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Here's my Giant List entry:

Hague, James [cofounder of Dadgum Games] [T] Bonk (1985, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Rockslide! (1986, 800, Antic) [T] The Electroids (1986, 800, ANALOG) [TB] Uncle Henry's Nuclear Waste Dump (1986, 800, Antic) [TB] Current Events (1987, 800, Antic) [TB] E-Racer (1988, 800, Antic) [G] King Arthur & the Knights of Justice (1995, SNES, Enix) [G] The Need for Speed (1996, SAT, EA) from PC Bumbler (1996, MAC, Dadgum) Boingo Electro (1996, MAC, Dadgum) Bumbler Bee-Luxe (1997, MAC, Dadgum) [G] Summoner (2000, PS2, THQ) [G] Summoner 2 (2002, PS2, THQ) [L] Red Faction: Guerrilla (2009, 360/PS3/PC, THQ) [G] Red Faction: Armageddon (2011, 360/PS3/PC, THQ) DaisyPop (2014, iOS, self)

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