, John [TB] Jumble Cell (1988, 800, Page 6)

Lawrence, Daniel [B] DND (1977, PDP-10, PD) [B] Telengard (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Lawrence, Heath [TB] Barrier Battle (1984, 800, COMPUTE!) Blockade-like [TB] Guardian (1985, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Cliffhanger (1986, 800, Antic) [TB] Vectron (1987, 800, Antic) [TB] Citadel (1987 800, Antic) [TB] Sleuth (1988, 800, Antic)

Lawrence, Jim Seastalker, w/Stu Galley (1984, many, Infocom) Moonmist, w/Stu Galley (1986, many, Infocom)

Lawson, David Spectres (1982, SPEC, Bug-Byte) Spectral Invaders (1982, SPEC, Bug-Byte) Space Invaders-like Arcadia (1982, SPEC, Imagine) [G] Zzoom (1983, SPEC, Imagine) Schizoids (1983, SPEC, Imagine) [D] Stonkers, w/John Gibson (1983, SPEC, Imagine) Ah Diddums (1983, SPEC, Imagine) Deep Space (1986, ST, Psygnosis)

Lawson, Jerry Space War (1977, FCF, Fairchild)

Lay, Paul [TB] Freeway Ace (1985, 800, Page 6) Sprong (1985, 800, Red Rat) [T] Freeway Ace (1986, 800, Page 6) [T] Floyd the Droid Goes Blastin' (1986, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Revenger (1986, 800, Page 6) Floyd The Droid On The Run (1986, ST, ANALOG) Missing...One Droid (1986, 800, Bug-Byte) [T] Munchy Madness (1986, 800, Page 6) Boulder Dash-like [T] Heavy Metal (1988, 800, Page 6) Mad (ST, Page 6) Boulder Dash-like Crossland (1988, ST, Soundware) [T] Star Rider (1989, 800, Page 6) Pogotron (1989, 800, Artronic) [T] Hot Blocks (1990, 800, New Atari User) Tetris-like Spaced Out (1991, ST, New Atari User)

Lea, Daniel The Zeta Bomb (1990, 800, New Atari User)

Leach, Gary Robobolt (1986, C64, Alpha Omega)

Lear, Dale Color Baseball (1982, COCO, Tandy) Pick Which (1982, COCO, Spectral) Doubleback (1982, COCO, Tandy) Firecopter (1982, COCO, AI) [P] Doubleback (2014, iOS, self) from COCO

Lear, Peter [TB] Astrostorm (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)

Leavens, Alex Stargunner (1982, 2600, Telesys) [P] Gorf, w/Joe Gaucher (1982, 2600, CBS) from COIN [P] Crazy Climber, w/Joe Gaucher (1982, 2600, Atari) from COIN Boing!, w/Shirley Russell (1983, 2600, First Star) [P] Astro Chase (1983, 2600, PB) from 800 Wombats I (1984, 800, Dynamic) Wombats II (1988, ST, STart)

Lebeau, Donald R. Gauntletak (1984, 800, shareware) aka Gauntlet

Lebling, Dave [G] Dungeon (1977, DEC PDP-11 and DECSYSTEM-20) [G] Zork I (1980, many, Infocom) Zork II, w/Marc Blank (1981, many, Infocom) Zork III, w/Marc Blank (1982, many, Infocom) Starcross (1982, many, Infocom) Deadline, w/Mark Blank (1982, many, Infocom) Enchanter, w/Mark Blank (1983, many, Infocom) Suspect (1984, many, Infocom) Spellbreaker (1985, many, Infocom) Lurking Horror (1987, many, Infocom) James Clavell's Shogun (1988, PC/MAC, Infocom)

Lech, Robert Buzzard Bait, w/Troy Dahlman (1983, COCO, Tom Mix) Joust-like

Leck, Simon [P] Death Race (1987, 800, Atlantis) from C64 [P] Cops 'n' Robbers (1988, 800, Atlantis) from VIC Crack-Up! (1989, 800, Atlantis) Arkanoid-like

Lecompte, Gary R. [TB] Laser Gunner (1982, PET, COMPUTE!)

Ledden, Larry [B] Cranston Manor Adventure (1981, 800, Artworx) Cranston Manor, w/Harold DeWitz, Ken Williams (1981, AP2, On-Line)

Lee, Alex [P] Escape from the Dungeons of the Gods (1982, AP2, SoftSide) from TRS

Lee, Dan Lost Tomb (1982, COIN, Stern)

Lee, David C. [P] Berserker Raids (1983, 800, Baen) from AP2

Lee, Joanne "Jolee" Rat Hotel (1982, VIC, Creative) Skibbereen (1982, VIC, UMI)

Lee, Michael Galactic Warriors / Raceway (1983, SPEC, Abacus)

Lee, Robert [TB] Adventure Island (1984, 800, Antic)

Lee, Steve Skyhawk (1983, VIC, Quicksilva) Hideous Bill and the Gi-Gants (1983, C64, Virgin) Falcon Patrol (1983, C64, Virgin) Falcon Patrol II (1984, C64, Virgin) Hunter Patrol (1985, C64, MAST) Erebus (1986, C64, Virgin) Falcon (1987, C64, Virgin) Star Lifter (1987, C64, MAST)

Lee, Suki Math Gran Prix (1982, 2600, Atari) Obelix (1983, 2600, Atari)

Leemon, Sheldon [TB] Outer Space Attack (1982, 800, SoftSide) Space Invaders-like

Lehtonen, Jyri Delta 16 (1985, C16, Amersoft)

Leiterman, James [P] Shadow Hawk One (1982, 800, Horizon) from AP2

Lekkerkerker, Freida Linking Logic (1984, COL, Fisher-Price)

LeMaitre, Jerry A. [TB] Dinoventure (1984, 800, Antic) [TB] Omniventure (1984, 800, Antic) [TB] Racer II (1984, 800, Electronic Fun) [TB] Invasion III (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Lembert, Josef Run Like Hell (1987, C64, Eurosoft)

Lemke, Hanno [G] Power at Sea (1988, C64, Accolade)

Lempereur, Yves The Black Hole (1982, TRS, Funsoft) Bable Terror (1982, TRS, Funsoft) Mad Mines (1982, TRS, Funsoft) [P] Apple Panic (1982, TRS, Funsoft) from AP2 Time Runner (1982, TRS/800, Funsoft) Amidar-like Snokie (1983, 800, Funsoft) Flak (1984, 800, Funsoft) Xevious-like

Lenard, J. [P] Attack of the Mutant Camels (1983, 800, HES) from C64

Leon, Tom [G] TRON (1982, COIN, Bally Midway) wrote tank wave [P] Spy Hunter (1983, COIN, Bally Midway)

Leone, Vic [B] Saucer War (AP2, Programma) Super Bunny (1983, AP2, Datamost)

Lerner, Ned [aka Edward Lerner] Deep Space, w/Paul Neurath (1987, AP2, Sir-Tech) Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator (1987, PC, EA) [G] Space Rogue (1989, AP2, Origin) [D] F-22 Interceptor (1991, GEN, EA) [G] Madden '93 (1993, GEN, EA) [G] FireTeam (1998, PC, Multitude) [G] Car & Driver (PC) [G] Chuck Yeager Air Combat (MAC) [G] PGA Tour Golf II (MAC)

Lesher, Chris [TB] Hardhat Climber (1984, VIC, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Lesiuk, Albert Fireground (1983, AP2, PD) King Tut's Revenge (AP2, PD)

Leslie, William G.M. III Universe, w/Thomas Carbone (1983, 800, Omnitrend) [D] Universe II, w/Thomas Carbone, Kevin Zerber (1986, AP2, Omnitrend) Paladin, w/Thomas Carbone (1988, AMI/ST, Omnitrend) [D] Universe 3, w/Thomas Carbone (1989, PC, Omnitrend)

Lesser, Mark Auto Race (1976, HAND, Mattel) Missile Attack (1977, HAND, Mattel) aka Battlestar Galactica Football (1977, HAND, Mattel) Baseball (1978, HAND, Mattel) Brain Baffler, w/Bill Bernstein (1979, HAND, Mattel) Horoscope Computer (1979, HAND, Mattel) [G] Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! (1984, 2600, PB) [P] MicroLeage Baseball (1987, ST, MicroLeague) from AP2 [P] Mean 18 (1988, GS/Mac, Accolade) from PC [P] King's Quest, w/Rex Bradford (1989, MS, PB) from PC [G] Bimini Run (1990, GEN, Nuvision) [G] Madden '93 (1992, GEN, EA) [G] NHL '94 (1993, GEN, EA) [G] NHL 95 (1994, GEN, EA) [G] NHL 96 (1995, GEN, EA) [G] NHL 97 (1996, GEN, EA) [G] NHL 98 (1997, PC/SAT, EA) [G] NHL 99 (1998, PC, EA)

Letwin, Gordon [P] Microsoft Adventure (1979, AP2, Microsoft)

Leudders, Steve Ultimate Wizard, w/Sean Moore (1983, C64, EA)

Leupp, Jon Sword of Saros, w/Stephen Landrum (1983, 2600 Supercharger, Starpath) Robots of Dawn (1984, AP2, Epyx) [G] Summer Games (1984, C64, Epyx) [G] California Games (1987, C64, Epyx) [D] Caveman Ugh-Lympics (1988, C64, EA) Gauntlet: The Third Encounter (1990, LNX, Atari) [G] Escape from Monster Manor (1993, 3DO, 3DO) [P] Andre Agassi Tennis (1993, MS, Lance Investments) [G] Killing Time (1995, 3DO, 3DO) [G] 3DO Games: Decathlon (1997, PC, 3DO)

Lever, Trevor Hampstead, w/Peter Jones (1984, SPEC, Melbourne House) Terrormolinos, w/Peter Jones (1985, SPEC, Melbourne House) Dodgy Geezers, w/Peter Jones (1986, SPEC, Melbourne House)

Levers, Michael J. [TB] Tanker (1983, SPEC, CVG) 3D Defenda (1983, SPEC, Contrast) Xark (1983, SPEC, Contrast)

Levin, Elizabeth [B] Code Breaker, w/Craig Patchett (1981, 800, PDI) Police Artist (1983, AP2, Sir-Tech)

Levine, David [L] Ballblazer (1985, 800, Lucasfilm)

Levine, Rick S. [G] Handheld Bowling (1979, HAND, Mattel) PBA Bowling, w/Mike Minkoff (1980, INT, Mattel) Microsurgeon (1982, INT, Imagic) Motocross, w/Rick Koenig (1983, INT, Mattel) Truckin' (1983, INT, Imagic) [G] Palenque (1985, RCA DVI, RCA) [P] Defender of the Crown (1988, PC, Cinemaware) from AMI [G] It Came From the Desert (1989, AMI, Cinemaware) [G] Kids on Site (1994, SCD/PC/MAC, Digital Pictures) [G] Double Switch (1995, PC, Digital Pictures)

Leviton, Daniel Earthly Delights, w/Roger Webster (1984, AP2, Datamost)

Lewis, Brian [TB] Burger King! (1985, BBC, Your Computer) BurgerTime-like [TB] Hunchy (1985, BBC, Your Computer) Hunchback-like [TB] Jump Jet Assault (1985, BBC, Your Computer)

Lewis, Larry Fly Snuffer (1983, TI99, Futura) [P] O'Riley's Mine (1983, AP2, Datasoft) from 800 [P] Lost Tomb (1984, AP2, Datasoft) from COIN

Lewis, Martin Monsters in Hell (1983, SPEC, Softek) Country Quest (1984, C64, Wye Valley)

Lewis, Michael L. [TB] Stratahex (1988, C64, Commodore Magazine) [TB] Commodore Sixty-Fore (1989, C64, Commodore Magazine)

Lewis, Roy D. [T] Crunchman (1987, C64, Ahoy!) Pac-Man-like

Lewry, Thomas A. [TB] Take-5 (1983, 800, ANALOG)

Leyland, Robert Dragon's Eye (1981, AP2, Epyx) Alien Garden, w/Jaron Lanier, Bernie DeKoven (1982, 800, Epyx) [P] Murder on the Zinderneuf, w/Jon Freeman, Paul Reiche (1983, 800, EA)

Li, Teri Lost Duchman's Gold (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Liddell, Eric [TB] Snakey (1992, 800, New Atari User)

Liddle, Colin Seabase Delta, w/Peter Torrance (1986, C64, Firebird)

Liddon, Gary [P] Exterminator, w/Douglas Hare (1990, C64, Audiogenic) from COIN [P] Ricochet (1988, C64, Firebird) Breakout-like

Liebig, Karin Wizard Fight (1989, C64, CP Verlag)

Lieblich, Russell Adventure of the Year, w/Peter Kaminski (1984, C64, ACT) Web Dimension (1985, C64, ACT)

Liepa, Peter Boulder Dash, w/Chris Gray (1984, 800, First Star) Boulder Dash II (1985, 800, First Star) Super Boulder Dash (1986, C64, EA) Brain Jam (2002, PC, self)

Lin, Shatao Bomb Squad, w/Gene Smith (1982, INT, Mattel)

Lindauer, Damien [TB] Grape Gobbler (1984, AP2, inCider)

Lindsey, Frank J-Bird (1983, C64, Orion) Q*bert-like

Lindstrom, Ted [TB] Reflection (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Line, John Oh Mummy, w/Daren White (1984, SPEC/CPC, Gem/Amsoft) Disco Dan, w/Daren White (1984, SPEC, Gem) Roland in Time, w/Daren White (1984, CPC, Amsoft) Roland in Space, w/Daren White (1985, CPC, Amsoft) Doors of Doom (1985, CPC, Amsoft) Qabbalah, w/Drren White (1986, CPC, Amsoft)

Lines, A. & R [TB] Fence Builder (1986, 800, Atari User)

Linger, Stephen F. [TB] Airlock (1982, 800, CVG) [TB] Log-Jam (1983, 800, CVG)

Lionet, Francois Chickin Chase (1985, C64, Firebird)

Lipkin, Seth [P] Track & Field, w/Jaques Hugon (1984, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Lipphardt, Stephan [TB] Quadrato (1987, 800, Computronic)

Lister, Michael J. Addicta Ball (1987, C64, Alligata)

Litinsky, Boris [TB] Supertank (1984, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Littlefield, Josh [P] Ms. Pac-Man, w/Mike Horowitz (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Livesay, Mike Roach Hotel (1981, AP2, Micro Lab) Ming's Challenge (1982, AP2, Micro Fun) [P] Miner 2049er (1982, AP2, Micro Fun) from 800 Peeping Tom (1982, AP2, Micro Lab) Miner 2049er II (1984, AP2, Micro Fun) The Heist, w/Mike Mooney (1984, AP2, Micro Fun) Arcade Game Construction Kit (1988, C64, BROD) [P] Activision Action Pack (1995, PC, ACT)

Llewellyn, John D. Percy Penguin (1984, C64/BBC, Superior) Pengo-like

Llewellyn, Nigel [TB] The Chase (1986, 800, Page 6) [TB] Greedy Caterpillars (1987, 800, Page 6) [TB] Bowl Trap (1988, 800, Page 6)

Lo, Dennis Nukilex (1984, TRS, JMG)

Lock, Dean M. Submarine Commander (1982, 800, Thorn EMI) Orc Attack (1983, 800, Thorn EMI) Blackhawk (1984, C64, Creative Sparks)

Logg, Ed Othello, w/Carol Shaw (1978, 2600, Atari) Super Breakout (1978, COIN, Atari) Video Pinball (1979, COIN, Atari) Football II (1979, COIN, Atari) Asteroids, w/Lyle Rains (1979, COIN, Atari) Centipede, w/Dona Bailey (1980, COIN, Atari) Millipede (1982, COIN, Atari) [L] Gauntlet, w/Bob Flanagan (1985, COIN, Atari Games) [L] Gauntlet II, w/Bob Flanagan (1986, COIN, Atari Games) Xybots, w/Bob Flanagan (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [P] Tetris (1989, NES, Tengen) from COIN Steel Talons, w/Ed Rotberg (1991, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Space Lords (1992 COIN, Atari Games) Wayne Gretsky 3D Hockey (1996, N64, Midway) [G] San Francisco Rush (1997, N64, Midway) from COIN [G] San Francisco Rush 2 (1998, N64, Midway) [G] San Francsisco Rush: 2049 (2000, N64/DC, Midway) [G] Dr. Muto (2002, PS2/DC/XBOX, Midway) Stack'um (2004, CELL, Namco) Pool Pro Online (2004, online, Namco)

Loken, Richard [T] Roundup (1983, 800, ANALOG) Stampede-like Classy Chassy (1987, 800, Clearstar)

Long, Marv Cyclotron (1982, AP2, Sensible)

Longfellow, Ron [B] Miner! (1980, PET, CURSOR)

Looker, David J. [cofounder DJL] Zuckman, w/John Looker (1982, ZX81, DJL) Pac-Man-like Z-Man (1983, SPEC, DJL) Pac-Man-like 3D Stunt Rider (1985, CPC, Amsoft) [P] Froggy (1985, CPC, R&B) from ZX81 [P] Elektraglide (1986, CPC, English) from 800 [P] Monty on the Run (1986, CPC, GG) from SPEC Super Cycle (1987, CPC, US Gold) [P] Road Blasters (1988, SPEC/CPC, US Gold) from COIN Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (1988, SPEC/CPC, Martech)

Looker, John [cofounder DJL] Zuckman, w/David Looker (1982, ZX81, DJL) Pac-Man-like

Lopez, Matt [B] Fog (1983, 800, K-Tek) [B] Foreign Legion (1983, 800, K-Tek) [B] Lava Run (1983, 800, K-Tek) [B] Mad Genius (1983, 800, K-Tek) [B] Ship of Stars (1983, 800, K-Tek) [B] Zip Zap Zonked (1983, 800, K-Tek) [B] Rescue (1983, 800, ALA) [B] Dr. Mindwarp (1983, 800, ALA)

Lorenz, Jeff [P] Tac-Scan (1983, 2600, Sega) from COIN [P] Thunderground (1983, 2600, Sega) from Borderline COIN [P] Star Trek (1983, 2600, Sega) from COIN [P] Spy Hunter (1984, 2600, Sega) from COIN

Lorenzen, Mike Golf (1978, 2600, Atari) Circus Atari (1980, 2600, Atari) Oink! (1983, 2600, ACT) [P] Pitfall! (1984, 800, ACT) from 2600 [P] Pitfall II (1984, 800, ACT) from 2600 Psi-5 Trading Co. (1986, C64, Accolade) Card Sharks (1988, C64, Accolade) TKO (1988, C64, EA) [P] Ishido (1990, GEN, Accolade) from PC

Lottrup, Peter M.L. [TB] Flags (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Loughry, Tom Boxing (1981, INT, Mattel) Sub Hunt (1982, INT, Mattel) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1982, INT, Mattel) Treasures of Tarmin (1983, INT, Mattel) Dreadnaught Factor (1983, INT, ACT) Worm Whomper (1983, INT, ACT) Alcazar (1985, Coleco Adam, ACT) Gunboat (1987, C64, Piranha) Steel Thunder (1988, C64, Accolade) [G] Test Drive III (1991, PC, Accolade)

Louie, Gilman [B] Battle Trek, (1981, TRS, 800, Voyager) Starship Commander (1982, AP2, Voyager) Delta Squadron (1983, Nexa)

Lount, Peter William Gemstone Warrior, w/Trouba Gossen (AP2, SSI) Gemstone Healer, w/Trouba Gossen (1984, AP2, SSI)

Love, Tony Gunfighter (1989, 800, Atlantis)

Lovell, Anthony [B] Subchaser (1979, AP2, Powersoft) Depthcharge-like

Low, Stephen M. [TB] Space Thief (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Mt. Rock (1985, 800, COMPUTE!)

Lowe, Al Dragon's Keep (1982, AP2, Sierra) Bop-A-Bet (1982, AP2, Sierra) Troll's Tale (1983, AP2, Sierra) [D] Black Cauldron (1983, AP2, Sierra) A Gelfling Adventure (1984, AP2, Sierra) Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred-Acre Wood (1985, PC, Sierra) [G] King's Quest III (1985, PC, Sierra) [P] Mickey's Space Adventure (1986, COCO, Sierra) Leisure Suit Larry (PC, 1987, Sierra) [G] Police Quest I (1987, PC, Sierra) [G] King's Quest IV (1988, PC, Sierra) Leisure Suit Larry 2 (1988, PC, Sierra) Leisure Suit Larry 3 (1989, PC, Sierra) [D] Leisure Suit Larry 5 (1991, PC, Sierra) [D] Freddy Pharkas, Frontier Pharmacist (1993, PC, Sierra) [D] Leisure Suit Larry 6 (1994, PC, Sierra) [D] Torin's Passage (1995, PC, Sierra) [D] Leisure Suit Larry 7 (1996, PC, Sierra) [D] Leisure Suit Larry's Casino (1998, PC, Sierra)

Lowrance, Paul Cavern Creatures (1982, AP2, Datamost)

Lowrance, Ron Argos (1983, AP2, Datamost)

Lubar, David R. Bumper Blocks (1980, AP2, Creative Computing) Obstacle Course (1980, AP2, Creative Computing) Killing Zone (1981, AP2, Versaware) [G] Battlesight (1982, AP2, Versa) Worm War I (1982, 2600, Fox) Fantastic Voyage (1982, 2600, Fox) Space Master X-7 (1982, 2600, Fox) Bumper Bash (1982, 2600, Spectravideo) The Challenge of.....Nexar (1983, 2600, Spectravision) Flash Gordon (1983, 2600, Fox) Spider City (1983, 2600, Sirius) [D] Plasmania, w/Eugene Geer (1983, AP2, Sirius) Pastfinder (1983, 800, ACT) [N] Graphics Magician, w/Chris Jochumson, Mark Pelczarski (1984, AP2, Penguin) [P] Hacker (1985, 800, ACT) from C64 [P] Master of the Lamps (1985, 800, ACT) from C64 [P] Murder on the Mississippi (1986, C64, ACT) from C64 [P] Shanghai (1986, AP2, ACT) from C64? [P] Pharaoh's Revenge (1988, C64, Publishing International) from AP2 River Raid II (1988, 2600, ACT) Sentinel (1990, 2600, Atari) [P] Sentinel (1991 7800, Atari) from 2600 My Golf (1990, 2600, HES) [P] Home Alone (1991, GB, THQ) Swamp Thing (1992, NES, THQ) [G] Super Battletank 2 (1994, SNES, Absolute) [G] Home Improvement (1994, SNES, Absolute) [G] Ren & Stimpy (1995, SNES, THQ) [P] Super Breakout (1999, GB, Majesco) from COIN Frogger 2 (2000, GB, Majesco)

Lubarsky, Don [TB] Duck Hunter (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Lubeck, Olaf Red Alert (1981, AP2, BROD) Gobbler (1981, AP2, On-Line) Pac-Man-like [P] Jawbreaker (1981, AP2, On-Line) from 800 Pegasus II (1981, AP2, On-Line) Cannonball Blitz (1982, AP2, Sierra) Donkey Kong-like [P] Frogger (1983, AP2, Sierra) from COIN [P] Pinball Construction Set (1983, 800/C64, EA) from AP2 [P] Apple Panic (1983, 800/PC, BROD) from AP2

Lucas, Dave Mr. Mephisto (1984, C64, Euro-Byte)

Lucas, Mark Viking Raiders (1984, SPEC, Firebird)

Luciow, Leszek Tanks (1991, 800, Mirage) Thinker (1992, 800, Mirage)

Ludwig, Scott Quarxon (1983, 800, APX) Caterpiggle (1983, 800, APX)

Luhrs, Tom Apple-Oids (1980, AP2, Twilight) Asteroids-like Chip Out (1980, AP2, Twilight) Mating Zone (1983, AP2, Datamost) [P] Crime Stopper, w/Dwayne Jeffrey (1984, C64, Hayden) from AP2

Lukszo, Arkadiusz Battle Ships, w/Tomasz Konatkowski (1989, 800, Gizmo Magic)

Lundberg, Dave Simon (1982?, PET/VIC, Data Equipment Supply) [P] Fax, w/Hamid Daroui (1983, C64, Epyx) from COIN [P] Super Huey (1985?, ST/AMI, Cosmi) from C64 [L] Case of the Cautious Condor (1991, CDTV, Tiger Media) [L] Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows (1991, CDTV, Tiger Media)

Lurie, Gordon Invasion Force (AP2)

Lustig, M.G. Food War (1983, COCO, Arcade Animation) Food Fight-like Ice Master (1983, COCO, Arcade Animation) Pengo-like Hyper Zone (1983, COCO, Computerware) Moon Hopper (1983, COCO, Computerware) Moon Patrol-like Time Patrol (1983, COCO, Computerware) Time Pilot-like Morocco GP (1983, COCO, Computerware) Monaco GP-like

Luton, Justin [TB] Hanger 14 (1987, C64, Ahoy!)

Lutus, Paul Space Raiders (1981, AP2, United Software of America)

Lyndon, Troy [P] Time Runner, w/Scott Maxwell (1983, C64, Funsoft) from TRS [P] Flak (1984, C64, Funsoft) from 800 [P] Howard the Duck (1986, C64, ACT) [P] Lost Tomb, w/Mark Brodie, Robert Bobbio (1984, C64, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Mr. Do! (1985, C64, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Star Rank Boxing (1985, C64, Gamestar) [P] GBA Championship Basketball (1986, C64, Gamestar) [P] Hat Trick (1987, C64, Capcom) from COIN

Lyon, Jon [B] Computer Bismarck, w/Joel Billings (1980, AP2, SSI) [B] Computer Naopleonics (1980, AP2, SSI) [B] Shattered Alliance (1981, AP2, SSI) [B] Torpedo Fire (1981, AP2, SSI) S.E.U.I.S. (1982, AP2, SSI) Queen of Hearts (1983, AP2, SSI)


Macchiarulo, Joe Astro-Mania (1982, TI99, Moonbeam) Cavern Quest (1982, TI99, Moonbeam) Garbage Belly (1982, TI99, Moonbeam) Zero Zone (1982, TI99, Moonbeam)

MacDonald, Mike Lunar Lander (1979, AP2, Aladdin)

Macilwee, Steven Castle Top (1985, 800, DBM) Hunchback-like Doman of the Undead (1986, 800, Red Rat) Winter Wally (1987, 800, Alternative) [P] Monkey Magic (1987, 800, Micro Design) from C64 Leapster (1988, 800, Alternative) Speed Run (1988, 800, Red Rat) California Run (1988, 800, Red Rat)

Mackintosh, Ivan Crumble's Crisis (1986, 800, Red Rat) Space Lobsters (1987, 800, Red Rat) Tagalon (800, Tynesoft) Black Lamp (1989, 800, Atari UK) Cavernia (1990, 800, Zeppelin) Tube Baddies (1995, 800, Micro Discount)

MacLean, Archer Dropzone (1984, 800/C64, US Gold) International Karate (1986, 800/C64, System 3) aka World Karate Championship International Karate+ (1987, C64, System 3) [P] International Karate+ (1988, AMI/ST, System 3) from C64 Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (1991, ST/AMI/PC, Virgin) [P] Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (1994, GEN, Virgin) Archer MacLean's Pool (1992, ST/AMI/PC) Super Dropzone (1994, SNES, Psygnosis)

Maclean, John Key Bored (AP2, Universal Software Australia)

MacLeay, Steve [TB] Baseball, w/Steve Justus (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

MacLennan, James P. Super Pachinko (1980, TRS, Programma)

Macrae, Douglas B. [P] Dig Dug (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Pole Position, w/Betty Tylko, John Allred (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

MacRae, Elizabeth Chase Mankala (1982, 800, APX)

Maddison, Paul [TB] Bouncer (1986, BBC, CVG)

Madge, Rick Garden Wars (1982, VIC, Commodore) Circus (1984, C64, Wildest Dreams) The Rat (1984, C64, Personal Software Services) Spy School (1984, C64, Dimension 21)

Magdziarz, John [TB] Speed Demon (1982, 800, Antic) [TB] Stunt Clown (1983, 800, Antic) Circus-like

Maggs, Bruce Avatar, w/Andrew Shapira, David Sides (1979, PLATO, PD)

Magnus, Nick III Doom Valley, w/Robert Grumbles (AP2, Superior)

Maker, Ross MIGS and Messerschmitts, w/David Wesely (1980, AP2/TRS, Discovery) [P] Lafayette Escadrille, w/David Wesley (1983, TRS, Discovery) [D] Computer Baseball Strategy, w/Stephen Goss (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Male, Mike Nightflite (1982, SPEC, Hewson) Nightflite II (1983, SPEC, Hewson) Heathrow ATC (1984, SPEC, Hewson)

Malinowski, Edmund [TB] Blackjack (1983, AP2, SoftSide)

Malinowski, Tom [D] Three Stooges (1984, COIN, Mylstar)

Malnati, Paolo Pippo, w/Giovanni Zanetti (1986, SPEC, MAST)

Malone, Greg Minit Man (1983, AP2, Penguin) Halley's Solar Sojurn (1985, AP2) Moebius (1986, AP2, Origin) [L] Windwalker (AP2, Origin)

Maloney, Patrick [TB] International Bridge Contractors (1982, 800, SoftSide)

Man, J.R. Pogoman (1982, 800, Computer Magic)

Mancuso, Paul [G] Poolshark (1977, COIN, Atari)

Manghise, Eric [P] Qix (1982, 5200, Atari) from COIN [P] Space Invaders (1982, 5200, Atari) from COIN

Manginelli, David Ghost! (1983, 800, Action)

Manley, Ivan [P] Jungle Hunt (1984, AP2, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Pitstop II (1984, AP2, Epyx) from C64 [P] Great American Cross-Country Road Race (1985, AP2, ACT) from 800 [P] Countdown to Shutdown, w/T.L. Gale (1985, AP2, ACT) from C64 Pharaoh's Revenge (1988, AP2, Publishing International) Lode Runner-like [L] Third Courier (1989, PC, Accolade)

Mann, Bill Super Demon Attack (1983, TI99, TI)

Mannering, David Air Traffic Controller (1979, TRS, Creative Computing) Advanced Air Traffic Controller (1981, 800, Creative Computing) TRACON (1989, MAC, Wesson)

Mannion, Mike Top Duck (1988, C64, Tynesoft) Mr. Do's Castle-like

Manowski, Max [B] Wizard's Revenge (1981, 800, APX)

Mansell, Walter Frenzy (1982, TRS, Molimerx) Boxer (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Meteor Mission (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Lunar Rescue-like Crazy Tracer (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Amidar-like Master Break (1991, BBC, Superior)

Mansfield, Simon Dungeons of Doom (1982, ZX81, Temptation) Baron (1983, ZX81, Temptation)

Manso, Tony [G] Rockford (1985, AMI/COIN, Arcadia) [P] Jack Nicklaus Golf (1987, GS, Accolade) from PC [P] 4th & Inches (1988, GS, Accolade) from C64

Manthorpe, Sam The Detective (1986, C64, Argus)

Manuel, Grenville Combat Flight (1982, ZX81, Melbourne House)

Manyen, Mark Chessmaster 2000 (1986, 800/C64/AP2, EA) [P] Golden Oldies; Volume 1 (ST, EA) Chessmaster 2100 (1988-90, C64/AP2/GS, Ubisoft) [P] Cribbage King/Gin King (1990, GS, Software Toolworks) from PC [P] Life & Death (1989, GS, Mindscape) from AMI [P] Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991, C64, SSI) from PC [G] Septerra Core (1999, PC, Valkyrie)

Marcel, Herve Cyborg Warrior (1990, 800, self)

Mardon, Nial Zaxxan (1983, SPEC, Starzone) Zaxxon-like

Marentes, Nick [founder Fun Division] [B] Stellar Odyssey (1982, TRS, Fun Division) Cosmic Bomber (1982, TRS, Fun Division) Neutroid (1983, TRS, Fun Division) The Gladiator (1983, TRS, Fun Division) [B] Stellar Odyssey 2 (1983, TRS, Fun Division) Donut Dilemma (1984, TRS, Fun Division) Escape Zone (1984, TRS, Fun Division) Neutroid 2 (1984, COCO, Fun Division) Donut Dilemma (1987, COCO, Tandy) Rupert Rythym [sic] (1988, CC3, Tandy) Space Intruders (1988, CC3, Tandy) Space Invaders-like Cosmic Ambush (1992, CC3, shareware) [P] Pac-Man Tribute (1998, CC3, self) rewrite of Pac-Man Gate Crasher (1999, CC3, self) Neutroid 2.015 (2015, COCO, self) Zero Hour (2022, CC3, self)

Mari, Jean-Paul Murder (1982, AP2, self) [P] Chicken Chase (1985, 800, Jawx) from C64; aka Cock'In Rodeo (1986, THOM, Microids) [P] Inheritance 2 (1986, C64, Infogrames) from THOM [P] Prohibition (1987, C64, Infogrames) from THOM Playbac (1987, THOM, Microids) [P] Super Ski (1988, C64, Microids) from CPC [P] Iron Trackers (1989, CPC, Microids) from ST Shuffle Puck Cafe (1989, CPC, BROD) [P] Ancient Art of War (1990, CPC, BROD) from PC [P] Swap (1990, CPC, Microids) from PC [P] GP500cc 2 (1991, CPC, Microids) from ST; aka Hot Rubbers [P] Killerball (1991, PC, Microids) from ST/AMI [P] Sliders (1991, CPC, Microids) from AMI

Marino, Peter [TB] Disc Blitz (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Markley, David H. [TB] Island Jumper (1981, 800, COMPUTE!)

