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Halcyon Days is based around The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers, a list that has floated freely about the net since 1994 and whose official home is at the Dadgum Games website. Before reading the interviews, browse through the list a bit, and read about the conventions used.

Two quick notes about the list: (1) "classic" generally means "for an 8-bit system released before 1985's Nintendo Entertainment System," so that's why you won't find the author of "Tetris" listed; (2) ports of a game from one system to another are a different kind of work than designing the original, and those are marked as such.

All the interviews are linked to the Giant List (well, a smaller version of the list, actually, for faster loading), so you can see a complete history of what each person has done over the years and where they are now. Hyperlinked names, like Dan Gorlin, always jump to the list and not to other interviews, because some people mentioned weren't interviewed.

Lastly, The Systems gives a quick summary of the popular 8-bit game systems and computers. If you don't know what the heck a VIC-20 is, that's the place to go.

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