Marks, Michael Checker King, w/Brad Templeton (1979, PET/TRS, Personal)

Marks, Stuart [G] Omega (1989, AP2, Origin)

Maro, Anthony [TB] Lifeboat (1989, C64, Commodore Magazine)

Marraccini, Jeff Secret of Easter Island (1982, AP2, Three Sigma)

Marsh, James Spider Raid (1983, AP2, Insoft)

Marshall, David K. Tomahawk (1985, SPEC, Digital Integration)

Marshall, Paul D. [B] Cavern Commander (1984, 800, Scorpio) Crazy Cobra (1986, 800, Scorpio) [P] Invasion (1987, 800, Bulldog) from C64 Nucleus (1987, 800, Atari UK) [P] Milk Race (1987, 800, MAST) [P] Rogue (1988, 800, MAST) Exploding Wall (1989, 800, Byte Back) Arkanoid-like

Marshall, Scott [P] Crossbow (1987, 7800, Atari) from COIN [P] Touchdown Football (1988, 7800, Atari) from C64 [P] Crossbow (1989, PC, Absolute) from COIN R.C. Grand Prix, w/Dan Kitchen (1990, MS, Seismic) [P] R.C. Grand Prix, w/Dan Kitchen (1990, GEAR, Sega) from MS [G] Bart vs. the Space Mutants (1991, NES, Acclaim) [L] Ghoul School (1992, NES, Electro Brain) [P] Frogger (1998, GEN, Majesco) from COIN [P] Monopoly (1999, GBC, PB) [G] Tonka Raceway (1998, GBC, Hasbro) [L] Nicktoons Racing (1999, GBC, Hasbro) [G] M&M's Blast! (2001, GBA, Majesco)

Marshall, Todd Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle, w/Ray Miller (1983, 2600, PB) [P] Frogger (1983, TI99, PB) from COIN [P] Q*bert's Qubes (1984, 2600, PB) from COIN [P] GameMaker (1985, AP2, ACT) from C64

Marshall, Wade [TB] Bird Eggs (1987, 800, Antic)

Martin, Art Eagle (1984, COCO, Saguaro) Lunar Lander-like The Andrea Coco (1985, COCO, Saguaro)

Martin, Ian Ace (1985, C64, Cascade) Ace II (1987, C64, Cascade) Ace 2088 (1988, C64, Cascade) Sky Runner (1986, C64, Cascade) [G] Space Shuttle (1992, ST/AMI, Virgin) Dogfight (1994, ST/AMI, MicroProse) [G] Killing Cloud (1991, ST/AMI, Image Works) [G] B-17 Flying Fortress (1993, PC, MicroProse) Slipstream, w/Ciaran Gultnieks (1995, PC, GG)

Martin, Tim Halloween, w/Robert Barber (1983, 2600, Wizard) Spelunker (1983, 800, BROD)

Martone, Frank [TB] Termite! (1985, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Electra-Ball (1989, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Good King Zurp (1989, 800, Antic) [TB] TX Cruncher (1989, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Skyrisers (1989, 800, ANALOG)

Marvin, John W.S. Crypts of Chaos (1983, 2600, Fox) Lunar Outpost, w/Randy Glover (1984, C64, Epyx) [P] Silicon Warrior (1984, C64, Epyx) from 800

Marx, Barry Crime Stopper, w/Dan Kitchen (1983, AP2, Hayden)

Massena, Darrin [P] Championship Baseball, w/Scott Orr (1986, C64, ACT) [G] Space Ranger (1987, AMI/COIN, Virgin) [L] Sidewinder (1988, AMI/COIN, Virgin)

Massey, Randy W. [B] Robot Battle (1982, 800, SoftSide)

Masteller, Randall Don Dunzhin, w/Steven Baumrucker (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Warrior of Ras Volume 2, w/Steven Baumrucker (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Warrior of Ras Volume 3, w/Steven Baumrucker (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Warrior of Ras Volume 4, w/Steven Baumrucker (1982, TRS, Screenplay) Trivia Arcade, w/Steven Baumrucker (1984, C64, Screenplay) [P] Silent Service (1985, 800/PC, MicroProse) from ST [PG] Crusade in Europe (1986, PC, MicroProse) from C64 [PG] Conflict in Vietnam (1986, PC, MicroProse) from C64

Mataga, Cathryn [aka William Mataga] Shamus (1982, 800, Synapse) Shamus: Case II (1983, 800, Synapse) Zeppelin (1983, 800, Synapse) [P] Brimstone, w/David Bunch, Bill Darrah (1985, AP2, Synapse) [P] Essex, w/Bill Darrah (1985, 800/AP2/C64, Synapse) [P] Neverwinter Nights (1991, PC, SSI) [P] Gateway to the Savage Frontier (1991, PC, SSI) [P] Shamus (2000, GB, Junglevision) from 800

Mateos, Alvaro Rocky (1985, SPEC?, Dinamic) West Bank (1986, SPEC?, Dinamic) [G] Capitan Sevilla (1988, SPEC?, Dinamic)

Mathison, Michael Labyrinth (1984, BBC, Acornsoft)

Matias, John [T] Alien Armada (1985, VIC, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Matson, Neil Laser Ball, w/Matthew McMahon (1982, TRS, AI) Pac-Man-like

Matson, Robert [P] Mountain King (1983, 800, CBS)

Matthews, Graham [P] Mutant Herd, w/Jeremy Smith (1983, VIC, Thorn EMI)

Mattox, Gordon Bermuda Race, w/John Biddle (1983, AP2, Sams)

Mattrick, Don Evolution, w/Jeff Sember (1982, AP2, Sydney) [G] Power at Sea (1988, C64, Accolade)

Maurer, Richard "Rick" [P] Pinball Challenge (1978, FCF, Fairchild) Hangman (1979, FCF, Fairchild) Pro Football (1979, FCF, Fairchild) Maze Craze (1980, 2600, Atari) [P] Space Invaders (1980, 2600, Atari) from COIN Space Duel, w/Owen Rubin (1981, COIN, Atari)

Maxwell, Scott [P] Time Runner, w/Troy Lyndon (1983, C64, Funsoft) from TRS

Maxwell, William H. Maxwell Manor (1984, 800, Avalon Hill) Mission on Thunderhead (1985, 800, Avalon Hill) Spitfire '40 (1986, 800, Avalon Hill)

May, Steve [TB] Diver (1984, 800, Antic)

Mayer, Ronald Roadpainter (1984, C64, Computronic) Spiders (1984, C64, Computronic) Grand Prix (1985, C64, Computronic) Deadly Missison (1986, C64, Computronic) Taxi Driver (1986, C64, Computronic) Turbo Racer (1987, C64, Computronic) Xama (1988, C64, CP Verlag) Electra (1989, C64, CP Verlag) Tank Action (1989, C64, CP Verlag)

Mayer, Steve [G] Combat (1977, 2600, Atari)

Mayers, Jon Citadel Warrior, w/Ken Farnen (1983, 800, English) Moon Alert, w/Ken Farnen (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Moon Patrol-like

Mayfield, Mike Star Trek (1971, Sygma 7, PD)

Maynard, David S. "Worms?" (1983, 800, EA) [NG] Cut & Paste (1984, AP2/800, EA)

McAllister, Norman [TB] Parachute (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

McArthur, Jeffrey Kamikaze (1981, 800, Stargazer) Defender-like Icky Squishy (800, Stargazer)

McAuley, Rodney Blister Ball (1981, AP2, Creative Computing) Mad Bomber (1981, AP2, Creative Computing) Tsunami (1981, AP2, Creative Computing) Wavy Navy (1983, AP2, Sirius)

McBride, Jim [P] Pitstop II, w/Lloyd Ollman (1984, 800, Epyx) from C64

McCarthy, Colm Manor of Madness (1984, ZX81, SPEC/C64, Celtic) Corridors of the Nethermind (1985, SPEC/C64, Celtic) The Light (1995, many, Illusory Mental Images)

McCarthy, Justin 'Copter Capers (1982, TI99, Futura)

McClellan, C.A. Surf's Up, w/Eric Small (1984, 800) from 2600?

McCloskey, Steven R. [TB] Dragon (1983, 800, COMPUTE!)

McComb, Damian Dinky Doo (1984, C64, Software Projects)

McConnell, Cliff Road Toad (800, self) Frogger-like [TB] Asteroid Storm (1984, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Chopper Mission (1984, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Galax Attack (1984, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Gobbler (1984, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Mars Lander (1984, 800, Virgin Books) Lunar Lander-like [TB] Time Typist (1984, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Tower of Flames (1984, 800, Virgin Books) [TB] Traffic Panic (1984, 800, Virgin Books) [B] Millipedes (1984, 800, PD)

McCord, Jeff Sword of Fargoal (1983, C64, Epyx)

McCormack, Pat Quest for the Maltese Chicken, w/John Kavanagh (1986, 800, Futureware)

McCormick, James Aliants (1987, 800, TDC)

McCoy, Jim Color Scarfman, w/Gary Luedemann (1981, COCO, Cornsoft) Pac-Man-like

McCue, Mike Night Mission (1986, TI99, Millers Graphics) Choplifter-like

McFadden, Kary Rommel 3D (1985, COCO, MichTron) Battlezone-like Pinball Factory (1987, COCO, MichTron) Pinball Construction Set-like

McFarland, Douglas [B] Beta Fighter (1982, 800, Artworx) [B] Encounter at Questar IV (1982, 800, Artworx)

McGlauflin, Don [P] Creepy Corridors (1983, VIC, Sierra) from AP2

McGuinness, Tim [D] Rotor Raiders (1982, TI99, Romox) Pac-Man-like

McHugh, Tom [P] Gunfight, w/Dave Nutting (1976, COIN, Midway) [P] SeaWolf (1976, COIN, Midway) [P] Wizard of Wor, w/Dave Nutting (1981, COIN, Midway)

McKay, Graham Suicide Strike (1983, VIC/C64, Tronix)

McKay, William [P] Sumerian Game, w/Mabel Addis (1964, IBM 7090, PD)

McKee, Mark Astral Zone (1983, C64, Channel 8) Timezone (1984, C64, Channel 8)

McKee, Max Zargs (1982, AP2, Insoft)

McKenna, Michael [TB] Space Dodge (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

McKenzie, Neil [P] Fathom (1983, TI99, Imagic) from 2600

McKenzie, Philip Demon Seed, w/Jeff Sorenson (1982, TRS, Trend) Phoenix-like [P] Demon Seed, w/Jeff Sorenson (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) from TRS Mudpies, w/Jeff Sorenson (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) Food Fight-like

McKinnon, Sean Crystals of Zong (1983, C64, Cymbal)

McKinstry, Chris [B] trschess (1980, TRS, self) TRAM, w/Vic Spicer (1982, TRS, Microsystems) Blockade-like Ramatron, w/Vic Spicer (1982, TRS, Microsystems) UltraGulip, w/Vic Spicer (1982, TRS, Microsystems)

McKissock, Scott [TB] Fallout (1983, 800, Antic)

McLaren, R. Byter (1983, ZX81, Protek) Pac-Man-like UFO (1983, ZX81, Protek) Astro Invader-like

McMahon, Matthew T. Laser Ball, w/Neil Matson (1982, TRS, AI) Pac-Man-like

McManus, Joe [TB] Crisis Center (1988, 800, ANALOG)

McMenamin, Hugh [TB] Thoroughbird Racing (1989, C128, Run)

McNab, Chris Bomb Blast It! (1983, 800, English)

McNair, Ken Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, w/Scott Adams, Philip Case (1985, many, AI)

McNally, Wolf [aka Robert McNally] [B] Camera Obscura (1979, AP2, Programma) [P] Star Trek (1983, AP2, Sega) from COIN [P] Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory (1984, AP2, Datamost) from 800 [P] Ghostbusters (1984, AP2, ACT) from C64 Quintette (1986, MAC/AMI, Miles) [P] Romantic Encounters at the Dome (1987, MAC/AMI, MicroIllusions) Ebonstar (1988, AMI, MicroIllusions) Jetsons (1989, MAC/AMI, MicroIllusions) [P] PGA Tour Golf (1990, MAC, EA) [D] Britannica's Jigsaw (1990, CDI, NovaLogic) [D] Halls of the Dead: The Faery Tale Adventure II (1995, PC, Encore) [D] Dinotopia (1995, PC, Turner)

McNeil, Alan Berzerk (1980, COIN, Stern) Frenzy (1981, COIN, Stern)

McNeill, Fergus Murder off Miami, w/Jason Somerville (1986, CPC, CRL) Sherwood Forest (Delta 4) Dragonstar Trilogy (Delta 4) Quest for the Holy Joystick (SPEC, Delta 4) Return of the Joystick (SPEC, Delta 4) Bored of the Rings (1985, CPC, Delta 4) Robin of Sherlock (CPC, Delta 4) The Boggit (1986, CPC, Delta 4) Colour of Magic (1986, CPC, Piranha) The Big Sleaze (1987, C64, Piranha) Mindfighter (1988, C64, ACT)

McWilliams, Tom Outpost (1981, AP2, Sirius) [P] Turmoil (1982, 800, Sirius) from 2600 [P] Alpha Shield (1983, 800, Sirius) from 2600 Space Master X-7 [P] Spider City (1983, 800, Sirius) from 2600 Flash Gordon [P] Worm War I (1983, 800, Fox) from 2600 [P] Law of the West (1985, AP2, Accolade) from C64 Crosscheck (1986, 800, Datasoft) Injured Engine (1984, C64, Imagic)

Mechner, Jordan Karateka (1984, AP2, BROD) Prince of Persia (1989, AP2, BROD) [D] Prince of Persia 2 (1993, PC, BROD) [L] The Last Express (1997, PC/MAC, BROD) [G] Prince of Persia 3D (1999, PC, Ubisoft) [G] Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003, PS2/XBOX, Ubisoft)

Mednick, Marvin Safecracker (1983, INT, Imagic)

Meeder, Torre K-Razy Shoot-Out, w/Keith Dreyer (1981, 800, K-Byte) Berzerk-like Boulders and Bombs, w/Keith Dreyer (1983, 800, CBS)

Meegan, John [P] Slap Fight (1987, C64, Imagine) from COIN [P] Rastan (1987, C64, Imagine) from COIN

Meehan, Mike [T] Croaker (1984, COCO, Hot Coco) Frogger-like

Megler, Veronika Penetrator, w/Philip Mitchell (1982, SPEC, Melbourne House) Scramble-like The Hobbit, w/Philip Mitchell (1983, SPEC, Melbourne House)

Mehlich, M.E. Fortress of the Witch King (1983, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Meier, Dirk [T] Earthraid (1986, C64, Happy Computer) [T] Weltendaemmerung (1987, C64, 64'er)

Meier, Myron Topper (1983, 800, Romox) Q*bert-like

Meier, Sid [B] Hostage Rescue (1980, 800) [B] Formula 1 Racing (1982, 800, Acorn) [B] Hellcat Ace (1982, 800, MicroProse) [B] Chopper Rescue (1982, 800, MicroProse) [B] Floyd of the Jungle (1982, 800, MicroProse) Spitfire Ace (1983, 800, MicroProse) NATO Commander (1983, 800, MicroProse) Wingman (1983, 800, MicroProse) Solo Flight (1983, 800, MicroProse) Air Rescue I (1984, 800, MicroProse) Decision in the Desert, w/Ed Bever (1985, 800/C64, MicroProse) Conflict In Vietnam, w/Ed Bever (1985, 800/C64, MicroProse) Crusade in Europe, w/Ed Bever (1985, 800/C64, MicroProse) F-15 Strike Eagle (1985, 800, MicroProse) Silent Service (1986, C64, MicroProse) [G] Gunship (1986, PC, MicroProse) Pirates (1987, C64, MicroProse) [G] Red Storm Rising (1988, C64, MicroProse) Railroad Tycoon (1990, PC, MicroProse) Covert Action, w/Bruce Shelley (1990, PC, MicroProse) Civilization (1991, PC, MicroProse) [D] Pirates! Gold (PC, MicroProse) [ND] CPU Bach (1994, 3DO, MicroProse) [G] Colonization (1994, PC, MicroProse) consultant [D] Gettysburg (1997, PC, MicroProse) [G] Alpha Centauri (1999, PC, Firaxis) consultant [G] Civilization III (2001, PC) SimGolf (2002, PC, EA)

Melfi, Dominic J. Kippy's Nightmare (1981, TI99, Futura) Bang Bang Sub (1982, TI99, Data Force) Space Station 1 (1982, TI99, Data Force)

Meller, Dan & Marilyn Crown of Arthain (1980, AP2, Micro Lab)

Mendes, Dave The Generators (1984, BBC, Quicksilva)

Meng, Peter [B] Baseball Fever (AP2, Softape)

Meninsky, Carla Indy 500, w/Ed Riddle (1977, 2600, Atari) Dodge 'Em (1980, 2600, Atari) Head On-like [P] Warlords (1981, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Star Raiders (1982, 2600, Atari) from 800

Meretzky, Steve Planetfall (1983, many, Infocom) Sorcerer (1984, many, Infocom) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, w/Douglas Adams (1984, many, Infocom) A Mind Forever Voyaging (1985, many, Infocom) Leather Goddesses of Phobos (1986, many, Infocom) Stationfall (1987, many, Infocom) Zork Zero (1988, many, Infocom) [G] Spellcasting 101 (1990, PC, Legend) [G] Spellcasting 201 (1991, PC, Legend) [G] Spellcasting 301 (1992, PC, Legend) [G] Leather Goddesses of Phobos II (1992, PC, Infocom) [G] Superhero League of Hoboken (1994, PC, Legend) [G] Hodj 'n' Podj (1994, PC/MAC, Boffo) [G] Space Bar (1997, PC, SegaSoft)

Merlo, James [T] Pinhead (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Merrell, Allen Copts (sic) and Robbers, w/Eric Knopp (1981, AP2, Sirius) High Orbit (1982, AP2, Gebelli) Russki Duck, w/Eric Knopp (1982, AP2, Gebelli) [P] Jungle Hunt (1983, 5200, Atari) from COIN [P] Space Dungeon, w/Eric Knopp (1984, 5200, Atari) from COIN

Merrell, Bob [P] Mario Bros. (1985, 5200, Atari) from COIN

Merrill, Lee QS Reversi (1981, AP2, Quality) [P] QS Reversi (1982, 800, Quality) from AP2

Merriman, P. Alien (1982, ZX81, PSS)

Merritt, Bruce Black Widow (1982, COIN, Atari)

Merritt, Roger L. Amok! (1981, VIC, UMI) Berzerk-like Meteor Run (1982, VIC, UMI) Satellites and Meteorites! (1982, VIC, UMI) Sub Chase (1982, VIC, UMI, UMI) Super Amok (1983, VIC, UMI) Berzerk-like

Merrow, Charles Computer Air Combat, w/Jack Avery (1980, AP2, SSI) Computer Baseball, w/Jack Avery (1981, AP2, SSI) Fighter Command, w/Jack Avery (1983, AP2, SSI)

Messner, Rick [T] Maniac! (1982, 800, ANALOG)

Mestel, Jonathan Philosopher's Quest, w/Peter Killworth (1983, BBC, Topologika)

Metz, Paul [P] Crystal Castles, w/William Janhke (1988, 800, Atari) from COIN

Meuse, Steve [P] Transylvania (1981, AP2, Penguin) double-res Ogre (1986, AP2, Origin) [G] Ultima V (1988, PC, Origin)

Meyer, Steve Wacko (1982, COIN, Bally Midway) Tapper (1983, COIN, Bally Midway) Timber (1984, COIN, Bally Midway)

Meyers, Steve Ring Destroyer, w/Paul Kugler (1982, TI99, Republic)

Mical, Robert J. [cocreator of Atari Lynx, 3DO] [G] Sinistar (1983, COIN, Williams)

Michael, Malcom Capture! (1980, PET, Code Works) Nab! (1980, PET, Code Works)

Michalec, Barbara Astro Blaster, w/Gary Shannon (1981, COIN, Sega/Gremlin)

Michon, Ted Night Racer (1976, COIN, Micronetics) [D] Star Fire, w/David Rolfe (1978, COIN, Exidy)

Mick, Joel [TB] Escape (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Monster Maze (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Micklus, Lance [TB] Concentration (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Dog Star Adventure (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [B] Master Mind II (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [B] Star Trek (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Star Trek III.4 (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Star Trek III.5 (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Mean Checkers Machine (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Treasure Hunt (1980, AP2, SoftSide) Mean Checkers Machine 2 (1981, TRS, SoftSide) Mean Craps Machine (TRS, AI)

Middleton, Stuart Universal Hero (1986, SPEC, MAST)

Mietta, Marco Speed Way (1986, C64, Systems Editoriale)

Milbert, Dennis [P] Space Station Zulu (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill) from 800

Mildon, Steve Junkman Junior (1986, TI99, DataBioTics)

Miles, Eddie Birdie Barrage (1984, BBC, Computasolve)

Miles, Troy A. Neuromancer (1985, AP2, Interplay)

Millar, Brian Tac/Scan, w/Mike Hendricks (1982, COIN, Sega)

Miller, Alan Surround (1977, 2600, Atari) Blockade-like Basketball (1978, 2600, Atari) Hangman (1978, 2600, Atari) [N] Atari 8-bit OS, w/David Crane, Larry Kaplan (1979, 800, Atari) Basketball (1979, 800, Atari) Checkers (1980, 2600, ACT) Tennis (1981, 2600, ACT) Ice Hockey (1981, 2600, ACT) Starmaster (1982, 2600, ACT) Robot Tank (1983, 2600, ACT) Law of the West (1985, C64, Accolade)

Miller, Alistair Alien Rain (1983, ZX81, Computer Rentals)

Miller, Allen [TB] Collapsing Deck (1990, 800, Antic)

Miller, Bill Z-Chess III (TRS, AI) Back-40, w/Steve Glen (1979, TRS, AI)

Miller, Carl Invaders from Space (1980, TRS, Acorn) Space Invaders-like

Miller, Chuck Mines of Moria, w/? (1975, PLATO)

Miller, Craig Battle Over Titan (1982, TI99, MG) Blackbeard's Treasure (1982, TI99, MG) Casino Blackjack (1982, TI99, MG) Crazy Fun House (1982, TI99, MG) Pharaoh's Tomb (1982, TI99, MG)

Miller, Dave [TB] Alpha Blast (1983, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Skull Chase (1983, 800, Antic) [B] Diamond Digger (1984, 800, PD)

Miller, Donald W. Jr. [B] Stranded (1990, AP2, Mindcraft)

Miller, Ken [T] Midas Maze (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Miller, Kevin J. APBA Backgammon (1979, INT, Mattel) NFL Football, w/Ken Smith (1979, INT, Mattel) NASL Soccer (1980, INT, Mattel) [P] Alcazar (1985, AP2, ACT) from C64

Miller, Larry Epoch (1981, AP2, Sirius) Hadron (1981, AP2, Sirius) Minotaur (1981, AP2, Sirius) Spider Fighter (1982, 2600, ACT) Enduro (1983, 2600, ACT)

Miller, Ray Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle, w/Todd Marshall (1983, 2600, PB)

Miller, Scott Spectre, w/Bob Flanagan (1983, AP2, Datamost)

Miller, Tim [P] Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (1985, SPEC, US Gold) from 800

Milligan, Peter Star Race (1984, C64, MAST)

Millington, David [TB] Barrels and Ladders (1983, SPEC, Popular Computing)

Mills, Vince [P] The Scoop by Agatha Christie (AP2, Telarium)

Milner, Ron Starship 1 (1977, COIN, Atari)

Minh, Chou Tran Pinball, w/Bob Newstadt (1983, INT, Mattel)

Minkoff, Mike PBA Bowling, w/Rick Levine (1980, INT, Mattel) SNAFU (1981, INT, Mattel)

Minns, Charles Nominoes Jigsaw Puzzle, w/Brian Brownlee (1980, AP2, Dynacomp)

Minter, Jeff [founder Llamasoft] Centipede (1981, ZX81, dk'tronics) Centipede-like 3D 3D! (1981, ZX81, dk'tronics) Space Invaders (1982, ZX81, dk'tronics) Space Invaders-like Andes Attack (1982, VIC, Llamasoft) Defender-like Aggressor (1982, VIC, HES) Rat Man (1982, VIC) Abductor (1982, VIC) Gridrunner (1982, VIC, HES) Matrix: Gridrunner II (1982, VIC, HES) Super Deflex (1982, SPEC, Llamasoft) Turboflex (1982, 800, Llamasoft) Headbanger's Heaven (1983, SPEC, Llamasoft) Traxx (1983, VIC, Quicksilva) Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time (1983, VIC, Llamasoft) Laser Zone (1983, VIC/C64, Llamasoft) Rox 64 (1983, C64) Attack of the Mutant Camels (1983, C64, Llamasoft) Hover Bovver (1983, C64/800, Llamasoft) Revenge of the Mutant Camels (1984, C64, Llamasoft) Ancipital (1984, C64, Llamasoft) Hellgate (1984, C64, Llamasoft) Sheep in Space (1984, C64, Llamasoft) Mama Llama (1985, C64, Llamasoft) Batalyx (1986, C64, Ariolasoft) Iridis Alpha (1986, C64, Hewson) Voidrunner (1987, C64, MAST) Return of the Mutant Camels (1987, C64, MAST) Andes Attack (1989, ST, Llamasoft) Defender-like Super Gridrunner (1991, ST, Action Sixteen) Photon Storm (1990, AMI/ST, Llamasoft) Defender II (1990, ST, Arc) Llamatron (1991, ST, Llamasoft) Robotron-like Hardcore (1992, ST, Llamasoft) Llamazap (1993, Atari Falcon, Llamasoft) Tempest 2000 (1994, JAG, Atari) Defender 2000 (1996, JAG, Atari) Tempest 3000 (2000, Nuon, VM Labs) Deflex (2002, Pocket PC, Llamasoft) Hover Bovver 2 (2002, Pocket PC, Llamasoft) Gridrunner++ (2002, PC, Llamasoft) Space Giraffe (2007, 360, Llamasoft) Minotaur Rescue (2011, iOS, Llamasoft) Minotron: 2112 (2011, iOS, Llamasoft) GoatUp (2011, iOS, Llamasoft) Caverns of Minos (2012, iOS, Llamasoft) Five A Day (2012, iOS, Llamasoft) Super Ox Wars (2012, iOS, Llamasoft) GoatUp 2 (2013, iOS, Llamasoft)

Mirkovich, Reinhard Gypsy (1983, 800, Avalon Hill)

Mirsky, Rick [P] Bruce Lee (1984, AP2, Datasoft) from 800 [P] Mr. Do! (1985, AP2, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Zorro (1985, AP2, Datasoft) from 800 [P] Goonies (1985, AP2, Datasoft) from 800 [P] Neverending Story (1986, AP2, Datasoft) from SPEC

Mirtich, Brian Fly By (1982, COCO, Chromasette)

Mirzazadeh, Mory Droids (1983, 800, TG Software) Spark Bugs (1983, 800, Romox)

Mitchell, Andy Incredible Shrinking Fireman (1986, SPEC, MAST)

Mitchell, Bruce [P] Star League Baseball, w/Dan Ugrin, Scott Orr (1983, 800, Gamestar)

Mitchell, John [P] Estra (1984, C64, Firebird) from ? Zulu (1984, C64, Silverbird) Kick Off (1989, C64, Anco)

Mitchell, Michael [TB] Dark Star (1985, 800, Antic)

Mitchell, Philip Penetrator, w/Veronika Megler (1982, SPEC, Melbourne House) Scramble-like The Hobbit, w/Veronika Megler (1983, SPEC, Melbourne House) [L] Sherlock (1985, SPEC, Melbourne House) Lord of the Rings (1985, many, Melbourne House) [L] Shadows of Mordor (1988, C64?, Melbourne House) [L] Crack of Doom (1989, PC, Melbourne House) [G] The Dame was Loaded (1996, MAC/CDI, Philips)

Mitchell, Steven C. [B] Dragon's Castle (1986, COCO, Mitchell)

Mitchell, Thomas J. Oil's Well (1983, 800, Sierra)

Miyamoto, Shigeru [D] Sheriff (1979, COIN, Nintendo) [D] Space Firebird (1980, COIN, Nintendo) [D] Radar Scope (1980, COIN, Nintendo) [D] Donkey Kong (1981, COIN, Nintendo) [D] Donkey Kong Jr. (1982, COIN, Nintendo) [D] Popeye (1982, COIN, Nintendo) [D] Mario Bros., w/Gunpei Yokoi (1983, COIN, Nintendo) [D] Devil World, w/Takashi Tezuka (1984, NES, Nintendo) [D] Donkey Kong 3 (1983, COIN, Nintendo) [D] Excitebike (1984, NES, Nintendo) [D] Super Mario Bros., w/Takashi Tezuka (1984, NES, Nintendo) [D] Legend of Zelda (1986, NES, Nintendo) [D] Pilotwings 64 (1996, N64, Nintendo) [D] Ocarina of Time (1998, N64, Nintendo)

Mizunaga, Fukumura Super Locomotive (1982, COIN, Sega)

Modla, Andrew Baseball (1977, ST2, RCA) Blackjack (1977, ST2, RCA) Bowling (1977, ST2, RCA) Math Fun (1977, ST2, RCA) Gunfighter/Moonship Battle (1977, ST2, RCA) Tennis/Squash (1977, ST2, RCA) Pinball (ST3, RCA) Bingo (ST3, RCA)

Monk, Britt [P] Shootout at the OK Galaxy (1982, TRS, Avalon Hill) from VIC VC (1982, TRS, Avalon Hill) 3-D Brickaway (1982, TRS/COCO, Avalon Hill) [P] 3-D Brickaway (1984, C64, Avalon Hill) from TRS

Montelo, Pat [P] Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1987, AP2, Epyx) from 800

Montero, Stephen Night Stalker (1982, INT, Mattel) [G] Mind Pursuit (1986, AP2/C64, Datasoft)

Montgomery, Mike [founder Bitmap Brothers] [P] Cluedo (1984, C64, Leisure Genius) [P] Mastermind (C64, Leisure Genius) [P] Dan Dare (1986, C64, Leisure Genius) [P] Scrabble (1986, C64, Leisure Genius) [P] Monopoly (1988, C64, Leisure Genius) [P] Karate (C64, Leisure Genius/Virgin) [G] Speedball (1988, AMI, Image Works) [G] Cadaver (1990, AMI, Image Works) [G] Cadaver: The Pay Off, w/Steve Kelly (1991, AMI, Renegade) [G] Speedball 2 (1990, ST, Image Works) [G] Gods, w/Steve Tall (1991, AMI, Renegade) [G] Magic Pockets (1991, AMI, Renegade) [G] Chaos Engine, w/Steve Cargill (1993, AMI, Spectrum Holobyte) [G] Chaos Engine 2 (1996, AMI, Renegade) [G] Z (1996, PC, Renegade) [G] Speedball 2100 (2000, PS, Empire) [G] Steel Soldiers (2001, PC, Eon)

Moody, John La Kootieratcha (1983, TI99, CMS Systems)

Moody, Paul [G] Desert Falcon (1987, 7800, Atari)

Moon, Mr. [founder Moonbeam] [B] Death Drones (1982, TI99, Moonbeam)

Mooney, Mike The Heist, w/Mike Livesay (1983, AP2, Micro Fun)

Moore, Kenneth [P] Faery Tale Adventure (1988, C64, Microillusions) from AMI [P] Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes (1989, C64, Accolade) Apache Strike, w/Paul Nettle (1989, C64, ACT)

Moore, Mark Purple Turtles, w/Richard Moore (1983, C64, Quicksilva) Enigma, w/Mark Moore (1985, C16, Commodore)

Moore, Mike Droppack (1990, COCO, T&D) Tetris-like

Moore, Richard Purple Turtles, w/Mark Moore (1983, C64, Quicksilva)

Moore, Sean A. Gothmog's Lair (1983, C64, Progressive Peripherals & Software) Wizard, w/Steve Leudders (1983, C64, EA)

Morgan, Douglas J. Dungeons of Daggorath, w/Phil Landmeier, Keith Kiyohara (1982, COCO, Tandy)

Morgan, John Zoo Keeper, w/Mark Blazczyk, Rex Battenberg (1983, COIN, Taito America) [L] Redline Racer (1988, COIN, Cinematronics) [L] Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road (1989, COIN, Leland) [G] Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat, w/David Sullivan (1991, COIN, Leland)

Morgan, Robert [P] RoboCop (1988, AP2, Quicksilver) from COIN

Morgan, Russell [TB] Apple Catcher (1983, SPEC, ZX Computing)

Morgan, Scott Haunted House (1982, TI99, TIventures) Miner 49er (1982, TI99, TIventures) Stone Age (1982, TI99, TIventures) 007: Aqua Base (1982, TI99, TIventures) Fun House (1982, TI99, TIventures) In Search of: The Four Vedas (1982, TI99, TIventures)

Moriarty, Brian [TB] Adventure in the Fifth Dimension (1983, 800, ANALOG) [T] Crash Dive! (1984, 800, ANALOG) Wishbringer (1985, many, Infocom) Trinity (1986, many, Infocom) Beyond Zork (1987, PC/MAC, Infocom) [L] Loom (1990, PC, Lucasfilm) [D] Loadstar (1995, PC, Rocket Science)

Mork, Phil [B] Carnival (1982, 800, ANALOG)

Mornini, Tom [P] Dark Forest (1981, AP2, Sirius)

Morock, Dave Pool 1.5, w/Howard de St. Germain, Don Hoffman (1981, AP2, IDSI)

Morris, Bill [TB] Convoy, w/John Cope (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Titan, w/John Cope (1981, 800, SoftSide) Taxicab Hill (1985, 800, Antic)

Morris, Leonard [TB] Vanish (1989, C128, Ahoy!) [TB] Match Games (1989, C128, Run) [TB] Connex (1990, C128, Run)

Morris, Steve Waterline (C64, Tronix)

Morris, Tony A.T.R.A.M. (1984, SPEC, Websters)

Morrison, Ian [P] Shark Trap, w/David Anderson (1982, SPEC, Romik) from VIC Colour Clash, w/David Anderson (1983, SPEC, Romik) Amidar-like Galactic Trooper, w/David Anderson (1983, SPEC, Romik) Brain Damage, w/David Anderson (1983, SPEC, Silversoft) Deffendar, w/David Anderson (1984, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Defender-like [P] Lode Runner, w/David Anderson (1984, SPEC, BROD) from AP2 [P] Zaxxon, w/David Anderson (1984, SPEC, U.S. Gold) from COIN [P] Tapper, w/David Anderson (1985, SPEC, U.S. Gold) from COIN [P] Beach-Head, w/David Anderson (1984, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Beach-Head II, w/David Anderson (1985, SPEC, U.S. Gold) from C64 [P] Raid Over Moscow, w/David Anderson (1985, SPEC, U.S. Gold) from C64 [P] World Series Baseball, w/David Anderson (1985, SPEC, Imagine) from C64 [P] Out Run (1986, SPEC, Probe) from COIN [P] Turbo Out Run (1989, SPEC/ST, Sega) from COIN [P] S.C.I., w/Douglas Little (1990, SPEC, Ocean) from COIN [G] Cisco Heat (1991, ST, Image Works) from COIN [P] Robotron X (1997, PS, Midway) [P] Robotron 64 (1998, N64, Crave)

Morrison, John Snakes (1982, DRAG, Morrison) Space Invaders (1982, DRAG, Morrison) Space Invaders-like Super Lander (1983, DRAG, Morrison) Lunar Lander-like Bonka (1983, DRAG, Morrison) Space Panic-like Cybermen (1983, DRAG, Morrison) Hornets (1983, DRAG, Morrison) Pterodactyl (1983, DRAG, Morrison) Vultures (1983, DRAG, Morrison)

Mottershead, Neil Invasion of the Body Snatchas!, w/Simon Brattel (1983, SPEC, Crystal) Defender-like Hall of the Things, w/Simon Brattel, Martin Horsley (1983, SPEC, Crystal) Warlock of Firetop Mountain, w/Simon Brattel (1984, SPEC, Crystal)

Motz, Troy Gold Finder (1986, COCO, Tom Mix) Loder Runner-like

Moughtin, Kevin A. Invaders (1983, C64, dk'tronics) Space Invaders-like Depth Charge (1983, C64, Commodore) Depthcharge-like Death Star (1984, C64, Rabbit)

Mountford, Brian [P] Canyon Climber (1982, AP2, Datasoft) from COCO [P] Sands of Egypt (1983, AP2, Datasoft) from COCO

Mowbray, David Para Academy (1990, C64, Zeppelin) Demon Blue (1992, AMI, Microvalue) Double Agent (1996, AMI, Flair)

Mracek, John [P] Phoenix, w/Mike Feinstein (1982, 2600, Atari) from COIN [G] Desert Falcon (1987, 7800, Atari)

Mueller, Carl [TB] Maze Search (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Kidnapped! (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

Muirhead, Duncan [P] Armor Attack (1982, VEC, Milton Bradley) from COIN

Muk, William Arex (1982, TRS, AI)

Mullally, Chuck [B] Mastermatch (1983, 800, APX)

Mullen, Don [P] Trivia Arcade (1984, AP2, Screenplay) from ?

Müller, Christian Catastrophe (1984, C64, Mirrorsoft)

Mullich, David G. Space II (1979, AP2, Edu-Ware) Network (1980, AP2, Edu-Ware) Windfall (1980, AP2, Edu-Ware) Prisoner (1981, AP2, Edu-Ware) Prisoner II (1982, AP2, Edu-Ware) Empire I (1981, AP2, Edu-Ware) Empire II (1982, AP2, Edu-Ware) [D] Empire III (1984, AP2, Edu-Ware) [G] DuckTales: The Quest For Gold (1990, PC, Walt Disney) [G] I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1995, PC, Acclaim)

Muncer, David S.S. Achilles, w/Simon Goodwin (1983, 800, Beyond) Killa Cycle, w/Simon Goodwin (1987, 800, Micro Value) Blockade-like

Munnery, Simon Asteroids (1981, VIC, Bug-Byte) Asteroids-like Cosmiads (1982, VIC, Bug-Byte) Galaxian-like Scramble (1982, VIC, Bug-Byte) Scramble-like Ometron (1983, SPEC, Software Projects)

Munro, Finlay Commando 86 (1986, C64, Elite) Vengeance (1987, C64, CRL) Xenon Ranger (1988, C64, Power House)

Munro, Ian Virgin Atlantic Challenge (1986, SPEC/CPC, MillSide) Iron Sphere (2006, CPC/SPEC, Cronosoft) Shapeshifter (2014, SPEC, Cronosoft) Infeasible Game (2015, SPEC, PD) Impossible Game-like

Munsey, Paul [P] M*A*S*H, w/Flora Ng (1983, TI99, Fox) from 2600 [P] Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (1983, 800, Fox) from 2600

Munshi, Vilas [P] Hockey (1976, FCF, Fairchild) Desert Fox (1976, FCF, Fairchild) Math Quiz 1 (1977, FCF, Fairchild) Math Quiz 2 (1977, FCF, Fairchild)

Murphy, Alan J. Bug Hunt, w/Robert Zdybel (1987, 800, Atari)

Murphy, Don [T] Money Hungry (1984, 800, ANALOG) Lock 'n' Chase-like

Murphy, Tim [P] Bubbles (1982, COIN, Williams)

Murray, Chris P. [P] Henry's House (1987, 800, MAST) from C64 Mirax Force (1987, 800, Tynesoft) Last Guardian (1988, 800, Tynesoft) Winter Olympiad '88, w/Brian Jobling, Michael Hedley (1988, 800, Tynesoft)

Murray, Kent [P] Bod Squad (1992, C64, Zeppelin) [G] Power Drive, w/Tony Pomfret (1994, SNES, US Gold) [PG] Revolution X (1995, SNES, Acclaim) from COIN

Murray, Kevin Antteroo (1985, SPEC, Central)

Murray, Paul [American] Warp Factor (1981, AP2, SSI) Road to Gettysburg (1982, AP2, SSI) Cosmic Balance I (1982, AP2, SSI) Cosmic Balance II (1983, AP2, SSI) Imperium Galacticum (1984, AP2, SSI) Napoleon's Campaigns 1813 & 1815 (AP2, SSI) Wizard's Crown, w/Keith Brors (1986, C64, SSI) Eternal Dagger, w/Victor Penman (1987, AP2, SSI) [G] Pool of Radiance (1988, C64, SSI) [G] Curse of the Azure Bonds (1989, C64, SSI) [P] Panzer General (1994, PC, SSI)

Murray, Paul [British] [G] Rastan Saga (1988, SPEC, Ocean) Tom 'N' Jerry (1990, NES, Hi-Tech) Incredible Crash Dummies (1992, NES, Acclaim) Maximum Carnage (1994, SNES/GEN, Acclaim) Separation Anxiety (1995, SNES/PC, Acclaim)

Muscolino, Bruce [TB] Word Wars (1982, AP2, SoftSide)

Mussman, Christian Kick and Kill (1983, C64, 64'er) Mario Bros.-like

Myhre, Byron A. [TB] Everest (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Mykytyn, Kevin [T] Canyon Runner (1984, 800, COMPUTE!) [T] Last Warrior (1985, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Space Dodger (1985, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Paratrooper (1985, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Witching Hour (1985, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Beehive (1986, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Hex War (1986, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Miami Ice (1986, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Switchbox (1986, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Tightrope (1986, 800, COMPUTE!) [T] High Rise (1986, 800, COMPUTE!)


Nadav, Gur [TB] Dungeon Arcade (1987, 800, Antic)

Nadovich, C.T. Bat! (1979, PET, Code Works) Ratrun (1979, PET, Code Works) Boswain (1979, PET, Code Works)

Nagel, Chistian & Stefan Rooter (1989, C64, Verlag) Spacetanks (2004, PC, Yawthrust)

Nakoski, John Creature Feature (1983, COCO, Color) Aerial Attack (1983, COCO, Challenge) Color Blast (1983, COCO, Challenge)

Naleszkiewicz, Peter [TB] Safryland (1983, 800, ANALOG)

Nalla, Umer [TB] Plons (1983, SPEC, Sinclair Programs) [TB] Jump Bug (1984, SPEC, Your Computer)

Nangano, Jim [P] I Love My Numbers (800, First Star) [G] USA Adventure (800, First Star) Flip and Flop (1983, 800, First Star) [P] Flip and Flop (1984, C64, State Soft) from 800 [P] Spy vs Spy (1984, 800, First Star) from C64 [P] Spy vs Spy II (1985, 800, First Star) from C64 Superman, w/Fernando Herrera (1985, C64, First Star) [P] Spy vs Spy III, w/Mike Riedel (1986, C64, Epyx) [P] Spy vs Spy III (1987, 800, Epyx) from C64 [D] Omnicron Conspiracy (1989, C64, Epyx) MicroLeague Baseball (MicroLeague) [P] MicroLeague Wrestling (AMI, MicroLeague) MicroLeague Football (PC, MicroLeague) MicroLeague Baseball IV (PC, MicroLeague) MicroLeague Football II (PC, MicroLeague)

Naseef, Tony [B] Defend (1983, COCO, T&D)

Nedbal, Richard, A. [B] Pillar Munch (1983, AP2, Mindcraft)

Needle, Dave [cocreator of Atari Lynx, 3DO] Space Encounters (1980, COIN, Midway)

Neep, Robert J. [TB] Front Attack (1985, 800, COMPUTE!)

Neighorn, Steven Nuclear Submarine Adventure (1982, TRS/AP2, SoftSide)

Nelsen, Rodney Super Dungeon (1979, AP2, Programma) Dragon Fire (1981, AP2, Level-10) Tharolian Tunnels (1982, AP2, Datamost) Cricketeer (1982, AP2, Software Farm) Frogger-like Space Spikes, w/Glen Williams (1983, AP2, Three Sigma)

Nelson, Craig Backgammon, w/Julio Kaplan (1977, 2600, Atari)

Nelson, Greg [P] NYC: The Big Apple (1984, C64, Synapse) from 800

Nelson, Philip I. [TB] Props (1984, C64, COMPUTE!) [TB] Brunhilda Loves Bruno (1984, C64, COMPUTE!)

Nelson, William O. [B] Speed Boat Race (1985, C64, Eurogold)

Nesbit, Bruce Wizzy's Mansion (1985, BBC, Audiogenic) Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, w/Steve Tall (1989, ST, Tynesoft) [P] Krusty's Super Fun House (1992, NES, Audiogenic) Winter Olympics (1993, PC, US Gold) [G] Z (1996, PC, Renegade) [G] Speedball 2010 (2000, PS, Empire) [G] Steel Soldiers (2001, PC, Eon) [G] World War II: Frontline Command (2003, PC, Strategy First)

Nesbitt, Bryce C. Rootin' Tootin' (1983, C64, HES)

Nesmith, Bruce Theseus and the Minotaur (1982, AP2, TSR) Dungeon (1982, AP2, TSR)

Nettle, Paul Apache Strike, w/Kenneth Moore (1989, C64, ACT)

Neubauer, Doug Star Raiders (1979, 800, Atari) Megaforce (1982, 2600, Fox) as Dallas North Alien (1982, 2600, Fox) as Dallas North M*A*S*H (1983, 2600, Fox) as Dallas North Solaris (1986, 2600, Atari) Super Football (1988, 2600, Atari) Radar Lock (1989, 2600, Atari)

Neurath, Paul Deep Space, w/Ned Lerner (1987, AP2, Sir-Tech) [L] Space Rogue (1989, AP2, Origin) [D] Ultima Underworld (1992, PC, Origin)

Neville, Jim & Vicki Crossword (1980, AP2, Softape)

Neville, Ted Trust (1983, 800, Rantom)

Newberg, Stephen Main Battle Tank, w/Stephen St. John (1989, AP2, Simulations Canada)

Newcomer, John [D] Joust (1982, COIN, Williams) [D] Splat! (1982, COIN, Williams) [G] Sinistar (1983, COIN, Williams) [D] Turkey Shoot (1984, COIN, Williams) [D] Joust 2 (1986, COIN, Williams) [D] High Impact Football, w/Ed Boon, Eugene Jarvis (1991, COIN, Williams) [G] Revolution X (1994, COIN, Williams)

Newell, Mike Zenix, w/Jeremy Spiller (1989, CC3, Gosub)

Newell, Paul Allen [P] Towering Inferno, w/Jeff Corsiglia (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) [P] Entombed, w/Tom Sloper (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) [P] Scramble (1982, VEC, Milton Bradley) from COIN [L] Cube Quest (1983, COIN, Simutrek)

Newell, Wes [B] Pro Bowling (1981, 800, APX)

Newman, Alan M. [B] Domination (1980, 800, APX) [B] Tutti Frutti (1982, 800, AI) Hotel Alien (1985, 800, Artworx)

Newman, Graeme Crime and Punishment, w/Jack Kress (1984, AP2, Mindscape)

Newman, Mat Fortress (1984, BBC, Pace) Zaxxon-like

Newman, Tony [P] Galactic Revolution, w/Dave Cole (1980, AP2, BROD)

Newstadt, Bob Pinball, w/Minh Chou Tran (1983, INT, Mattel)

Ng, Flora [P] M*A*S*H, w/Paul Munsey (1983, TI99, Fox) from 2600

Nghiem, Alex Duong [D] Realms of Darkness, w/Gary Smith (1987, AP2, SSI)

Ngo, Benny Aik Beng Gamma Goblins, w/Tony Ngo (1981, AP2, Sirius) Bandits, w/Tony Ngo (1982, AP2, Sirius) Stratovox-like Drol (1983, AP2, BROD)

Ngo, Tony Gamma Goblins, w/Benny Ngo (1981, AP2, Sirius) Bandits, w/Benny Ngo (1982, AP2, Sirius) Stratovox-like Squish 'em (1983, C64, Sirius) Park Patrol (1984, C64, ACT)

Nicholas, Bob [B] Project Omega (1980, TRS, AI)

Nicholes, Will Duck Attack (2010, 2600, AtariAge)

Nichols, Mark [P] Rocky Horror Show (1985, AP2, ACT) from ?

Nicholson, Ken Chiller, w/Larry Hutcherson, Vic Tolomei (1986, COIN, Exidy)

Nickell, Eric [P] Dreadnaught Factor (1984, 800, ACT) from INT

Nickels, Paul [G] 4x4 Off Road Racing (1988, C64, Epyx) [P] Street Sports Soccer (1989, AP2, Epyx) from C64 [P] Street Sports Football (1989, AP2, Epyx) from C64

Nicol, Simon [P] Tornado Low Level (1985, C64, Ocean) from SPEC Crazy Comets (1985, C64, Martech) Mad Planets-like Mega Apocalypse (1987, C64, Martech) Mad Planets-like Sam Fox Strip Poker (1986, C64, Martech) Back to the Future III (1991, C64, Image Works) Trivia: The Ultimate Quest (1989, C64, Duck) Apocalypse II (1994, SNES, Psygnosis)

Nicols, W.J. Grey Seas, Grey Skies (1983, AP2, Simulations Canada) Golan Front (1985, AP2, Simulations Canada) Seventh Fleet (1985, AP2, Simulations Canada) Northern Fleet (1988, AP2, Simulations Canada)

Niday, Peter C. Sorcerer's Apprentice (1983, 2600, Atari) [P] Crystal Castles (1984, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Nielsen, Bo M. Eagles (1987, C64, Hewson)

Niitani, Masamitsu [D] Swing, w/Satoshi Fujishima (1985, MSX, Pony) Zanac EX, w/Takayuki Hirono (1986, MSX, Pony) Zanac A.I., w/Takayuki Hirono (1986, MSX, Pony)

Nikolich, Laura Spider-Man (1982, 2600, PB) [P] Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! (1984, COL, PB)

Nishikado, Toshihiro Davis Cup (1973, COIN, Taito) Speed Race (1974, COIN, Taito) Western Gun (1975, COIN, Taito) adapted into Gun Fight by Midway Interceptor (1975, COIN, Taito) Space Invaders (1978, COIN, Taito) Space Invaders Deluxe (1979, COIN, Taito) Space Invaders II (1979, COIN, Taito)

Nishiyama, Takashi [D] Moon Patrol (1982, COIN, Irem) [D] Kung-Fu Master (1984, COIN, Irem) [D] Section Z (1985, COIN, Capcom) [D] Trojan (1986, COIN, Capcom)

Nissley, Peter Bug Crusher (1983, VIC, OEM)

Nitchals, Jim L. [cofounder Cavalier; RIP 1998] Asteroid Field (1980, AP2, Cavalier) Bug Attack (1981, AP2, Cavalier) Star Thief (1981, AP2, Cavalier) Raiders of the Lost Ring (1981, AP2, Cavalier) aka Ring Raiders; Star Castle-like Microwave, w/Jay Zimmerman (1982, AP2, Cavalier) Teleport, w/Mike Abbott (1982, AP2, Cavalier) [NG] Music Construction Set (1984, AP2, EA) [P] Archon (1984, AP2, EA) from 800 [P] Archon II (1985, AP2, EA) from 800 [P] Zany Golf, w/Will Harvey (1988, GS, EA)

Nolan, J.C. Frazzle (1982, AP2, Muse)

Noonan, Dave 3-D Monster Chase (1984, SPEC/CPC, Romik)

Noone, Thomas and Patrick Caves of Olympus (1982, AP2, Sams) Whirlybird Run (1983, COCO, Spectral)

Norden, Carl Rock n' Bolt (1984, C64, ACT)

Nordström, Micke Rollin (1984, C64, Atlantis) Amidar-like

Norman, Brett Whirlybird Run (1983, COCO, Spectral)

Norman, Kevin Killer Satellites (1983, 2600, Starpath)

Norman, Lin [T] Starfield Invasion (1990, 800, Antic)

Norman, Paul Bowling (1983, C64, High Tech) [P] Slinky (1983, C64, Cosmi) from 800 Forbidden Forest (1983, C64, Cosmi) Aztec Challenge (1983, C64, Cosmi) [P] Caverns of Khafka (1983, C64, Cosmi) from 800 Beyond Forbidden Forest (1984, C64, Cosmi) Trivia Monster (1984, C64, Cosmi) Super Huey, w/Peter Fokos (1985, C64, Cosmi) Chernobyl (1986, C64, Cosmi) Super Huey II (1987, C64, Cosmi) Defcon 5 (1987, C64, Cosmi) The President is Missing (1988, C64, Cosmi) Navcom Six, w/Robert Bonifacio (1988, C64, Cosmi) Navy Seal (1989, C64, Cosmi) Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows (1991, PC/CDTV, Tiger Media) [D] Home Alone 2, w/Frank Hsu (1993, GEN, Sega) [G] Carrier: Fortress at Sea (1995, 3DO, Panasonic)

Norris, P.W. Spellbound (1984, SPEC, Beyond) Q*bert-like

Norris, Paul Ice Palace (1985, C64, Creative Sparks)

Northrup, William H. [B] Blackjack Tutor (1982, 800, APX) Checker King (1982, 800, APX)

Norton, Larry Cross Country Car Rally (1982, TI99, Norton)

Novembrino, Mark Elysian Fields (1984, AP2, American Eagle)

Nunn, David J.T. [TB] Sailplane Derby (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Nuttall, A.F. Escape from Shazzar (1983, ZX81, International Publishing)

Nutting, Dave Sea Wolf, w/Tom McHugh (1975, COIN, Midway) Amazing Maze w/Jay Fenton, Jeff Frederiksen (1976, COIN, Midway) Sea Wolf II (1978, COIN, Midway) Wizard of Wor, w/Tom McHugh (1981, COIN, Bally Midway) Adventures of Robby Roto!, w/Jay Fenton (1981, COIN, Bally Midway)


O'Boyle, Helen [P] Cave Girl Clair (1984, AP2, Addison-Wesley) [P] Chelsea of the South Sea Islands, w/Lucy Ewell (1984, AP2, Addison-Wesley) [P] Lauren of the 25th Century, w/Lucy Ewell (1984, AP2, Addison-Wesley)

O'Conner, Leah [B] Oil Wells (1979, 800, Sears) [B] Roman Checkers (1979, 800, Sears)

O'Day, Cullen [TB] Animals' Show (1986, C128, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [TB] Monster Bar-B-Q (1989, C128, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [TB] Mudfrog Math (1990, C128, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

O'Donohue, Sean [P] Dragon's Lair (1983, COIN, Cinematronics) [P] Popeye (1983, C64, PB) from COIN

O'Fallon, John Gemini (1983, AP2, Phoenix)

O'Keefe, Michael [TB] Orienteering at Jacque's Coulee (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

O'Keefe, Rich Triple Action (1981, INT, Mattel) Royal Dealer (1982, INT, Mattel)

O'Malley, Paul Julian Boffin (1985, BBC, Addictive) Arac (1986, C64, Addictive)

O'Neil, Robert [P] Polaris (1983, 2600, Tigervision) from COIN

O'Neill, Jeff Ballyhoo (1985, many, Infocom) Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It (1987, many, Infocom)

O'Neill, John Lifespan (1983, 800, Roklan)

O'Neill, Kevin [TB] Canfield Solitaire (1991, 800, Antic)

O'Rourke, MaryLou [G] Desert Fox (1985, C64, US Gold) [P] Killed Until Dead, w/Rick Banks, Michael Bate (1986, C64, Accolade)

O'Shaughnessy, Brian Dicky's Diamonds (1983, C64, Romik) Devil's Crown (1985, CPC, Probe) Into the Deep (1986, C16, Probe) [P] Basildon Bond (1986, CPC, Probe) from C64

Oakden, Tony Camelot (1989, BBC, Superior)

Oberth, Chris [RIP 2012] [B] Phasor Zap (1978, AP2, Programma) [B] 3-D Docking Mission (1978, AP2, Programma) [B] Depth Charge (1978, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) Depthcharge-like [B] Frustration (1979, AP2, Programma) DartRoom (1978-9, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) ycle Jump (1978-9, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) Recall (1978-9, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) RunAround (1978-9, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) Intercepter (1978-9, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) Demolition Derby (1978-9, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) Frustration (1978-9, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) Motocross (1978-9, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) Speed Racer (1979, AP2, Elektrik Keyboard) Light Fight (1979-80, HAND, Milton Bradley) Finger Bowl (1979-80, HAND, Tiger) Sky-Writer (1979-80, HAND, Ideal) Alfie (1979-80, HAND, Playskool) Armored Car, w/Gunars Licitis (1981, COIN, Stern) Anteater (1982, COIN, Stern) Rescue (1982, COIN, Stern) Minefield (1983, COIN, Stern) Tazmania (1983, COIN, Stern) Ardy The Aardvark (1983, AP2, Datamost) Anteater-like [P] One-on-One (1984, COL, Micro Fun) from AP2 [G] Winter Games (1988, C64, Epyx) [G] American Gladiators (1992, NES, Gametek) [G] Time Killers (1995, COIN, Incredible Technologies) [G] Bloodstorm (1995, COIN, Incredible Technologies) [G] ShuffleShot (1997, COIN, Incredible Technologies)

Ockers, Stan [B] Angle Worms / Crolon Diversion (1980, 800, AI) [TB] Changing Hearts (1981, 800, SoftSide) [B] Munchers (1981, 800, PD) [B] Plus Zero (1981, 800, PD) [B] Time Trial (1981, 800 PD) [B] Lunar V (1981, 800, PD) [B] Bankshot (1982, 800, PD) [B] Chicken (1982, 800, PD) Frogger-like [TB] Crash-Tinkle-Tinkle (1982, 800, Antic) [B] Frog (1982, 800, PD) [B] Bats (1982, 800, PD) [B] Doggies (1982, 800, PD) [B] Courting Crickets (1982, 800, PD) [B] Vultures III (1982, 800, Page 6) [B] Motie (1983, 800, PD) [B] Wild West (1983, 800, PD) [B] Tiger (800, PD)

Odendahl, Mark Rush Hour (1983, 800, APX) Frogger-like

Ogden, Cliff J. Wizard of Akyrz, w/Brian Howarth (1983, BBC) Waxworks, w/Brian Howarth (1983, BBC)

Ogren, Del [P] Color Robot Battle, w/Glenn Sogge (1981, COCO, Tandy)

Ohmert, Steven [P] A.E. (1983, VIC, BROD) from AP2 [P] Spare Change (1983, C64, BROD) from AP2

Okamoto, Yoshiki [D] Time Pilot (1982, COIN, Konami) [D] Gyruss (1983, COIN, Konami) [G] Pirate Ship Higeru (1984, COIN, Konami) [D] 1942 (1984, COIN, Capcom) [D] Hyper Dyne Side Arms (1986, COIN, Capcom) [D] 1943 (1987, COIN, Capcom) [G] Forgotten Worlds (1988, COIN, Capcom) [G] Magic Sword (1990, COIN, Capcom)

Oklamcak, J. Sentinel One (1982, 800, Inhome)

Olinger, Karl T. King Kong (1982, 2600, Tigervision)

Oliphant, Peter World Championship Football (1980, HAND, Mattel) Look Alive! Football (1980, HAND, Mattel) Gravity (1980, HAND, Mattel) Dungeons and Dragons (1981, HAND, Mattel) Speed Freak (1982, HAND, Mattel) [P] Threshold (1982, 800, On-Line) from AP2 WallWar (1982, 800, Sierra) Mr. Cool (1983, 800/C64, Sierra) Q*bert-like [P] Troll's Tale (1984, PC, Sierra) from AP2 [P] Dragon's Keep (1984, PC, Sierra) from AP2 [P] Mickey's Space Adventure (1984, AP2/C64, Sierra) [G] Free D.C. (1991, PC, Cineplay) Lexi-Cross (1991, PC, Interplay) [L] Stonekeep (1995, PC, Interplay)

Oliver, Dan Space Cavern (1981, 2600, Apollo) Final Approach (1982, 2600, Apollo) Rescue Terra I (1982, 2600, Venturevision) Laser Gates (1983, 2600, Imagic) Final Legacy, w/Chris Horseman (1984, 800, Atari) [G] Night Trap (1995, PC, Digital Pictures)

Oliver, Philip & Andrew "The Oliver Twins" Super Robin Hood (1985, CPC, Codemasters) Killapede (1986, CPC, Players) Centipede-like Cavey (1986, BBC, Players) Operation Gunship (1986, SPEC, Codemasters) Dizzy (1986, CPC, Codemasters) Grand Prix Simulator (1986, BBC, Codemasters) 3D Starfighter (1986, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) Ghost Hunters (1987, SPEC, Codemasters) Professional Ski Simulator (1987, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) Advanced Pinball Simulator (1988, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) Fruit Machine Simulator (1988, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) [P] Professional BMX Simulator (1988, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) [P] The Race Against Time (1988, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) [P] BMX Simulator 2 (1989, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) Treasure Island Dizzy (1989, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) Fantasy World Dizzy (1989, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) Fast Food (1989, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) [P] Ghostbusters II (1989, SPEC/CPC, ACT) from C64 [P] ISS (1989, SPEC/CPC, Electric Dreams) from C64 [D] Kwik Snax (1990, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) Operation Gunship (1989, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) [D] Magicland Dizzy (1990, SPEC/CPC/C64, Codemasters) [D] Dizzy Down the Rapids (1991, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) [D] Dizzy Panic (1991, SPEC/CPC/C64, Codemasters)

Oliver, Philip A. Missile Attack (1980, TRS, Cornsoft) Missile Command-like Scarfman (1981, TRS, Cornsoft) Pac-Man-like

Olivier, Dirk Angler (1983, SPEC, Virgin)

Ollman, Dave Forbidden Fruit (1985, C64, Turgy Magic)

Ollmann, Lloyd D. Jr. [P] Warlocks Revenge (1981, 800, Synergistic) from AP2 [B] Probe One (1982, 800, Synergistic) [P] Crisis Mountain (1983, C64, Creative) from AP2 [P] Pitstop II, w/Jim McBride (1984, 800, Epyx) from C64 [P] Championship Baseball, w/Ron Aldrich (1986, AP2, ACT) from C64 [G] Space Ranger (1987, AMI, MAST) [P] Third Courier (1990, AMI, Accolade) from PC [P] Lord Of The Rings (1991, AMI/ST, Interplay) [P] Fool's Errand (1990, AMI, Miles) from MAC [P] Spirit Of Excalibur (1990, AMI/MAC, MAST) [P] Jeopardy (1994?, MAC, GameTek) [P] PGA Tour Golf III (1995, MAC, EA) from PC

Olney, Richard Blackjack, w/Suresh Vasa, Jerry Thacker (1976, FCF, Fairchild)

Olsen, John Devil's Tower (1982, TRS, Fantastic) Night of the Walking Dead (1988, C64, Free Spirit)

Olsen, Rodger [B] Battlefleet (1978, OSI, Aardvark) Battleship-like [B] Tank for Two (1978, OSI, Aardvark) [B] Breakthru (1979, OSI, Aardvark) [B] Slashball (1979, OSI, Aardvark) [B] Derelict, w/Bob Anderson (1982, OSI, Aardvark) [B] Mars (1982, OSI, Aardvark) [B] Quest, w/Robert Retelle (1983, COCO, Aardvark) [D] Zeus, w/Mark Sinclair (1983, C64, Mogul) [B] Pyramid (1984, Aardvark)

Olsen, Ryan Devious (1984, COCO, Spectral) Xevious-like Qiks (1984, COCO, Spectral) Qix-like

Omarzu, Christopher H. Big Bird's Egg Catch (1983, 2600, Atari)

Omi, Greg C. [P] Battle Trek, w/Chris Frazier (1982, 800, Voyager) from TRS Captain Cosmo (1982, 800, Nexa) [G] Defender (1983, VIC, Atarisoft) from COIN [G] Portal (1986, C64, ACT) [G] Streetsports Baseball (1986, AP2, C64, Epyx) [P] Streetsports Basketball (1986, AP2, Epyx) from C64 Electro Cop (1991, LNX, Atari) [P] Klax (1991, LNX, Atari) from COIN [P] Slime World (1992, GEN, Epyx) from LNX Andre Agassi Tennis (1992, GEN, TekMagic) [G] Crash Bandicoot 2 (1997, PS, Sony) [G] Crash Bandicoot Warped (1998, PS, Sony) [G] Crash Team Racing (1999, PS, Sony) [G] Jak and Daxter (2001, PS2, Sony) [G] Jak II (2003, PS2, Sony) [G] Jak 3 (2004, PS2, Sony) [G] Jak X Combat Racing (2005, PS2, Sony)

Orban, Richard [B] Three Mile Island (1979, AP2, Muse) Three Mile Island: Special Edition (1980, AP2, Muse) International Grand Prix (1981, AP2, Riverbank) [G] Red Storm Rising (1988, C64, MicroProse)

Orchard, Stewart Balldozer (1988, COCO, Kouga) Arkanoid-like

Orcutt, Charles [T] Rubber Bandit Ball (1988, C64, Run) [T] Gravitron (1989, C64, Run)

Ornsby, Michael [P] Aliens, w/Robert Friele (1987, AP2, ACT) from C64

Orr, Scott [D] Starbowl Football, w/Dan Ugrin (1982, 800, Gamestar) [D] Star League Baseball, w/Bruce Mitchell, Dan Ugrin (1983, 800, Gamestar) [D] On Court Tennis, w/Michael Archer (1984, C64, Gamestar) [D] On Track Racing, w/Ed Ringler, John Cutter (1985, C64, Gamestar) [D] Championship Baseball, w/Darrin Massena (1986, C64, ACT) [G] Howard the Duck (1986, C64, ACT)

Orthel, John Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils (1983, C64, Phantom)

Ortiz, John [B] Jax-O (1982, 800, APX) Arachnid (1982, 800, SoftSide) Stellar Arena (1989, 800, ANALOG)

Osborn, Kevin [P] Kangaroo (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Joust, w/Mike Feinstein (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Osborne, Alan G. Egbert (1983, C64, Games Machine)

Ostman, Corey Gold Fever! (1983, VIC, Tronix)

Ottaway, Neil Plop (1991, 800, New Atari User)

Otto, Merliee & Kenneth K-Razy Antiks (1982, 800, CBS)

Overpeck, Norman [TB] Goodbye Charlie (1983, VIC, COMPUTE!)

Overton, Sam Cosmic Conflict (1978, O2, Magnavox) Bowling/Basketball (1978, O2, Magnavox) Computer Golf (1978, O2, Magnavox) Las Vegas Blackjack (1978, O2, Magnavox) Sid the Spellbinder (1982, O2, NAP)

Owen, T. Flying Feathers (1984, C64, Bubble Bus) Strike Force (1984, C64, Bubble Bus)

Owens, Paul Mr. Wimpy (1984, SPEC, Ocean) BurgerTime-like Daley Thompson's Decathlon, w/Christian Urquhart (1984, SPEC, Ocean)

Oxland, Kevin Starforce Fighter (1987, C64, MAST)


Pack, Randy [PB] Bulls and Bears (1978, AP2, Speakeasy) from board game [PB] Warlords, w/Toni & Brian Beninger (1978, AP2, Speakeasy)

Packer, Brent Andorra (1982, AP2, SoftSide)

Page, Chris [T] Air Hockey (1986, 800, ANALOG)

Pakerski, Andrew S. Robot Bomber (1982, COCO, T&D) Conveyor Belt (1982, COCO, T&D) Boxshoot (1982, COCO, Chromasette) Caterpillar Cave (1983, COCO, T&D) Fortress of the Mutant Waffles (1983, COCO, T&D) Grid (1983, COCO, Chromasette) The Maze (1983, COCO, Chromoasette) Maze Land (1984, COCO, Chromasette) Jump (1985, C64, Loadstar) C64 Rescue (1985, C64, Loadstar) Chicken Maze (1985, C64, Loadstar) Chopper (1985, C64, Loadstar) Lunar (1985, C64, Loadstar) Orbit (1985, C64, Loadstar) Gold Grabber (1986, C64, Loadstar) Dig (1987, COCO, T&D) Robot (1988, C64, UpTime) Rocket Man (1988, C64, UpTime) Tank (1988, C64, UpTime)

Pal, Andrew SpeedSki (1983, VIC, Omtech) Targon 64 (1984, C64, Net) Xevious-like Major Tom (1984, C64, Omtech) Alexander the Creep (1984, C64, Omtech)

Palahnuk, Sam Star Trek (1983, COIN, Sega)

Palevich, John Howard [T] Shoot (1981, 800, COMPUTE!) Dandy, w/Joel Gluck (1983, 800, APX)

Panayi, Costa [cofounder Vortex] Astral Convoy (1982, ZX81, Vortex) Cosmos (1982, SPEC, Abbex) Android One (1983, SPEC, Vortex) Android Two (1983, SPEC, Vortex) Tornado Low Level (1984, SPEC, Vortex) Cyclone (1985, SPEC, Vortex) Highway Encounter (1985, SPEC, Vortex) Revolution (1986, SPEC, US Gold) Collision Course (1987, SPEC, Americana) Deflektor (1987, SPEC, GG) H.A.T.E.(1989, SPEC, GG)

Pape, John T. [TB] Fairway Challenge (1988, 800, ANALOG)

Pappas, Lee [cofounder ANALOG Computing] [TB] Sub (1981, 800, ANALOG)

Pappas, Robert [P] Frogger (1981, TRS, Cornsoft) from COIN Crazy Painter (1982, TRS, Cornsoft) Bounceoids (1982, TRS, Cornsoft)

Paraskeva, Vakis Alcatraz (1984, C64, Probe) Defence-16 (1985, C16, Probe) Defender-like Basildon Bond (1986, C64, Probe)

Parker, Eric Talon, w/Eric Robinson (1983, AP2, BROD) Joust-like [P] Joust, w/Eric Robinson (1983, AP2, Atarisoft) from COIN Conan, w/Eric Robinson (1984, AP2, Datasoft) aka Visigoth [P] Arkanoid (1987, AP2, Taito) from COIN

Parker, Glen [P] Galaxian, w/Tom Calderwood, Mark Ackerman (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Parkinson, Steve Hyperball (1989, BBC, Superior) TimeSlip (1991, BBC, Really Good)

Partington, Jonathan [G] Acheton (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Monsters of Murdac (1986, many, Topologika) Kingdom of Hamil, w/Jon Thackray (1987, PC, Topologika) Spy Snatcher, w/Jon Thackray (1988, many, Topologika) Avon, w/Jon Thackray (Topologika)

Partis, Gary Positron (1983, BBC, Micro Power) Ultron (1984, BBC, Icon) Wongo (1984, BBC, Icon) Hunchback-like Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror (1985, BBC, Micro Power) Psycastria (1986, BBC, Audiogenic) Impact! (1987, BBC, Audiogenic) Arkanoid-like Sphere of Destiny (1987, BBC, Audiogenic) Trailblazer-like Synchron (1987, BBC, Superior) Psycastria 2 (1988, BBC, Audiogenic) Saigon (1988, BBC, Tynesoft)

Passfield, John Chilly Willy (1984, MBEE, Honeysoft) Pengo-like Halloween Harry (1985, MBEE, Honeysoft) [L] Flight of the Amazon Queen (1994, PC, Renegade) [G] Zombie Wars (1996, PC, Microforum)

Patchett, Craig [B] Code Breaker, w/Elizabeth Levin (1981, 800, PDI) [B] Pumpkin Stand (1981, 800, PDI) [B] Captivity (1981, 800, PDI) [B] Thunder Island (1981, 800, ANALOG) Star Sentry, w/Adam Berger (1982, 800, ANALOG)

Patton, Rob Barrier (1979, COIN, Cinematronics) War of the Worlds (1981, COIN, Cinematronics)

Patton, Robert [TB] Taxman (1987, 800, Antic) [TB] Bounce (1988, 800, Antic) [TB] Rollout (1988, 800, Antic) [TB] Pegboard (1988, 800, Antic)

Patuo, John [TB] Skull Island (1989, 800, ANALOG)

Paulp, James [P] Brimstone (1985, C64?, Synapse) from AP2

Pavlish, Alan [P] Galaxian (1983, VIC/C64, Atarisoft) from COIN Cyclon (1983, VIC, Boone) Space Zap-like Crater Raider (1983, VIC, Boone) Moon Patrol-like [P] Murder on the Zinderneuf (1983, AP2, EA) from 800 [G] Wasteland (1988, AP2, EA) [G] Total Recall (1990, NES, Acclaim) [P] Out of This World, w/Bill Dugan (1993, MAC, Interplay) from AMI/ST

Payne, Dave [P] Vanguard (1982, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Payne, Larry 13 Ghosts, w/Bryan Eggers (1984, TRS, Tandy)

Peacock, Kyle [T] Bacterion! (1984, 800, ANALOG) Rip-Off-like [T] Fire Bug, w/Tom Hudson (1984, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Bopotron (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Pearce, David Microcosm, w/Steven Reece (1985, BBC, Firebird)

Pearce, Nick [B] Rebound (1985, 800, Atari Computing) [TB] Submarine Hunter (1988, 800, Atari User)

Pearson, Jyym Curse of Crowley Manor, w/Norman Sailer (1981, TRS, AI) Escape from Traam, w/Norman Sailer (1981, TRS, AI) Earthquake San Francisco 1906, w/Norman Sailer 1906 (1981, TRS, AI) Saigon: The Final Days, w/Robyn Pearson, Norman Sailer (1981, TRS, AI) The Institute, w/Robyn Pearson, Norman Sailer (1981, TRS, Med) Zossed in Space (1981, 800, AI) The Paradise Threat (1982, TRS, Med) The Farvar Legacy (1983, TRS, Med) Lucifer's Realm, w/Robyn Pearson (1984, TRS, American Eagle)

Pearson, Steven E. [T] Slither, w/Paul Kohut (1987, 800, ANALOG) Nibbler-like

Peavey, Chuck [P] Lode Runner (1983, 800, BROD) from AP2 [P] Panther (1987, 800, MAST) from C64 [P] Dark Chambers (1988, 800, Atari) from 7800

Peck, Greg [TB] Hide and Seek (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Pederson, Bruce [P] Lock 'n' Chase (1982, 2600, M Network) from COIN [P] Sea Battle, w/Larry Zwick (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT [P] Space Attack, w/Hal Finney (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT [P] Dragonfire (1983, VIC, Imagic) from 2600

Pederson, Steven Terrorist (1980, AP2, Edu-Ware)

Pedler, Stephen [TB] The Wanderer (1985, 800, Page 6)

Pekoz, Erol Torax (1981, AP2, Creative Computing)

Pelczarski, Mark [B] FBall (1979, PET, CURSOR) [TB] Meteor Storm, w/James Garon (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Caribbean Cruising, w/Jim Klink (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Collision (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Invaders (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Dogfight (1980, AP2, SoftSide) Spy Strikes Back (1983, AP2, Penguin) [N] Graphics Magician, w/David Lubar, Chris Jochumson (1984, AP2, Penguin)

Pellinacci, Neil [TB] Birds (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Gold Rush (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Rollermaze (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Squares (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Caves of the Spiders (1984, SPEC, Fontana)

Pelling, Nick [aka Orlando M. Pilchard] Hedgehog (1981, ATOM, Aardvark) Frogger-like Invaders (1981, ATOM, Aardvark) Space Invaders-like Arcadians (1982, BBC, Acornsoft) Galaxian-like Acornsoft Chess (1983, BBC, Acornsoft) Zalaga (1983, BBC, Aardvark) Galaga-like Frak! (1984, BBC, Aardvark) FireTrack (1987, BBC/C64, Electric Dreams) [P] Dandy (1987, C64, Electric Dreams) from 800 [P] Enduro Racer (1987, C64, Electric Dreams) Bangkok Knights (1988, C64, System 3) Ghostbusters II (1988, C64, Mediagenic) 3D Pool (1988, many, Firebird)

Pence, Frank [TB] Goal (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Penman, Victor Eternal Dagger, w/Paul Murray (1986, AP2, SSI)

Penners, Steve Dragon Hawk, w/Mark Van Alstine (1983, C64, Creative)

Pentecost, David Asterix and the Magic Cauldron, w/Andrew Davie (1987, C64, Melbourne House) [P] Bad Street Brawler, w/David Pentecost (1987, C64, Mindscape)

Perkins, Jason Maggotmania (1983, C64, Commodore) Centipede-like Crazy Caveman (1983, C64, Merlin) Blue Moon (1983, C64, Merlin) Pixie Pete (1983, C64, Merlin) Dig Dug-like Orange Squash (1983, C64, Merlin) Wimbledon '64 (1984, C64, Merlin) [P] Frak!, w/Mark Rogers (1985, C64, Aardvark) from BBC Thing on a Spring (1985, C64, GG) [P] Monty on the Run, w/Anthony Clarke (1985, C64, GG) from SPEC Jack the Nipper (1986, C64, GG) Way of the Tiger, w/Chris Kerry (1986, C64, GG) Mask II, w/Chris Kerry (1987, C64, GG) [P] Deflektor (1987, C64, GG) from SPEC [G] Coil Cop (1987, C64, Epyx) [G] Thing Bounces Back (1987, C64, GG) Dominator (1989, C64, System 3)

Perkins, John Artillery Duel (1982, ASTR, Xonox)

Perkowitz, Tom Castle of Death (1984, TI99, Tomputer) The Chicken (1981, TI99, Tomputer) Frogger-like Quest for Hitler's Diary (1984, TI99, Tomputer) Thief (1982, TI99, Tomputer) Haunted Lighthouse (1984, TI99, Tomputer)

Perks, Trevor [P] Blue Thunder (1984, 800, Richard Wilcox) from SPEC

Perry, David [TB] Four in a Row (1983, SPEC, Interface) Connect Four-like [TB] Lunar Storm (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Snake (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Space Trek (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Zombies (1983, SPEC, Interface) Drakmaze (1984, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Herbert's Dummy Run (1985, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) [P] Pyjamarama (1985, CPC, Amsoft) from SPEC Stainless Steel (1986, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Three Weeks in Paradise (1986, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Great Gurianos (1987, SPEC/CPC, Elite) Trantor (1987, CPC, US Gold) [P] Beyond the Ice Palace (1988, CPC, Elite) Savage (1988, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990, SPEC/CPC, Image Works) [P] Tintin on the Moon (1990, SPEC, Infogrames) Dan Dare III (1990, SPEC/CPC, Virgin) [P] Smash TV (1991, SPEC/CPC, Ocean) from COIN Captain Planet and the Planeteers (1991, SPEC/CPC, Mindscape) Paperboy 2 (1992, SPEC/CPC, Mindscape) [P] Global Gladiators (1993, GEN, Virgin) [P] Aladdin (1993, GEN, Virgin) [P] Cool Spot (1993, GEN, Virgin) [P] Earthworm Jim (1994, GEN, Playmates)

Perry, Larry F. [B] Color Modem Chess (1982, COCO, Double Density) [TB] Missile Attack (1982, COCO, 80 Micro) Missile Command-like

Peters, Chris Ring of Doom (1983, MBEE)

Petersen, Richard [B] Rocket Raiders (1981, 800, Artworx) [B] Forest Fire! (1981, 800, Dynacomp) [B] Forest Fire! Two (1982, 800, Artworx)

Peterson, David Andromeda Conquest (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Peterson, Jon [T] Demon Racer (1988, 800, Antic)

Peterson, Russell Glaxxons (1983, COCO, Mark Data) Galaxian-like

Peterson, Ted Minefield (1985, TI99, T&C Actionware)

Petritis, John Starbase Fighter (1983, 800, Gentry)

Pettingell, Jim The Attack (1981, TI99, TI)

Pettit, P. [B] Escape from Perilous, w/S. Barnes (1983, 800, English)

Pfeiffer, Dave [D] M.A.C.H. III, w/Chris Brewer, Fred Darmstadt (1983, COIN, Mylstar)

Pfeiffer, Kathy Tunnels of Fahad (1980, TRS, AI) Head On-like

Pfeiffer, Randy & Sandy Qix (1981, COIN, Taito)

Pfutzenreuter, Bill [P] Joust (1982, COIN, Williams) Inferno (1984, COIN, Williams)

Pham, Hung A. [B] Game Show (1982, 800, APX)

Phillips, Geoff M. Zodiac (1983, ORIC, Tansoft) House of Death (1984, ORIC, Tansoft) Trouble in Store (1984, ORIC, Orpheus) [P] Boulder Dash (1984, MSX, First Star) from 800

Phillips, John Moon Mine, w/Bob Hendren (1983, TI99, TI) Hopper, w/Michael Archuleta (1983, TI99, TI) Pengo-like [P] Jawbreaker II (1983, TI99, Sierra) from 800 D-Station (1983, TI99, IUG) Face Chase (1984, TI99, Video Magic) D-Station 2 (1985, TI99, Exceltec) Star Trap (1985, TI99, Exceltec) 4A Flyer, w/Michael Archuletta (1986, TI99, Triton) Beyond Parsec (1988, TI99, Triton) STRIKE THREE! (1988, TI99, Triton)

Phillips, John M. Nutcracka (1984, C64, Software Projects) Impossaball (1987, C64, Hewson) Sunburst (1988, C64, Rack-It) Nebulus (1988, C64, Hewson) Eliminator (1988, ST/AMI, Hewson) [P] Speedball 2 (1990, GEN, Image Works) from ST [G] Z (1996, PC, Renegade) [G] Xenon 2000 (2000, PC, Bitmap Brothers) [G] Z: Steel Soldiers (2001, PC, Eon)

Phillips, Malcom [TB] Flight 64 (1984, C64, Your Computer)

Phillips, Richard Cuthbert in the Cooler (1985, DRAG, Microdeal)

Phillips, Willard Expedition Amazon (1984, AP2, Penguin)

Pick, Simon Daredevil Dennis (1984, BBC, Visions) Microrythmn (1986, C64, Firebird) Planet Search (1986, C64, GG) Mad Nurse (1987, C64, Firebird) [P] Gradius (1987, C64, Konami) from COIN Slimey's Mine (1988, C64, Firebird) Microrythmn+ (1988, C64, Firebird) [P] Shinobi (1989, C64, Sega) from COIN [P] NARC (1990, C64, Ocean) from COIN [P] Star Control (1991, C64, Accolade) from PC [P] Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat (1992, C64, Storm)

Pickell, Kevin Paladin (1982, PET, PD) Defender-like [P] Gemstone Warrior (1984, C64, SSI) from AP2 [G] Test Drive (1987, C64, Accolade) [G] Power at Sea (1988, C64, Accolade) [N] TSDS, w/Brian Niessen (C64/AMI) development system

Pieket-Weeserik, Ronald Snake It (1985, MSX, Eaglesoft) Fuzzball (1986, MSX, Eaglesoft) Scentipede (1986, MSX, Eaglesoft) Centipede-like Dawn Patrol (1987, MSX, Eaglesoft) Skooter (1987, MSX, Eaglesoft) Hype (1987, MSX, Methodic) Police Academy II (1988, MSX, Methodic) [P] SWIV, w/John Croudy (1989, AMI/ST, Virgin) from COIN [P] Ninja Warriors, w/John Croudy (1990, AMI/ST, Virgin) from COIN SWIV, w/John Croudy (1991, AMI/ST, Storm) [P] Rodland (1991, AMI/ST, Storm) from COIN Qbic (1992, AMI, PD) Firepower 2000 (1992, SNES, Sunsoft) Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1994, SNES, Virgin) [G] Lion King (1994, SNES, Virgin) [P] Die Hard Trilogy, part 3 (1997, SAT, Fox) [G] One (1997, PS, ASC)

Pierce, Jeff Destiny (1985, AP2, Destiny)

Pierce, Matt [TB] Trap Shoot (1988, C64, Ahoy!)

Pierce, Rik [TB] Stake Your Claim (1982, TRS, SoftSide)

Pierpoint, Nick Transversion, w/Christian Urquhart (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Eskimo Eddie, w/Christian Urquhart (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Donkey Kong-like

Pike, Brian [T] Delta War (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Pike, Rod Dracula (1986, C64, CRL) Pilgrim (1986, C64, CRL)

Pimlott, C. [P] Return of the Jedi (1988, C64, Domark) from COIN

Pinal, Dan Stargate Courier (1982, 800, Syncro) [TB] Tank Battle (1984, 800, Arrays) Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, w/Philip Price, Ken Jordan (1987, C64, Datasoft)

Pincus, Samuel Starship Concord (1982, TI99, Futura) Doomcastle (1983, TI99, Futura) Newton's Revenge (1983, TI99, Futura)

Pinero, Allen Labyrinth of Crete, w/Cliff Johnson (1982, AP2, AI)

Pink, Chris [G] Leader Board (1987, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Psi-5 Trading Company (1987, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Throne of Fire, w/Glenn Benson (1987, CPC, Melbourne House) [G] War in Middle Earth (1989, Melbourne House)

Piper, Martin [P] Tusari, w/Jon Paul Eldridge (1991, C64, Shockwave)

Pirali, Edmund Cubit (1983, AP2, Micromax) Q*bert-like

Pitts, Trevor Golf (1982, VICm, Audiogenic) Tomb of Drewan (1982, VIC, Audiogenic) [P] Tomb of Drewan (1983, C64, Audogenic) from VIC

Plassman, Tom [TB] Catacombs of the Phantoms (1981, 800, SoftSide)

Plaster, John C. Tombstone City in the 21st Century (1981, TI99, TI) Chisolm Trail (1982, TI99, TI)

Platt, Randy Pharaoh's Pyramid (1983, 800, Master Control) Q*bert-like [P] L.A. Swat (1986, 800, MAST) from C64 [P] S.D.I. (1986, ST, Cinemaware) [P] It Came From the Desert (1989, AMI, Cinemaware)

Plotkin, David [TB] Attack on the Death Star, w/Maria Montes (1982, 800, Antic) [TB] Munchkin Attack (1982, 800, SoftSide) Pac-Man-like [TB] Saucer Formation (1982, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Cavern Battle (1982, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Paratroop Attack (1982, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Hookey! (1983, 800, Antic) Q*bert-like [TB] Reckless Racer (1984, 800, ANALOG) [T] Sneak Attack (1985, 800, ANALOG) Sabotage-like [TB] Amazing (1985, 800, Antic) [TB] Miniature Golf (1985, 800, Antic) [B] Miniature Golf Plus (1986, 800, XLent) [T] Squeeze (1987, 800, ANALOG) [T] Surface Run (1987, 800, ANALOG) [T] ANALOG Man (1988, 800, ANALOG)

Poelhman, Bruce Star Raiders II, w/Gary Stark (1985, 800, Atari)

Pogatch, Steven [TB] Stuntman (1982, 800, ANALOG) Crazy Climber-like

Pohl, Andrew Bug Blitz (1985, C64, Ariolasoft)

Polan, Michael Sporting News Baseball (1988, C64, Epyx)

Polaro, Bob [B] Baseball (1977, PET) [B] Dice Poker (1981, 800, APX) [B] Lemonade (1981, 800, APX) Lemonade Stand-like [B] Mugwump (1981, 800, APX) aka Reversi [B] Roman Checkers (1981, 800, APX) [B] Space Trek (1981, 800, APX) [P] Defender (1982, 2600, Atari) from COIN RealSports Volleyball, w/Jim Huether (1982, 2600, Atari) [P] Rampage (1986, 2600, ACT) from COIN Desert Falcon (1987, 2600, Atari) Sprintmaster (1988, 2600, Atari) [P] Road Runner (1989, 2600, Atari) from COIN Bass Masters Classic, w/Steve Bjork (1995, SNES, THQ) Bass Masters Classic Pro, w/Steve Bjork (1996, SNES, THQ)

Polaseck, John Trek X, w/Gordon Walton (1978, PET, Instant) Dungeon of Death, w/Gordon Walton (1978, PET, Instant) Gran Prix, w/Gordon Walton (1979, PET, Instant) MicroWarrior, w/Gordon Walton (1979, PET, Instant) [G] Orbiter (1986, MAC/PC, Spectrum Holobyte) [G] Sub Battle Simulator (1986, MAC/PC, Epyx) [G] PT-109 (1986, MAC/PC, Spectrum Holobyte)

Polin, Bob Blue Max (1983, 800, Synapse) [T] Maxter Mind (1983, 800, Antic) Blue Max 2001 (1984, 800, Synapse) [G] Puzzle Panic (1984, 800, Epyx)

Pollard, Bill Road Race (1982, 800, Action)

Pollock, Robert J. [TB] Vici (1982, TRS, SoftSide)

Pollock, Ward [TB] Para-Jumper (1983, COCO, Rainbow)

Pomfret, Tony Hunchback II, w/Bill Bana (1984, C64, Ocean) Daly Thompson's Decathlon (1984, C64, Ocean) [P] Rambo: First Blood Part II, w/Dave Collier (1985, C64, Ocean) Roland's Rat Race, w/Dave Collier (1985, C64, Ocean) Cyclone (1985, C64, Ocean) Mikie (1986, C64, Imagine) Hysteria (1987, C64, Software Projects) FireFly (1988, C64, Ocean) Hyper Active (1988, C64, Commodore User) Pictionary (1989, NES, LJN) New Zealand Story (1990, NES, Ocean) [P] Super Off-Road (1991, SNES, Leyland) from COIN Power Drive, w/Kent Murray (1993, SNES, US Gold) [P] Revolution X (1995, PS, Acclaim) from COIN [L] DarkLight Conflict (1997, PS, EA) [L] Space Debris (1999, PS, Sony) [P] Gladiator (2003, XBOX, Acclaim)

Popeil, Marek [P] Realm of Impossibility (1986, AP2, EA) from 800 [P] NAM (1986, AP2, SSI) from 800

Popejoy, Eric [P] Missile Attack (1981, AP2, AI) from TRS Galaxy Gates (1982, AP2, AI) Tunnel Terror (1982, AP2, AI) [P] Star Trek (1983, VIC, Sega) from COIN

Porch, Colin Head Over Heels (1987, C64, Ocean)

Porcino, Nick Aquattack (1982, COL, Interphase)

Portalo, Paco Bugaboo (The Flea), w/Paco Suárez (1983, SPEC, Quicksilva)

Porter, Todd [L] Knights of Legend (1989, C64, Origin) [L] Renegade Legion (1990, PC, Origin) [G] G-Nome (1997, PC, 7th Level) [L] Dominion (1998, PC, Eidos)

Porter, Trevor [TB] Super-Snake (1982, 800, SoftSide)

Posthuma, Stefan Hades (1985, C64, PD)

Potkin, Ron Kriegspiel 2 (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Up Periscope (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Warptah (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Kreigspiel (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Turret and Track (1983, TRS, SoftSide)

Potter, Mike [P] House of Usher (1980, 800, Crystalware) from AP2 [B] Imperial Walker (1981, 800, Crystalware) [P] Galactic Quest (1981, 800, Crystalware) from AP2 [P] Beneath the Pyramids (1981, AP2, Crystalware) from AP2 [P] Fantasyland 2041 AD (1981, 800, Crystalware) from AP2 [P] Little Crystal (1981, 800, Crystalware) from AP2 [P] Sands of Mars (1981, AP2, Crystalware) from AP2 [B] Laser Wars (1981, 800, Crystalware) [B] Waterloo II, w/John Bell (1981, 800, Crystalware) Protector (1981, 800, Crystalware) Protector II (1982, 800, Synapse) Chicken (1982, 800, Synapse) Nautilus (1983, 800, Synapse) Shadow World (1983, 800, Synapse) Plaque Man (1983, 800, HCS) Pac-Man-like

Povey, Rob Shuttle Shock (1984, SPEC, Software Supersavers)

Powell, Dean [TB] Atlantic Balloon Crossing (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Prager, John R. [TB] Mystery at Mycroft Mews (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Preator, Craig Sevens (1985, 800, Antic)

Prentiss, Steven Zarcon (1983, C64/VIC, DES-Soft)

Prescott, Michael [TB] Galaxia (1981, AP2, SoftSide) Galaxian-like [TB] Flip-it (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

Prescott, Robert Destroyer Escort (1989, C64, Medalist)

Preston, F.J. Ring of Power (1983, Quicksilva) Thompson Twins Adventure (1984, Quicksilva)

Preston, M. Dragons Bane (1984, SPEC, Quicksilva)

Price, Mark [T] Boulder Bombers (1984, 800, ANALOG) Canyon Bomber-like [T] Maze War (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Price, Michael [G] 2010 (1985, Adam, Coleco)

Price, Philip Tail of Beta Lyrae (1983, 800, Datamost) Alternate Reality: The City (1985, 800, Datasoft) Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, w/Ken Jordan, Dan Pinal (1987, C64, Datasoft)

Pridmore, David K. Cosmic Crusader (1984, DRAG, Blaby)

Priestly, Don Damsel and the Beast (1981, ZX81, Bug-Byte) Sabotage (1982, ZX81, Macronics) City Patrol (1982, ZX81, Macronics) Mazogs (1982, ZX81, Bug-Byte) 3D Tanx (1982, SPEC, dk'tronics) Meteoroids (1982, SPEC, dk'tronics) Dictator (1983, SPEC, dk'tronics) Maziacs (1983, SPEC, dk'tronics) Jumbly (1983, SPEC, dk'tronics) Spawn of Evil (1983, SPEC, dk'tronics) Benny Hill's Madcap Chase (1985, SPEC, dk'tronics) Minder (1985, SPEC, dk'tronics) Popeye (1985, SPEC, dk'tronics) Trap Door (1986, SPEC, Piranha) Through the Trap Door (1987, SPEC, Piranha) Flunky (1987, SPEC, Piranha) Up For Grabs (1988, SPEC, Summit) Gregory Loses His Clock (1989, SPEC, MAST) Target (1989, SPEC, Margate)

Pritchard, Matt [B] Dragon Quest (1983, 800, Midwest)

Pritchett, Robert A. [TB] Gravity-Float Trace (1982, AP2, SoftSide)

Proctor, Paul [P] Sabre Wulf (1984, BBC, Ultimate) from SPEC

Prosser, Tom Brainstorm (1985, SPEC, Bubble Bus) Ice Temple (1986, SPEC, Bubble Bus) Spooked (1989, SPEC, Players Premier) [G] Prison Riot (1990, Players Premier)

Pryke, Clem S. Quackshot (1985, SPEC, Creative Sparks) Tutankham-like

Pryor, William Forbidden Quest, w/Donnel Cox (1984, AP2, Pryority)

Pulsifer, Allen Arachnoid (1982, VIC, UMI) Centipede-like

Purves, Timothy M. Fury (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) Time Pilot-like [P] Airball (1987, PC, MicroDeal) from COCO [P] Time Bandit (1988, AMI, MicroDeal) from ST [P] Tetra Quest (1988, AMI, MicroDeal) from ST [P] Tanglewood (1988, AMI, MicroDeal) from COCO [P] Slaygon (1988, AMI, MicroDeal) from ST [P] Major Motion (1988, AMI, MichTron) from ST

Puthuff, Harley H. Jr. [P] Time Pilot (1982, 2600, Coleco) from COIN [P] Donkey Kong Jr. (1983, 2600, Coleco) from COIN


Quante, Charles A. Arachnid (1982, TRS, Computer Shack)

Quintana, Eric Paddle Pinball (1981, TRS, Tandy)


Raeburn, Gavin The Equalizer (1986, C64, Power House) Terminator (1986, C64, Power House) The Enforcer (1987, C64, Power House) Gun Runner (1987, C64, Power House) Lazer Force (1987, C64, Codemasters) ThunderBolt (1987, C64, Codemasters) [P] Gothik (1988, C64, Firebird) from SPEC Poltergeist (1988, C64, Codemasters) Professional Skateboard Simulator (1988, C64, Codemasters) Pro Tennis Simulator (1989, C64, Codemasters) Rally Cross (1989, C64, Codemasters) Rockstar Ate My Hamster (1989, C64, Codemasters)

Raffel, Glenn [TB] Siege (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Ragsdale, Al [TB] Deadstick (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Raine, Neil Hopper (1981, BBC, Acornsoft) Frogger-like Meteors (1982, BBC, Acornsoft) Asteroids-like Magic Mushrooms, w/Tim Dobson, Richard Clay (1985, BBC, Acornsoft)

Rains, Lyle Tank, w/Steve Bristow (1974, COIN, Kee) Jet Fighter (1975, COIN, Atari) Steeplechase (1975, COIN, Atari) Indy 800 (1975, COIN, Kee) Sprint 2, w/Dennis Koble (1976, COIN, Kee) Sprint 4, w/Dennis Koble (1977, COIN, Kee) [G] Football (1978, COIN, Atari) Asteroids, w/Ed Logg (1979, COIN, Atari) [D] Asteroids Deluxe (1980, COIN, Atari)

Ralfe, Simon P. Robot Rumpus (1985, SPEC, Atlantis)

Ramos, Anthony [TB] Creepy Caverns (1984, 800, Antic)

Ramshaw, Clifford Shark Trap (1982, VIC, BROD) Sea Invasion (1983, VIC, Romik) Martian Raider (1982, VIC, Romik) Scramble-like Cosmonaut! (1984, VIC, Melbourne House) Star Trooper (1984, C64, Melbourne House)

Ransil, Patrick [P] Atlantis (1982, INT, Imagic) from 2600 [P] Dragonfire (1982, INT, Imagic) from 2600

Rasmussen, Bob [P] Lunar Leeper (1982, VIC, Sierra)

Rass, Bernd Halloween, w/Thomas Schumann (1983, AP2, Microsparc)

Ratcliff, Jeff [P] Bump 'n' Jump, w/David Akers (1983, 2600, M Network) from COIN

Ratcliff, Jim [P] Dallas Quest, w/James Garon (1984, AP2, Datasoft) from COCO) [PG] Alternate Reality: The City (1986, C64, Datasoft) from 800 [P] Alternate Reality: The City (1988, AMI, Datasoft) from 800

Ratcliff, Matthew J.W. [T] Lazer Type (1985, 800, ANALOG) [T] Rambug II (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Raymond, Robert [B] Eagles (1983, 800, SSI)

Re, Rob [B] Dodge Racer (1981, 800, Synapse) Head On-like

Rea, Joel Ringquest, w/Dallas Snell, Ron Goebel (1983, AP2, Penguin)

Reagh, John D. Orbit (1985, 800, Antic)

Reamy, Tom Galactic Gladiators (1982, AP2, SSI) Galactic Adventures (1983, AP2, SSI)

Redekopp, John [P] Mr. Cool (AP2/PC, Sierra) from 800

Redmen, Mike [G] Castle Blackstar (1984, C64, CDS)

Redmer, Akila J. [P] Pipe Dream, w/Stephan Butler (1990, AP2, Lucasfilm) from PC

Reece, Steven Microcosm, w/David Pearce (1985, BBC, Firebird)

Reese, Dave XTAL (1985, 800, Antic)

Reese, Timothy [P] GATO, w/J.A. Yandrofski (1985, AP2, Spectrum Holobyte) from PC

Reeve, Jay A. [TB] Mosaic (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Reeve, William Pipeline, w/Ian Holmes (1988, BBC, Superior)

Regan, David Pengwyn (1983, BBC, Postern) Pengo-like

Reiche, Paul III [D] Keys of Acheron, w/Jon Freeman (1981, TRS, ASIM) [D] Murder on the Zinderneuf, w/Jon Freeman, Robert Leyland (1983, 800, EA) [D] Archon, w/Jon Freeman, Anne Westfall (1983, 800, EA) [D] Archon II, w/Anne Westfall, Jon Freeman (1984, 800, EA) [D] Mail Order Monsters, w/Evan & Nicky Robinson (1985, C64, EA) [D] World Tour Golf, w/Evan & Nicky Robinson (1986, PC, EA) [D] Star Control (1990, PC, Accolade) [D] Star Control 2 (1992, PC, Accolade) [D] The Horde (1994, 3DO, Crystal Dynamics) [D] Pandemonium! (1996, PS/SAT, Crystal Dynamics)

Reid, Mark [B] Lunar Shuttle (800, PD) Lunar Lander-like [B] Fire! (800, PD) [B] Downhill (1981, 800, APX) [B] Solitaire (1981, 800, APX) Getaway! (1982, 800, APX)

Reid-Selth, Brad Video Whizball (1978, FCF, Fairchild) Alien Invasion (1981, FCF, Fairchild) Space Invaders-like

Reidy, David Skool Daze (1984, SPEC, Microsphere) Back to Skool (1985, SPEC, Microsphere) Contact Sam Cruise (1986, SPEC, Microsphere)

Reinhart, Dan [B] Yahtman (1982, 800, APX) Yahtzee-like

Reiss, Bill TI-Pei (1992, TI99/Myarc Geneve 9640, Asgard)

Reiss, Jim TRIS (1989, TI99, Asgard) TRIS-2 (1992, TI99, Asgard)

Reitz, Carsten [TB] Mission (1986, 800, Homecomputer) Cavern of Death (1986, 800, PD) [T] Biene Maja (1987, 800, Computronic)

Renko, Hall Antagonists, w/Sam Edwards, Hermie Hermens (1985, C64, Addison-Wesley)

Reno, Michael [P] Dig Dug (1983, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN

Reschke, Julian Nadral, w/Andreas Wiethoff (1985, 800, Atari Germany)

Retelle, Robert J. [B] Nuclear Sub (1980, TRS, Aardvark) [B] Trek Adventure (many, Aardvark) [B] Quest, w/Rodger Olsen (1982, COCO, Aardvark)

Reuterdahl, Tom Miniature Golf (1979, 2600, Atari)

Reynolds, Brian [TB] Quest (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Reynolds, Daryll Secret of Bastow Manor (1983, C64/VIC, Softgold) Alien (1984, C64, Softgold) Case of the Mad Mummy (1984, C64, Softgold) Murder on the Waterfront (1984, C64, Softgold) Ninja (1984, C64, Softgold) Nuclear War Games (1984, C64, Softgold) Skull Island (1984, C64, Softgold) Mystery of Munroe Manor (1984, C64, Severn) Search for King Solomon's Mines (1986, C64, Softgold)

Reynolds, Paul All or Nothing (1984, SPEC, Abbex)

Reynolds, Rufus H. III [TB] Caverns of the Minotaur (1990, 800, Antic)

Reynolds, Scott US Ski Team Skiing (1980, INT, Mattel)

Rice, Brad [P] Battlezone, w/Mike Feinstein (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Richardson, Bill [T] Speedski (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Richardson, George P. Haunted Hill (1982, 800, Swifty) Centipede-like

Richardson, Larry Ghost Hunter (1981, 800, Arcade Plus) Pac-Man-like

Richardson, Mike Harrier Attack (1983, SPEC, Durell) Scuba Dive (1983, SPEC, Durell) Combat Lynx (1984, SPEC, Durell) Turbo Esprit (1986, SPEC, Durell) Thanatos (1987, SPEC, Durell) Sigma 7 (1987, SPEC, Durell)

Richbourg, Henry L. Professional Tour Golf (1983, AP2, SSI)

Richmond, Patrick J. Robot Riot (1983, SPEC, Silversoft) Thrusta (1983, SPEC, Software Projects) Astronut (1984, SPEC, Software Projects)

Riddell, Mark [P] Jet Set Willy (1986, 800, Tynesoft) from SPEC

Riddle, Ed Indy 500, w/Carla Meninsky (1977, 2600, Atari)

Riding, Steven A. Airstrike (1982, 800, English) Airstrike II (1983, 800, English) Captain Sticky's Gold (1983, 800, English) [P] Molecule Man (1986, 800, MAST) from SPEC [P] Universal Hero (1987, 800, MAST) from SPEC [P] Return of the Mutant Camels (1987, 800, MAST) from C64 [P] Revenge II (1987, 800, MAST) from C64 Never Mind (1989, AMI/ST, Psygnosis) [G] Red Zone (1992, AMI, Psygnosis) [G] Prime Mover (1993, AMI, Psygnosis)

Riedel, Michael J. Ape Escape, w/Greg Carbonaro (1982, VIC, Spectravideo) Spy vs Spy (1984, C64, First Star) Spy vs Spy II (1985, C64, First Star) [D] Spy vs Spy III, w/Jim Nangano (1986, C64, Epyx) [P] Commando (1988, 2600, ACT) from COIN Remote Control, w/Eric Shefferman (1989, C64/NES, Hi-Tech) Adventures of Beetlejuice (1990, PC, Hi-Tech) Bugs Bunny Hare-Brained Adventure, w/Keith Weiner (1990, PC, Hi-Tech) [G] Gremlins 2 (1991, PC, Hi-Tech) [G] Daffy Duck, P.I. (1991, PC, Hi-Tech) [L] Postal (1997, PC, Ripcord)

Rieman, Monti Laser Ants (1982, 800, Syncro) [P] Star Trek (1983, 800/5200, Sega) from COIN

Rigby, Don Junkyard Jalopies (1984, C64, Scorpio) Bootleg Bandits (1984, C64, Scorpio) Builder Ben (1984, C64, Scorpio) Escape from Doomworld (1985, C64, Illusion) Pizza Pete (1985, C64, Illusion) Screaming Wings (1986, 800, Red Rat) Planet Attack (1987, C64, Red Rat) Astro-Droid (1987, 800, Red Rat) Little Devil (800, Red Rat) [G] Pushover (1992, many, Ocean)

Riley, Mark [P] Tumble Bugs (1982, 800, Datasoft) from AP2 Shooting Arcade (1982, 800, Datasoft) [P] Bishop's Square / Maxwell's Demon (1982, 800, Datasoft) O'Riley's Mine (1983, 800, Datasoft)

Ringler, Ed [P] On Track Racing, w/John Cutter, Scott Orr (1985, C64, Gamestar)

Ritchie, Douglas The Ultra (1983, MSX, Personal Software Services) Vacuumania (1984, MSX, Philips Export)

Ritman, Jon Namtir Raiders (1982, ZX81, Artic) Cosmic Debris (1983, SPEC, Artic) 3D Combat Zone (1983, SPEC, Artic) Dimension Destructors (1983, SPEC, Artic) Bear Bovver (1983, SPEC, Artic) Match Day (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Batman (1985, SPEC, Ocean) Match Day II (1987, SPEC, Ocean) Head Over Heels (1987, SPEC, Ocean) Monster Max (1994, GB, Titus) [G] Super Match Soccer (1988, PS, Cranberry Source)

Ritter, Jack Boxing Bugs (1981, COIN, Cinematronics)

Roathe, Lane Zappa Roidz, w/John Romero (1989, AP2/PC, Softdisk) Asteroids-like [P] Pixel Puzzler ][ (1989, AP2, Softdisk) [P] Dark Castle (1989, GS, Three-Sixty) from MAC [P] Shogun, w/John Romero (1989, AP2, Infocom) [P] Journey, w/John Romero (1989, AP2, Infocom) [P] Arthur, w/John Romero (1989, AP2, Infocom) [P] Zork Zero, w/John Romero (1989, AP2, Infocom) [G] CrossMagic Cross Word Maker (1989, AP2, Softdisk) [G] WordMagic Word Search Maker (1989, AP2, Softdisk) [P] Pixel Puzzler II (1989, PC, Softdisk) ParaShooter (1990, GS, Softdisk) [P] Sarga Noidz (1990, GS, Softdisk) from AP2 [G] Catacomb II (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Slordax (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Armor Alley (1991, MAC/PC. Three-Sixty) [G] Dark Castle (1991, GEN, Three-Sixty) [G] Shadow Knights (1991, PC, Softdisk) Space Whiskey (1992, GS, shareware) [G] Theatre of War (1992, PC, Three-Sixty) [G] V for Victory (1992, MAC/PC, Three-Sixty) Space Pizza (1993, PC, shareware) [G] Scooter's Magic Castle (1993, MAC, EA) [G] Victory at Sea (1993, MAC/PC, Three-Sixty) [G] Ballz (1994, SNES, Accolade) [L] Packy & Marlon (1994, SNES, Raya) Strata3, w/Katin Imes (1994, MAC/PC, Metricom) [L] Bronkie (1995, SNES, Raya) [G] GridShock (1997, PC, MGM) [L] JADAG (1998, MAC/PC, Monkey Byte) [G] Galactic Patrol (1998, PC, Monkey Byte)

Robbins, Mitchell Space Vikings (1982, AP2, Sublogic)

Roberge, Pierre [TB] Double Six (1989, 800, ANALOG)

Roberts, Chris [TB] King Kong (1983, BBC, BBC Micro User) [P] Match Day (1984, BBC, Ocean) from SPEC Wizadore (1985, BBC, Imagine) Stryker's Run (1986, BBC, Superior) [L] Times of Lore (1988, C64, Origin) [L] Bad Blood (1990, PC, Origin) [L] Wing Commander (1990, PC, Origin) [L] Wing Commander II (1992, PC, Origin) [L] Strike Commander (1993, PC, Origin) [L] Wing Commander III (1994, PC, Origin)

Roberts, Mike Bagitman (1983, COCO, Aardvark) from COIN

Robinett, Warren Slot Racers (1978, 2600, Atari) [N] BASIC Programming (1979, 2600, Atari) Adventure (1979, 2600, Atari) Rocky's Boots (1982, AP2, Learning Company)

Robinson, Brad Hopper (1983, BEE, AUSBUG) Frogger-like Laser Blazer (1984, MBEE, Applied Technology) Depth Charge (MBEE, Applied Technology) Space Lanes (MBEE, Applied Technology) Robot Fire (MBEE, self)

Robinson, Bruce Chomper Man (1983, VIC, Victory) Pac-Man-like

Robinson, Dominic [P] Uridium (1986, SPEC, Hewson) from C64 [G] Zynaps, w/John Cummings (1987, SPEC/C64, Hewson) [P] Flying Shark (1987, CPC, Firebird) from COIN Paradroid '90, w/Andrew Braybrook (1990, ST/AMI, Hewson) [G] Killing Cloud (1991, ST/AMI, Image Works) [G] B-17 Flying Fortress (1993, PC, MicroProse)

Robinson, Eric Talon, w/Eric Parker (1983, AP2, BROD) Joust-like [P] Joust, w/Eric Parker (1983, AP2, Atarisoft) from COIN Conan, w/Eric Parker (1984, AP2, Datasoft) aka Visigoth

Robinson, Evan World Tour Golf, w/Nicky Robinson, Paul Reiche (1985, PC, EA) Mail Order Monsters, w/Nicky Robinson, Paul Reiche (1985, C64, EA) [G] Centurion (1990, PC, EA)

Robinson, Ian BMX on the Moon, w/Timothy Tyler (1983, BBC, Superior) Moon Patrol-like

Robinson, Keith TRON Solar Sailer (1982, INT, Mattel) [P] Nodes of Yesod (1985, C64, Odin) from SPEC [P] Heartland (1986, C64, Odin) from SPEC

Robinson, Nicky World Tour Golf, w/Evan Robinson, Paul Reiche (1985, PC, EA) Mail Order Monsters, w/Evan Robinson, Paul Reiche (1985, C64, EA) [G] Centurion (1990, PC, EA) [G] Killing Time (1995, 3DO, 3DO) [G] 3DO Games: Decathlon (1997, PC, 3DO) [G] BattleTanx (1998, N64, 3DO)

Robinson, Steve Diggerbonk (1982, 800, APX) Bean Machine (1983, 800, APX)

Robitaille, Roger W. [TB] End Zone (1978, TRS, SoftSide) End Zone II (1980, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Cribbage (1978, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Death Star (1978, TRS, SoftSide)

Robson, Gordon [T] Bricklayer's Nightmare (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Roey, Phill [T] Cosmic Defender (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Rogers, Andrew Don't Panic (1985, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) [P] Helichopper (1986, CPC, Firebird) from SPEC Spiky Harold (1986, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) [P] I, Ball (1987, CPC, Firebird) from SPEC [P] I, Ball II (1987, CPC, Firebird) from SPEC [P] Park Patrol (1987, SPEC/CPC, Firebird) from C64 [P] Thrust II (1987, CPC, Firebird) from SPEC European 5-a-Side (1988, CPC, Silverbird) from SPEC Skateboard Kidz (1988, SPEC/CPC, Silverbird) [P] Robin Hood (1991, GBOY, Virgin)

Rogers, Dave Flatman (1983, ZX81) Money Grabber (1984, ZX81)

Rogers, Doug Drive-In (1980, TRS, PD) Radio (1980, TRS, PD) Nectar (1982, TRS, PD)

Rogers, Henck [D] Black Onyx, w/Eiji Kure (1984, MSX, Bullet-Proof)

Rogers, James [T] Climber 5 (1987, 800, COMPUTE!) [T] Kason's Tower (1988, 800, ANALOG)

Rogers, Mark [P] Frak!, Jason Perkins (1985, C64, Aardvark) from BBC

Rogers, Paul [P] Return to Oz (1986, C64, US Gold) [P] Time Soldier (1989, C64, SNK) from COIN [P] Double Dragon 3 (1991, C64, Storm) from COIN)

Rogers, Tony [P] Eliminator (1988, C64, Hewson) from ST/AMI

Roginksi, Tom [B] Crystal Revenge (1982, COCO, Owl-ware)

Rogoway, Ken Spitball (1982, C64, Creative) [P] Crisis Mountain (1983, VIC, Creative) from AP2 [P] Rescue On Fractalus! (1986, COCO, Epyx) from 800 [P] Koronis Rift (1986, COCO, Epyx) from 800 [G] World Games (1986, AP2, Epyx) [G] California Games (1987, PC, Epyx) GateWorld (1993, PC, Homebrew) G.O.R.G. (1993, PC, Homebrew) Rallo Gump (1994, PC, Homebrew) [G] Congo (1995, PC, Viacom) [G] Congo (1996, MAC, Viacom) [G] Hyperman 2 (1996, PC, IBM) [G] Imagynasium (1998, PC, SouthPeak)

Rokitski, Peter Situation Critucal, w/Alex Stern, Greg George (1984, AP2, Prism)

Rolfe, David [P] Star Fire, w/Ted Michon (1978, COIN, Exidy) Fire One! (1979, COIN, Exidy) Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (1979, INT, Mattel) Major League Baseball (1979, INT, Mattel) Checkers (1980, INT, Mattel) Super Challenge Baseball (1982, 2600, Mattel) Frogs and Flies (1982, 2600, Mattel) Frogs-like Beamrider (1983, INT, ACT) Steamroller (2000, COL, Retrotopia)

Roll, Mark [P] Spindizzy (1986, 800, Electric Dreams) from C64

Rollinson, Lynne Mutant Bats (1986, 800, Red Rat) Breakout-like Space Gunner (1986, 800, Red Rat)

Romejko, Stephen Melt-Down (1982, 800, APX) Moon Marauder (1983, 800, APX)

Romero, John [T] Scout Search (June 1984, AP2, inCider) [T] Cavern Crusader (1984, AP2, A+) [T] Bongo's Bash (1985, AP2, inCider) [T] Major Mayhem (Dec 1987, AP2, Nibble) Evil Eye (1987, AP2, UpTime) Asteroids-like Subnodule (1987, AP2, Keypunch) Jumpster (1987, AP2, UpTime) Pyramids of Egypt (1987, AP2, UpTime) later (1989, PC, Softdisk) Lethal Labyrinth (1987, AP2, UpTime) Krazy Kobra (1987, AP2, UpTime) Wacky Wizard (1987, AP2, UpTime) Neptune's Nasties (1987, AP2, UpTime) Space Quarks-like Zippy Zombi (1987, AP2, UpTime) Q*bert-like [T] City Centurian (Dec 1988, AP2, Nibble) Dangerous Dave (1988, AP2, UpTime) later [G] (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Space Rogue (1988, AP2, Origin) [P] Might & Magic II (1988, C64, New World) [P] Shogun, w/Lane Roathe (1989, AP2, Infocom) [P] Journey, w/Lane Roathe (1989, AP2, Infocom) [P] Arthur, w/Lane Roathe (1989, AP2, Infocom) [P] Zork Zero, w/Lane Roathe (1989, AP2, Infocom) [D] Dark Castle (1989, GS, Three-Sixty) [T] Treasure Dive (1989, AP2, Nibble) later (1989, PC, Softdisk) as Twilight Treasures Sub Stalker (1989, AP2, Softdisk) Zappa Roids, w/Lane Roathe (1989, AP2/PC, Softdisk) Asteroids-like [P] Magic Boxes (1989, PC, Softdisk) Alfredo's Stupendous Surprise, w/Tom Hall (1989, AP2, Softdisk) [P] How To Weigh An Elephant (1990, PC, Softdisk) [P] Dinosorcerer (1990, PC, Softdisk) [P] Same or Different (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Dark Designs (1990, AP2, Softdisk) Double Dangerous Dave (1990, AP2, Softdisk) [G] Catacomb II (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Slordax (1990, PC, Softdisk) [G] Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: Keen Must Die! (1990, PC, Apogee) [G] Shadow Knights (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Hovertank One (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Rescue Rover! (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Keen Dreams (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Rescue Rover II (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: The Armageddon Machine (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Commander Keen: Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter (1991, PC, Apogee) [G] Catacomb 3-D (1991, PC, Softdisk) [G] Wolfenstein 3-D (1992, PC, Apogee) [G] Spear of Destiny (1992, PC, Apogee) [G] DOOM (1993, PC, id) [G] DOOM II (1994, PC, id) [G] Ultimate DOOM (1995, PC, id) [G] Final DOOM (1996, PC, Eidos) [G] Quake (1996, PC, id) [G] Dominion (1998, PC, Eidos) [D] Daikatana (2000, PC, Eidos) [G] Anachronox (2001, PC, Eidos) [P] Hyperspace Delivery Boy! (2001, PC, Monkeystone) [G] Dig It! (2002, BREW, THQ) [G] Jewels and Jim (2002, BREW, THQ) [L] Congo Cube (2003, many, THQ) [P] Red Faction (2003, N-Gage, THQ) from PC

Romine, Terry Missing Ring (1982, AP2, Datamost)

Roney, Stephen [G] Space Spartans (1982, INT, Mattel) [G] B-17 Bomber (1982, INT, Mattel)

Ronne, Jeff [P] TRON: Deadly Discs, w/Brett Stutz (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT

Ronnie, Jeff [P] Atlantis (1982, O2, Imagic) from 2600

Root, Bill [TB] Blueberries (1984, 800, COMPUTE!)

Root, Chris Pulsar (1982, TI99, CA Root)

Rose, Ken Palace in Thunderland, w/Dale Johnson (1981, AP2, Micro Fun) [P] Protector II (1983, C64, Synapse) from 800 Countdown (1984, 800, Synapse) [P] Touchdown Football (1986, 800/C64, EA) [P] Battlezone (1987, 800, Atari) from COIN [P] Desert Falcon (1987, 800, Atari) from 7800 [G] Sonic Spinball (1993, GEN, Sega)

Rosen, Brad Arcade Insanity (1983, AP2, Avant-Garde)

Rosen, Ron [P] Millionaire (1982, 800, Blue Chip) from AP2 Pacific Coast Highway (1982, 800, Datasoft) Frogger-like Rosen's Brigade (1983, 800, Gentry) Mr. Robot & His Robot Factory (1983, 800, Datamost) Polar Pierre (1984, 800, Datamost) Nuclear Nick (1986, 800, Americana)

Rosenbaum, Alan Philistine Ploy, w/Robert Aaron (1983, AP2, Davka)

Rosenbaum, Tom [founder Spectral Associates] Madness and the Minotaur (1981, COCO, Spectral)

Rosenthal, Larry [founder Vectorbeam] Space Wars (1977, COIN, Cinematronics) Spacewar!-like Speed Freak (1978, COIN, Vectorbeam) Tail Gunner, w/Dan Sunday (1979, COIN, Cinematronics)

Rosko, Chuck [TB] Rafferty Run (1985, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Resistors (1987, 800, Antic) [TB] Krebs Removal (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Roslund, Charles J. Zaksund (1983, COCO, Elite) Zaxxon-like Pinball, w/Bruce Cook (1983, COCO, Anteco)

Ross, David [P] Dragonfire (1984, COL, Imagic) from 2600

Ross, Stuart Wings (1983, 800, CBS)

Rost, Randi J. King Cribbage (1981, AP2, Hayden)

Rotberg, Ed Atari Baseball (1979, COIN, Atari) [L] Battlezone (1980, COIN, Atari) [G] Hat Trick (1985, COIN, Bally Sente) Goalie Ghost, w/Owen Rubin, Jon Kinsting (1984, COIN, Bally Sente) [P] Name That Tune (1986, COIN, Bally Sente) [L] Blasteroids (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [L] S.T.U.N. Runner (1989, COIN, Atari Games) Shuuz (1990, COIN, Atari Games) [L] Steel Talons, w/Ed Logg (1991, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Guardians of the Hood (1992, COIN, Atari Games)

Roth, Craig Shard of Spring, w/David Stark (1986, AP2, SSI)

Roth, David Pawns (1990, AP2, Mindcraft)

Rothstein, Rick Shuttle Command (1982, TI99, FFF Software)

Rotolante, Brian Ants!!! (1979, TRS, Synergistic Solar)

Rotta, Daryl [P] J-Bird (1983, AP2, Orion) from C64

Routledge, Ashley [P] Gaplus, w/David Saunders (1988, C64, MAST) from COIN Slicks, w/David Saunders (1992, C64, Codemasters)

Rowe, Mike [TB] Computer Countdown (1985, 800, Atari User) [TB] Treasure Hunt (1985, 800, Atari User) [TB] Cavern Escape (1986, 800, Atari User) [TB] Santa's Grotto (1986, 800, Atari User)

Rowlands, John Scorpius (1988, C64, Firebird) Retrograde (1989, C64, Thalamus) Cyberdyne Warrior (1990, C64, Hewson) Creatures (1991, C64, Thalamus) Creatures 2 (1992, C64, Thalamus) Mayhem in Monsterland (1993, C64, Apex)

Rowlett, Frank B. [TB] Ten Pin Bowling (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Shooting Gallery (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Rowlingson, Robert R. Caveman (1983, SPEC, CRL)

Rowson, Derrick P. [P] Jet Set Willy II (1985, CPC, Software Projects)

Rubin, Al [P] O'Riley's Mine (1983, C64, Datasoft) from 800 [G] The Games: Winter Edition (1988, C64, Epyx)

Rubin, Owen Cannonball (1976, COIN, Atari) [G] Poolshark (1977, COIN, Atari) Triple Hunt (1977, COIN, Atari) Sky Diver (1977, COIN, Atari) Orbit (1978, COIN, Atari) Space War-like Tube Chase (1978, COIN, Atari) Space Duel, w/Rick Maurer (1981, COIN, Atari) Tunnel Hunt (1982, COIN, Centuri) Major Havoc, w/Mark Cerny (1984, COIN, Atari) Goalie Ghost, w/Jon Kinsting, Ed Rotberg (1984, COIN, Bally Sente) [D] Name That Tune (1986, COIN, Bally Sente) Shrike Avenger, w/Jim Turner (1986, COIN, Bally Sente) Grudge Match (1987, COIN, Bally Midway)

Ruddle, Henry [P] Sands of Mars (1981, TRS, Crystalware) from AP2

Ruddy, Steve [P] Kinetik (1987, C64, Firebird) from SPEC [P] Bubble Bobble (1987, C64, Firebird) from COIN [P] Ghouls and Ghosts (1989, C64, US Gold) [P] Bionic Commando (1989, C64, US Gold) [P] LED Storm (1989, C64, US Gold)

Ruffcorn, Don Baseball (1977, FCF, Fairchild) Bowling (1978, FCF, Fairchild) Fast Food (1982, 2600, Telesys) Cosmic Creeps (1982, 2600, Telesys) Demolition Herby (1983, 2600, Telesys)

Ruiz, Pedro Booga-Boo the Flea (1983, C64, Quicksilva) Fred (1984, C64, Quicksilva)

Runyon, Ernie Lost Luggage, w/Ed Salvo (1982, 2600, Apollo)

Rupp, Jim Coconuts (1982, 2600, Telesys) Ram-It (1982, 2600, Telesys)

Rushing, Jim [G] Cytron Masters (1982, AP2, SSI) [G] M.U.L.E. (1983, 800, EA) [G] Seven Cities of Gold (1984, 800, EA) [G] Heart of Africa (1985, C64, EA)

Rushton, A.J. House of Death (SPEC, self) Spectrum Safari (1984, SPEC, CDS)

Rushton, Hal [P] Speed King (1986, 800, Sculptured) from C64 Intergalactic Cage Match (1987, C64, MAST)

Russell, John [G] Pigs in Space (1983, 2600, Atari) Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (1983, 2600, Fox)

Russell, Karen & Carl [TB] Dr. Livingston, w/Ralph & Becky Fullerton (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Russell, Shirley A. Boing!, w/Alex Leavens (1983, 2600, First Star)

Russell, Steve "Slug" Spacewar! (1961, DEC PDP-1, PD)

Russo, Sam [P] Three Stooges (1984, COIN, Mylstar)

Rutkowski, Bob [P] Solar Quest (1982, VEC, Milton Bradley) from COIN [P] Pitfall II (1984, COL, ACT) from 2600 [P] Ghostbusters (1985, MSX, ACT) from C64

Rutland-Wallis, John Mission To Sector 1 (1983, TI99, CMS Systems) Night Patrol (1983, TI99, CMS Systems)

Rutter, Matt [TB] Dodge (1981, 800, SoftSide) Head On-like [TB] Lunar Mission (1981, 800, SoftSide) Lunar Lander-like [B] Death Star (1982, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Space Rescue (1982, 800, SoftSide) Stellar Shuttle (1982, 800, BROD)

Ryan, David Maze Adventure (1983, 800, Home Computing Weekly) Zombie Island (1983, 800, Home Computing Weekly) Gold Run (1984, 800, Home Computing Weekly)

Ryan, John [TB] Concentration Station (1988, C64, Commodore Magazine) Islands (1988, C64, Run)

Ryan, Kevin [co-owner of Dynamix] Zoo Master (1983, AP2, Earthware) Black Belt (1984, AP2/C64, Earthware) [P] Sword of Kadash (1984 C64, Penguin) [P] Megaventure (1985, AP2, Earthware) [G] Arctic Fox (1986, AMI, EA) [G] Skyfox II (1987, C64, EA) [G] F-14 Tomcat (1988, C64, ACT) [G] David Wolf: Secret Agent (1989, PC, Dynamix) [G] Rise of the Dragon (1990, PC, Sierra) [G] Heart of China (1991, PC, Sierra) [G] Adventures of Willy Beamish (1991, PC, Sierra) [G] Incredible Machine (1992, PC, Sierra) [G] Even More Incredible Machine (1993, PC, Sierra) [G] Incredible Machine version 3 (1995, PC, Sierra) [G] 3D Ultra Minigolf (1997, PC, Sierra) [G] 3D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe (1998, PC, Sierra) Heaven Quest (1999, PC, Top Meadow) [G] Contraptions (2000, PC, Sierra) Gil's Bible Jumble (2000, PC, Top Meadow) [G] Marble Blast (2002, PC, Garage) [G] Chain Reaction (2002, PC, Garage)

Ryan, William J. [TB] Apple Capture (1982, AP2, SoftSide)

Ryeburn, Mike Buzzard Bait (1983, AP2, Sirius)


Saal, Harry J. [B] MaxIt (1981, PET, CURSOR)

Saari, Ronald [TB] Star Venture (1985, 800, Antic)

Sacks, Steven Chambers of Xenobia (1981, AP2, Avant-Garde) Race for Midnight (1981, AP2, Avant-Garde)

Sagan, Jeremy Pentapus (1983, AP2, Turning Point)

Saghegyi, Marton [G] Arctic Shipwreck (1983, C64, F451) [G] Save Me Brave Knight (1983, C64, F451) Spitfire '40, w/Gabor David, Imre Kovats (1985, C64, F451)

Sailer, Norman Escape from Traam, w/Jymm Pearson (1981, TRS, AI) Earthquake San Francisco 1906, w/Jymm Pearson 1906 (1981, TRS, AI) Saigon: The Final Days, w/Jymm & Robyn Pearson (1981, TRS, AI) The Institute, w/Robyn & Jymm Pearson (1981, TRS, Med) Curse of Crowley Manor, w/Jymm Pearson (1982, TRS, AI) Lucifer's Realm, w/Jymm & Robyn Pearson (1984, TRS, AI)

Salvo, Ed Spacechase (1981, 2600, Apollo) Skeet Shoot (1981, 2600, Apollo) Raquetball (1981, 2600, Apollo) Lost Luggage, w/Ernie Runyon (1982, 2600, Apollo) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1983, 2600, Wizard) [P] Mountain King (1983, 2600, CBS) from 800 Gust Buster (1983, COL, Sunrise) Glacier Patrol (1989, 2600, Telegames)

Salwitz, John Paperboy, w/Rusty Dawe (1984, COIN, Atari Games) 720 Degrees, w/Dave Ralston (1986, COIN, Atari Games) Rampart (1990, COIN, Atari Games)

San, Jeremy "Jez" Skyline Attack, w/Fouad Katan, Andrew Glaister (1984, C64, Century) Starglider (1986, ST, Rainbird) Starglider II (1988, ST, Rainbird)

Sandberg, Jack [P] Hat Trick (1987, 7800, Atari) from COIN

Sander-Cederlof, Bob [TB] Jig-Saw (1980, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Space War (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Sanders, Dave The Snapper (1982, 800, Silicon Valley)

Sanders, James [TB] Gators N Snakes (1985, 800, Ahoy!)

Sanders, Mike [P] Masters of the Universe, w/Jossef Wagner (1983, 2600, M Network) from INT

Sanderson, John [P] Spindizzy (1986, AP2, ACT) from C64 [P] Food Fight (1987, 800, Atari) from COIN [P] Airball (1988, 800, Atari) from COCO

Sandlin, Larry Strip Blackjack (1983, AP2, Sansoft Plus)

Sandy, Herb [TB] Moonlanding (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Sansom, Richard E. Stealth, w/Tracy Lagrone (1985, 800, BROD)

Saracini, Carl Ringside Seat (1983, AP2, SSI)

Sarconi, Matthew [P] Dragonfire, w/Frank Ellis (1984, COCO, Imagic) from 2600

Sargent, Richard [TB] Pharaoh's Tomb (1984, SPEC, ZX Computing) [TB] Yacht Racer (1984, SPEC, ZX Computing)

Sasaki, Tetsuya Front Line (1982, COIN, Taito)

Sato, Ray [TB] Operation Sabotage (1982, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Escape from the Dungeons of the Gods (1982, TRS, SoftSide)

Satterfield, Hollie H. [TB] Attack of the TRS-80 (1983, TRS, 80 Micro)

Saunders, David [P] Gaplus, w/Ashley Routledge (1988, C64, MAST) from COIN Slicks, w/Ashley Routledge (1992, C64, Codemasters)

Savain, Louis Renaissance (1982, VIC, UMI) Othello

Sawyer, Ben [B] Joust (1980, PET, CURSOR)

Scarborough, John [TB] Prison Ball (1986, 800, COMPUTE!)

Scarlett, Jim Doombugs (1983, SPEC, Work Force) Flip Flap (1984, SPEC, Software Supersavers) Tribble Trubble (1984, SPEC, Software Projects)

Scerbo, Fred B. [B] Advanced Star Trench Warfare (1982, COCO, Illustrated Memory Banks)

Schappel, Bryan [T] Clash of Kings, w/Barry Kolbe (1985, 800, ANALOG) [T] ROBOX Incident, w/Barry Kolbe (1987, 800, ANALOG) [T] Capital!, w/Barry Kolbe (1988, 800, ANALOG) [T] Snowplow, w/Barry Kolbe (1988, 800, ANALOG)

Schaumburg, M. Satarn Saturn (1983, 800, Compy Shop)

Schebek, Darren [P] Road Raider (1988, C64, Mindscape) from ST [P] Mondu's Fight Palace (1990, C64, ACT) from PC

Scheer, Howard E. [P] Pac-Man (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Donkey Kong, w/Douglas Craig (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN

Schenk, Robert [TB] Grisly Adventure (1983, TI99, 99'er)

Schilling, Gerhard F. [TB] Radio Search (1987, C64, Commodore Magazine)

Schilling, Robert A. [P] Commbat (1981, TRS/800, AI) from AP2 Monster Maze (1982, 800, Epyx)

Schillings, B. [P] Flak (1984, AP2, Funsoft) from 800

Schmeckpeper, Ted [RIP 2019] [G] Lords of Conquest (1986, AP2, EA)

Schmidt, Tim Fortune Hunter (1982, 800, Romox) Topper (1983, VIC, Romox) Q*bert-like

Schmitt, Mickey Oliver's Twist, w/Lynn Gardner (1989, TI99, Asgard)

Schmitt, Peter [P] B-24, w/John Gray (1987, AP2, SSI)

Schmitz, Herbert Zero Zap (1979, TI99, TI)

Schmitz, Karl Blackjack & Poker (1981, TI99, TI) [P] Hustle, w/Robert Harris (1981, TI99, TI) from COIN

Schmitz, Patrick Ice Trek (1983, INT, Imagic)

Schmuckal, Peter Apple Adventure, w/Leonard Barshack (1980, AP2, Apple) Standing Stones, w/Dan Sommers (1983, AP2, EA)

Schneider, Carol [G] E.T. Phone Home (1983, 800, Atari)

Schneider, Ed [B] Escape from Volantium (1981, 800, Dynacomp) [B] Blockade (1981, 800, Dynacomp) [B] Space Trap (1981, 800, Dynacomp) [B] Quintominoes (1982, 800, Dynacomp)

Schneider, Jeff Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1986, C64, First Star)

Scholar, Joshua Lode Runner's Rescue (1985, 800, Synapse)

Schrag, Roger Sky Warrior (1981, TRS, AI) Spook House and Toxic Dumpsite (TRS, AI) [P] Arex (1983, COCO, AI) from TRS [P] Airline (1983, COCO, AI) from 800

Schram, Scott Genetic Drift (1981, AP2, BROD) Labyrinth, w/Doug Carlston (1982, AP2, BROD) CrimeWave (1983, AP2, Penguin) [P] Pie Man (1983, 800, Penguin) from AP2

Schreibman, Arthur N. [TB] Number Race (1982, 800, SoftSide)

Schroeder, David H. Crisis Mountain (1982, AP2, Synergistic) Dino Eggs (1983, AP2, Micro Fun) Short Circuit (1984, AP2, Micro Lab) Ho! Ho! Ho! 5 Family Christmas Games (1985, AP2, Random House) Happy Birthday to You! (1990, AP2, Softdisk) MasterWord (1990, AP2, BROD) AppleLink Darts (1990, AP2, BROD)

Schroeder, Greg [TB] Defense (1982, 800, SoftSide)

Schroeder, Olaf Dragon Slayer (1984, COCO, Tom Mix)

Schulak, Barbara [T] Disintegrator (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Schuler, Keith [T] Castle Zhagwhar (1989, COCO, Rainbow) Chaganitzu (1990, PC, Big Blue Disk) Paganitzu (1991, PC, Apogee)

Schulze, Randy [TB] Miner Jack (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Schumann, Rainer Castle Nightmare (1984, C64, RSC Soft)

Schumann, Thomas Mission: Escape! (1982, AP2, Microsparc) Halloween, w/Bernd Rass (1983, AP2, Microsparc)

Schussheim, Adam Atom Splitting (1982, TRS, Aim)

Schuyler, Dan Space Defender (1982, AP2, Bel-Air)

Schwab, Harold Golf Challenge (1982, 800, Sierra)

Schwader, Warren Hi-Res Cribbage (1980, AP2, On-Line) Thrilogy (1981, AP2, On-Line) Threshold, w/Ken Williams (1981, AP2, On-Line) [N] The Artist (1982, AP2, Sierra) Sammy Lightfoot (1983, AP2, Sierra) [G] Hoyle's Book of Games 1 (1989, PC, Sierra) [G] Hoyle's Book of Games 2 (1990, PC, Sierra) [G] Hoyle's Book of Games 3 (1991, PC, Sierra) [G] Jones in the Fast Lane (1991, PC, Sierra)

Schwaiger, Jim Oubliette (1977, PLATO)

Schwartz, Mike Artillery Duel (1983, 2600, Xonox) from ASTR Chase the Chuck Wagon (1983, 2600, Spectravision) [P] Dark Castle (1987, AMI, Mirrorsoft) from MAC [P] Budokan (1989, AMI, EA) from PC [P] Dick Tracy (1990, GEN, Sega) [P] Marble Madness (1992, GEN, EA) from COIN [G] Bubsy (1993, GEN, Accolade)

Schwener, David [TB] Biker Dave (1986, 800, COMPUTE!) Stunt Cycle-like [TB] Launch Code (1986, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Devil's Doorway (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Schwenk, George [B] Airline (1982, 800, AI) [B] Panzer War (1983, 800, Windcrest) Computer Football Strategy (1983, 800, Avalon Hill) Baseball's Best (1983, 800, Windcrest) Around the World (1983, 800, SUPERware) After Pearl (1984, 800, SUPERware) Dawn of Civilization (800, SUPERware) [B] Sports Spectacular, w/Steve Smith, Jerry White (1987, 800, Keypunch)

Schworak, Glenn 3D Maze (1988, TI99) Karate Challenge (1989, TI99, Asgard) Mission Destruct (1989, TI99, Asgard)

Scio, Ed Airball (1987, DRAG/COCO, Microdeal) International Soccer (1988, AMI/ST, Microdeal) Armour-Geddon, w/Paul Hunter (1991, AMI/ST, Psygnosis)

Scorupski, Richard W. [B] Panzer-Jagd (1983, 800, Avalon Hill) [B] Divex (1984, 800, Avalon Hill)

Scott, Duncan Wall Ball (1982, 2600, Avalon Hill)

Scott, Peter Spycat (1988, BBC, Superior) [P] Axe of Rage (1989, BBC, Superior)

Scott, Simon Leaping Larry (1985, C64, Krypton Force)

Scriven, Paul Call Me Psycho, w/Martyn Hartley (1987, SPEC, Pirate)

Scull, I.M. Road Roller (1984, C64, Knight)

Seal, David [G] Acheton (1984, BBC, Acornsoft)

Seastrom, Craig B. [P] Gremlins (1984, AP2, Atarisoft) from 5200 [P] Rescue on Fractalus! (1985, AP2, Lucasfilm) from 5200 [P] Rad Warrior (1987, AP2, Epyx) from C64 [P] Chessmaster (1990, GB, Software Toolworks) from NES [G] Sherlock Holmes (1990, TG16, NEC) [P] Risk (1993, GEN, PB)

Sedore, Mike [T] Race Ace (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Segal, Russ Reversi II (1981, 800, APX) Picnic Paranoia (1982, 800, Synapse) New York City (1984, 800, Synapse)

Seghers, John RealSports Soccer (1982, 5200, Atari) Gremlins (1984, 5200, Atari) [G] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1990, NES, Taito) [G] Hover! (1995, PC, Microsoft)

Seiden, Steve Dungeon Quest (1985, COCO, Computerware)

Sellers, Norm Sorgan II (1988, TI99, DataBioTics)

Selwood, David RollerBall (1983, C64, Ocean) Qix-like [P] Eskimo Eddie (1984, C64, Ocean) from SPEC [P] Mr. Wimpy (1984, C64, Ocean) from SPEC

Sember, Jeff Evolution, w/Don Mattrick (1982, AP2, Sydney) [P] Squadron 617: The Dambusters (1984, AP2, Sydney) [G] Power at Sea (1988, C64, Accolade)

Sengir, Joe [P] Star Trek (1983, C64, Sega) from COIN [P] Cool Pool (1992, COIN, Catalina) [G] Wing Commander: The Secret Missions (1993, SNES, Mindscape) [P] Mario's Time Machine (1993, SNES, Software Toolworks) [P] Toy Story (1996, PC, Disney) [P] FIFA 98 (1997, SNES, EA) [P] Casper (2000, PS, Sound Source) [P] Land Before Time (2000, PS, Sound Source) [P] Sports Illustrated for Kids: Football (2001, GBA, BAM!) [P] Sports Illustrated for Kids: Baseball (2001, GBA, BAM!) [P] Driver 2 Advance (2002, GBA, Infogrames) [P] Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (2003, CELL, JAMDAT) [P] Sennari Pool (2004, CELL, Sennari) [G] Sennari Jigsaw Club (2004, CELL, Sennari) [G] JAMDAT Bowling 2 (2004, CELL, JAMDAT)

Sents, Steve Tron: Deadly Discs (1982, INT, Mattel)

Seremet, Mark E. Dr. Doom's Revenge, w/Thomas Holmes, Andrew Miller (1989, C64, Paragon)

Serki, Ben Apple Panic (1981, AP2, BROD) Space Panic-like

Settles, John [TB] Zurk, w/Michael Krueger (1985, 800, Antic)

Seurer, Daniel M. [TB] Farm Game (1985, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Sewell, Gary Barmy Burgers, w/Gary Capewell (1983, SPEC, Blaby) BurgerTime-like

Shadoff, David Star Spores (1984, COCO, Spectral)

Shakespeare, Dave [TB] Gone to the Dogs (1988, 800, Atari User)

Shannon, Gary J. Othello (1978, AP2, Programma) Dragon Maze (AP2, Programma) Advanced Dragon Maze (AP2) Jupiter Express (AP2, Programma) Nightmare Number Nine (AP2, Programma) [P] Sargon (AP2, Hayden) from S-100 Astro Blaster, w/Barbara Michalec (1981, COIN, Sega/Gremlin)

Shapira, Andrew Avatar, w/Bruce Maggs, David Sides (1979, PLATO)

Shapiro, David Caverns of Freitag (1981, AP2, Muse) [P] Ultima V (1988, C64, Origin) from PC [P] Moebius (1988, C64, Origin) from AP2 [G] Windwalker (1989, AP2, Origin) [G] Warsport (1997, PC, TimeSink)

Shapiro, Kevin Bismarck (1987, 800/C64, Datasoft)

Sharkey, Sandra ScapeGhost, w/Pete Austin, Pete Gerrard (1989, Level 9)

Sharp, Charles A. Football Frenzy (1987, C64, Alternative) Life-Term (1987, C64, Alternative) SMASHED (1987, C64, Alternative) Wiz-Biz (1987, C64, Alternative) Necris-Dome (1987, C64, Codemasters) Loogaroo (1988, C64, Alternative)

Sharp, Doug Mathonaut, w/Mike Johnston (1982, C64/AP2/PC, Control Data) ChipWits, w/Mike Johnston (1984, MAC, BrainPower) [P] Garfield Eats his Words (1985, C64, Random House) King of Chicago (1986, MAC, Cinemaware) [P] Sinbad (1989, GS, Cinemaware) Free D.C.!, w/Kellyn Beck (1991, PC, Cineplay)

Sharp, Nick [T] Sky Hop (1983, VIC, Your Computer)

Sharpe, Dean [P] The Price is Right (1990, AP2, Softie)

Sharples, Rodney Backgammon, w/Graeme Colmer (1982, MBEE, Mytek) Emu Joust, w/Graeme Colmer (1983, MBEE, Mytek) Joust-like

Shaver, Robert Embargo (1977, COIN, Cinematronics)

Shaw, Carol 3D Tic-Tac-Toe (1978, 2600, Atari) Othello, w/Ed Logg (1978, 2600, Atari) [P] 3D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979, 800, Atari) from 2600 Video Checkers (1980, 2600, Atari) [P] Super Breakout, w/Nick Turner (1981, 2600, Atari) from COIN River Raid (1982, 2600, ACT) [P] River Raid (1983, 800/5200, ACT) from 2600 Happy Trails (1983, INT, ACT) Loco-Motion-like

Shaw, Robert Cosmic Clones (1983, COCO, Mark Data) Time Fighter (1983, COCO, Mark Data) Tut's Tomb, w/Ron Krebs (1984, COCO, Mark Data) Tutankham-like Shock Trooper (1985, COCO, Mark Data)

Shay, John P. Galaxions (1983, C64, Solar) Galaxian-like Munch Man 64 (1983, C64, Solar) Pac-Man-like Robin to the Rescue (1984, C64, Solar) Hunchback-like Monkey Magic (1984, C64, Solar) Alley Cat (1984, C64, Solar) Hunchback-like

Shea, David Frenzy (1983, SPEC, Century) Berzerk-like The Snowman (1984, SPEC, Quicksilva) Silent service II (1991, ST, MicroProse)

Sheck, Scott [TB] Air Attack (1984, 800, ANALOG) Missile Command-like

Sheer, Howard [P] Pac-Man (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN

Shepard, Ian Space War (1978, 2600, Atari) Spacewar!-like

Shepard, John Giga Trek (1981, AP2, Artworx)

Sheppard, Adrian Dinky Kong (1984, ORIC, Severn) Donkey Kong-like Grail (1984, ORIC, Severn) Jogger (1984, ORIC, Severn) Lone Raider (1984, ORIC, Severn) Moria (1984, ORIC, Severn) [P] One Man and His Droid (1985, C64, MAST) from SPEC [P] One Man and His Droid (1986, 800, MAST) from SPEC [P] Spellbound (1986, 800, MAST) from SPEC [P] BMX Simulator (1987, 800, Codemasters) from C64 [P] Grand Prix Simulator (1987, 800, Codemasters) from C64 Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge (1987, C64, Virgin)

Sheppard, Mark [L] Castle Blackstar (1984, C64, CDS)

Sheppard, William J. [P] Five Card Draw Poker (1982, PET/800, Avalon Hill) from PET/800 [P] Shootout at the OK Galaxy (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill) from VIC [P] Bomber Attack (1982, AP2, Avalon Hill) from PET/800 London Blitz (1983, 2600, Avalon Hill)

Shepperd, Dave Quiz Show (1976, COIN, Kee) Fly Ball (1976, COIN, Kee) Night Driver (1976, COIN, Atari) Sky Raider (1978, COIN, Atari) Asteroids Deluxe (1980, COIN, Atari)

Shere, Howard [L] Xenophobe (1987, COIN, Midway) [L] Gridz (1997, MAC, Green Dragon)

Sherman, Jon C. [TB] Westward 1847 (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Sherman, Larry Crossword Magic (1981, AP2, L&S) Acey-Deucey (1982, AP2, L&S)

Sherry, John The Prince (1984, SPEC, CCS)

Sherwin, Adrian Birds and the Bees (1984, SPEC, Bug-Byte)

Sherwood, Anthony [T] Burger Bar (1984, SPEC, Sinclair Programs) BurgerTime-like [T] Benny Bunny: Litterbugs (1985, SPEC, Sinclair Programs) [T] Benny Bunny: Haunted Belltower (1985, SPEC, Sinclair Programs) [T] Benny Bunny: Burrows (1985, SPEC, Sinclair Programs) [T] Benny Bunny: Gold Rush (1985, SPEC, Sinclair Programs) [T] Benny Bunny: Firefighter (1985, SPEC, Sinclair Programs) [T] Benny Bunny: Monster Mansion (1985, SPEC, Sinclair Programs) [T] Manic Mechanic (1985, SPEC, Sinclair Programs)

Shetline, Kerry [P] Alter Ego (1985?, AP2, ACT) from C64

Shewchun, Dave Bugs II, w/Roland Knight (1984, COCO, Four Star) Gates of Delirium, w/Roland Knight, Dave Dies (1987, COCO, Diecom) Ultima-like

Shields, Dennis [B] Space Station Zulu (1982, 800, Avalon Hill)

Shirley, Paul Quack a Jack (1984, CPC, Amsoft) Confuzion (1985, CPC/C64, Incentive) Loco-Motion-like Spindizzy (1986, CPC/C64, Electric Dreams) Mission Genocide (1987, CPC/ST, Firebird) [P] Mission Genocide (1988, C64, Firebird) from CPC/ST Quartz (1989, AMI/ST, Firebird) Spindizzy Worlds (1991, ST/AMI, ACT)

Short, Matthew Carl Fearless Freddy (DRAG, 1984, Pocket Money)

Shotter, Tim [P] Pitfall II (1984, C64, ACT) from 2600

Shotton, Frederick [TB] Monster Miner (1984, 800, Your Computer) Knockout (1986, 800, Kingsoft) Fortress Underground (1987, 800, Kingsoft)

Shrigley, Chris [P] Pub Quest (1983, C64, Dream) [P] Bounder (1986, C64, GG) [P] Future Knight (1986, C64, GG) [P] Gauntlet II (1987, C64, GG) [G] Footballer of the Year (1987, C64, GG) [P] Action Fighter (1988, C64, Core) [P] Advanced Pinball Simulator (1988, C64, Codemasters) [P] Re-Bounder (1988, C64, GG) [P] Masters Of The Universe: The Movie (1988, C64, GG) [D] Magician (1989, NES, Eurocom) [P] James Bond Jr. (1990, NES, Eurocom) [P] Ex-Mutants (1991, GEN, ACME) [P] Batman Returns (1992, GEN, ACME) [P] Cliffhanger (1993, GEN, ACME) [P] Gargoyles (1995, GEN, Disney)

Shull, Stephen [T] Squeeze (1987, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Shumway, Scott [P] Serpent's Star (1984, C64, BROD) from AP2 [P] Mask of the Sun (1985, C64, BROD) from AP2 [P] Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (1986, C64, BROD) from AP2 [P] Prince of Persia (1992, MAC, BROD) from AP2

Shyshka, Jeff Final Conquest (1983, C64, MIS)

Siders, Ken Fish-Adventures of Mr. Fish (1995, 800, PD) Beef Drop (2004, 5200, PD) BurgerTime-like b*nQ (2007, 7800, PD) Q*bert-like

Sides, David Avatar, w/Bruce Maggs, Andrew Shapira (1979, PLATO)

Siegmund, Harald Jungle Boy (1983, 800, Irata Verlag)

Sierchio, Michael RealSports Soccer (1983, 2600, Atari)

Sieslack, Jörg Balloon Raid (1988, C64, CP Verlag) Pipeline Run (1990, C64, CP Verlag) Anteater-like

Sievey, Chris Flying Train (1983, SPEC, Random Records) The Biz (1984, SPEC, Virgin)

Silverman, Jeff [P] Sky Blazer (1983, VIC, BROD) from AP2 [P] Last Ninja (1988, GS, ACT) from C64

Silverman, S. [B] Casino Blackjack (1981, 800, Manhattan) [B] Gin Rummy (1981, 800, Manhattan) [B] Labyrinth Run (1981, 800, Manhattan)

Simko, Joseph [P] Defender (1983, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN [G] World Games (1986, C64, Epyx) [G] 4x4 Off-Road Racing (1988, C64, Epyx)

Simmons, David [TB] Dairy Farming (1981, 800, SoftSide) [P] Stone of Sisyphus (1981, 800, AI) from AP2 [P] Star Trek 3.5 (1981, 800, AI) from AP2? [P] Airline (1983, TRS, AI) from 800 Napoleon at Waterloo, w/Steve Krenek (1985, 800, Krentek) [P] Rome and the Barbarians (1986, C64, Krentek) from 800

Simms, Neil F. [TB] Cascade (1985, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Scramble (1985, 800, Antic)

Simon, Francis Roland Goes Square Bashing (1984, CPC, Amsoft) Death Pit (1985, CPC, Durrell)

Simon, Kent [P] Roundabout (1983, 800, Datamost) from AP2 [P] Ankh (1984, 800, Datamost) from AP2 [P] Batman Returns (1992, PC, Konami)

Simon, Randy Abuse (1981, 800, Don't Ask)

Simpson, Chet Blox (1991, CC3, Hyper Tech) Digger (1991, CC3, Hyper Tech) Lode Runner-like Digger II (1997, CC3) Gold Runner 2000 (1997, CC3, MediaLink)

Sinclair, Bob Battle Command (1986, C64, Applied Computer)

Sinclair, Mark [P] Zeus, w/Rodger Olsen (1983, C64, Mogul)

Singer, Charlie [P] Q*bert (1983, C64, PB) from COIN [P] Mr. Do's Castle, w/? (1984, C64, PB) from COIN

Singleton, Mike [RIP 2012] Space Ace (1980, PET, Petsoft) Computer Race (1981, PET, Petsoft) Gamepack 1 (1981, ZX81) Shadowfax (1982, BBC/VIC/C64, Postern) Snake Pit (1983, BBC/VIC/C64, Postern) Siege (1983, many, Postern) 3-Deep Space (1983, many, Postern) Lords of Midnight (1984, SPEC, Beyond) Doomdark's Revenge (1985, SPEC, Beyond) Quake Minus One, w/Warren Foulkes (1985, C64, Beyond) [D] Throne of Fire (1987, SPEC, Firebird) Dark Sceptre (1987, SPEC, Firebird) [G] Space Cutter (1988, AMI/ST, Firebird) [D] Midwinter (1990, AMI/ST/PC, Rainbird) [D] Grimblood (1990, AMI/ST, 16-Blitz) [L] Flames of Freedom (1991, AMI/ST, Rainbird) [G] Ashes of Empire (1992, AMI, Mirage) [G] Starlord (1993, PC, MicroProse) [G] Red Ghost (1995, PC, Empire) [G] Lords of Midnight (1995, PC, Domark)

Sink, Eric W. [TB] Solitaire 64 (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Skala, Mark Cu*ber (1983, COCO, Tom Mix) Q*bert-like

Skelly, Tim [RIP 2020] Starhawk (1979, COIN, Cinematronics) Sundance (1979, COIN, Cinematronics) Warrior (1979, COIN, Vectorbeam) Rip Off (1980, COIN, Cinematronics) Armor Attack (1980, COIN, Cinematronics) [D] Star Castle, w/Scott Boden (1980, COIN, Cinematronics) [U] War of the Worlds (1982, COIN, Cinematronics) Reactor (1982, COIN, Gottlieb)

Skelton, Daniel Stinger! (1985, C64, Cygnus) Quizam! (1985, C64, Cygnus)

Skinner, Dwain [P] Commando (1989, 7800, Atari) from COIN

Skirrow, Paul [P] Asteroids Deluxe (1984, BBC, Atarisoft) from COIN

Skwara, Thomas Alp Man (1983, 800, Sar-An)

Slate, David Checkers (1983, AP2/800, Odesta)

Sloatman, Mark and Cathy [T] Popcorn (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Sloper, Tom Picnic (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) [D] Entombed, w/Paul Newell (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) [P] Q*bert (1983, 2600, PB) from COIN

Slye, Damon Stellar 7 (1983, AP2, Software Entertainment) [G] Arctic Fox (1985, AMI, EA) [G] A-10 Tank Killer (1989, PC, Dynamix) [G] Project Firestart (1989, C64, EA) [L] Red Baron (1990, PC, Dynamix) [L] Aces of the Pacific (1992, PC, Sierra) [L] Aces Over Europe (1993, PC, Sierra)

Small, Daniel [P] Q*bert (1982, 800, PB) from COIN

Small, Eric Surf's Up, w/C.A. McClellan (1984, 800) from 2600?

Smith, Alan Dragonfire (1982, INT, Imagic) from 2600 Dracula (1983, INT, Imagic)

Smith, Bob [B] Sleazy Adventure (1981, 800, APX) Video Pinball (1981, 2600, Atari) Star Voyager (1982, 2600, Imagic) Riddle of the Sphinx (1982, 2600, Imagic) Dragonfire (1982, 2600, Imagic) Moonsweeper (1983, 2600, Imagic) [P] Star Wars: The Arcade Game (1984, 2600, PB) from COIN

Smith, Charles Knights (1980, AP2, Progressive)

Smith, Chris [TB] Treasures of Barboz (1986, 800, ANALOG)

Smith, David Volcano Hunter (1984, TRS, Lap Video)

Smith, Doug [RIP 2014] Lode Runner (1982, AP2, BROD) Championship Lode Runner (1984, AP2, BROD) [G] Champions Forever Boxing (1991, TG16, NEC) [G] Top Gun (1993, GB, Konami) [G] NBA Showdown (1993, SNES, EA)

Smith, Eugene B. Freex (1984, SPEC, Software Supersavers) Roboto (1986, SPEC, Bug-Byte)

Smith, Gareth Shaft Raider (1982, 800, Program One)

Smith, Gary Scott Realms of Darkness, w/Alex Nghiem (1987, AP2, SSI) [P] First Over Germany (1988, C64, SSI) Tangled Tales (1989, AP2, Origin)

Smith, Gene Bomb Squad, w/Shatao Lin (1982, INT, Mattel)

Smith, J.P.W. [B] Abyss (1984, SPEC, CCS)

Smith, Jeremy [D] River Rescue, w/Will Kemp (1982, VIC, Thorn EMI) [D] Mutant Herd, w/Graham Matthews (1983, VIC, Thorn EMI)

Smith, Jeremy C. [TB] Dominoes (1980, 800, Creative Computing) [B] Cribbage/Dominos (1980, 800, Thorn EMI) Snooker & Billiards (1981, 800, Thorn EMI) Pool (1981, 800, Thorn EMI) Thrust (1986, BBC, Superior) Exile, w/Peter Irvin (1988, BBC, Audiogenic)

Smith, Jonathan [RIP 2010] Kong Strikes Back, w/Nigel Alderton (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Mr. Do's Wild Ride-like Pud Pud in Weird World (1985, SPEC, Ocean) [G] Batman: The Caped Crusader (1988, SPEC, Ocean)

Smith, Ken NHL Hockey (1979, INT, Mattel) NFL Football, w/Kevin Miller (1979, INT, Mattel) Sea Battle (1980, INT, Mattel) NBA Basketball (1980, INT, Mattel) Super Challenge Football (1982, 2600, M Network) It's Only Rock n' Roll (1984, C64, K-Tel) Cricket 64 (1984, C64, CRL) Battle (1987, C64, MAST) Sweep, w/Giulio Zicchi (1987, C64, MAST) Crazy Paving (1988, C64, Top Ten)

Smith, Martin H. The Island (1983, SPEC, Crystal)

Smith, Matthew Styx (1983, SPEC, Bug-Byte) Birds and The Bees (1983, SPEC, Bug-Byte) Manic Miner (1983, SPEC, Bug-Byte) Jet Set Willy (1984, SPEC, Software Projects)

Smith, Mike Quann Tula, w/Gary Kelbrick (1985, SPEC, 8th Day) Faerie, w/Gary Kelbrick (1985, SPEC, 8th Day)

Smith, Robert T. Confrontation (1983, SPEC, Lothlorien) Arnhem (1985, SPEC, CCS) Desert Rats (1985, SPEC, CCS) Vulcan (1988, SPEC, CCS)

Smith, Roderick [P] Bagitman (1984, C64, Aardvark) from COCO

Smith, Rodger Brew Master (1984, COCO, Novasoft) Tapper-like Skyway (1985, COCO, Novasoft) [TB] Space Hawk (1985, COCO, Hot Coco) Cosmic Sweeper (1986, COCO, T&D) Fire Runner (1986, COCO, T&D) Liberty Ship (1986, COCO, T&D) Kingpede (1987, COCO, T&D) Millipede-like Weirdo (1987, COCO, T&D) Wacko-like

Smith, Scott Gremlins (1984, 2600, Atari) [P] Moon Patrol (1984, 5200/800, Atari) from COIN

Smith, Simon Laser Defense (1981, TRS, Med) Sentinel, w/William Denman (1982, 800, Med)

Smith, Steve [TB] Target Shoot (1981, 800, ANALOG) [B] Bumper Pool (1981, 800, APX) [B] Strikes 'N' Spares (800, PD) [B] Sports Spectacular, w/Jerry White, George Schwenk (1987, 800, Keypunch)

Smith, Stuart Fracas (1980, AP2, Quality) Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1981, 800, Quality) Return of Heracles (1983, 800, Quality) Adventure Construction Set (1984, C64, EA)

Smith, Timothy W. Olympic Decathlon (1980, TRS, Microsoft)

Smith, William [B] Crazy Eights (1979?, AP2, Softape)

Smoak, Doug [TB] Time Bomb (1983, VIC, COMPUTE!)

Smythe, Doug Mutant (1982, AP2, Renaissance)

Snake, Steve Rodland (1991, C64, Jaleco)

Sneap, Mat Knuckle Buster (1986, C64, Melbourne House) [P] Shadow Skimmer (1987, C64, Edge) from ? Mission Impossibubble (1989, C64, Hewson)

Snell, Dallas The Quest (1983, AP2, Penguin) Ringquest, w/Ron Goebel, Joel Rea (1983, AP2, Penguin) [G] Ultima V (1988, PC, Origin)

Snell, Phil [P] River Rescue, w/Jeremy Smith (1982, SPEC, Thorn EMI) from VIC [P] Orc Attack (1984, SPEC, Creative Sparks) from 800

Snider, David David's Midnight Magic (1982, AP2, BROD) Serpentine (1982, AP2, BROD) Jungler-like [N] Dazzle Draw (1984, AP2, BROD)

Snyder, Jon [T] Syntron (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Snyder, Tony [founder WaterWares] Tunneling (1984, ZX81, WaterWares)

Soderberg, Brian Time Bomb (1987, 800, Clearstar)

Sogge, Glenn [P] Super Bustout (190, COCO, Tandy) Breakout-like [D] Color Robot Battle, w/Del Ogren (1981, COCO, Tandy)

Sohl, John Astrosmash (1981, INT, Mattel) [G] B-17 Bomber (1982, INT, Mattel) [P] 221B Baker Street (1987, 800, Datasoft)

Soine, Phillip C. [TB] Divide and Conquer (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Somerville, Jason Murder off Miami, w/Fergus McNeill (1986, C64, CRL)

Sommer, Hannes Ball Fever (1990, C64, CP Verlag) D.I.S.C. (1991, C64, CP Verlag) Plural (1991, C64, CP Verlag) Moons (1992, C64, 64'er)

Sommers, Dan Standing Stones, w/Peter Schmuckal (1983, AP2, EA)

Sommers, Jim Ion Roadway (1983, 800, APX) Raid on Gravitron (1983, 800, APX)

Sommerville, Chuck Snake Byte (1982, AP2, Sirius) Gruds in Space, w/Joe Dudar (1983, AP2, Sirius) [G] Summer Games (1984, AP2, Epyx) from C64 [G] Summer Games II (1985, C64, Epyx) [P] Ballblazer (1985, C64, ACT) from 800 [P] Destroyer (1986, C64, Epyx) [G] California Games (1987, C64, Epyx) [G] The Games: Summer Edition (1988, C64, Epyx) [G] The Games: Winter Edition (1988, C64, Epyx) Chip's Challenge (1989, LNX, Atari) [L] Zarlor Mercenary (1990, LNX, Atari) [P] Road Riot 4WD (1992, SNES, THQ) from COIN [G] F-117 Night Storm (1993, GEN, EA)

Sonday, Tom [P] Satan's Hollow (1984, C64, CBS) from COIN

Sorensen, Trevor C. [L] Star Fleet I (1983, PC, Cygnus) Star Fleet II, w/Mark Baldwin (1989, PC, Interstel) [D] Star Legions (1992, PC, Mindcraft)

Sorenson, Jeff Demon Seed, w/Philip McKenzie (1982, TRS, Trend) Phoenix-like [P] Demon Seed, w/Philip McKenzie (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) from TRS Mudpies, w/Philip McKenzie (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) Food Fight-like

Sorrell, Delvin Autotest (1987, C64) [P] Super Robin Hood (1987, C64, Codemasters) from SPEC Bushido Warrior (1988, C64, Ariolasoft) [P] Happiest Days of Your Life (1988, C64, Tellicomsoft) from SPEC Scorpius (1988, C64, Tellicomsoft) Street Warriors (1988, C64, Tellicomsoft) [P] Skateboard Joust (1988, C64, Tellicomsoft) from SPEC [P] GI Hero (1988, C64, Tellicomsoft) from SPEC Bounce'n (1989, C64, MicroProse) The Captain is Dead (1990, ST/AMI, ACT) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990, AMI, Mirrorsoft) [P] Xenon (1991, GEN, Mirrorsoft) from ST [P] McDonaldland (1992, C64, Virgin) from NES Zyconix (1992, AMI, Accolade) Apocalypse (1993, AMI, Virgin) [P] Terminator 2 (1993, AMI, B.I.T.S.) from NES Magicians Castle (AMI) Super Methane Brothers (1994, AMI, Apache) Death Mask (1994, AMI, Apache) [P] Jellyboy (1994, GEN, Ocean) from NES Traitor (1995, AMI, Apache) [P] Clay Fighters 2 (1995, 32X, Interplay) from NES Marsupilami (1995, GEN, Sega)

Sothcott, Tony Castle Quest (1985, BBC, Micro Power)

Soulanille, Tom Frog Bog, w/Peter Kaminski (1982, INT, Mattel) Frogs-like [P] Frogger, w/Peter Kaminski (1983, INT, Mattel) from COIN

Southern, Shaun Pacmania (1983, C64, Mr Chip) Pac-Man-like Duck Shoot (1984, C64, MAST) Carnival-like Olympic Skier (1984, C64, Mr Chip) Ad Infinitum (1984, C64, Mr Chip) Kwazy Kwaks (1984, VIC, Mr Chip) Formula 1 Simulator (1985, C64, Mr Chip) Hero of the Golden Talisman (1985, C64, Mr Chip) Kikstart (1985, C64, MAST) Tutti Frutti (1985, C16, MAST) Bandits at Zero (1985, C64, MAST) Laza! (1986, C16, Mr Chip) P.O.D. (1986, C64, MAST) Trailblazer (1986, C64, GG) Laserwheel (1987, C64, MAST) Kikstart 2 (1987, C64, MAST) Trailblazer II (1987, C64, GG) Operation Fireball (1987, C64, Alternative) Hummdinger (1988, C64, Alternative) Arthur Noid (1988, C16, Alternative) Super Snake Simulator (1988, C64, Alternative) Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, w/Andrew Morris (1990, AMI/ST, GG) Super Cars, w/Andrew Morris (1989, AMI/ST, GG) Super Cars II (1991, AMI/ST, GG) Lotus Turbo Challenge II, w/Andrew Morris (1991, AMI/ST, GG) Lotus III, w/Andrew Morris (1992, AMI/ST, GG)

Southon, Brian & Barry [P] Joe Blade (1988, 800, Players) from SPEC [P] Joe Blade II (1989, 800, Players) from SPEC [P] Arcade Fruit Machine (1990, 800, Zeppelin) from SPEC Titan (1990, 800, Atlantis) [P] Stack Up (1991, 800, Zeppelin)

Spacek, Jerry Defend the Cities (1982, TI99, Intersoft) Theon Raiders (1983, TI99, Intersoft)

Spain, James D. Laser Maze (1982, AP2, Avant-Garde)

Spanburg, Scott [P] Pooyan (1983, 800/C64, Datasoft) from COIN Mancopter (1984, C64, Datasoft) Delta Patrol (1985, AMI/ST, Other Valley) Goonies (1985, 800, Datasoft) [P] Airborne Ranger (1987, C64, MicroProse) [G] M1 Tank Platoon (1989, PC, MicroProse) [G] Knights of the Sky, w/Bill Beckner (1992, PC, MicroProse) [G] F-15 Strike Eagle III (1992, PC, MicroProse) [G] Gunship! (1999, PC, Hasbro)

Speaks, Robert [TB] Line Four (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Spencer, Andrew International Soccer (1983, C64, Commodore) International Basketball (1984, C64, Commodore) Ecstatica (1994, PC, Psygnosis) Ecstatica II (1996, PC, Psygnosis)

Spicer, Vic TRAM, w/Chris McKinstry (1982, TRS, Microsystems) Blockade-like Ramatron, w/Chris McKinstry (1982, TRS, Microsystems) UltraGulip, w/Chris McKinstry (1982, TRS, Microsystems)

Spiller, Jeremy Zenix, w/Mike Newell (1989, CC3, Gosub) Crystal City (1990, CC3, Gosub)

Spirko, Bob [T] Wizard of Im (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Spork, Maz H. Chain Reaction (1987, SPEC, Durell) [P] Buggy Boy (1988, SPEC, Elite) from COIN

Spracklen, Dan & Kathe Sargon (1978, S-100, Hayden) Sargon II (1979, AP2, Hayden) Sargon III (1983, AP2, Hayden) Reversal (1981, AP2, Hayden)

Srimushnam, Janet Alpiner (1983, TI99, TI)

St. Aubyn, Michael Volcano (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Pantry Antics (1985, BBC, BBC Soft) Imogen (1986, BBC, Micro Power) Inside Outing (1988, C64, Edge)

St. John, Stephen [P] Main Battle Tank, w/Stephen Newberg (1989, AP2, Simulations Canada)

Stafford, Graham Dungeon Master (1983, SPEC, Crystal)

Stamp, Chris Escape from the Waste Disposal Unit (1985, C64, Krypton Force)

Stamp, James Bananaby, w/Steve Taylor (1986, SPEC, Wasp)

Stamper, Chris & Tim Blue Print, w/John Lathbury (1982, COIN, Bally Midway) Tranz Am, w/John Lathbury (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) Pssst, w/John Lathbury (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) Lunar JetMan, w/John Lathbury (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) JetPac, w/John Lathbury (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) Dingo, w/John Lathbury (1983, COIN, Jaleco) Cookie, w/John Lathbury (1983, SPEC, Ultimate) Atic Atac, w/John Lathbury (1984, SPEC, Ultimate) Underwurlde, w/John Lathbury (1984, SPEC, Ultimate) Sabre Wulf, w/John Lathbury (1984, SPEC, Ultimate) Knight Lore, w/John Lathbury (1984, SPEC, Ultimate) Nightshade (1985, SPEC, Ultimate) Alien 8 (1985, SPEC, Ultimate) Pentagram (1986, SPEC, Erbe) Gunfright (1986, SPEC, Ultimate) [G] Cobra Triangle (1989, NES, Nintendo) [G] It's Mr. Pants (2004, GBA, THQ)

Stanfield, Dan [P] Snake Byte (1982, VIC/C64, Sirius) from AP2

Stanford, Charles L. [TB] Six-Gun Shootout (1981, OSI, COMPUTE!) Gun Fight-like

Stanis, Marc B. Hidden Valley (1981, TRS, AI)

Stanton, A.K. Murder (1983, C64, Rabbit)

Stanton, Jeffrey L.A. Land Monopoly (1980, AP2, Continental) 3-D Skiing (1981, AP2, Continental) Ski Slalom Competition (1981, AP2) [T] Olympic Dash (1983, 800, Antic)

Stark, David Shard of Spring, w/Gary Roth (1986, AP2, SSI)

Stark, Gary Cookie Monster Munch (1983, 2600, Atari) Star Raiders II, w/Bruce Poelhman (1985, 800, Atari)

Starkey, Russell [TB] Rabbits and Foxes (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Hangman (1979, TRS, SoftSide) Kamikaze (1980, TRS, SoftSide) Showdown (1981, TRS, AI) Gun Fight-like

Starks, Sparky Starfighter (1980, TRS, AI) [B] Rear Guard, w/Neil Larimer (1981, 800, AI) Bug Off! (1982, 800, AI) Destiny (1983, 800, AI)

Staugas, Dave Krull (1983, 2600, Atari) [P] Millipede (1984, 2600, Atari)

Steel, Alan High Frontier (1987, SPEC, ACT)

Steel, Tim Voyage into the Unknown (1984, SPEC, MAST)

Steele, Oliver Pogo Joe, w/William Denman (1983, C64, Screenplay) Q*bert-like

Steele-Jones, John Mazeman (1981, ZX81/SPEC, Abersoft) Classic Adventure (C64/SPEC, Melbourne House) Mordon's Quest (1985, C64/SPEC, Melbourne House) [P] Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992, ST/AMI, LucasArts) [P] Subbuteo, w/Wynford Davies (199, ST/AMI, European Electronic Zoo)

Steen, Terry A. Able Builders (1984, COCO, Chromasette) Gray Lady (1984, COCO, Jarb) Sea Wolf-like Kick Guy (1986, COCO, T&D) Kick Man-like

Steenburn, Eric Lost Dutchman (1983, TI99, CMS Systems)

Steenson, David [TB] Strategy Strike (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Steffen, George F. Beanstalk Adventure (1982, TI99, TexSoft)

Stephens, Adrian Escape from Moonbase Alpha (1983, BBC, Micro Power) Crazy Painter (1983, BBC, Superior) Amidar-like Killer Gorilla (1983, BBC, Micro Power) Donkey Kong-like Mr. Ee! (1984, BBC, Micro Power) Mr. Do-like Flip! (1986, BBC, Audiogenic)

Stephens, Dan [TB] Gridloc (1989, C128, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Stephenson, Paul Swashbuckler (1981, AP2, Datamost) Aztec (1983, AP2, Datamost)

Stephenson, Thomas Realm of Nauga (1982, COCO, Chromasette)

Stern, Alex Situation Critical, w/Peter Rokitski, Greg George (1982, AP2, Prism)

Stevens, R.W. Skramble (1982, C64, Terminal) Scramble-like Get Lost! (1983, C64, Terminal) Gridder (1983, C64, Terminal) Amidar-like Super Gridder (1983, C64, Terminal) Amidar-like Super Skramble (1983, C64, Terminal) Scramble-like Super Dogfight (1983, C64, Terminal) Star Commando (1984, C64, Terminal)

Stevens, Rob [P] Axe of Rage (1988, C64, Epyx) Barbarian II (1988, C64, Epyx) Snare (1989, C64, Thalamus) [G] Prehistorik Man (1995, SNES, Titus) automobili Lamborghini (1997, N64, Titus) Roadster (1999, N64, Titus)

Stevenson, Kent Ant Colony (1983, TI99, Funware) Schnoz-Ola (1983, TI99, Funware) Ambulance (1983, TI99, Funware)

Stewart, Brad [P] Breakout (1978, 2600, Atari) from COIN [P] Asteroids (1981, 2600, Atari) from COIN Fire Fighter (1982, 2600, Imagic) [P] Star Wars: The Arcade Game (1983, 800, PB) from COIN [G] Sherlock Holmes in Another Bow (1985, AP2, Bantam)

Stewart, Mike Quest For The Key Part 1 (1983, TI99, CMS Systems) Quest For The Key Part 2 (1983, TI99, CMS Systems) The New King (1983, TI99, CMS Systems)

Stinnett, Daron Space Race, w/Rick Lamont (1982, COCO, Spectral) Omega Race-like [P] Thexder (1987, AP2, Sierra) from PC [P] Silpheed (1988, COCO, Sierra) from PC [G] Star Wars: Dark Forces (1995, PC, LucasArts) [L] Outlaws (1997, PC, LucasArts)

Stirling, Craig [TB] Maze Miner (1984, 800, Your Computer)

Stock, C.C. [TB] Ack Ack Attack (1984, SPEC, ZX Computing) [TB] Minotaur (1984, SPEC, ZX Computing) [TB] Raging Bull (1985, SPEC, ZX Computing)

Stockbridge, Dawn Strawberry Shortcake Musical Matchups (1983, 2600, PB) [P] Tutankham, w/Dave Engman (1983, 2600, PB) from COIN [P] Frogger, w/Steve Kranish (1983, 800/5200, PB) from COIN

Stoddart, Anthony Bismarck: The North Sea Chase (1987, C64, Datasoft)

Stokes, Rolandd Bank Robber (1983, ZX81, Romik) Bubble Bugs (1983, ZX81, Romik) Galaxy Jailbreak (1983, ZX81, Romik)

Stones, Damien [P] Back to the Future Part II, w/Daren White (1990, SPEC/CPC, Image Works) [P] Space Gun (1992, SPEC/CPC, Ocean) from COIN

Storey, Geoffrey [TB] Money Bags (1987, 800, Atari User) Dawn Raider (1988, 800, Atlantis) Air Rescue (1991, 800, Atlantis)

Stortz, Mike [T] R.O.T.O. (1985, 800, ANALOG) H.E.R.O.-like

Stout, Stephen [TB] Marbles (1987, 800, COMPUTE!) [TB] Diamond Dave (1987, 800, Antic) [TB] 1040 Terminator (1988, 800, Antic) [TB] Adventure Creation Kit (1988, 800, Antic)

Stozenfield, Jim [P] Donkey Kong (1983, VIC, Atarisoft) from COIN

Strada, David H. Rocket Command (1981, AP2) Missile Command-like

Stradley, Mike [B] Clear for Action (1984, 800, Avalon Hill)

Strand, Brian [T] Roll 'Em (1986, 800, ANALOG)

Strand, Ivan Apple Cider Spider (1983, AP2, Sierra) [P] Oil's Well (1983, AP2, Sierra) from 800

Strassen, Patrick Vox (1984, C16, Tynesoft) Autobahn (1985, C16, Tynesoft) XCellor8 (1986, C16, GG) [P] Bounder (1986, C16, GG) from C64 Powerball (1986, C16, MAST) Street Olympics (1986, C16) Pogo Pete (1986, C16, Tynesoft) GWNN (1987, C16, MAST)

Strawser, Larry D. [P] Computer Ambush, w/Kendall Whitesell (1984, 800, SSI)

Streeter, Neil Asteroids in Space (1983, SPEC, Melbourne House)

Stringfellow, Steve Lochjaw (1982, 2600, Apollo)

Stryker, Tim [RIP 1996] Flash Attack, w/Ken Wasserman (1980, PET, Mach 1) Aztarac (1983, COIN, Centuri)

Stuart, Duncan Night Mares (1987, 800, Red Rat)

Stuart, Nigel Alien Insects (1983, SPEC, Macronics) Devil Birds (1983, SPEC, Macronics) Molemania (1985, SPEC, Hektic) Anteater (1986, SPEC, Paradise) Anteater-like Grid Trap (1986, SPEC, LiveWire) Mines of Moriez (1986, SPEC, Hektic) Nervos this Position (1986, SPEC, Hektic)

Stubbs, David [TB] Dragon Castle (1991, 800, New Atari User)

Stutz, Brett Star Strike, w/Hal Finney (1981, INT, Mattel) [P] TRON: Deadly Discs, w/Jeff Ronne (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT

Su, Jamie Timeship (1984, AP2, Five Star)

Suárez, José R. [B] Codecracker (1981, 800, APX) Mastermind-like [B] Block 'Em (1982, 800, APX) Blockade-like [B] Cribbage (1982, 800, APX) Lord of the Orb (1983, 800, Antic) [TB] Reversi (1985, 800, COMPUTE!)

Suárez, Paco Bugaboo (The Flea), w/Paco Portalo (1983, SPEC, Quicksilva) Galactic Plague (1984, CPC, Amsoft) Poogaboo (1991, SPEC, Opera Soft)

Sudworth, M. Black Star (1983, ZX81, Quicksilva)

Sullivan, Charles Baseball (1979, AP2, Programma)

Sullivan, Dan Microscopic Journey (1982, AP2, Hayden)

Sullivan, David Apple Invaders (1981, AP2, BROD) Space Intruders (1982, 800, APX) [T] Mr. Munchman (1983, 800, Antic) Ultima 3 Construction Set (1984, 800/AP2, Total Control) [T] Pppzzaapp! (1984, 800, ANALOG) Missile Defense (1987, ST, Total Control) G.O.E. (1988, 800, Total Control) Ninja Golf, w/David Dentt (1989, 7800, Atari) [G] Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat, w/John Morgan (1991, COIN, Leland) [G] Wing Commander (1992, SNES, Mindscape) from PC Terminator (1993, SNES, Mindscape) [G] Mario is Missing (1993, SNES, Mindscape) [G] Wing Commander Secret Missions (1994, SNES, Mindscape) Super Battleship (1994, SNES, Mindscape) [G] Road Rash (1996, PS, EA) [L] Soviet Strike (1997, PS, EA) [G] Nuclear Strike (1998, PS, EA)

Sullivan, Jay Hi-Res Football, w/Ken Williams (1980, AP2, On-Line) Hi-Res Soccer, w/Ken Williams (1981, AP2, On-Line) Crossfire (1981, AP2, On-Line) [P] Ultima II (1983, PC, Sierra) from AP2

Sumida, Paul Cyborg Wars (1982, COCO, Bumblebee) Robotron-like

Summerlott, Marc Clash of Wills (1985, 800, DKG) Great War 1914 (1986, 800, DKG) Surrender at Stalingrad (1986, 800, DKG)

Summers, Jim Astro Rescue (PET) Slime (1982, PET) Star Spores (1982, PET)

Summers, Murray [TB] Pork Barrel (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Sumner, Mark Space Rescue (1980, TI99, Christian) Space Rescue 2 (1981, TI99, PS Software) PS Pesteroids (1981, TI99, PS Software) Hopper (1981, TI99, Futura) Key Quest (1981, TI99, PS Software) Star Sentinel (1981, TI99, PS Software) [B] 3D Stalkers (1981, TI99, PS Software) [B] Starprobe 99 (1982, TI99, Counterpoint) Horrors! (1982, TI99, Counterpoint) Q*bert-like Wallaby (1982, TI99, Challenger) [P] Spy's Demise, w/Ken Dibble (1982, TI99, CSI Design) from AP2 Octal (1982, TI99, CSI Design) Starprobe 99 (1982, TI99, CSI Design) Gravity Master (1983, TI99, CSI Design) Wizard's Fire (1984, MAC, shareware) Missile Command-like MacGolf (1985, MAC, Diskworld) Brick Bat (1986, MAC, Diskworld) Star Defense (1986, MAC, Diskworld)

Sunday, Dan Tail Gunner, w/Larry Rosenthal (1979, COIN, Cinematronics)

Surratt, Ron [P] BurgerTime (1983, 2600, M Network) from COIN

Sustare, B. Dennis [D] Rocky Super Action Boxing (1983, COL, Coleco) [D] Super Action Baseball (1983, COL, Coleco) [G] 2010 (1985, Adam, Coleco)

Sutherland, Jamie [TB] Arena Racer (1985, 800, Antic) [TB] Valiant (1985, 800, Antic)

Sutton, Carole [TB] The Five W (1983, MBEE, Australian Personal Computer)

Suzuki, Hitoshi Jupiter Lander (1981, VIC, Commodore) Lunar Lander-like

Suzuki, J. Road Race (1981, VIC, Commodore) Night Driver-like

Suzuki, Tony Apple Galaxian (1980, AP2, BROD) Galaxian-like Alien Typhoon (1981, AP2, BROD) Galaxian-like Star Blazer (1982, AP2, BROD)

Svoboda, Frank III Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, w/Silas Warner, Eric Ace (1984, AP2/C64, Muse)

Sweetland, Andrew [TB] Jungle Job, w/Martin Jones (1983, SPEC, Interface)

Swift, Rod J. Night Gunner (1982, ZX81, Softsync)

Swigart, Rob Portal, w/Brad Fregger (1986, C64?, ACT)

Swinbourne, Colin Joe Blade (1987, SPEC, Players) Joe Blade II (1988, SPEC, Players) Joe Blade III (1989, SPEC, Players)

Swisher, Tim Spidercide (1983, COCO, Tandy)

Synoski, Jim [P] NATO Commander (1984, AP2, MicroProse) from 800 [P] Crusade in Europe (1984, AP2, MicroProse) from 800 [P] Decision in the Desert (1985, AP2, MicroProse) from 800 [P] F-15 Strike Eagle (1985, AP2, MicroProse) from 800

Szatmari, Ferenc [G] Arctic Shipwreck (1983, C64, F451) [G] Save Me Brave Knight (1983, C64, F451) SOS Terrorists, w/Gabor David (1983, C64, F451)

Szymanski, Steven [P] Joust, w/Pete Gaston, Allen Wells (1983, 800, Atari) from COIN


Taglione, Anthony [P] Spy vs Spy, w/Malcom Hellon (1985, SPEC, First Star) from C64 [P] Lords of Midnight, w/Malcom Hellon (1985, C64, Mindscape) from SPEC Dogfight 2187 (1987, CPC, Ariolasoft) [G] Bloodwych (1989, AMI, Image Works) Legend, w/Pete James (1992, AMI/ST/PC, Mindscape) Worlds of Legend (1993, AMI, Mindscape) [G] Hexx (1994, AMI, Image Works) [G] Shogun: Total War (2000, PC, EA)

Taglione, Philip [P] Moon Cresta, w/Tim Walter (1985, SPEC, Incentive) from COIN

Talbot, Dennis Fizz Bomb (1989, C64, K'Soft) Bomberman-like

Talliss, Peter [TB] Caterpillar Races (1985, 800, Home Computing Weekly)

Tamura, Y. Tactics (AP2, Starcraft)

Tang, William Hungry Horace (1982, SPEC, Sinclair) Pac-Man-like Horace Goes Skiing (1982, SPEC, Sinclair) Frogger-like Horace and the Spiders (1983, SPEC, Sinclair)

Tapanimaki, Jukka Aikaetsiva (1986, C64, Triosoft) Octapolis (1987, C64, English) Netherworld (1988, C64, Hewson) Zamzara (1989, C64, Hewson) Moonfall (1991, C64, 21st Century)

Tapley, Scott [TB] Dairy Farming (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Tarnoff, Harry [B] Blockade (1979, AP2, Programma) [B] Canter Downs (1979, AP2, Programma) [B] Stunt Cycle, w/Robert Baizer (1980, AP2, Programma) [B] Chase (1980?, AP2, Programma) [B] Football (1980?, AP2, Programma) [B] Wipe Off (1980?, AP2, Programma) Breakout-like

Tatge, Conrad [T] TwoGun (1985, 800, ANALOG) [T] Incoming! (1985, 800, ANALOG)

Tatsumi, Steve Kool-Aid Man (1983, 2600, Mattel)

Tautkus, Dirk Rubbish Monster (1983, C64, Data Becker) Pac-Man-like

Tavares, Gregg [P] Centipede (1983, C64, Atarisoft) from COIN [G] Gunship (1986, C64, MicroProse) [G] F-19 Stealth Fighter (1987, C64, MicroProse) [G] Lords of the Rising Sun (1989, AMI, Cinemaware) [G] M.C. Kids (1992, NES, Virgin) [G] Zombie Revenge (1999, COIN, Sega) [G] Crash Team Racing (1999, PS, Naughty Dog) [G] Afro Samurai (2009, 360/PS3, Namco)

Taylor, Andrew Stunt Bike (1984, C64, Ocean) Secret of Kandar (1986, C64, Alpha Omega)

Taylor, Bernard [TB] Seven Skulls (1988, 800, Antic) [TB] Secret of Kyobu Di (1989, 800, Antic)

Taylor, David [T] Junkfood (1984, COCO, Rainbow) Fast Food-like

Taylor, John E. Capture The Intruder (1983, TI99, CMS Systems) Egg Hunt (1983, TI99, CMS Systems)

Taylor, Mark [P] Jet-Boot Jack (1983, C64, English) from 800 [P] Neptune's Daughters, w/Ralph Frumin (1983, C64, English)

Taylor, Mike Magic Mirror (1982, VIC, Terminal) Nosferatu (1982, VIC, Terminal) Causes of Chaos (1985, C64, CRL)

Taylor, Nigel Escape from Manhattan (1983, ZX81, Computer Rentals)

Taylor, Richard Challenge (1979, TRS, AI) Concentration (1981, TRS, 80-US) Scrabble (1981, TRS, 80-US)

Taylor, Simon Blitz (1981, VIC, Commodore)

Taylor, Stephen [TB] Tower (1983, 800, Atari Computing) [TB] Flip (1984, 800, Atari Computing) [TB] Quicktrack (1985, 800, Atari Computing) [B] Circuits (1985, 800, PD)

Taylor, Steve Bananaby, w/James Stamp (1986, SPEC, Wasp)

Taylor, Tony [P] Megamania (1985, C64, ACT) from 2600

Teague, Sam [T] Back Track (800, ANALOG)

Temple, Ed [P] Amidar (1982, 2600, PB) from COIN [P] Front Line (1984, 2600, Coleco) from COIN

Temple, Jonathan [T] Frantic Farmer (1984, BBC, CVG) [TB] Quasimodo (1995, BBC, Beebug) Hunchback-like Condition Red (1986, BBC, Blue Ribbon) [T] Burger Time (1986, BBC, Beebug) BurgerTime-like [T] Morris Miner (1986, BBC, Micro User) [T] Ebody Castle (1986, BBC, Micro User) [T] Posidroid (1986, BBC, Beebug) [T] Mushroom Mania (1986, BBC, Popular Computing Weekly) Centipede-like [T] Tombs Of Tutankhamen (1986, BBC, Beebug) [T] Jungle Adventure (1987, BBC, Beebug) [T] Dracula (1987, BBC, Beebug)

Templeman, Jim [B] Fortress, w/Patty Denbrook (1983, AP2/800, SSI)

Templeton, Brad [P] Time Trek (PET, Personal) from TRS Checker King, w/Michael Marks (1979, PET/TRS, Personal) [P] Microchess (1981, 800, Personal) from AP2 [N] PAL (1982, C64, VisiCorp) assembler

Terran, Chris Gauntlet (1984, BBC, Micro Power) Defender-like

Terrence, Derby City Defender (1987, 800, PD) Missile Command-like

Tesch, Jim [TB] Salvage 2001 (1989, 800, Antic)

Teufert, Charles [P] Flyerfox, w/Greg Carbonaro (1984, C64, Tymac)

Thacker, Jerry Blackjack, w/Richard Olney, Suresh Vasa (1976, FCF, Fairchild)

Thackray, Jon [G] Acheton (1984, BBC, Acornsoft) Kingdom of Hamil, w/Jonathan Partington (1987, PC, Topologika) Spy Catcher, w/Jonathan Partington (1988, many, Topologika) [P] Avon (1989, BBC, Topologika) from IBM 370 [P] Last Days of Doom (1990, BBC/ARC, Topologika) from ?

Theurer, Dave Solar War, w/Mike Albaugh (1979, COIN, Atari) Soccer (1980, COIN, Atari) Missile Command (1980, COIN, Atari) Tempest (1981, COIN, Atari) [D] I, Robot (1984, COIN, Atari Games) [G] APB (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [N] DeBabelizer (1992, MAC, Equilibrium)

Thomas, Dave Staff of Karnath (1984, C64, Ultimate) Outlaws (1985, C64, Ultimate) Entombed (1985, C64, Ultimate) Blackwyche (1985, C64, Ultimate) Dragon Skulle (1986, C64, Ultimate) [P] Buggy Boy (1987, C64, Elite) from COIN [P] Live and Let Die (1988, C64, Domark) [P] First Strike (1989, C64, Elite)

Thomas, Stephen M. Street Sports Football (1988, C64, Epyx) Street Sports Soccer (1988, C64, Epyx) [G] 4x4 Off Road Racing (1988, C64, Epyx)

Thomits, Lew Jr. [T] Battle in the B Ring (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Thomlinson, Gary Ninja Hamster (1987, C64, CRL)

Thompson, Bruce Alien Swarm (1982, 800, Inhome) Hard Hat Willy (1983, 800, Inhome)

Thompson, Dan [P] Space Eggs (1981, 800, Sirius) from AP2 Borg (1981, AP2, Sirius) Twerps (1981, AP2, Sirius) Lemmings (1982, AP2, Sirius) Repton, w/Andy Kaluzniacki (1983, AP2, Sirius) Earth Dies Screaming (1983, 2600, Fox) [P] Final Orbit (1983, 800, Sirius) [P] Snake Byte (1982, 800, Sirius) from AP2 Zone Ranger (1984, 800, ACT) [P] HardBall! (1985, AP2/800, Accolade) from C64 [P] Master of the Lamps (1985, AP2, ACT) from C64

Thompson, Geoffrey [T] Rescue Mission (1984, 800, Page 6) [T] Target Practice (1985, 800, Page 6) [T] Sector 10 (1986, 800, Page 6)

Thompson, Greg Maze War, w/Steve Colley (1974, Imlac PSD-1, PD)

Thompson, Peter Peter Packrat (1985, COIN, Atari Games)

Thompson, Robin Molecule Man (1986, SPEC, MAST)

Thomson, Derek [TB] Caverns of Nala (1988, 800, Atari User) [TB] Robots of Nala (1990, 800, New Atari User)

Thorn, Victor [TB] HCWMan (1984, 800, Home Computer Weekly) Pac-Man-like [B] Chaotic Crossing (1984, 800, Argus) Sector Wars (2020, 800, AtariAge) [B] Electro Maze (2020, 800, AtariAge) [B] Warrior of the Flies (2020, 800, AtariAge) [B] Starship Dock (2020, 800, AtariAge) [B] Spider Wars (2020, 800, AtariAge)

Thorne, Jeremy Mario's Brewery (1983, C64, Mr. Computer Products) Donkey Kong-like

Thornton, Chris Adventure A, w/Richard Turner (1981, ZX81, Artic)

Thornton, Jack L. Jr. [P] Slime (1982, PC-6001, Synapse) from 800 [P] Shamus (1983, C64, Synapse) from 800 [P] Gremlins (1984, C64, Atarisoft) from 5200 [P] Demon Attack (1985, C64, Imagic) from 2600 [P] Rescue on Fractalus! (1985, C64, Lucasfilm) from 800 [L] Bo Jackson Baseball and Football (1990, GB, THQ) football-only

Thornton, Norman T. [T] Bomby (1988, 800, Atari Explorer)

Thorpe, Frederick David [P] Blue Max (1984, SPEC, US Gold) from 800 [P] Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (1985, SPEC, US Gold) from COIN

Tifft, Johnathan [P] Drelbs (1983, AP2, Synapse) from 800

Tillander, Mikael Knight 'n' Grail (2009, C64, Psytronik)

Tilley, Eric [TB] Showjumping (1985, 800, CVG)

Timmins, Brad Capture the Flag (1989, 800, Antic) [T] Crazy Clown Jumper (1989, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Nuclear Mountain (1989, 800, ANALOG)

Tobey, Ray Skyfox (1984, AP2, EA) [G] Budokan (1989, PC, EA)

Todd, Julian G. Fat Worm Blows A Sparky (1986, SPEC, Durell)

Toland, Paul [TB] Hi-Rize (1983, SPEC, Interface)

Tolmei, Vic Top Gunner (1986, COIN, Exidy)

Tolomei, Vic Magic Maze (1979, SORC, Quality) Alleys and Arrows (1980, SORC, Quality) Fax, w/Larry Hutcherson (1983, COIN, Exidy) [G] Crossbow (1983, COIN, Exidy) Chiller, w/Ken Nicholson, Larry Hutcherson (1986, COIN, Exidy)

Tomita, Aya [P] A.E. (1984, MSX, Toshiba-EMI)

Tomita, Masaru The Bomber (1980, AP2, Astar) Golden Mountain (1980, AP2, BROD)

Tomlinson, John [P] Mission X (1983, INT, Mattel) from COIN

Toms, Kevin J.M. Football Manager (1984, SPEC, Addictive) Software Star (1985, SPEC, Addictive) President (1987, SPEC/C64, Addictive)

Tonkin, Richard V. Showjumping (1984, SPEC, IMS)

Topley, Kim Quest Adventure (1983, SPEC, Hewson) Fantasia Diamond (1984, SPEC, Hewson)

Torkington, Andy Panic Dizzy (1991, C64, Codemasters)

Torrance, Peter Seabase Delta, w/Colin Liddle (1986, C64, Firebird)

Toth, Viktor [G] Arctic Shipwreck (1983, C64, F451) [G] Save Me Brave Knight (1983, C64, F451)

Tout, Frank G. Great Burger Riot (1987, C64, Creative Sparks) Zenith (1988, C64, Creative Sparks)

Townsend, Clive Saboteur (1986, SPEC, Durell) Saboteur II (1987, SPEC, Durell)

Townsend, Sean Gumshoe (1983, C64, A&F) [P] Chuckie Egg, w/Martin Webb (1984, C64, A&F) from SPEC [P] Chuckie Egg (1985, 800, A&F) from SPEC [P] Road Runner (1987, C64, US Gold) from COIN

Townsend, Stephen Cosmic Raider (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Creepy Crawler (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Centipede-like Galakzions (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Galaxian-like Scramble (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen) Scramble-like Space Zombies (1983, SPEC, Mikro-Gen)

Townsend, Zak Cobra (1986, C64, Ocean) Platoon (1987, C64, Ocean) Renegade 3 (1988, C64, Ocean) Batman: Joker & Penguin (1989, C64, Ocean)

Trager, Wes Eggomania, w/Henry Will (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) Commando Raid, w/Henry Will (1982, 2600, U.S. Games)

Tran, Tom Tuong [TB] Robot Hunt (1984, 800, ROM) [TB] Alphaminer (1984, 800, ROM)

Traynor, John Jack Attack, w/Kevin Kieller (1983, C64, Commodore)

Trefny, Marek Crux 92 (1992, SPEC, Ultrasoft)

Trefonas, Peter [TB] Labyrinth (1978, TRS, CLOAD) [TB] Worm (1979, TRS, CLOAD) [TB] Fullback (1979, TRS, CLOAD)

Tremblay, Alain [T] Planet Raider (1990, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Trenker, Antony [TB] Escape (1984, SPEC, Big K) [TB] H-Bloc (1984, SPEC, Big K) Incredible Adventure (1984, SPEC, CRL)

Trenz, Manfred [P] R-Type (1987, C64, ACT) from COIN Katakis (1988, C64, Rainbow Arts) Turrican (1990, C64, Rainbow Arts) Turrican 2 (1991, C64, Rainbow Arts) Turrican (1992, NES, Rainbow Arts) different than C64 Enforcer: Katakis 2 (1992, C64, Double Density) Rendering Ranger (1995, SNES, Rainbow Arts)

Tribelli, Anthony Trivia Savant, w/Peter Iaria (1984, AP2, HAL Labs)

Trigg, Simon [TB] Devil's Island (1984, SPEC, Home Computing Weekly)

Trimby, Matthew Crystal Raider (1986, 800, MAST) Twilight World (1986, 800, Atari UK) Slingshot (1988, 800, Atari UK)

Trott, Andrew J. A Country Garden (1983, VIC, Audiogenic) Centipede-like Stix (1983, C64, Supersoft) Qix-like Quinx (1984, C64, Supersoft) Xerons (1984, C64, Supersoft)

Trotter, Mark Monster Munch (1983, C64, Atlantis) Pac-Man-like

Trout, Ian - see Keating, Roger

Troutman, Greg This Planet Sucks (1998, 2600, self) Lunar Rescue-like

Tucker, Gareth Tank Platoon (1987, AP2)

Tung, Joseph RealSports Baseball (1982, 2600, Atari)

Tunnell, Jeff [L] Project Firestart (1989, C64, EA)

Tupaczewski, Paul, [TB] Bomb Squad! (1986, 800, Antic) [TB] Lawn Mower (1987, 800, ANALOG)

Turbeville, Daniel A. Spirit of Glennmore Castle (1984, AP2, On-Target)

Turcan, Peter Logicmaster (1993, 800, Terminus)

Turmell, Mark Sneakers (1981, AP2, Sirius) Beer Run (1981, AP2, Sirius) Free Fall (1982, AP2, Sirius) Fast Eddie (1982, 2600, Fox) Turmoil (1982, 2600, Fox) Gas Hog (1983, 2600, Spectravision) Toy Bizarre (1984, C64, ACT) Fast Tracks (1986, C64, ACT) [G] Smash TV (1990, COIN, Williams) [L] Total Carnage (1992, COIN, Williams) [L] NBA Jam (1993, COIN, Midway) [L] WWF WrestleMania (1995, COIN, Midway) [G] NFL Blitz (1997, COIN, Midway)

Turner, A. J. [B] Bun Fun (1983, BBC, Squirrel)

Turner, Doug Icicle Works (1985, C16, Commodore) Boulder Dash-like Exploits of Fingers Malone (1986, C16, MAST) Prospector Pete (1986, C16, MAST)

Turner, Jim Shrike Avenger, w/Owen Rubin (1986, COIN, Bally Sente)

Turner, Nick [P] Super Breakout, w/Carol Shaw (1981, 2600, Atari) from COIN Demons to Diamonds (1982, 2600, Atari) Frog Pond (1982, 2600, Atari) Snoopy and the Red Baron (1983, 2600, Atari)

Turner, Randy Thrax Lair (1983, 800, Rantom)

Turner, Richard Adventure A, w/Chris Thornton (1981, ZX81, Artic)

Turner, Steve 3D Space Wars (1983, SPEC, Hewson) Avalon (1984, SPEC, Hewson) 3D Seiddab Attack (1984, SPEC, Hewson) 3D Lunattack (1984, SPEC, Hewson) Dragontorc (1985, SPEC, Hewson) Astroclone (1985, SPEC, Hewson) Quazatron (1986, SPEC, Erbe) [P] Sky Shark (1987, SPEC, Firebird) from COIN Rana Rama (1987, SPEC, Hewson) Magnetron (1988, SPEC, Hewson) Bushido, w/Gary Foreman, John Cumming (1989, C64, Firebird) [L] Realms (1991, ST/AMI, Virgin)

Tuttle, Mark [TB] Collision Course (1987, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) Head On-like [TB] Double Take (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette) [TB] Verbatim (1989, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Twiddy, John Pesky Painter (1984, C64, Supersoft) Amidar-like [G] Last Ninja (1987, C64, ACT) [G] Last Ninja 2 (1988, C64, ACT) [P] Ikari Warriors (1988, C64, Elite) from COIN Time Machine (1990, C64/AMI, Vivid) Hammerfist (1990, C64/AMI, Vivid)

Tyler, Timothy BMX on the Moon, w/Ian Robinson (1983, BBC, Superior) Moon Patrol-like Repton (1984, BBC, Superior) Repton 2 (1985, BBC, Superior)

Tylko, Betty Ryan [G] Quantum (1982, COIN, Atari) [P] Pole Position, w/John Allred, Douglas Macrae (1983, 2600, Atari) from COIN

Tyma, Paul Death Station (1982, TI99, Futura)


Ufnowski, Stefan [RIP 2001] Rebel Planet (1986, C64, Adventure Soft) Kayleth (1986, C64, Adventure Soft) Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann (1987, C64, Go!) [G] Masters of the Universe (1986, C64, US Gold) [G] Ghostbusters II (1989, C64, ACT) [D] Incredible Shrinking Sphere (1989, C64, Electric Dreams) [G] Brat (1991, AMI, Image Works)

Ugozzoli, Giorgio Looping (1982, COIN, Video Games)

Ugrin, Dan Baja Buggies (1982, 800, Gamestar) [P] Starbowl Football, w/Scott Orr (1982, 800, Gamestar) [P] Star League Baseball, w/Scott Orr, Bruce Mitchell (1983, 800, Gamestar)

Ulman, J.G. [B] Beachcomber (1989, 800, Antic)

Ulmer, Chris [T] 3-D Speedway (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Ulrich, Bob Lost Treasure of the Aztec (1983, TI99, Mind Games)

Unruh, Rich [P] Mean 18, w/James Zalewski (1989, 800, Atari) from PC

Uptain, Jerald Assault IV (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Urbaniec, Mark Vectron (1982, INT, Mattel)

Urbanus, Paul Parsec, w/Jim Dramis (1982, TI99, TI) [P] Vanguard, w/Jim Dramis, Garth Dollahite (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Jungle Hunt, w/Jim Dramis (1984, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN [P] Pole Position, w/Garth Dollahite (1984, TI99, Atarisoft) from COIN Jumpy (1987, TI99, Sofmachine) Q*bert-like; aka QMaze

Urian, Ray Nuclear Embargo (1986, C64, Eurogold)

Urquhart, Christian F. [P] Hunchback (1984, SPEC, Ocean) from COIN [P] Cavelon (1984, SPEC, Ocean) from COIN Daley Thompson's Decathlon, w/Paul Owens (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Transversion, w/Nick Pierpoint (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Eskimo Eddie, w/Nick Pierpoint (1984, SPEC, Ocean) Donkey Kong-like Robot Messiah (1985, SPEC, Alphabatim) Rocco (1985, CPC, Dinamic) Action Reflex, w/Hermann Chubsly (1986, SPEC, Mirrorsoft) Gunrunner (1987, SPEC, Hewson) [P] Soldier of Light (1988, SPEC, ACE) from COIN [P] Snoopy, w/Glenn Benson (1989, CPC, Edge) from ST Little Puff in Dragonland, w/Glenn Benson (1989, SPEC/CPC, Codemasters) [P] Dragon Spirit (1989, SPEC, Domark) from COIN Kung Food, w/Steven Mitchell (1992, LNX, Atari) [P] Dinolympics (1992, LNX, Atari)

Ursem, Don Tank Trap (1977, OSI, SPD) Starbase Hyperion (1979, SORC, Quality) [P] Tank Trap (1980, 800, Quality) from OSI [P] Starbase Hyperion (1981, 800, Quality) from Sorcerer


Valeau, Edward Robot Bowl, w/Howell Ivey (1977, COIN, Exidy) Circus, w/Howell Ivey (1977, COIN, Exidy) Trapeze (1978, COIN, Exidy) Crash (1979, COIN, Exidy) Head On-Like

Van, Tran Wabbit (1982, 2600, Apollo)

Van Alstine, Mark A. Dragon Hawk, w/Steve Penners (1983, C64, Creative)

Van Brink, David Tubeway (1982, AP2, Datamost) Tempest-like Ankh (1983, AP2, Datamost)

van Canegham, Jon Might & Magic (1986, AP2, New World) Might & Magic II (1988, New World) [D] King's Bounty (1990, AP2, New World)

Van Den Beemt, Peter [P] Mind Mirror, w/Bob Dietz (1985, AP2, EA)

van Der Waal, Gooitzen Biorhythm (1977, ST2, RCA) Star Wars (ST3, RCA) Concentration Match (ST3, RCA)

Van Duyne, Andy [TB] Fire! (1988, C64, COMPUTE!'s Gazette)

Van Halteren, Hans The Alien (1983, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Van Imschoot, Johan [P] Castles & Kings, w/Steve Hughes (1989, AP2, Entrex)

Van Ryzin, John Kamikaze (1981, AP2, Hayden) Shuttle Intercept (1982, AP2, Hayden) Bellhop, w/Garry Kitchen (1982, AP2, Hayden) H.E.R.O. (1984, 2600, ACT) Cosmic Commuter (1984, 2600, ACT) Complete Fireworks Celebration Kit (1985, C64, ACT) X-15 Alpha Mission (1986, C64, Absolute) F-18 Hornet (1988, 7800, Absolute) Heavy Shreddin' (1990, NES, PB) Space Shuttle Project (1991, NES, Absolute) [P] Race Drivin' (1992, SNES, THQ) [P] Super Battletank, w/Nick Eastridge (1994, GB, Absolute) from SNES

Van Zeist, Mario Hawkeye (1988, C64, Thalamus)

Vance, Stephen A. [T] Maniac (1982, 800, ANALOG) Berzerk-like

Vanden Bosch, B. [B] Dual (1983, COCO, T&D)

Vanderaart, John [founder Radarsoft] Anonimus (1984, C64, Radarsoft) Herby (1984, C64, Radarsoft) Herby Thriller (1984, C64, Radarsoft) Magic Stone (1983, C64, Radarsoft) Pierre Magique (1984, C64, Radarsoft) Co & Co (1985, C64, Radarsoft) Zone 7 (1985, C64, Radarsoft) Eindeloos (1985, C64, Radarsoft) Hopeloos (1986, C64, Radarsoft) Zone 7 Part II (1987, C64, Radarsoft)

Varsanyi, Eric Falcons, w/Thomas Ball (1981, AP2) Phoenix-like Warp Destroyer, w/Thomas Ball (1981, AP2, Piccadilly)

Vasa, Suresh Blackjack, w/Jerry Thacker, Richard Olney (1976, FCF, Fairchild)

Vates, Chris Parallax (1986, C64, Sensible)

Vaughn, David Robochase (1983, TI99, 99'er) Astrid (1983, TI99, Vaughn) Chopper Fireman (1983, TI99, Vaughn)

Vaughn, Dow Jumpjet (1985, 800, Anirog)

Vella, David Break Free (2016, TI99, arcadeshopper)

Vella-Zarb, Pierre Gates of the Incas, w/Joseph Koenig (1983, 800, IIT)

Verson, Jack [founder JV Software] Action Quest (1982, 800, JV) Ghost Encounters (1982, 800, JV) Journey to the Planets (1982, 800, JV)

Victor, Bret TextFighter (1994, AP2, Softdisk) PuyoPuyo IIgs (1995, PD) PuyoPuyo-like Operation Lambda (1996, self) SurfBurgers (1996, Softdisk G-S) CrossHatch (1996, Softdisk G-S) Bunnies and Carrots (1996, Softdisk G-S)

Vierra, Joe [P] Fort Apocalypse (1982, C64, Synapse) from 800 Warriors of Zypar (1983, C64, Synapse) [P] Shamus: Case II (1984, C64, Synapse) from 800 [G] Breakers (1985, C64/800/PC, BROD) [G] Slam City (1994, PC, Digital Pictures) [G] Quarterback Attack (1995, PC/SAT, Digital Pictures)

Vifian, John Off the Wall (1989, 2600, Atari) [G] Defenders of Dynatron City (1992, NES, Lucasfilm) [G] Ultimate Air Combat (1992, NES, Activision)

Vincent, Dave Cross Country U.S.A. (1985, AP2, Didatech) Cross Country Canada (1986, AP2, Didatech)

Vincent, Russell Barreldrop! (1983, SPEC, Games Machine)

Vincent, Scott [TB] Three-D Maze (1983, SPEC, Interface)

Volk, William D. [D] Conflict 2500 (1981, TRS, Avalon Hill) [B] Voyager I (1981, AP2, Avalon Hill) [P] Controller (1982, 800/AP2, Avalon Hill) Pyramid of Peril (1985, MAC, Aegis)

Von Ehr II, James R. Slymoids (1983, TI99, TI) Sneggit (1983, TI99, TI)

Voorsanger, Mark [P] Fathom (1983, COCO, Imagic) from 2600 [P] Demon Attack (1984, COCO, Tandy) from 2600 [G] ToeJam & Earl (1991, GEN, EA)

Voskuil, Jon [TB] Math Decathlon (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Strategy Strike (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Battle at Sea (1981, AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Battlefield (1981, TRS/800, SoftSide)

Voth, Mitch Mini Golf (1981, TRS, SoftSide)


Wacker, Jeff L. King Tut's Tomb (1985, 800, Antic) Tutankham-like

Wacker, Mike Video Vermin (1982, VIC, UMI) Annihilator (1982, VIC, Mogul) Defender-like [P] Annihilator (1983, C64, Mogul) from VIC Metamorphosis (1983, C64, Victory) Cave Kooks (1983, C64, Victory) Dig Dug-like Mushroom Alley (1983, VIC, Mogul) Centipede-like Annihilator II (1983, C64, Mogul) Chomper Man (1983, C64, Victory) Pac-Man-like Kongo Kong (1983, C64, Mogul) Creators Revenge (1983, C64, Mogul) Lair of the Creator (1983, C64, Mogul) Fire Ant (1983, C64, Mogul) Metamorphosis III (1983, C64, Mogul) [P] Mushroom Alley (1984, C64, Mogul) from VIC Zeta-7 (1984, C64, Mogul) [TB] Salmon Run (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Wada, Jun Puck Man (1981, AP2, BROD) Pac-Man-like Snoggle, w/Ken Ida (1981, AP2, BROD) A.E., w/Makato Horai (1982, AP2, BROD)

Waddilove, Roland A. [TB] Bomb Run (1985, 800, Atari User) [TB] Guy Fawkes (1985, 800, Atari User) [TB] Maze Munch (1985, 800, Atari User) Pac-Man-like [TB] Bounce (1986, 800, Atari User)

Wadsworth, Simon Adventure (1981, ZX81, Bug-Byte) Invasion Force (1981, ZX81, Artic) Invasion Force (1982, SPEC, Artic) Gobbleman (1982, SPEC, Artic) Pac-Man-like Adventure E: The Golden Apple (1983, SPEC, Artic) Adventure F: The Eye of Bain (1984, SPEC, Artic)

Wagle, Sean [T] Vortex (1987, C64, Ahoy!)

Wagner, Joe [P] Wizard of Wor, w/Joe Hellesen (1982, 2600, CBS) from COIN

Wagner, Jossef [P] Masters of the Universe, w/Mike Sanders (1983, 2600, M Network) from INT

Wagner, Larry [G] Combat (1977, 2600, Atari) Video Chess, w/Bob Whitehead (1979, 2600, Atari)

Waldo, Steve Mutant (1983, AP2, Universal Software) Pac-Man-like Wings of Fury (1987, AP2, BROD)

Walker, Andy Cosmic Convoy (1983, C64, Taskset) Super Pipeline (1984, C64, Taskset) Cad Cam Warrior (1984, C64, Taskset) [PG] Dragon's Lair (1984, SPEC, Software Projects) from COIN Gyropod (1984, C64, Taskset) Poster Paster (1984, C64, Taskset) Souls of Darkon (1985, C64, Taskset) Super Pipeline II (1985, C64, Taskset) Uchi Mata, w/Paul Hodgson (1986, C64, Martech)

Walker, Martin Back to the Future (1985, C64, Electric Dreams) Rupert and the Toymaker's Party (1985, C64, Quicksilva) Chameleon (1986, C64, Electric Dreams) Hunter's Moon (1987, C64, Thalamus) Citadel (1989, C64, Electric Dreams)

Walker, Roger Craps (1979, AP2, Softape) Roulette (1979, AP2, Softape?) Coney Island (AP2, Softape)

Walker, Skip Xyphus, w/Dave Alpert (1984, AP2, Penguin)

Wall, Mike Whomper Stomper, w/Mario Inchiosa (1984, 800, AI)

Wallace, Bruce Build-Up (1976, PLATO) Asteroids in Space (1980, AP2, Quality) Asteroids-like Meteoroids in Space (1981, AP2, Quality)

Wallace, Lou [TB] Hail to the Chief (1988, C64, Commodore Magazine)

Wallace, Mike Robot Odyssey, w/Leslie Grimm (1984, AP2, Learning Company)

Wallace, Robert Amazin' Mazes (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Wallis, Sean Star Avenger w/Steve Wallis (1984, CPC, Kuma) Galaxia, w/Steve Wallis (1984, CPC, Kuma)

Wallis, Steve Star Avenger w/Sean Wallis (1984, CPC, Kuma) Galaxia, w/Sean Wallis (1984, CPC, Kuma) Fruity Frank (1984, CPC, Kuma) Mr. Do-like [P] Fruity Frank (1985, MSX, Kuma) from CPC Buster Block (1985, CPC, Kuma)

Walnum, Clayton [TB] Slave Cellars of Golgoloth (1984, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Nightshade (1985, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Dragonlord (1985, 800, ANALOG) [T] One for the Road (1985, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Atarzee (1985, 800, ANALOG) Yahtzee-like [TB] Moonlord (1986, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Mr. Scratch (1986, ST, ANALOG) [TB] Slave II (1988, 800, ANALOG)

Walsh, Arthur Bridge 2.0 (1979, AP2, Dynacomp) Bridge 5.0 (1987, AP2, Artworx) Hearts 1.5 (1979, AP2, Dynacomp)

Walsh, Conal Missile Wars (MBEE) Missile Command-like [P] House of Frankenstein (MBEE, Honeysoft) from TRS

Walter, Tim [P] Moon Cresta, w/Philip Taglione (1985, SPEC, Incentive) from COIN [P] Moon Cresta (1986, CPC, Incentive) from COIN

Walters, Chet [TB] Sssnake!!! (1986, 800, Antic)

Walters, Mike [TB] Space Assault (1983, 800, ANALOG)

Waltham, Matthew Gorph (1983, BBC, Doctor Soft) Gorf-like

Walton, Gary Battle Island (1988, C64, Novagen)

Walton, Gordon Trek X, w/John Polasek (1978, PET, Instant) Dungeon of Death, w/John Polasek (1978, PET, Instant) Gran Prix, w/John Polasek (1979, PET, Instant) MicroWarrior, w/John Polasek (1979, PET, Instant) [L] Orbiter (1986, MAC/PC, Spectrum Holobyte) [G] PT-109 (1987, MAC/PC, Spectrum Holobyte) [G] Sub Battle Simulator (1987, MAC/PC, Epyx) [G] Sands of Fire (1989, MAX, 360 Pacific) [G] Harpoon (1989, PC, 360 Pacific)

Walton, Stephen Star Clash II (1983, PC, Baen)

Wanttaja, Rom IFR (1983, VIC, Academy)

Warady, Stephen Ceiling Zero (1981, AP2, Turnkey) Amazon (1985, AP2, Trillium)

Ward, Dennis [TB] Interna-Maze (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Ward, Grady Beany Bopper (1982, 2600, Fox)

Ward, Martin [B] Highlo (1982, SPEC, Megadodo) [B] Megamind (1982, SPEC, Megadodo) Mastermind-like [B] 3-D Cube (1983, SPEC, Megadodo) Rubik's cube-like Pheenix (1983, SPEC, Megadodo) Phoenix-like Fagor (1984, SPEC, Megadodo) [P] Buggy Boy (1988, AMI/ST, Elite) from COIN [P] Live and Let Die (1988, AMI/ST, Domark) [P] Paperboy (1989, AMI, Elite) from COIN [P] Commando (1989, AMI, Elite) from COIN [P] World Championship Soccer (1990, AMI/ST, Elite) from GEN

Ward, Peter South Pacific Quest (1985, AP2, PD) International Hockey (1985, AP2, Artworx) Black Magic (1987, AP2, Datasoft) Main Frame (1988, C64, Microillusions) [P] Robin Hood (1991, NES, Virgin) [G] Super Star Wars (1992, SNES, LucasArts) [G] Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1993, SNES, LucasArts) [G] NHL Stanley Cup (1993, SNES, Nintendo) [G] Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1994, SNES, LucasArts) [G] Mortal Kombat 3 (1995, SNES, Midway) from COIN [G] NHL Breakaway 98 (1998, PS, Acclaim) [G] Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (1998, PS, Midway) [G] Rainbow 6 (1999, N64, Redstorm)

Ward, V. Alien Maze (1983, SPEC, CRL)

Warhol, David Mind Strike (1983, INT, Mattel) Thunder Castle, w/Connie Goldman (1983, INT, Mattel)

Warling, Chris Candy Bandit (1983, C64, T&F) Speed Racer (1983, C64, T&F)

Warner, Craig Galactic Glider, w/Bob Broderson (1987, AP2, Keypunch) J-Walker (1987, AP2, Keypunch)

Warner, Silas S. [RIP 2004] Maze Game (1978, AP2, Muse) Escape! (1978, AP2, Muse) Firebug (1980, AP2, Muse) ABM (1980, AP2, Muse) Missile Command-like Castle Wolfenstein (1981, AP2, Muse) Robotwar (1981, AP2, Muse) Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, w/Eric Ace, Frank Svoboda (1984, AP2/C64, Muse) [P] Gunship, w/Russell Finn (1986, AMI, MicroProse) from PC [P] Silent Service (1986, ST, MicroProse) from PC? [G] Red Storm Rising (1988, C64, MicroProse) Jigsaw (1991, CDI, CD-I Products) Terminator (1993, SCD, Virgin)

Warriner, Tony Obsidian (1986, CPC, Arctic) Death Stalker (1989, SPEC, Codemasters) Arcade Trivia Quiz (1989, CPC, Zeppelin) [G] Lure of the Temptress (1992, PC, Virgin) [G] Beneath a Steel Sky (1994, PC, Virgin) [G] Circle of Blood (1996, PC, Virgin) [G] Broken Sword: Smoking Mirror (1997, PC, Virgin) [G] Animated Storybook: Mulan (1999, PS, Disney) [G] In Cold Blood (2000, PC, Ubisoft) [G] Gold and Glory (2000, PC/PS, Ubisoft) [G] Broken Sword: Sleeping Dragon (2003, PC, THQ) [G] Christmas Carol (2009, DS, Disney)

Warshaw, Howard Scott Yars' Revenge (1982, 2600, Atari) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1982, 2600, Atari) E.T. (1982, 2600, Atari)

Warshawer, John [B] Poker (AP2, Softape)

Wasserman, Ken Flash Attack, w/Tim Stryker (1980, PET, Mach 1)

Wassmuth, Richard J. River Rat (1982, 800, Zimag)

Watson, Alan [G] Cytron Masters (1982, AP2, SSI) Gold Mine (1983, 800, Spectravideo) [G] M.U.L.E. (1983, 800, EA) [G] Seven Cities of Gold (1984, 800, EA) [G] Heart of Africa (1985, C64, EA) Robot Rascals, w/Dan Bunten (1986, C64, EA)

Watson, Dave Classrom Chaos, w/Richard Wright (1986, SPEC, Central) Dungeon Dare, w/Richard Wright (1986, SPEC, Central)

Watson, John Pro Golf (1986, SPEC, Atlantis) Pro Golf II (1988, SPEC, Atlantis)

Watt, Kim Space Colony (1980, TRS, Breeze) Space Invaders-like

Watton, Richard Robot Knights (1986, 800, Red Rat)

Watts, Darren Osmium (1987, C64, Power House) Zip (1987, C64, Power House) Out of This World (1988, C64, Ariolasoft)

Watts, Michael Dungeons of Khan (1983, MBEE, Honeysoft)

Watts, Shaun Blade the Warrior (1984, SPEC, Cable)

Watts, Terry P. Quintic Warrior (1983, C64, Quicksilva) Odyssey (1984, C64, K-Tel) Storm Warrior (1984, C64, K-Tel) Head Start (C64, Bug-Byte)

Wazaney, Norman J. Jr. Blackjack Strategy (1982, AP2, Soft Images) Pandemonium (1982, AP2, Soft Images) Singles Night at Mollies (1982, AP2, Soft Images)

Weatherburn, Ian [RIP 1989] Zip Zap (1983, SPEC, Imagine) Alchemist (1984, SPEC, Imagine) NOMAD (1985, SPEC, Ocean) Neverending Story (1985, SPEC/CPC, Ocean) Hunchback: The Adventure (1986, SPEC/CPC, Ocean) [P] Super Cycle (1987, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [G] Leader Board (1986, SPEC, US Gold) from C64 [P] Leader Board Tournament, w/Roy Gibson (1987, SPEC, US Gold) from C64

Weatherby, Robert Chuck Norris Superkicks (1983, 2600, Xonox) Sir Lancelot (1983, COL, Xonox) [P] Motocross Racer (1983, COL, Xonox) Super Sprint, w/Kelly Turner (1985, COIN, Atari Games) Championship Sprint, w/Kelly Turner (1986, COIN, Atari Games) [G] RoadBlasters (1987, COIN, Atari Games) [D] Lakers vs. Celtics (1990, PC/GEN, EA) [D] Bulls vs. Lakers (1991, GEN, EA) [D] Team USA (1992, GEN, EA) [D] Bulls vs. Blazers (1993, GEN/SNES, EA) [D] NBA Showdown (1994, GEN/SNES, EA) [G] Area 51 (1995, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Maximum Force (1996, COIN, Atari Games) [G] Area 51: Site 4 (1997, COIN, Atari Games)

Weaver, Carl & Ellen [TB] Pressups (1981, TRS, SoftSide)

Weaver, Christopher [founder Bethesda] Gridiron!, w/Ed Fletcher (1986, C64/AMI/ST, Bethesda) [G] Wayne Gretzky Hockey (1988, AMI/ST, Bethesda)

Weaver, John Jr. Outhouse (1982, TRS, Soft Sector) Chicken (1982, TRS, Soft Sector) Freeway-like Rally (1982, TRS, Soft Sector) Rally-X-like [L] Vexus (1982, TRS, Soft Sector) Planetbuster (1982, TRS, Soft Sector) Yield (1983, TRS, Gamester) Pulsar (1983, TRS, Gamester) [P] Outhouse, w/Larry Ashmun (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) from TRS Catalyst (1983, COCO, Computer Shack) [L] Intercept 4 (1983, COCO, MichTron) Cards (1985, Sanyo MBC, MichTron)

Webb, Martin Lionel and the Ladders (TI99, Intrigue) Adventuremania (TI99, Intrigue) Mania (TI99, Intrigue) Atlantis (TI99, Intrigue) Panic on the TI Tanic (TI99, Intrigue) Santa and the Goblins (TI99, Intrigue) Beneath the Stars (TI99, Intrigue) Shuttle Attack (TI99) [P] Chuckie Egg, w/Sean Townsend (1984, C64, A&F) from SPEC Snapdragon (C64, Bubble Bus) Max Torque (1987, C64, Bubble Bus) [P] Out Run (1988, C64, US Gold) from COIN [P] RoadBlasters (1988, C64, US Gold) from COIN

Webb, Mike [P] Chuckie Egg (1983, DRAG, A&F) from SPEC

Webb, Monty [B] Real Poker I (800, Real) [B] Seven Card Stud (1982, 800, APX)

Webb, Steve Moby Dick (1983, C64, Cymbal)

Weber, Anthony Galactic Chase (1981, 800, Spectrum) Galaxian-like Star Island (1982, 800, Binary) Star Castle-like Laser Strike (800, Roklan) Space Invaders-like Rockball (1983, 800, Roklan) [P] Star Island (PC, self) from 800

Weber, John [B] Armor Assault (1982, 800, Epyx) [TB] Track Star (1983, 800, Antic) [TB] Lone Eagle's Revenge (1983, 800, Antic) [TB] Snowbird (1984, 800, Antic) [B] Monkeys (800, PD)

Weber, Joseph [TB] Gold Rush! (1982, VIC, COMPUTE!)

Webster, Bruce Sundog, w/Wayne Holder (1984, AP2, FTL)

Webster, Roger Earthly Delights, w/Daniel Leviton (1984, AP2, Datamost)

Webster, Ron [TB] Boing! (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Wehner, Paul Saratoga (1983, 800, APX)

Weigandt, Rorke [G] Time Zone (1982, AP2, On-Line) [D] Marauder, w/Eric Hammond (1982, AP2, Sierra) [P] Marauder (1982, 2600, Tigervision)

Weiner, Elliot Brain Game, w/Rita Aero (1984, AP2, Millennium)

Weiner, Jack & Bob [TB] Spacelander (1981, 800, SoftSide)

Weinstock, Mike [TB] Acey Ducey (1980, AP2, SoftSide)

Weinstock, Neil Cosmic Drift (1982, TI99, Futura) Ice Caverns of Xen (1982, TI99, Futura) Moonduster (1982, TI99, Futura)

Weisbecker, Joe Built-in RCA Studio II games (1977, ST2, RCA)

Weisbecker, Joyce Schoolhouse 1 (1977, ST2, RCA) Speedway (1977, ST2, RCA)

Weisgerber, John - see Anschuetz, Eric & Robert

Weiskopf, Tom Pro Golf (1983, AP2, Home Computer Software)

Wells, Allen [P] Joust, w/Steven Szymanski, Pete Gaston (1983, 800, Atari) from COIN

Wells, Arthur Bloody Murder (1979, AP2, Stoneware) Micro League Baseball (1981, AP2, Micro League)

Wells, Geoff [TB] Vectors (1982, COCO, Rainbow) [B] Rowboat (1983, COCO, Chromasette)

Wells, Jim [B] Pro Golf 1 (AP2, Softape)

Wening, Henrik Galaxy (1983, C64, Kingsoft) Galaxian-like Zaga (1984, C64, Kingsoft) Space-Pilot (1984, C64, Kingsoft) Time Pilot-like Space-Pilot II (1985, C64, Kingsoft) Time Pilot '84-like Zyron (1986, C64, Kingsoft) Fire-Galaxy (1987, C64, Kingsoft)

Wesely, David A. MIGS and Messerschmitts, w/Ross Maker (1980, AP2/TRS, Discovery) RAF, w/Ross Maker, David Arneson (1980, AP2, Discovery) Winged Samurai, w/Stephen Goss (1980, AP2, Discovery) [B] Guns of Fort Defiance (1981, AP2/TRS, Avalon Hill) [P] Zaxxon (1982, COL, Coleco) from COIN Flying Tigers, w/Stephen Goss (1983, AP2, Discovery) [P] Lafayette Escadrille, w/Ross Maker (1983, TRS, Discovery)

Westfall, Anne [P] Hellfire Warrior (1980, PET, ASIM) from TRS [B] Tuesday Morning Quarterback (1981, TRS) ASIM) [P] Temple of Apshai (1981, 800, ASIM) from TRS [P] Tax Dodge, w/Jon Freeman (1982, 800, Island Graphics) [P] Archon, w/Jon Freeman, Paul Reiche (1983, 800, EA) [P] Archon II, w/Jon Freeman, Paul Reiche (1984, 800, EA) [P] Swords of Twilight, w/Jon Freeman (1989, AMI, EA) [P] Gin King/Cribbage King (1989, AMI, Software Toolworks) [P] Chessmaster 2100 (1990, AMI, Software Toolworks) [P] Archon Ultra (1994, PC, SSI) [P] Simplex, w/Jon Freeman (online, GameTV) [P] Eureka, w/Jon Freeman (online, GameTV) [P] Reflection, w/Jon Freeman (online, GameTV) [P] Stop & Go, w/Jon Freeman (online, GameTV) [P] Grab, w/Jon Freeman (online, GameTV) [P] Heartless, w/Jon Freeman (online, GameTV)

Westmoreland, Wayne Armored Patrol, w/Terry Gilman (1981, TRS, AI) Battlezone-like The Eliminator, w/Terry Gilman (1981, TRS, AI) Defender-like Sea Dragon, w/Terry Gilman (1982, TRS, AI) [P] Rear Guard, w/Terry Gilman (1982, TRS, AI) from 800 [P] Zaxxon, w/Terry Gilman (1983, TRS, Tandy) from COIN

Wetherill, Steve [P] Manic Miner (1984, CPC, Bug-Byte) from SPEC [P] Jet Set Willy (1984, CPC, Bug-Byte) from SPEC Nodes of Yesod (1985, SPEC, Odin) Arc of Yesod (1985, SPEC, Odin) Robin of the Wood (1985, SPEC, Odin) [P] Heartland (1986, SPEC/CPC, Odin) Sidewize (1987, SPEC, Odin) Crosswize (1988, SPEC, Odin) [P] Crime Does Not Pay (AMI, Eldritch the Cat) from ST [P] Flimbo's Quest (1990, ST/AMI, System 3) from C64 Myth (ST/AMI, Eldritch the Cat) Last Ninja 3 (ST/AMI, Eldritch the Cat) [G] Projectyle, w/Marc Wilding (1990, ST/AMI, EA) Under Pressure, w/Mark McCubbin (1991, AMI, Electronic Zoo) [P] Risky Woods (1992, GEN, EA) from AMI [P] John Madden Football (AMI, EA) from GEN [P] Desert Strike (AMI, EA) from GEN

Wetmore, Russ [P] Savage Island Part 2, w/Scott Adams (1981, AP2, AI) Preppie! (1982, 800, AI) Frogger-like Preppiei! II (1983, 800, AI) [P] Sea Dragon (1982, 800, AI) from TRS

Wheeler, Martin Sorcery (1984, SPEC, Virgin Games)

White, Daren Oh Mummy, w/John Line (1984, SPEC/CPC, Gem/Amsoft) Disco Dan, w/John Line (1984, SPEC, Gem) Roland in Time, w/John Line (1984, CPC, Amsoft) Roland in Space, w/John Line (1985, CPC, Amsoft) Doors of Doom (1985, CPC, Amsoft) Qabbalah, w/John Line (1986, CPC, Amsoft) Pogostick Olympics (1988, CPC, Firebird) Stunt Bike Simulator (1988, CPC, Firebird) [P] Circus Games (1988, CPC, Tynesoft) [P] Spherical (1989, SPEC/CPC, Rainbow Arts) from ST [P] Turrican (1990, SPEC/CPC, Rainbow Arts) from C64 [P] Back to the Future Part II, w/Damien Stones (1990, SPEC/CPC, Image Works) [P] Out Run Europa (1991, SPEC/CPC) from COIN

White, David [TB] Treasure Dungeon 2 (1979, SoftSide)

White, Graham [TB] Ghost Chase, w/Neal Cavalier-Smith (1983, SPEC, Interface)

White, Jerry [B] Sunday Golf (1980, 800, AI) [B] Stud Poker (1980, 800, Dynacomp) [B] Moon Probe (1981, 800, Dynacomp) [P] Moving Maze (1981, 800, Dynacomp) from ? [B] Poker Solitaire (1981, 800, Artsci) [B] Warships (1981, 800, CE Software) Battleship-like Fun 'N' Games (1982, 800, Swifty) [B] Trivia Trek (1982, 800, Swifty) Name That Song (1982, 800, Quality) Pokersam (1983, 800, Don't Ask) [B] United States Adventure (1984, 800, First Star) [B] Sports Spectacular, w/Steve Smith, George Schwenk (1987, 800, Keypunch)

White, John [P] The Pyramid (1984, C64, Fantasy) from SPEC [P] Beaky and the Egg Snatchers (1984, C64, Fantasy) from SPEC

White, Mark A. [P] Nibbler (1983, 800, Datasoft) from COIN [P] Moon Shuttle (1983, 800, Datasoft) from COIN

White, Mike Cavern Construction kit, w/Scott Elder (1983, C64, Nufekop)

White, Robert [TB] Orienteering at Jacques Coulee (1981, AP2, SoftSide)

White, Sandy Ant Attack (1983, SPEC, Quicksilva) Zombie Zombie (1984, SPEC, Quicksilva) I, of the Mask (1985, SPEC, Quicksilva)

White, Sheldon Cell Defense (1984, C64, HES)

White, Simon Jason's Gem (1985, SPEC, MAST)

Whitehead, Bob [P] Star Ship (1977, 2600, Atari) from COIN Blackjack (1977, 2600, Atari) Homerun (1978, 2600, Atari) Football (1979, 2600, Atari) Casino (1979, 2600, Atari) Video Chess, w/Larry Wagner (1979, 2600, Atari) Skiing (1980, 2600, ACT) Boxing (1980, 2600, ACT) Stampede (1981, 2600, ACT) Chopper Command (1982, 2600, ACT) Sky Jinks (1982, 2600, ACT) Private Eye (1984, 2600, ACT) HardBall! (1985, C64, Accolade) 4th & Inches (1987, C64, Accolade)

Whitesell, Kendall [P] Computer Ambush, w/Larry Strawser (1984, 800, SSI)

Whittaker, David [P] Punchy (1983, C64, Mr. Micro) from MSX Humphrey (1983, C64, Mr. Micro) Q*bert-like Mayhem (1983, C64, Mr. Micro) Lazy Jones (1984, C64, Terminal) [P] Lazy Jones (1985, MSX, Terminal) from C64 Hocus Focus (1986, C64, Quicksilva)

Whittaker, Doug [P] Jawbreaker II (1982, VIC, Sierra) from 2600/800

Wible, Tom High Gravity (1987, TI99, Asgard)

Wiethoff, Andreas Nadral, w/Julian Reschke (1985, 800, Atari Germany)

Wilcox, Richard Blue Thunder (1984, C64, Richard Wilcox)

Wild, Keith Skeet Shoot (1980, AP2, On-Line)

Wilhelmsen, Brad I.O. Silver (1984, AP2, Beagle Bros)

Wilker, Harry Congo, w/Michael Berlyn (1982, AP2, Sentient)

Wilkes, Jack Microbot, w/Andrew Beale (1983, SPEC, Softek) Psytraxx, w/Andrew Beale (1984, SPEC, Edge)

Wilkins, David [TB] Peeper (1983, ZX81, ZX Computing)

Will, Henry IV Eggomania, w/Wes Trager (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) Commando Raid, w/Wes Trager (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) Word Zapper (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) [P] Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (1982, 2600, Coleco) from COL Squeeze Box (1982, 2600, U.S. Games) [P] Montezuma's Revenge (1984, 2600, PB) from 800

Willard, Bruce [TB] Knights and Chalices (1984, 800, ANALOG)

Willard, Joel [TB] Draw Poker, w/Lee Blumenthal (1980, TRS, SoftSide)

Willey, Stephen [founder Interphase] Blockade Runner (1983, INT, Interphase) Sewer Sam (1983, INT, Interphase)

William, Mark [P] Adventure Pak (1983, VIC, Computermat)

Williams, Andy Grand National, w/Paul Holmes (1985, SPEC, Elite)

Williams, Bill [RIP 1998] Salmon Run (1982, 800, APX) Necromancer (1982, 800, Synapse) Alley Cat (1984, 800, Synapse) [N] Relax, w/Kelly Jones (1984, 800, Synapse) Mind Walker (1986, AMI, Commodore) Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon, w/Steve Quinn, John Cutter (1987, AMI, Cinemaware) Pioneer Plague (1988, AMI, Terrific) Knights of the Crystallion (1991, AMI, US Gold) [P] Monopoly (1991, NES, PB) Bart's Nightmare (1992, SNES, Acclaim)

Williams, Brian E. Ambush (1984, C64, Virgin)

Williams, Evan Dam Buster (1980, PET, PD)

Williams, Fred D. Adventures in Flesh (1983, AP2, Krell)

Williams, Glen Space Spikes, w/Rod Nelsen (1983, AP2, Three Sigma)

Williams, Graham Doctor Who and the Warlord (1985, BBC, BBC Software)

Williams, John C. Battlestation, w/John Gardner (1983, TI99, Mirage) Chopper Ace, w/John Gardner (1983, TI99, Mirage) Mean Streets, w/John Gardner (1982, TI99, Alpha) Quadrant Command, w/John Gardner (1982, TI99, Alpha)

Williams, John H. [B] Sky Snakes (1981, 800, Channel 8) [B] Caves of Death (1982, 800, Channel 8)

Williams, Jon Jet-Boot Jack (1983, 800, English) Legend of the Knucker-Hole (1984, C64, English) Berks (1985, C16, CRL) Major Blink (1985, C16, CRL) Berks 3 (1985, C16, CRL) Baby Berks (1985, C16, CRL) Timeslip (1986, 800, English) Knight Games (1986, C64, English) Oink! (1987, C64, CRL) Knight Games 2 (1988, C64, English)

Williams, Ken [cofounder On-Line] Hi-Res Football, w/Jay Sullivan (1980, AP2, On-Line) Mystery House, w/Roberta Williams (1980, AP2, On-Line) Wizard and the Princess, w/Roberta Williams (1980, AP2, On-Line) Mission: Asteroid, w/Roberta Williams (1980, AP2, On-Line) Cranston Manor, w/Larry Ledden, Harold DeWitz, (1981, AP2, On-Line) Hi-Res Soccer, w/Jay Sullivan (1981, AP2, On-Line) Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, w/Bob Davis (1981, AP2, On-Line) Threshold, w/Warren Schwader (1981, AP2, On-Line) [P] Mouskattack, w/Al Nystrom (1982, AP2, Sierra) from 800 [P] Black Cauldron (1983, AP2, Sierra)

Williams, Larry [TB] Klondike (1982, AP2, SoftSide)

Williams, Mike 3D Munchy (1983, BBC, MRM Software) Pac-Man-like Secret Sam 2 (1983, MRM Software) Castle Assault (1984, BBC, MRM Software) Diamond Mine (1984, BBC, MRM Software) Anteater-like Diamond Mine II (1985, BBC, Blue Ribbon) Anteater-like Astro Plumber (1985, BBC, Blue Ribbon) Q-Man's Brother (1985, BBC, Blue Ribbon) Return of R2 (1987, BBC, Blue Ribbon) Balloon Buster (1989, BBC, Blue Ribbon) Tank Attack (1989, BBC, CDS Software)

Williams, Roberta [cofounder On-Line] [D] Mystery House, w/Ken Williams (1980, AP2, On-Line) [D] Wizard and the Princess, w/Ken Williams (1980, AP2, On-Line) [D] Mission: Asteroid, w/Ken Williams (1980, AP2, On-Line) [D] Time Zone (1982, AP2, On-Line) [D] King's Quest (1983, PC, Sierra) [D] Mickey's Space Adventure (1984, AP2/C64, Sierra) [D] King's Quest II (1985, PC, Sierra) [D] King's Quest III (1986, PC, Sierra) [D] King's Quest IV (1988, PC, Sierra) [D] King's Quest V (1990, PC, Sierra) [D] Phantasmagoria (1995, PC, Sierra)

Williams, Steven R. Tobruck (1988, C64, Datasoft)

Williamson, Gil Hotfoot (1981, 800, Ingersoll) Locomotion (1982, BBC, BBC Publications) Paul Daniel's Magic Adventure (1983, 800, Amazon)

Williamson, Steve [TB] Breakin' (1988, 800, Atari User) Breakout-like [TB] Car Crazy (1988, 800, Atari User) [TB] Clay Pigeon Shoot (1988, 800, Atari User) [TB] Mine Runner (1988, 800, Atari User) [TB] Pyromania (1988, 800, Atari User) [TB] Santa's Revenge (1990, 800, New Atari User)

Williger, Ed [D] Computer Ambush (1982, AP2, SSI)

Willson, Paul [P] Kaboom! (1983, 800, ACT) from 2600 [P] Activision Decathlon (1984, 800, ACT) from 2600

Wilmhurst, Paul A. Robot Man (1982, MBEE) Pac-Man-like

Wilmott, Ray [B] Arcade Adventure (1983, 800, PD) [B] In Search of the Eternal Light (1984, 800, PD)

Wilmunder, Aric [P] Space Invaders (1978, SORC) [P] Temple of Apshai (1979, 800, ASIM) from TRS [P] Datestones of Ryn (1978, 800, ASIM) from TRS [P] Hellfire Warrior (1980, 800, ASIM) from TRS [P] Star Warrior (1981, 800, ASIM) from TRS [P] Keys of Acheron (1981, 800, ASIM) from TRS [P] Upper Reaches of Apshai (1981, 800, ASIM) from TRS [P] Crush, Crumble & Chomp! (1981, 800, ASIM) from TRS [U] Star Raiders II (1982, 800, Atari) [P] Koronis Rift (1985, 800, Lucasfilm) [P] BallBlazer (1985, 800, Lucasfilm) [P] Maniac Mansion (1987, PC, Lucasfilm) from C64 [P] Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988, PC, Lucasfilm) from C64 [P] Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989, PC, Lucasfilm) [P] Loom (1990, PC, Lucasfilm) [P] Secret of Monkey Island (1990, PC, Lucasfilm)

Wilson, Anthony Loco, w/Russell Knight (1986, 800, Alligata) [P] Rampage, w/Russell Knight (1987, 800, ACT Europe) from COIN Bomb Fusion (1989, 800, MAST) Protector (1989, 800, MAST) Sidewinder II, w/Russell Knight (1989, 800, MAST)

Wilson, Clive Se-Kaa of Assiah, w/Les Hogarth (1984, C64, MAST)

Wilson, John [B] Android Attack (1982, 800, Pretzelland) [B] Starbase Assault (1982, 800, Pretzelland) [B] Green Goblins (1983, 800, Alien Group) [B] Acey Deucey (1983, 800, Alien Group) [TB] Starsector Defense (1984, 800, Antic) Krillian Incident (1993, AMI, PD) Tel-Thello (AMI, PD)

Wilson, John [TB] Freeway Frog (1984, BBC, Your Computer) Frogger-like

Wilson, Nick Deep Strike (1987, SPEC, Durell)

Wilson, Tim [B] Kabul Spy (1981, AP2, Sirius) [P] Jellyfish, w/Mike Burek (1981, AP2, Sirius) Blade of Blackpoole (1982, AP2, Sirius) [P] Pastfinder (1984, C64, ACT) from 800 [P] Space Shuttle (1985, AP2, ACT) from 2600 [P] Little Computer People (1986, AMI, ACT) from C64

Winans, Mike [P] Lock 'n' Chase, w/Julie Hoshizaki (1982, INT, Mattel) from COIN [P] Pac-Man (1983, INT, Atarisoft) from COIN

Winfree, Al Dungeon Duel (1982, 800, C&C)

Winnacker, Rudolph Pennypede (1983, COCO, Chromasette) Centipede-like

Winnick, Gary [G] Maniac Mansion (1987, C64, Lucasfilm) [D] Defenders of Dynatron City (1992, NES, JVC) [G] Thimbleweed Park (2017, PC, Terrible Toybox)

Winnie, John Ripper, w/Stanley Baronett Jr. (1984, C64, Avalon Hill)

Winter, Michael [TB] Super Sub (1979, TRS, SoftSide) [TB] Meltdown (1979, TRS, SoftSide)

Wise, Edwin Dueling Digits (1981, AP2, BROD)

Wise, Mike [P] Lode Runner (1983, VIC, BROD) from AP2 [P] Seafox (1983, VIC/C64, BROD) from AP2

Witkin, Howard Gorgon (1983, 800, K-Tek) Stage Coach Shootout (1983, 800, ALA)

Wittenmayer, Frank T. Greener than You Think! (1983, 800, PD) [T] Groove (1984, 800, Computronic) [TB] Ghost Driver (1986, 800, AMC-Soft) [TB] Solitaire (1986, 800, AMC-Soft) [T] Frantic! (1986, 800, Computronic) [T] Into Deep! (1987, 800, Computronic)

Wittmeyer, Greg A World At War (COCO, GSW) Jubilex (1989, CC3, GSW)

Witts, Bill [P] Battlezone (1984, SPEC, Quicksilva) from COIN

Woakes, Paul Encounter (1983, 800, Novagen) [P] Encounter (1984, C64, Novagen) from 800 Mercenary (1985, 800, Novagen) [P] Mercenary (1985, C64, Novagen) from 800 Mercenary: The Second City (1986, C64, Novagen) [P] Mercenary Compendium (1986, AMI, Novagen) Backlash (1988, ST/AMI, Novagen) Damocles (1990, ST/AMI, Novagen) [P] Amiga (1991, AMI, Novagen) from 800 Mercenary III (1992, ST/AMI) [P] Legends of Valour, w/Graham Lilley (1993, ST, US Gold) from PC

Wohlert, Randolph Beast King (1985, AP2, Avalon Hill)

Woita, Steve Quadrun (1983, 2600, Atari) Asterix (1984, 2600, Atari) TAZ (1984, 2600, Atari) Kid Chameleon (1992, GEN, Sierra) [G] Sonic Spinball (1993, GEN, Sega) [G] Water World (1995, Virtual Boy, Ocean)

Wolf, Eric A. Quest for Thelda (1989, CC3, Sundog) Legend of Zelda-like [T] Concentrate! (1990, CC3, Rainbow)

Wolkow, Howard [TB] Hopper (1982, TRS, SoftSide) Frogger-like

Wolpaw, Erik [TB] Air Raid 2000 (1983, 800, Antic) [TB] Arena Psychotica (1984, 800, Antic)

Wolper, Jerry Cutthroats, w/Michael Berlyn (1984, many, Infocom)

Wong, Amory [P] Fight Night (1986, 800, Accolade) from C64 [P] Ace of Aces (1987, 800, Accolade) from C64

Wong, David Deathlord, w/Al Escudero (1987, AP2, EA)

Wood, Anthony [TB] Space Hunt (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Wood, Corkey Millipedde (1982, PET, On Line) Centipede-like Chicken Chase (1983, C64, Nibbles & Bits) Roadtoad (1983, C64, Nibbles & Bits) Frogger-like Zompy Stomp (1983, C64, Nibbles & Bits)

Wood, Dominic Kosmik Kanga (1984, C64, Micromania)

Wood, Frank TTT3D (1978, TRS, Software Factory)

Wood, Winston Doug [D] Phantasie (1985, AP2, SSI) [D] Phantasie II (1986, AP2, SSI) [D] Phantasie III (1987, AP2, SSI)

Woodard, Will [TB] Maneuver (1985, 800, Antic)

Woodhead, J.H. Automonopoli (1983, SPEC, Automata UK) Monopoly-like

Woodhead, Robert J. Galactic Attack (1980, AP2, Siro-Tech) Wizardry, w/Andrew Greenberg (1981, AP2, Sir-Tech) Wizardry II, w/Andrew Greenberg (1982, AP2, Sir-Tech) Wizardry III, w/Andrew Greenberg (1983, AP2, Sir-Tech) [D] Star Maze, w/Gordon Eastman (1983, AP2, Sir-Tech) Wizardy IV, w/Andrew Greenberg, Roe Adams (1987, AP2, Sir-Tech) Wizardry V, w/Andrew Greenberg, David Bradley (1988, AP2 Sir-Tech)

Woodhouse, D. Stranded, w/Colin Hughes (1984, 800, English)

Woodhouse, Jamie Qwak (1989, BBC, Superior) [P] Qwak (2006, GBA, self) from BBC

Woodroffe, Mike [founder Adventure Soft UK] Super Gran, w/Brian Howarth (1985, C64, Tynesoft) Robin of Sherwood, w/Brian Howarth (1985, many, Adventure Soft) Seas of Blood, w/Alan Cox (1986, SPEC, Adventure Soft) Temple of Terror, w/Simon Woodroffe (1987, C64, Adventure Soft) [G] Personal Nightmare (1989, AMI, Tynesoft) [G] Elvira (1990, many, Accolade) [G] Elvira II (1992, many, Accolade)

Woodroffe, Simon Temple of Terror, w/Mike Woodroffe (1987, C64, Adventure Soft) [G] Elvira (1990, many, Accolade)

Woods, Don Colossal Cave Adventure (1977, PDP-10, PD) based on Will Crowther game

Woods, Tad Spacestation Pheta (1985, TI99, T&T)

Woodward, Ken [TB] Target (1983, 800, Page 6) [TB] Slots (1984, 800, Page 6) [TB] Counteraction (1985, 800, Page 6)

Woodward, Will [TB] Maneuver (1985, 800, Antic)

Woolley, David Discovery Incident (1989, 800, Antic)

Wootton, Alan Pollywog (1983, AP2, Top Notch)

Woram, Kevin [TB] Chopper Flight, w/Mike Buhidar (1985, C64, Ahoy!)

Worth, Don [B] Beneath Apple Manor (1978, AP2, Software Factory) Beneath Apple Manor Special Edition (1982, AP2/PC, Quality)

Worthington, Janie Chivalry, w/Steve Worthington, Richard Hefter (1983, AP2, Weekly Reader)

Worthington, Steve Chivalry, w/Janie Worthington, Richard Hefter (1983, AP2, Weekly Reader) Fat City, w/Richard Hefter (1983, AP2, Weekly Reader) Run for It, w/Richard Hefter (1983, AP2, Weekly Reader)

Wozniak, Steve [cofounder Apple] Breakout (1976, COIN, Atari) prototype; design by Nolan Bushnell [B] Little Brick Out (1977, AP2, Apple) Breakout-like

Wright, Richard Beebul (1984, SPEC, Scorpio) Zapper (1984, SPEC, Anco) Classrom Chaos, w/Dave Watson (1986, SPEC, Central) Dungeon Dare, w/Dave Watson (1986, SPEC, Central)

Wright, Steve Pelé's Soccer (1980, 2600, Atari)

Wright, Will Raid on Bungeling Bay (1984, C64, BROD) SimCity, w/Jeff Braun (1987, PC, Maxis) [L] Sims (2000, PC, Maxis) [L] Spore (2008, PC, Maxis)

Wye, Tony [T] Busy Bee (1985, SPEC, Your Computer)

Wylie, Peter Smash and Grab (1982, ZX81, Sinclair User)


Yabumoto, Kan [RIP 2017] Mad Planets (1983, COIN, Gottlieb)

Yandrofski, J.A. [P] GATO, w/Timothy Reese (1985, AP2, Spectrum Holobyte) from PC

Yantis, Mike [P] Protector II (1983, TI99, Atarisoft) from 800

Yates, Chris Sodov the Sorceror (1985, SPEC) Galax-i-birds (1986, C64, Firebird) Parallax (1986, C64, Ocean) Wizball (1987, C64, Ocean) Shoot 'em up Construction Kit (1988, C64, Palace) Oh No! (1988, C64, Firebird) MicroProse Soccer (1988, C64, MicroProse) Insects in Space (1989, C64, Hewson) International 3D Tennis (1990, C64, Palace)

Yob, Gregory [B] Hunt the Wumpus (1972, mainframe, PD)

York, Ian Space Joust (1983, VIC, Software Projects) Joust-like Vortron (1987, C64, Alligata) Return of the Space Warriors (1988, C64, Power House) Joust-like

York, Roy Joe and the Nuclear Caverns (1987, 800, STV) Daylight Robbery, w/Brian Ison (1988, 800, Atlantis) Pothole Pete, w/Brian Ison (1988, 800, Atlantis) Spooky Castle, w/Brian Ison (1988. 800, Atlantis) Zoltan Escape, w/Brian Ison (1989, 800, B.Ware)

Yorke, Gary [P] Submarine Commander (1983, VIC, Thorn EMI) from 800 Countdown to Meltdown (1985, C64, Firebird) Blitzkrieg (1986, C64, Ariolasoft)

Young, Greg Hot Lips (1982, 800, London) Bumperball (1982, 800, London) Space Ace (1982, 800, London) Parallax (1983, 800/C64, London) Trion (1983, 800, London)

Young, Malcom [TB] Doors of Doom (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Frog on a Log (1983, SPEC, Interface) Frogs-like [TB] Sub Search (1983, SPEC, Interface) [TB] Tarantula (1983, SPEC, Interface)

Youngwood, Jonathan D. [TB] Car Race (1982, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Cavern Escape (1983, 800, SoftSide)

Yu, Tim [P] Dragonfire (1983, VIC, Imagic) from 2600


Zalewski, James V. K-Razy Kritters (1982, 800, K-Byte) K-Star Patrol (1982, 800, K-Byte) Webster (1983, 800, CBS) Barnyard Blaster (1987, 800, Atari) Crime Buster (1988, 800, Atari) [P] Mean 18, w/Rich Unruh (1989, 800, Atari) from PC Planet Smashers (1990, 7800, Atari)

Zambo, Viktor [G] Arctic Shipwreck (1983, C64, F451) [G] Save Me Brave Knight (1983, C64, F451)

Zander, Dennis R. [cofounder Artworx] [B] Intruder Alert! (1981, 800, Dynacomp) [B] Rings of the Empire (1981, 800, Dynacomp) [B] Giant Slalom (1981, 800, Artworx) [B] Vaults of Zurich (1982, 800, Artworx) Hazard Run (1983, 800, Artworx) Spy Hotel (1986, 800, PD)

Zanetti, Giovanni Pippo, w/Paolo Malnati (1986, SPEC, MAST)

Zarbock, Tom [TB] Vamprie Rats! (1985, 800, Antic)

Zaron, Ed [cofounder Muse] Tank War (1978, AP2, Muse) Titan Empire (1983, AP2, Muse)

Zdybel, Robert Stellar Track (1981, 2600, Sears) [B] Castle (1981, 800 APX) [B] Alien Egg (1981, 800, APX) [B] Centurion (1981, 800, APX) [P] Missile Command (1981, 800, Atari) from COIN Tact Trek (1982, 800, APX) RealSports Football (1982, 2600, Atari) [G] Pigs in Space (1983, 2600, Atari) [P] Star Raiders (1986, ST, Atari) from 800 Bug Hunt, w/Alan Murphy (1987, 800, Atari) Warbirds (1991, LNX, Atari) [G] BattleTanx (1998, N64, 3DO) [G] BattleTankx: Global Assault (1999, N64, 3DO)

Zedeck, Stephen A. [P] Tutankham (1983, TI99, PB) from COIN

Zeldin, Alan Spy's Demise (1982, AP2, Penguin)

Zeller, Dan & Mike Spare Change (1983, AP2, BROD)

Zerber, Kevin G. [P] Universe (1984, AP2, Omnitrend) from 800 [P] Universe II, w/William Leslie, Thomas Carbone (1986, AP2, Omnitrend)

Zett, Alan J. [TB] Quest (1981, 800, SoftSide) [TB] Flip-it (1981, TRS/800, SoftSide) Reversi-like [TB] Word Challenge (1981, TRS/AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Hexapawn (1982, 800/AP2, SoftSide) [TB] Space Rescue (1982, AP2/TRS, SoftSide)

Zicchi, Giulio Armourdillo (1987, C64, Codemasters) Sweep, w/Ken Smith (1987, C64, MAST)

Zielinski, Bill Garkon's Getaway (1983, TI99, TEXware)

Zimmerman, Bill Blackjack Casino (1981, APX, APX)

Zimmerman, Jay P. Microwave, w/Jim Nitchals (1982, AP2, Cavalier)

Zinn, Jeff Stellar Escort (1981, TRS, Big Five)

Zivic, John Desert Golf (1982, COCO, Spectral)

Zuber, Jim [B] Millionaire (1982, AP2, Blue Chip) [B] Tycoon (1983, AP2, Blue Chip) [B] Baron (1983, AP2, Blue Chip) Squire! (1985, AP2, Blue Chip)

Zumwalt, Greg L. Offender (1982, COCO, American Business Computers) Defender-like FlightSim I (1984, COCO, Tandy) Varloc (1985, COCO, Tandy) Biosphere (1986, COCO, Tandy) A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar, w/Mark Easter (1987, CC3, Tandy) [P] Tetris (1987, COCO, Tandy) from PC [P] RoboCop (1989, COCO, Tandy) from COIN

Zwick, Larry Air Raiders (1982, 2600, M Network) [P] Sea Battle, w/Bruce Pederson (1982, 2600, M Network) from INT